Club Stiletto FemDom – Stupid Little Sch10t Eater. Starring Mistress Kandy

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A Clips4Sale #1 – Toilet Slavery * Mistress Kandy has starved her slave and placed him under her toilet throne. Slaves always say they have limits, but every single one of them has wound up serving as her toilet! Kandy does not use toilet paper or wipe her ass, so the little bitch beneath her is going to be kept very busy indeed. Could you, be this little gimp, mouth wide open, ready to receive? Kandy outlines the scope of her toilet’s duties: Once this bitch has gotten used to ingesting her sch10t and piss, he will have to deal with her girlfriend’s, as well. And once that is accomplished, he will serve as a Party Toilet. Kandy likes to throw lavish parties in her new home, and this slave will be locked in a room all night, serving as the public lavatory for all her guests. What this means, of course, is that he will be consuming more than piss and sch10t alone.Vomit will be on the menu as well. Think you could you handle that? Either way, Kandy urges her bitch to jerk off to the very thought of serving in such a debased, nasty fashion. He is desperate to serve, and in no time, is ready to cum. Just as he is about to release, Kandy plants her foot on his testicles and denies him. He is nothing but a toilet, and toilets don’t have permission to cum! What did you think, are you ready to be a toilet?



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File Name : Club Stiletto FemDom – Stupid Little Sch10t Eater. Starring Mistress Kandy
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