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[Milking, Cumshot, Forced Ejaculation] Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Edged Until Turned for Big Black Cocks (Four Ruins in Under 10) with PIP [Femdom 2018]

[Milking, Cumshot, Forced Ejaculation] Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Edged Until Turned for Big Black Cocks (Four Ruins in Under 10) with PIP [Femdom 2018]




A slave has been brought to the Edging Salon. It is being reprogrammed to desire big black cocks. The slave isn’t gay, but it possesses a smallish inferior cock. The goal of the reprogramming is to make the slave want to worship the superior black cock. This video is a combination of a four-orgasm ruined handjob, with mind control images and sounds. Relaxing music is piped into the slave’s headphones, while Alexa manually pleasures it. The slave is shown images from interracial porn, as it’s sexual identity is manipulated and reframed. The video contains heterosexual interracial cuckold scenarios, as the slave is guided to imagine itself in the girl role. It focuses mostly on throat training, increasing the desire to orally pleasure the superior cock. It also guides the slave through a variety of cum swallowing scenarios. This is a highly suggestive video. As you watch this video, you too, may experience new desires. You might find that you crave cock more and more. It is ok to give into these feelings. It’s just fine to watch this video over and over again. No girl wants you anyway. It will be entertaining for the girls, who already laugh at you, for you to give in and worship the big black cock. (10:44 long)

Note: The porn you see in this mind control video was sampled from a variety of Jenna Ivory’s clips on our sister site “Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends.” You can find the full versions here: JI – Lays on Top of Cuckold while Fucked by Big Black Cock, JI- Sucks Big Black Cock and Cuckold Swallows its Load, JI-Fucks Huge Black Cock to Humiliate Cuckold

Clip Contains: Alexa, Jenna Ivory, Female Domination, Four Ruined Orgasms, Handjob, Mind Fuck, Music, Brain-Rewire, Interracial, Big Black Cock Worship, Oral Servitude, Cuckolding, Chastity, Bondage, Virtual Reality Headset, also featuring the voices and images of Lola and Sasha Foxxx

Category: MIND FUCK


Keywords: big black cock – bbc

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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna and Jennifer – Chastity Mediator

Brat Princess 2 – Jenna and Jennifer – Chastity Mediator




Keyholder, Jenna, is having problems in her relationship with danni. She takes him to the office of chastity mediator, Empress Jennifer, to see if she can help them work out their issues. Danni voices his complaints. He really does a lot for Jenna, and their initial agreement was that he would get let out of chastity once a week. It has now been five weeks, danni has done everything Jenna has asked, and he has still not gotten out of chastity. Danni thinks it’s unfair. Jennifer asks Jenna to explain her side of the story. Jenna explains that she doesn’t feel danni deserves to get out of chastity. Also, she’s lost the key. It’s not her fault she lost it; it was just an accident. Danni looks uncomfortable at the new knowledge that his chastity key has been lost. Jennifer explains, “It’s not like she threw it away, she just lost it.” Danni looks defeated. Jennifer feels that danni is ungrateful. Jenna agrees. The problems in the relationship are clearly all danni’s fault. He is obviously not doing enough to keep his Keyholder happy. Danni acknowledges that he does want to make his Keyholder happy. Jenna makes danni say the words, “It’s ok that you lost the key,” to Jenna. Danni reluctantly tells Jenna that it’s ok that she lost the key. Then, Jenna makes danni stand and display his chastity to the mediator. Danni does as he’s told and removes his pants. Danni looks embarrassed. Jenna and Jennifer laugh at him. Jennifer asks him to explain why he looks so ashamed. Danni complains that he does not like that his chastity is pink. It’s emasculating. Jenna and Jennifer laugh some more. It’s supposed to be emasculating! It’s not like danni is a real man, anyway. Jennifer asks danni if his chastity is tight. He answers, “yes.” Jennifer explains that it should be tight. She also feels that danni’s behavioral problems are stemming from not being kept in chastity long enough. She advises Jenna to keep danni in chastity for three months. Also, danni has only being giving Jenna half of his pay. Jenna really deserves much more. Fifty percent of every paycheck, plus a full paycheck once a month, plus a shopping spree. That is really what danni should be giving in tribute to his Keyholder. Danni objects, “how will I pay my bills!” Jennifer berates danni until he agrees to give his Keyholder the revised amount, no matter what the financial consequences might be to him personally. Jenna giggles, pleased that the chastity mediator is really doing a great job. Danni starts to get nervous about what he has just agreed to under duress. He begs to be let out of chastity, but by now the girls have dug into him too deep. Jenna wants to add the stipulation that danni will now wash her boyfriend’s car every weekend. He’s also going to have to start watching while Jenna has sex with her boyfriend. This will really cement into danni’s mind his role in Jenna’s life. Jenna and Jennifer verbally humiliate danni further. Danni is selfish and has a lot of attitude. He needs reminding that he is not as important as the Women in his life. Jennifer tells danni to Worship her feet, so that he is reminded that he is below Women. Jennifer recommends that danni Worship Jenna’s feet regularly so that he is constantly reminded that his place is beneath his Keyholder. Danni Worships the feet of his Keyholder and Chastity Mediator as part of his counselling session. Danni strongly dislikes Worshiping feet. He has to do it anyway, for the good of his relationship with Jenna. The Women are very forceful with danni, so that they reinforce that danni no longer has any choices. Jenna makes danni thank her for taking him to see the chastity mediator. Danni begrudgingly admits that the session was for the betterment of their relationship. Jennifer again goes over the new terms they have agreed upon in mediation. Jenna is very happy that their relationship issues have reached a resolution. (15:59 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, Empress Jennifer, Female Domination, Chastity, Foot Worship

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: female domination

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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna – Bikini Facesitting

Brat Princess 2 – Jenna – Bikini Facesitting




Jenna Ivory sits on the face of a slave while updating her social media accounts. Jenna has a lot of updates to do, she is very active in the twitterverse. The male must be patient and still while it is used as Jenna’s chair. This also means it must not breathe, make noises, or do any other disruptive thing. A girl’s online presence is very important, nothing should interfere with her maintenance of it, least of all a needy slave. The slave can’t help but try to breathe. This makes Jenna angry. The slave really can’t win. Jenna decides she wants to have an orgasm. She grinds on the slave’s face. The slave makes a big fuss about not being able to breathe. But his breathing is not as important as Jenna’s orgasm. Jenna restricts the slave’s airways while taking care of her own needs. This clip includes a bonus highlight from one of Jenna’s ass worship videos. You can find the full version of this clip here: Jenna Ivory – Bitch Boy Licks Ass (7:17 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, Face Sitting, Female Domination, Human Furniture, Grinding




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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna Ivory – Pathetic Bitch Boy Prepares Pussy for a Black Bull




720 HD: Jenna is using her bitch boy to help her prepare her pussy. Tonight, her bull is coming over and she wants to be clean and ready for his big black cock. Jenna sits on the bitch boys face. She fits the cucks face between her ass cheeks. She rocks her hips with his head between her legs. Jennas ready for her pussy to be cleaned. She takes her shorts off and sits back down on the cucks face. Jenna spits on him. Then, she tells him to be her toilet paper and start licking her ass clean. She grabs his head and shoves it deeper into her ass, smothering him between her bare cheeks. She rides his face while playing with her breasts. With his manhood in chastity, Jenna feels safe enough to use his tongue. She rides his tongue until she cums on his face. (12:55 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, rides cucks tongue to orgasm, cuckold cleans Mistresss ass and pussy for black bull, nude facesit, chastity


Related Categories: CHASTITY, CUCKOLDING

Keywords: Jenna Ivory

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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna Ivory – Cuck gets Humiliating Footjob




720 HD: Jenna plays with her cuckolds cock. She rubs it between her toes while snapping her gum. Jenna thinks its funny that she can make his pathetic cock hard with just her toes. Its so humiliating. So, you think youre gonna cum like this, or what? Jenna asks. The cuck shamefully admits that he can cum from just his Mistress toes. She laughs at him and his small white dick. Well, its not a big black cock, but its a cock alright. Its just a cucky cock! She exclaims. She strokes the cock between her arches. Then, wraps her long toes around the shaft. Jenna grabs the cucks dick with her hand. She jerks it until it cums on her feet. Jennas toes are covered in cum. (7:37 long)

Clip contains: Jenna, footjob, cuckold, humiliation, slave cums on Mistress feet, toes covered in cum

Category: FOOTJOBS


Keywords: Jenna Ivory

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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna Ivory – Humiliates Bitch Boy




720 HD: Princess Christina has sent a slave over to Jenna Ivorys hotel room for her use. Jenna inspects the boy. She spits on his face and in his mouth. Jenna scrutinizes his chastity. She appreciates Christinas excellent job locking him up with a pink lock. Jenna loves the gift of her own personal bitch. The slave kneels. Jenna spits on his face and in his mouth again. She tells the boy to kiss her ass. Jenna shoves his face deep onto her ass until he cant breathe. She spits on him some more. Jenna makes him gargle the spit before he swallows. She tells him to kiss her ass again before moving to the bed. Jenna reclines on the bed while the slave kisses her stilettos. She takes her shoes off. Jenna puts her feet in his mouth. She fits all her toes into the bitch. She teases his chastity with her feet. She giggles, You dont deserve pussy. Youre just a bitch boy. Jenna reveals to the boy that he will be her toilet paper all weekend. He will lick Jennas asshole. Especially after her boyfriend fucks her. Jenna needs the slave to start now by cleaning all her shoes so that they are weekend party ready. (10:10 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, Femdom, Humiliation, Spitting in mouth and on face, foot worship, chastity teased with feet, discussion of cuckolding and human toilet paper

Category: FEMDOM


Keywords: Jenna Ivory

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer – Cow Milked for Profit Abused for Fun




1080 HD: This clip has lots of laughter and screaming. The cow does the screaming and the girls are laughing. The girls love teasing the cows. They love to tease the cow and to watch him struggle to cum. The cow is being completely by his female tormentors. In this clip the voltage was especially high and the girls still pressed the full force manual shock button several times. Each time the girls laughed and laughed. The girls continue to shock the male while teasing him with face sitting. This is probably the cruelest milking machine clip yet. Because of the numbers of shocks and the fact that the voltage was so high, this clip had to end early. The girls just love the milking machine. (11:00 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jenna Ivory, Jennifer, milking machine, electrical shocks



Keywords: Milking Machine, Edging

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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna and Lola – Manually Milked and Force Fed Cum




HD: The incredibly sexy Jenna Ivory edges and manually milks a restrained slave. The slave trembles as she ruins its pathetic beta male orgasm. The cum is collected on a black plate. Lola force feeds the bound slave its own cum. This is the first time this slave has ever eaten its own cum, and it had no idea this was going to happen. It genuinely struggles and is truly disgusted to be forced to lick the plate clean. The girls sadistically giggle at the clean plate once the slave has eaten all of its own mess. The slave looks disgusted with itself, as it should be. (16:31 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, Handjobs, Milking, Female Domination, Ruined Orgasm, Bondage Male, Male Cum Swallowers



Keywords: HANDJOBS

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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna – The Ignoring Facesitter

1080 HD: Jenna Ivory smothers a slave with her amazing ass in bright purple spandex leggings. She completely ignores the slave beneath her. Jenna plays on her phone while the slave struggles to breathe. The only air it gets is through Jenna’s pussy. Jenna jiggles and shakes her amazing ass. The slave starts making a fuss over not being able to breathe. How annoying to Princess! Jenna tells stupid to straighten its neck and really burry its head into her ass. Stupid whimpers. Jenna hates a whiny bitch. She jiggles her big ass to really smash its face up in there. Stupid is old and fat, you can see the veins start to pop out of his bald head as he is deprived of oxygen. Jenna does not care, she ignores the old loser and updates her social media. Jenna is very bratty. Nice close ups of her full weight facesit. (10:06 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, Face Sitting, Ass Smother, Ignore, Brat Girls, Female Domination




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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – JI – Cuckold Fed Condoms Full of Cum then Given a Choice

720 HD: Jenna Ivory and her black bull, Moe, are fucking on the velvet divan while Jennas cuckold is at work. Just as Jennas bull is cumming inside her, the cuck rushes in late. Although hes missed the fucking, hes still right on time to suck the creampie out of Jennas pussy. While the cuckold cleans Jenna, she reveals that she and Moe have been fucking all day. They fucked so much, they ran out of condoms. Jenna has saved the three condoms they had used, and now the cuckold will have the special punishment of eating their contents. Jenna forces the cuck to suck all of her bulls cum out of the first condom. She squeezes the second into his mouth, then the third. Jenna is still upset that the cuck was late. She pushes all the dirty condoms into its mouth and tells the cuck to go sit in the corner for an hour. When Jenna returns after the hour, she is in a better mood. She acknowledges she was pretty hard on the cuckold for his tardiness, and recognizes his hard work. Jennas pleased that he took all the cum that she fed him. She offers the cuck a choice. He can either lick her until she cums, or jerk off into the toilet. The cuckold chooses to pleasure his Mistress instead of himself. Jenna accepts his decision, then reveals that this means he will be in chastity another month. As the cuckold contemplates that he may have lost his only chance at release, Jenna positions his body so that she can use his face. Jenna rides the cuckolds tongue to bring herself to orgasm. After she cums, she stays on for a second round. This clip includes a bonus cum play teaser with Cuckoldress Cameron. (11:15 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, CUM PLAY, PUSSY WORSHIP, Female Domination, male cum swallowers, corset, chastity

Category: CUM PLAY

Related Categories: PUSSY WORSHIP

Keywords: Jenna Ivory

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