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Club Stiletto FemDom – Samantha’s Stool Bound Ass Licker. Starring Goddess Sama…

Club Stiletto FemDom – Samantha’s Stool Bound Ass Licker. Starring Goddess Samantha




SALE PRICE! Goddess Samantha decides to go online live and what better way to do it then with a slave lapping at your asshole. Her breasts are ready to explode out of her latex top, showing off her magnificent Boobs, and in fact shortly after this scene the latex did burst and was auctioned off to the highest bidder. Now, back to the story… Samantha holds up her phone so her online guests can see that her slave is actually cuffed to the stool and licking her ass. Her ass looks amazing with some great upwards angles that give you a good sense of the view the slave has. She shares comments and suggestions from those looking in. She has the slave just nudging her ass crack with his nose to begin but as that gets her aroused she soon has him sticking his tongue up her ass. She tells the slave to thank her for having his tongue up her ass and between licks he does. This slave needs little encouragement as he actually starts licking her exactly the way she likes it and she tells him through moans, to keep doing it exactly as he is. She then makes him do long licks up and down her crack. Nice overhead and upward angles and some fantastic up close views of his tongue making love to her anus. You’ll love this one!



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Club Stiletto FemDom -€“ Face Crusher – The Beginning. Starring Goddess Samantha




his is where it all started, how the Face Crusher began her notorious lifestyle of destroying men with her ass. Boys grow up but they still need super heroes and for this young fellow a glance at a big and beautiful Ass, while walking down the street, lands him in the bed of Goddess Samantha who suddenly feels the need to control men, even their air, with her magnificent ass. She lives to crush faces… and there is no escape! The brutal, punishing, facesitting ends only when the Face Crusher decides she has had enough. Mistress Samantha has one of the sexiest, bodacious asses on the planet and she loves seducing men into her new lair where she destroys them. The denim skirt totally destroys his face. She laughs at all the marks being made on his face but that doesn’t stop her from continuing to bounce, grind and smother him to oblivion. They are going to call her “The Face Crusher” for a reason. Sometimes Samantha clamps his head between those muscular thighs for a good little head popping squeeze before settling her wonderful ass back on his face. When she sits on him in side saddle position, she likes to rock back and forth… rolling his head under her ass like a melon that’s ready to burst. It looks incredible from the side view camera angle. Long, deep facesitting, bouncing and destruction of the poor young slave’s face. She really works him over in reverse facesitting position. We love the way she talks to him, speaking in such a sensual, sexy way to her victim and then proceeding to be so brutal to his face. The up close camera angles as she grinds his face are very hot! Samantha is in a reverse position for some hard sitting. Then she mounts him in forward position and absolutely crushes his face. But she’s not done yet! Moving like a panther, she flips over and pulls his head between her thick, muscular thighs for some crushing head scissors. The slave is truly struggling between her powerful thighs. She loves laughing at his red face and all the lines on his face from her brutal treatment. The Face Crusher really enjoys fucking with her young victim’s mind as well. She pinches his cheeks, slaps his face and tells him how pretty he is before she smashes her ass back on his face again and again. He wants to be released but she refuses to let him go. She sits on his face in forward position and stretches her legs up high so his face is completely engulfed and mashed under her ass. The poor boy doesn’t have much energy left to resist her so the Face Crusher sits hard in side saddle position and brutally ass crushes him. She rolls his head back and forth under her full bottom in side saddle position. She then gets into reverse position and starts bouncing on his face ferociously. SLAM, SLAM, SLAM onto his face. There is no strength left in her victim. This is just the way she likes it. She will let him live and will eventually release him so he can tell others about his experience under the ass of the soon to be legendary Face Crusher.


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Club Stiletto FemDom – AS – We Punish Men. Starring Goddess Samantha and Mistress Kandy




Goddess Samantha walks over and plops her magnificent booty on her human couch. She raises her feet off the floor so she can enjoy knowing he is experiencing every ounce of her perfect body on his chest. Then Mistress Kandy comes over and slams her hot ass down on his face. It was available for sitting upon, so why not? The two Mistresses enjoy using the ‘couch’ and feeling ‘it’ thrash beneath them, as he runs out of air. They laugh and bounce and while he will always crawl back for more, at the moment he might be questioning if this is his true life calling! Both of them make sure he is suffering to their satisfaction. Every now and then, when they decide to give him a breath, they slap his face ferociously before settling their asses back down on him. Naturally, when Mistress Kandy has had enough fun destroying his face, it is Goddess Samantha’s turn… there is no escape. Sam drops her spectacular spandex covered booty on his smashed face and enjoys feeling him squirm beneath her. They continue their merciless attack the entire time… so much fun! You can also see more of the gorgeous Goddess Samantha at her Addicted2Samantha clip store.



Keywords: Samantha, smothering, ass sniffing, objectification, Face Crusher, ass sniffing, spandex, stockings, smothering, Kandy, human furniture, pantyhose, chest sitting, face crusher, stockings

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Club Stiletto FemDom – If You’re Lucky. Starring Goddess Samantha




Goddess Samantha is searching for a new slave boy to assist her in her luxurious life. There are so many positions open: Ass slave, pussy slave, foot slave…….but of course, newbies start at the bottom. No one gets access to her pussy and tits right away! As Samantha speculates on auditioning you- yes you! – she turns on the jets in her tub and plays with herself while her lackey continues to paint her nails. But then it’s back to business: She specifies how to apply. First of all you must beg. Literally. Secondly, you must beg in public; ie on your everyday Twitter account, not your secret porn account. You must address your pleas to @dickievirgin, and he, not Samantha, will select the lucky candidate! Do you have the stomach to audition?……Good luck, loser!

Category: FEMDOM POV


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Fetish Goddess Samantha – Take MY Big Dick slave

Goddess Samantha makes a slave suck her big black dick into his mouth and suck it nice and hard! She makes him perform sloppy wet oral sex on it so she can bend his ass over and fuck him nice and hard! She shoves her big dick into his ass for a strong hard pounding making him beg out for it. He wants more and more fucking from his white Goddesses black cock. Goddess Samantha likes to use big toys on her slaves. She holds him up against her in a choke hold for the final pounding then throwing him down when she was done as she walked away leaving him limp laying there.

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: strap on, big toys, oral sex, big dicks, black and white, muscular women, goddess samantha, slave, atlanta dungeon, fucking, choke, black cocks, sucking, bdsm, fetish

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Always JUST a Slave. Starring Goddess Samantha

Goddess Samantha never gives her slaves time off. Even when she is relaxing, they always have a job to perform. This one is serving as a chair, and Samantha also has him tend to her feet. Why did he not notice her chipped pedicure needed some attention? A good slave would have seen that immediately and offered to rectify it. Should she get a second slave to tend exclusively to her feet while the first slave serves only as a chair? Samantha muses aloud, teasing her slave with the possibility of having another man in the room who is better at catering to her needs. Meanwhile, the slave is put to work licking between her toes and having his face serve as a foot rest. Samantha is wondering whether you, the viewer, would fit the bill…..But understand that one does not attain the exalted position of foot bitch or seat cushion on Day 1. One must earn it. One must suffer….In fact, perhaps the only duty she will use you for is sniffing her armpits. You may not even get near her ass or feet for quite some time….. After all, you are just another slave!



Keywords: Goddess Samantha

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Big Tit Lick and Smother. Starring Goddess Samantha

A Clips4Sale Top 10 Seller – Breast Smothering * The Face Crusher is surprised her victim survived her ass smother, so he’s due for a reward: A smother from her magnificent, super-size tits. Of course, those boobs are lethal in and of themselves, due to their sheer size and weight, but the slave is willing to take the risk. Samantha strikes a deal with him: If he licks and sucks her nipples in such a way that it makes her pussy wet, she won’t smother him to dh7th with her breasts. The slave gets to work, moaning and groaning under Samantha’s elbow, which is planted in his solar plexus, but he is told that whining won’t save his life. He is next ordered to lick the sweat off from between her tits, and it is then that the Face Crusher resurfaces to smother him senseless after all!



Keywords: Goddess Samantha

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dying for a Taste of Pussy Part 2. Starring Goddess Samantha

The slave begs to be face sat so he can get a tantalizing taste of Goddess pussy. Samantha hovers her booty inches above his face so the slave can get a whiff of what he so ardently craves. She paddles his balls and various points of his body then finally sinks full weight on his face. He struggles mightily under her weight and she finally reveals that she is the infamous “Face Crusher”. The slave knows he will not survive this bedroom romp, as no man ever escapes the Face Crusher. What a pity Samantha has to get rid of this nuisance of a slave, when all he had to do was honor and obey. As she reminds him of his shortcomings, she grinds her pussy and ass in his face, giving him fewer and fewer snatches of air, untill finally she remains seated. Slaves are useless creatures, that is why the Face Crusher always ends up disposing of every single one!

Mistress: Goddess Samantha

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Club Stiletto FemDom – No More Screwing Around. Starring Goddess Samantha

A Clips4Sale Top 10 Seller – Ballbusting * Everyone knows that slaves are often little sluts who run around to as many Mistresses as possible to fulfill their needs. However, Goddess Samantha has a remedy for this whorish behavior: Ensure that his testicles no longer function. After all, he couldn’t very well present himself to another woman with a ball sack the size of a grapefruit, could he? Samantha proceeds to kick his nut sack with her high-heeled foot, repeatedly and with increasing force. Of course, this gives him a boner, which, he is the first to admit, indicates he’s a freak. Finally our freak gets rubber knees and collapses to the floor, where he is made to clean his ball sweat off Mistress’s shoes. What next?……Well, Goddess Samantha is also known as the Face Crusher……



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