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Chateau-Cuir – Triple leather handjob part 2. Starring Miss Miranda and Fetish Liza

Chateau-Cuir – Triple leather handjob part 2. Starring Miss Miranda and Fetish Liza




Slave girl Dunia is going to have to please the cock under the supervision of Miss Miranda n Fetish Liza. She gets forced to use her leather gloved hands n sexy mouth to bring him closer to his climax. If she doesn’t do a good job, the two leather Dommes punish her. Ultimately Dunia will feel the spunk all over her hands and like it.

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GloveMansion – Medical Orgasm Control. Starring Zara Durose and Fetish Liza

Nurses Zara Durose and Fetish Liza got a special patient today. This one needs to be taught how to CONTROL his ORGASMS. He is such a pervert and so weak for rubber and SURGICAL GLOVES but he will have to hold his cum. All those GLOVED hands are getting him SO hard but the two ladies won’t let him orgasm straight away. He must OBEY and can only SPUNK on their gloves when the therapy has been completed.

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Keywords: Zara Durose, Nurse, Surgical, Orgasm Control, Fetish Liza, Medical, Gloves, Cum on Gloves, Latex, Clinic,
Redhead, Femdom, Rubber, Fetish, Handjob

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Chateau-cuir – Luxury leather handjob. Starring Fetish Liza

How much do you like the touch of leather on your cock? Would you like me to stroke you with these buttersoft and luxurious leather gloves? I am also wearing a nice skirt and high heels to get you even more horny. Are you ready to have your balls drained onto my leathered hands?

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GloveMansion – Gloved jerk-off game – Handjob

Want to play a game? It involves these gorgeous Burberry gloves and a very Sexy leather outfit. Do you think you can resist and control your orgasm whilst I tease you with my long leather gloves? Because I need you to cum after 10 seconds of counting for you to win.

Contains: leather gloves, boots, leather, handjob, cum on gloves, POV

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Glovemansion – Milked rubber addict

Imagine you were having a drink in a bar and afterwards you find yourself in a cellar with a rubber nurse standing in front of you…That’s what happened to this guy, who is now going to be totally controlled and turned in to a rubber addict. Her latex gloves will do all the work…

Contains: medical, latex gloves, high heels, pantyhose, HOM, handjob, cum on gloves

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