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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Steel Ball Stretcher

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Steel Ball Stretcher




My slave is restrained with his legs spread and his cock very exposed. I want to try out my new stainless steel ball stretcher, so I lock into onto his already batteredt testicles. I begin to stretch and torment those nuts, laughing as I do, until he begs me to stop. But I’m not going to stop, not until I’m satisfied that his balls can’t be stretched any more.

I love my shiny new torture toy!

This video includes: cock and ball torment (CBT), real female domination, ruined orgasms, bondage, CBT devices, ball torture, ball stretching

Category: CBT


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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Tortured for 3 Mistresses. Starring Nina H…

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Tortured for 3 Mistresses. Starring Nina Hartley, Cybill Troy, and Olivia


Tied up and spread out with all of his most vulnerable parts on display, this slave is given an ultimatum: he will only have the privilege of being fucked by his Mistress’s strap-on cocks if he can survive their sadistic onslaught.
Mistresses Nina Hartley, Cybill Troy, and Olivia come at him from all sides, first painfully clamping his foreskin shut to prevent his dick from getting hard, clamping his nipples, and stretching his balls down to the floor.
Once everything is in place, these tender bits are all further destroyed by their whips coming from front and back. When his cries of pain get too loud, he’s silenced by a pair of wet panties shoved into his mouth.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: latex, rubber, boots, humiliation, fetish, spanking, ass fucking, panty gagging, ball stretching, bondage, femdom, cbt, whipping, clamps, scratching

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Ball Stretching and Crushing Ends in Orgasm Denial

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Ball Stretching and Crushing Ends in Orgasm Denial




In the first part of this clip, Amadahy has her slave in a metal ball stretcher. She reads a magazine and whenever she feels like it, she gives the device a few turns. The slave’s cock is already battered and extremely bruised from when she took a hammer to it earlier. The turns of the stretcher are very painful on its tender skin. Any amount of touching causes the slave pain. Amadahy orders the slave to touch itself. This is the one chance the slave will get to cum before going back into chastity. The slave does as its ordered and begins to masturbate, even though it is very painful. Amadahy will keep tightening the screws and stretching its balls while it tries to cum. If it can’t climax through the pain, too bad. It’s going right back into chastity with no orgasm. It probably can’t cum through the pain, but it continues to masturbate anyway, as he has been ordered to. Amadahy turns the stretcher until the slave’s skin opens up. In order to continue filming, we changed to a second device, one that crushes instead of stretches. After confirming the slave had been stretched to its maximum limit, we moved it into the crusher. The second part of the clip shows Amadahy tightening the screws on this CBT device. There is no way out of this thing without the tiny little Allen wrench it came with. Amadahy gets it securely in the steel crusher, then goes back to her magazine while it masturbates. She checks in to make sure it’s stroking all of its bruises, especially a huge black spot on the tip of its cock. The slave has been avoiding this tender spot where the hammer made impact, but it does as its told and touches the most damaged part. Once the slave is thoroughly stroking all the painful spots he was avoiding, Amadahy rewards him by tightening the crusher. Tightening the crusher is actually a reward, because it means the slave can continue masturbating. Here is the challenge: every ten seconds from this point on, Amadahy will tighten the screws three turns. She makes the slave stroke through the pain. The slave is very confused. It doesn’t want the device to be turned because it’s painful. It doesn’t want to be out of the device, though, because that means chastity. It wants to cum, but cumming means taking more pain. See, this is a very effective way of conditioning a chastity slave into becoming a masochist. Amadahy makes a tourniquet out of rope so that the slave cannot lose its erection from the pain. She takes away the lube and makes the slave pay for the gift of her spit with three additional turns of the screw. Gradually, Amadahy tightens the crusher as tight as it can possibly go. When she’s reached what feels like the end, she tries giving it three more good turns until there is absolutely no room left. Then, Amadahy gives the slave a cum countdown. The cruel Princess counts down very fast, leaving the slave no real opportunity to cum. Even after all the pain it has endured, it is completely denied. No reward, no release, just more pain and chastity. (16:33 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, CBT, masturbation challenge, steel, chastity slave, orgasm denial, satin gloves, ball stretching, ball crushing



Keywords: satin gloves, steel, ball stretching, ball crushing

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Cruel & Unusual FemDom – Amadahy’s Ball Stretch and Burn. Starring Amadahy




Amadahy has found her slave still strung up outside from the night before. She was sure another Mistress had put him away in the cage, but here he was, all night, standing and tethered by the whipping post. She lights up a cigarette and looks him over. She demands that he open up his trash receptacle of a mouth and eat her ashes and thank her. He does as he is told. She spits at him, and looks him over some more. Today is the day that she begins his ball stretching. More smoke is blown in his face and ashes eaten until she decides to grab some heavy weights to tether to his balls. “3 more months of ball stretching” she says as she measures how far she expects to stretch him. She doesn’t stop there….

Category: CBT


Keywords: cbt, leather gloves, human ashtray, femdom, female domination, smoking, clubdom, Amadahey, Amadahy, BDSM, smoking fetish, leather fetish, Brat Domme, Brat Dom, ball stretching

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FemmeFataleFilms – Humbled For Heather – Complete Film Starring Divine Mistress Heather

FemmeFataleFilms - Humbled For Heather - Complete Film. Starring Divine Mistress Heather.mp4.0018

FemmeFataleFilms - Humbled For Heather - Complete Film. Starring Divine Mistress Heather.mp4.0022

FemmeFataleFilms - Humbled For Heather - Complete Film. Starring Divine Mistress Heather.mp4.0035

Mistress Heather has entered her slave into a stretching program. His balls are humbled, taught behind his thighs and a series of dildos are rammed up his ass-hole, each progressively larger than the last. Mistress Heather wants to see how far she can stretch him and considering it was only a few weeks ago that this slave had a problem being fingered, his development under her strict control has been impressively rapid!

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