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DomNation – YOUR BALLS WITHER IN JANUARY. Starring Mistress January Seraph

DomNation – YOUR BALLS WITHER IN JANUARY. Starring Mistress January Seraph




Mistress January Seraph is well known for her seductive nature, but she can have a Ball busting mean side as well.

When the mistress finds that her slave has been taking liberties upon himself. The Mistress decides to take matters into her own cruel hands..

This slave will tremble in pain by the time that January is done devastating his testicles, for ejaculating himself privately and without permission. From this moment forward this slaves balls will attempt to crawl up inside of him and seek refuge at even the slightest hint of Mistress January`s presence.

This slave will have learned his lesson by the time that the beautiful January is done wrecking his manhood, He will no longer produce testosterone by the time that the savagery ends as she kicks, beats, slaps crushes and practically rips his balls off!

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Ball Busting Chicks – Rapture – Only 5 minutes

5 minutes can be very long when a cruel and lustful Mistress holds your ball sack in a firm grip and dont let go. Coming from her daily workout and wearing only a crotchless catsuit she squeeze his nuts like hell while showing her breasts and naked crotch. This is also a test if he his man enough to endure extreme pain in the testicles, just for her amusement! She also talks about her workout, flexing her muscles and shows how much she likes to t*rture weak male body parts…make him scream and beg for mercy – especially when she starts to twist them – but won’t let go of him. Then after 5 minutes she surprised him by doing it a few minutes longer and even harder…

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