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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Ball Stretching and Crushing Ends in Orgasm Denial

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Ball Stretching and Crushing Ends in Orgasm Denial




In the first part of this clip, Amadahy has her slave in a metal ball stretcher. She reads a magazine and whenever she feels like it, she gives the device a few turns. The slave’s cock is already battered and extremely bruised from when she took a hammer to it earlier. The turns of the stretcher are very painful on its tender skin. Any amount of touching causes the slave pain. Amadahy orders the slave to touch itself. This is the one chance the slave will get to cum before going back into chastity. The slave does as its ordered and begins to masturbate, even though it is very painful. Amadahy will keep tightening the screws and stretching its balls while it tries to cum. If it can’t climax through the pain, too bad. It’s going right back into chastity with no orgasm. It probably can’t cum through the pain, but it continues to masturbate anyway, as he has been ordered to. Amadahy turns the stretcher until the slave’s skin opens up. In order to continue filming, we changed to a second device, one that crushes instead of stretches. After confirming the slave had been stretched to its maximum limit, we moved it into the crusher. The second part of the clip shows Amadahy tightening the screws on this CBT device. There is no way out of this thing without the tiny little Allen wrench it came with. Amadahy gets it securely in the steel crusher, then goes back to her magazine while it masturbates. She checks in to make sure it’s stroking all of its bruises, especially a huge black spot on the tip of its cock. The slave has been avoiding this tender spot where the hammer made impact, but it does as its told and touches the most damaged part. Once the slave is thoroughly stroking all the painful spots he was avoiding, Amadahy rewards him by tightening the crusher. Tightening the crusher is actually a reward, because it means the slave can continue masturbating. Here is the challenge: every ten seconds from this point on, Amadahy will tighten the screws three turns. She makes the slave stroke through the pain. The slave is very confused. It doesn’t want the device to be turned because it’s painful. It doesn’t want to be out of the device, though, because that means chastity. It wants to cum, but cumming means taking more pain. See, this is a very effective way of conditioning a chastity slave into becoming a masochist. Amadahy makes a tourniquet out of rope so that the slave cannot lose its erection from the pain. She takes away the lube and makes the slave pay for the gift of her spit with three additional turns of the screw. Gradually, Amadahy tightens the crusher as tight as it can possibly go. When she’s reached what feels like the end, she tries giving it three more good turns until there is absolutely no room left. Then, Amadahy gives the slave a cum countdown. The cruel Princess counts down very fast, leaving the slave no real opportunity to cum. Even after all the pain it has endured, it is completely denied. No reward, no release, just more pain and chastity. (16:33 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, CBT, masturbation challenge, steel, chastity slave, orgasm denial, satin gloves, ball stretching, ball crushing



Keywords: satin gloves, steel, ball stretching, ball crushing

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The title sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, right? But for this insipid slave, the evening turned into a real nightmare. When Astro Domina comes home from an evening out on the town, she finds her useless slave asleep on the floor. And to make matters worse, he forgot to prepare her late night snack as instructed. What an idiot! Huge Mistake and he is about to pay dearly! Astro immediately wakes him up and invites him to lie down on the couch. Why after all should he be uncomfortable on the cold hard wood floor, when Astro can offer him a soft, cushy couch? Astro can be soooo sweet, right? But this dimwit soon learns that his comfort is not Astros primary concern. Once nestled comfortably upon the couch, Astro pounces on him and proceeds to trample, stomp, and crush him like a lowly worm. We cant even call this a trampling clip, because it is so much more intense and severe than any trampling clip we have ever shot.Astro literally jumps four feet into the air and comes crashing down full weight on his chests, ribs and abdominals again and again and again. When she isnt crushing the fool, she is soccer kicking his testicles for being such a blundering idiot. Astro stomps and smashes his cock and ball sack relentlessly with her bare feet as her slave grows weaker and and more submissive with each kick. Once she has taught the loser a lesson, she orders him to get his ass up off the comfy couch and make her a sandwich!



Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ball Punching, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Astro Domina, Ball Abuse, Asian Princess, Domestic Servitude, Ballbusting, Ball Crushing, Brat Girls, Ball Stomping, Ball Kicking, Trampling

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We Love Ballbusting – Jade Indica’s First Spiked Boot Massacre

wrldwide sensation jade Indica has done much dominating of brutal intensity for many years. However, if it is one thing she has still never done, it is ripping into slave flesh with sharp spiked boots. She has seen what all the other women have been doing and wanted in on the action! in this clip she uses sharp spiked boots to rip apart both your cock and testicles, leaving gaping long lasting wounds in both of them! ! Watch Amazingly Brutal Previews And Optionally Access Long Length Promotional Clips4sale Content For This Clip On Twitter!



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Ball Busting Chicks – 4 + 1 Game

…after showing her legs and high heels for about four minutes in the beginning. It seems she gets a extra turn on by her glittering dress with long slit, high heels and shiny pantyhose. 4 + 1 Game means 4 hard slaps in his face plus one hard kick right between his legs! Plus in-between talking about castration, nipple t*rture and ruthless punches into his manhood. In the last third of the movie she decides game over, let him take in various positions and finishes him off by ruthless ballbusting!

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Ball Busting Chicks – Ballbusted at Workout 2 – Tiny Things

Now it’s time to really hurt him. She ties his sore little manhood up very rude and also his hands to prevent him covering his family jewels. Then she puts a leash on his tiny things to totally dominate him and to make him the perfect victim for her sadism or for her workout as she might call it. That is yanking the ball leash and dragging him around by the balls, stepping with high heels on his swollen bollocks to squash them brutal. She gives him the feeling that she want to destroy them with her muscular legs in shiny pantyhose and high heel shoes. Mocking him about his tiny, shriveled up manhood when he fears to get castrated by her…

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Asian Mean Girls – HEAVY METAL GODDESS BALLBUSTS THE FAN BOY Starring Lydia Supremacy




We are excited to announce the addition of highly renowned Dominatrix Lydia Supremacy to our stores! Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Lydia is a no-nonsense, hard core professional Domina who loves to put weak, pathetic white boys in their proper place of servitude. Watch for several clips featuring Lydia Supremacy in the coming months! When a fan boy/wannabe slave fails to buy his Goddess proper concert tickets and back stage passes for her favorite metal band, Goddess Lydia Supremacy is one angry heavy metal bitch. He had the gall to buy cheap ass, nose bleed seats for a true Superior Asian Goddess? Really??? Its fucking embarrassing that such a Goddess should have to sit with mere peasants. After the concert, Lydia decides to take out her disappointment and frustration on her fan boys private parts, using her magnificent heavy metal boots with steel sole, 6 steel stiletto heel, and razor sharp steel spikes. In a word, these boots are lethal. And this idiot is about to have his nuts pulverized by one pissed off Goddess. Using her boots like an assault weapon, Lydia viciously kicks, stomps, crushes, and stabs this idiots cock and ball sack over and over again, until he is begging forgiveness. But his transgression will not be so easily forgiven. He is going to pay and pay and pay with his pain and suffering beneath her switchblade like boot heels. Her stilettos are so thin and razor sharp, she can easily pierce right through his fragile ball sack, if she chose to put her full weight down upon him. But she will spare him another day, as another concert is on the horizon and she will put him to the test one last time. And if he fucks up again, these boots are going to crush his testicles like a walnut.



Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ball Abuse, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Ball Crushing, Boots, Asian Princess, Ball Kicking, High Heels, Female Supremacy, Ball Stomping, Humiliation, Ballbusting, Lydia Supremacy, Slave Training

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Asian Mean Girls – BUSTING BALLS ITS WHAT I DO Starring Astro Domina




When her incompetent makeup slave fails to properly apply her lip gloss in preparation for a hot date, Astro decides to teach him a lesson he will never forget. What better way to teach a man his lesson than by taking away that which is most precious to him, in this case his cock and balls. These are after all the prized jewels which define a man, and make him a pathetic, desperate loser, are they not? Wearing a pair of skin tight, sexy booty shorts and spiked heels, Astro ball busts her idiot slave until he is laid out on the floor, choking and gasping for his next breath. Kick after excruciating kick, Astro is relentless in disciplining her slave. Astro is one powerful bitch, and she puts all her weight behind her soccer style kicks for maximum effect and testicular damage.

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ball Punching, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Astro Domina, Ball Abuse, Asian Princess, Domestic Servitude, Ballbusting, Ball Crushing, Brat Girls, Ball Stomping, Ball Kicking

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