Cruel & Unusual FemDom – Destroy Every Slave. Starring Jean Bardot and Paris Knight

Three slaves are in the same large cage, scared and watching through the bars as Paris and Jean stare stand just outside, stroking their large black cocks. The women grin as they stroke, having just plotted the destruction of the three men, by being plowed by their superior femdom cocks. Two slaves are bent over the cage as one slave is left inside to listen and watch as the women viciously fuck the two other slaves deep and hard with their cocks. Deeper and deeper and harder and faster the women go, laughing and smiling as the slaves scream and cry. The slave left in the cage is next and he is too bent over the cage and destroyed by Paris. No hole is safe as the women make sure they fuck their mouths afterwards so the slaves can have the humiliation of tasting their own asses. If only they weren’t caught chatting with each other while doing yard work. If only they had been more careful. Or maybe they weren’t caught at all…and this is what the Mistresses wanted to do anyway. They will never know. They only know that they must obey.

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: strapon, strap-on, pegging, strap on, clubdom, humiliation, femdom, female domination, clubdom, Jean Bardot, Paris Knight, strap-on gangbang, Mistress, slave

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Men Are Slaves – Cruel Jessica, Part 1

Jessica treats her men in various ways, but it generally varies between strict and cruel. In this clip it starts strict and controlling where she is displeased that her slave has not smelled away the stink from her shoes, but that will shortly be replaced with cruelty in the next clip as Jessica is never happy when her men don’t properly serve.


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THE MEAN GIRLS – Beatdown By Mean Girls. Starring Princess Ashley, Princess Monica and Goddess Harley

Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for less click here Beatdown By Mean Girls (1080 HD) So we are all sitting around talking about how Rhonda Rousey kicks ass- but now that she lost a fight, we think we could probably take her. We just need to practice our MMA skills. And what better way to do that then to practice on a slave! So we drag one out of its cage outside and handcuff its hands behind it back so it cant defend itself. (After all, its not like we would let a slave hit is back or something! LOL.) Then Princess Monica serves as the referee while me and Princess Ashley go back and forth trying to fuck this loser up.And we really do face-bust this loser right in the face as hard as we can over and over. We punch it in its gut too. (It complained because apparently we broke one of its ribs last time we trampled on him! Haha awww.poor slave. Too bad!) I got pissed at one point because I actually broke a nail while punching this idiot in the face.These are totally real punches. Ashley really let him have it too. Eventually he gives up haha. So we take turns doing victory poses on his pathetic, scrawny ass.Goddess Harley



Keywords: Princess Ashley, Princess Monica, Goddess Harley

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Monica Learns Ballbusting

Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for less click here Monica Learns Ballbusting (1080 HD) One of our favorite things to do around here is open up our girlfriends to the wonderful world of female domination and using men literally as our slaves. And one of the best ways to show them the complete and total power that we have, is to let our friends kick one of our slaves square in the nuts as hard and as much as she wants! So this is my friend Monicas first time ever kicking a slave in the nuts. She cant even believe that we can seriously treat these losers like this. So I decide to step it up a notch to REALLY show off to her by selecting like the most wicked shoes we could possibly wear while destroying this losers testicles. She totally cant believe that he just keeps kneeling there like an obedient fucking robot, spreading its legs just cuz we COMMAND it to, and just LETTING us kick him in the nuts like this over and over- while we are laughing our asses off at him!Sooo much fun! :)Princess Ashley



Keywords: Goddess Harley, Princess Monica, Princess Ashley

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Caged milking. Starring Mistress AJ Applegate

Slaves are only permitted orgasm at the discretion of their Mistress. This slave has been placed in long-term cage confinement. Mistress AJ Applegate decides to give him a pity handjob. She rubs her gorgeous plum ass against his face quickly making him aroused. She tugs at his hard cock while his body presses against the steel bars of the cage. Mistress never wastes a drop of cum… She catches all of creamy cum in the palm of her hand, only to feed it back to him. He has no choice but to submit to her will.

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: AJ Applegate

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Brat Princess 2 – Gwen and Lola – Slave Cums in Receiver after Long Cruel Machine Edging Part 1

1080 HD: The rules of this edging game are simple. So simple even something as stupid as this slave can understand and play along. Every time it gets close to climaxing, all it has to do is ask, Mistress please may I cum? Sounds so stupidly simple, right? Well, maybe not. This slave is strapped down to a bench in tight bondage. The cock is encased in the well lubricated, latex lined receiver of the milking machine. Gwen and Lola take turns controlling the suction and speed of the receiver. Also, they have TENS unit electrodes attached to its testicle and inner thigh. The slave can barely process all the sensations its receiving. Its right on the edge of orgasm just moments after the game starts. Lola wants to keep the slave right on edge for a long time because she hopes it can be trained to delay its own easily attained sexual climax. Perhaps, if it were ever to have a sexual partner, it could be trained to last a good long time and be pleasing to her. Gwen has no such delusions. She knows this slave will never satisfy a woman with its pin dick, but thinks its cruelly fun to give it false hope. The slave goes so deep, it can barely speak. When it does start to speak, it cant find the right words. Sometimes it says stop, other times it says thank you. None of these words are part of the game. (11:56 long)

Clip contains: Gwen, Lola, Female Domination, Edging Games, Milking Machine, Electric Play, TENS Unit, Bondage Male



Keywords: Milking Machine

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TheEnglishMansion – Bang Blow Bitches – Part 1. Starring Miss Rebekah Dee, Mistress Nikki & Mistress Sidonia

Beautiful Mistresses Sidonia, Nikki and Rebekah are wearing there massive strapon dicks, ready to spitroast and gangbang their cages slave. They release him and are soon thrusting their rubber cocks into his mouth, humiliating him as they throat fuck the starstruck slut. His hole is then fingered and probed in preparation for the big bang, each Mistress using him, cock after cock entering him until he is in submissive slut mode, his prostate getting hammered until he is desperate to cum.

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FemmeFataleFilms – The Trial Of A Slave – Part 2. Starring Mistress Eleise de Lacy

Featuring Mistress Eleise de Lacy. This is not a commercial film. It was made for the amusement of the Mistress and as a training reference for the slave. It will give you a unique glimpse into the trial of a slave over the course of several days, shot in a remote dungeon in the heart of England, the action is intense and covers a wide range of extremely challenging activities!

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Faceriding Delight – Amy’s Countdowns

I really enjoyed watching this clip. Keep in mind Amy is new to this,but she gets so comfortable with the concept, Not to mention she has a great body for it. He’s lying on the floor, after drinking a little something extra ( did Amy put something in his drink? ) …Amy stands over him and kicks him awake, She’s going to play a little game, just to put a little scare in him. Mind you, he’s the bad brother who takes her stuff, her phone, snitches…well, she’s going to see how long he can hold his breath. Wearing just a leotard that compliments her curves, she’ll figure out ways to mentally torture him, teasing him, counting down from a short 5 to maybe 20? She’ll find out IF he can do it.. The view is a bit closer than usual.



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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Alpha Muscle Goddess. Starring Mistress Brandi Mae

Muscular Mistress Brandi Mae takes advantage of her wimp dick sub. She demonstrates her strength by forcing his head into her ass then crushes his body with legs scissors. Making men physically submit to her will makes her wet, she pulls her panties to the side and uses his tongue to masturbate herself. She rubs her muscle clit on his mouth until she orgasms.



Keywords: Brandi Mae, muscular women, leg scissors, face sitting

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