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THE MEAN GIRLS – MORE, MORE, MORE. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – MORE, MORE, MORE. Starring Princess Carmela




Princess Carmela finds out that one of her slaves has a genius IQ meaning the sperm bank will pay $2,000 dollars for every deposit. Princess Carmela owns the slave so of course all the money will go to her! Because she makes money every time the slave cums Princess Carmela is forcing the slave to cum over and over again all day long.

The slave is on his knees stroking his cock while Princess Carmela supervises with whip ready in hand. Princess Carmela tells the slave she is going to become rich off selling his sperm. There are already four containers filled with sperm but that’s not near enough to please Princess Carmela. Princess Carmela shouts at the slave to stroke his fucking cock as she whips him. Stroke it now! Don’t stop stroking! Princess Carmela says she will beat the jizz right out of him if she has to. He has to stroke day and night to the point of torture. If he stops even just for a moment he gets whipped by Princess Carmela. Eventually the slave simply can’t anymore cum as he has been completely drained of every last drop but Princess Carmela doesn’t want to hear any excuses! The slave is severely whipped for failing to cum.

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