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Goddess Cheyenne – Choke or Suck

Goddess Cheyenne – Choke or Suck




The Title of this clip says it All and there are plenty of both choking and sucking with gagging and drooling in between forced deep throat. My Vampire Cock Dominates this sissy slut. There is no choice but to obey . The head is bound by the hood up and down leaving nowhere to run with the hands and waist bound to the tie down board as well as the feet bound coming and going to immobilize the cock sucker ! I pound My pale Vampire Strap On again and again down the sluts throat! Let this be a lesson to you voyeurs watching the display …. keep begging for it and you will be next to become addicted to the erotic humiliation of forced cock sucking !

This Clip Contains : Vampire, Strap On, Deep Throat, slut Training, sissy Training

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Category: FORCED BI

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Goddess Cheyenne – Bad Ass FemDom 2014

Goddess Cheyenne – Bad Ass FemDom 2014




Satisfying your FemDom Addiction with an overload of intensity , as 2014 goes out with a Bang ! Highlights from some of My favorite clips from the year ranging from, Kinky Medical, to Corporal , Bondage and Strapon. After I wind you up with a FIERCE year in review , I finish you off with a release by My command.
Specially Priced to start your New Year off right

This Clip Contains : Female Domination, FemDom, Whipping, Caning, Strapon, Rope Bondage, Sensory Depravation, , Vampire, CBT, Forced Orgasm, Forced Cum Consumption, Suspension, PantyHose Domination, Ball Busting,Ass to Mouth, Double Penetration, TiT Worship and Foot Worship , Masturbation Instruction, & FemDom POV


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Primals Transformations – Vampire Kajira Drains Her Date




Screen Size 720*480For MP4 Optimum CLICK HEREFor WMV HD CLICK HERE Striking redhead Kajira brings her date home after a fancy evening out, all paid for by him. As they start making out, she pauses to ask about the limit on his credit card. Confused and turned off, he goes to leave, but she easily tosses him down on the bed. Before he can get up, Kajira reveals her true form, fangs and all. Terrified as he is, he cannot run away when she uses her vampiric powers to put him in a submissive trance. Kajira is going to take everything she wants from her date, and there’s nothing he can do about it. ***If you like this video, you may enjoy these:Vampire Temptation – Corruption of the Pure Vampire Bloodlines – Thicker than Water Britney Amber – Second Vampiric TransformationAidra Fox – Daddy’s Little Monster

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Keywords: Kajira Bound, femdom sex, financial domination, domination, mental domination, redheads, fangs, biting, fucking

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