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Under Goddess Amihra – Smell My ASS, Bitch [Face Sitting, Ass Smelling, Ass Sniffing, Farting, Farts]

Under Goddess Amihra – Smell My ASS, Bitch [Face Sitting, Ass Smelling, Ass Sniffing, Farting, Farts]




Top 30 Sitewide Clip within 24 HRS of Release!!–RP- I met a Local gamer on Xbox live who talked SHT the ENTIRE match. My team sucked so of course we lost, so I challenged this bitch to a game of 1v1. Winner gets to do as they choose with the loser. Being a girl I’m sure he thought he’d have an easy win. HAHA Wrong. If he won? He got to fuck me. If I won? I got to use his face for my gaming chair for an ENTIRE night. Of course he lost. As easy as it was he probably was wanting me to win on purpose. I mean who doesn’t want a hot girl to sit on their face? Right? Well, it wasn’t that simple. I gave him my address and made sure to wear something sexy to get him to do whatever I wanted. He shows up and I immediately dragged him to my TV and began wrapping him TIGHTLY head to toe. “Do you really need to tie me up?” .. Yes, I wouldn’t want you changing your mind and messing me up while I play.. (I had more planned than just using his face for my chair.. As much sht as he talked.. I was going to make him SMELL all the sht he was talking.. I held in EVERY single fart ALL day and LOADED up on plenty of milk and protein shakes.. building up the WORST stomach cramps just to make sure he got every bit of the punishment he deserved)… Unable to move a muscle I dropped him to the floor.. “You ready to smell my ass?!” .. Haha and I dropped my ass right on his face and started playing, letting him get ZERO AIR and then keeping his nose tight in my crack when I allowed him to breathe… Forcing him to suck every ounce of air against my sweaty butthole, he probably didn’t plan on me not washing my ass since that win to make it even worse on him. “MMMF”… Yeah, I KNOW hes regretting this bet now.. Hahaa.. Good, bitch. Talking all that sht.. now he can smell it.. I heard my stomach start to rumble and I’m sure he did too.. “Oh god.. these are gonna be wet”.. “PRRRTTTTTT” .. A burning hot blast splatted against my panties, definitely ALOT more than just a fart.. right against his nose.. he sucked for air through the filthy fabric and fought against his tight cocoon.. Hahaha. Hows all that sht now? You were talking it, and now its right up against your helpless little bitch nose. But wait.. let me remove these panties before they get ruined.. being theyre my favorite pair and all.. that I have 4 of.. I’m totally not doing this to make sure it all goes in your nose.. “PPFFFFRRTTTTT”… A long chunky sounding blast filled his right nostril.. “OOPS!” .. he struggled in panic.. desperate to breathe any ounce of fresh air only to be assaulted over and over and over by my raunchy ass before having his nose sealed straight back in my crack… tightly against my ass. I felt him sucking against it in a state of panic so I leaned up just enough to rip another blast.. then slammed right back down. Hahah, theres your air bitch.——-Before long I grew bored of playing and took his punishment up a notch, turning forward with his nose in my pussy I ordered his mouth open and pressed my ass right into it. Looking into his eyes as he smothered helplessly, craving any sort of air and just smiled at him as I pushed some “air” right into his cheeks. With nowhere to go, all the gas started to force its way down his throat. I could see tears in his eyes… Maybe he’ll think twice before he decides to fuck with another gamer girl. Continue reading “Under Goddess Amihra – Smell My ASS, Bitch [Face Sitting, Ass Smelling, Ass Sniffing, Farting, Farts]”

Under Goddess Amihra – My morning gas, INSIDE his NOSE

Under Goddess Amihra – My morning gas, INSIDE his NOSE




After a long night of drinking.. I wokeup with extreme gas…. and my beer farts are toxic enough to melt plastic. I didn’t want to smell it, so I decided to pump them into my slaves nose while smothering his face, making sure as always, that his nose is sealed to my asshole!.FULL 1080p HD

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Under Goddess Amihra – Black Friday Farting in Leggings

Under Goddess Amihra – Black Friday Farting in Leggings




–C4S top 20 hottest clips– I return from my black friday shopping to find my useless boyfriend sleeping on the couch as usual. thats all he does is sleep. Sleep, and sniff my farts from my ass!! I walk up to him and wake him with a little surprise, letting him know I brought something special home with me, I order him to lean against the couch so I can give him his gift. I’ve been saving my gas up all day, all that shopping with all those people around. I just had to hold it. And what better way to relive myself than on his lazy face?! After I’m finished with this position I lay him on the bed, straddling forward on his face with his nose pressed right against my asshole and mouth sealed by my cheeks. Fart after fart I’ve been saving now all rest in his lungs, along with his stomach from occasionally forcing him to swallow them!! Hows that taste baby… You can just see the enjoyment on my face. It truly is fun watching him squirm under me>:) .. ——A great clip showing plenty of face and talk, and spandex farts dropped directly on his nose.

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Under Goddess Amihra – I like it when you DONT BREATHE. Starring Goddess Amihra

Under Goddess Amihra – I like it when you DONT BREATHE. Starring Goddess Amihra




Hi Goddess Amihra,I wanted to say that I really love the videos you have produced thus far. What I like about them is when you really makeyour slave fight for a little bit of air, but then you put him back under after a short breath. I would really love to see you wear a fullpair of white panties, frontal smothering view with your slave restrained and with the camera close in from both a front view and top view.I’d love to see you take your slave to the point where he’s really fighting against his restraints and making noise to get you off, then with you onlyto give a few short breathes, then back under again. I’d love to see both frontal and reverse facesitting. For the frontal, if you could really close your thighsaround your subs face causing it to scrunch. I’d love to see a 20 minute video like this. — Along the top of my most extreme smothering yet. Some of the panic in this clip is UNMISTAKABLE! — Clip contains some dirty talking, bondage/restraint, forward/reverse smothering, some nude (panties pulled to the side) ass smothering and ass sniffing. With a POV from my angle forward sit toward the end.



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Under Goddess Amihra – SMOTHERBENCH- Gassed & Suffocated

Under Goddess Amihra – SMOTHERBENCH- Gassed & Suffocated




–Taking delivery of our all new smotherbench. We had just gotten back to our room from Red Lobster, feeling very bloated and with nothing else to do. I decided to try out our new little cynical piece of furniture, he likes to get full and fall asleep, but I think swallowing mouthfulls of my bloated gas and suffocating sounds better on him don’t you think?? With built in restraints for his wrists and legs. The ability to strap his body to the bench, adjustable headclamps to completely destroy any chance of tilting your head to breath.. escape is absolutely HOPELESS. Combine that with the inflatable pillow under his head to wedge it up and out of the box and deep into my ass and its lights out if I choose;) I tease him in my little Aeropostale pajama shorts, letting hims sniff the farts from my ass, lightly smothering him inbetween. Stripping down to my panties, and eventually fully nude to completely start his smother session. I order him to open his mouth, and sit my asshole directly over his mouth.. “SWALLOW IT”.. Like a good boy he obeys.. thats the last thing he wants to do is piss me off and disobey me before I start to really smother him.. I try forward and reverse.. and switch back and forth, pulling on the bench to force my weight even further on his face when he starts to struggle (even though its pointless) Just to increase his panic, he thinks I’m about to get up.. but then he just feels his face get wedged into my ass even farther.. I love it when he starts to panic, I always know.. His nose and mouth start sucking against my ass and pussy.. hoping to find some source of air.. but only finding more ass. Sometimes even sucking a fart out.. but thats not exactly the air he wants LOL. It must be awful.. struggling in panic for air, unable to breathe while having someones fart trapped in your mouth.. Haha sucks to be him!! All I have to do is sit here.. theres no struggling.. being fought.. I just sit.. and he smothers.. maybe I’ll just read a book or watch TV sometime and forget he’s under there.. see how long he can go.. once he stops struggling that means he finally knocked out right?! I’ll have to test that theory. After about 20 minutes of absolute smother.. I decide to allow my slave to get himself off, but I’m tired and I want to go to sleep so.. Under one condition.. I’m going to sit one time and one time only, you will keep your mouth open and over my ass with your nose in my pussy so I can drain the final few farts I have left while you suffocate. And I’m not getting up until I see that you’ve came.., either cum with your nose crammed in my pussy and your mouth full of my farts, or it’s KNOCK OUT!! Seeing as you’re already exhausted.. I say youve got about a minute and a half tops.. Now open that mouth for me..———————————————————————————————————————————————As we did this for about 3 hours considering camera overheats and small breaks.. the clip came to about 36 minutes. This is definitely a new TOP favorite of mine. A MUST have for fart fetishists and smother enthusiasts. This bench will definitely be making reappearances. I can smother him as long as I’d like.. and do whatever I’d like.. including clamping his mouth open and putting whatever I want inside:) I’ve got a few plans in mind..

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Under Goddess Amihra – The Surprise




C4S TOP 10 HOTTEST CLIPS—-The BIG Sister to “The Accident”… a MUST have. ——— My asshole boyfriend spent all his money this week on stupid car “upgrades” when we were supposed to be going shopping and out to eat. Now we can’t.. He thinks hes just going to sit around and play his Xbox.. haha. Sorry, no honey. Unlucky for you my IBS has been going insane all day, and you’ve royally pissed me off. I lay him down on the bed and strap his arms and his legs down TIGHT so he can’t get away.. He has no idea whats in store for him.. I leave the room and put on something sexy.. just to tease him.. because I WONT be letting him cum!! This is for my enjoyment, not his, he doesnt matter. He’s just a slave to my ass.. I straddle his face, lowering my tight little victorias secret panty covered crack onto his face.. rubbing my butthole up against his nose.. blowing my disgusting farts through my already smelly panties I worked out in earlier.. It must be awful.. But the smell is not enough. I want him to SUFFER. I smother him until he can’t take it anymore.. often over a minute.. I don’t know how long he can take this.. But I’m finding out. He’ll be struggling for air.. just as I lift my ass ever-so slightly so he can get his lungs full of another nasty fart. You don’t get fresh air, you get fresh ASS! Take it bitch!!! I stuff a pillow under his head and take off my panties making it harder for him to struggle.. Asking him how it feels to be my chair?! Am I heavy? but all I hear is MMPFFF as he suffers under my ass. When he struggles too much I slap him, sitting forward this time with his nose deep in my pussy, its so much harder for him to breathe or even struggle in this position;).. Finally I finish him off with one last HUGE FART.. But surprise baby, it’s your favorite!! A SHART! HAHAH!! OOPS. Now struggle under my ass and fight for air while I grind and force it into your nostrils my little bitch, you’ll be smelling this shart the rest of the WEEK!!!!!!!—————————————————————————————CLIP CONTAINS MULTIPLE CAMERA ANGLES, CLOSE UP, MID RANGE & FULL BODY INCLUDING FACE. REVERSE AND FORWARD PANTY&NUDE PUSSY/ASS SMOTHERING, BONDAGE, TOILET HUMILIATION, LOTS OF DIRTY TALK, SLAPPING, 40+ RAUNCHY FARTS, MULTIPLE SMOTHERS OVER 1:00 followed by a NASTY 5 min “shart” massage to finish him off>:)…—— This is “The Accident”s big & better sister & the best to date.

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