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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ballbusting In Nature. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Ballbusting In Nature. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine’s brother was instructed to clean the house before her girlfriends visit but once again he stayed up playing video games and forgot his duties. She takes him out to the woods to remind him the importance of his obedience and give him the ultimate ballbusting punishment. She gives him many vicious knees, kicks, and slaps to his useless cock. She even grabs a stick to cane his useless family jewels. His cock gets trampled, kicked and trashed until he falls to his knees dry heaving in agony. but Sis is still not impressed. No girl at his school will want to date this freak after watching this clip and Jasmine will be showing it to all his friends and teachers to humiliate him. He will now do all the chores in front of her friends but only after they all ballbust him together. A must watch for lovers of extreme ballbusting!

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Kinky Mistresses – Big Balls Slave. Starring Dominatrix Dinah

Kinky Mistresses – Big Balls Slave. Starring Dominatrix Dinah




Dominatrix Dinah likes to play with your cock. All of your cock. She has you tied up and sensory deprived. All you feel are her finger nails running over your helpless balls, while she strokes you hard enough to keep you on edge, but not hard enough to make you cum. How long can you take this ? As long as she like…

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Having sufficiently prepared this slave’s skin with a chemical special oil based on electrically charged ions now I want to proceed using my electrodes on every part of his body. The special oil I am going to use is a compound synthesized in a laboratory having the capacity of spreading and amplify electrical discharges received so they radiate from the received point to remaining parts of the body, creating on the skin terrible and painful high voltage bites. I just want to test, for his first time, endurance capacity of this slave. I will use him as a cavy, his agony screams and torments will be basic parameters for a next experiment I have in mind and when his screams become unbearable and annoying to be listened I will use an electrode capable of producing a special crippling voltage directly on his tongue. I love exploring new torture ways with my slaves always ready to everything…



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Kinky Mistresses – The interrogation of the Sectret Agent. Starring Mistress Susi

Kinky Mistresses – The interrogation of the Sectret Agent. Starring Mistress Susi




Mistress Susi interrogates the secret agent, fixated in the dark room for days, she keeps coming back to find out where the gold is.
A mixture between torture and using her sex appeal was used to get him to talk, but he is not making it easy. She decides to step things up with many devices from her vast toy chest. Metal clamps on his nipples and balls help some but it’s the Kali’s teeth device that really gets him talking. She delights in making him suffer, even when he starts to talk. No secret is too hidden from Mistress Susi and she enjoys when they make it hard to get.

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Merciless Dominas – Merciless Whipping by Goddess Sophia

Merciless Dominas – Merciless Whipping by Goddess Sophia




Goddess Sophia is a true Merciless Domina and her clips is always popular. We think the main reason Goddess Sophia has become so popular is that she is very genuine, when she torture her slaves and you can really see that she enjoys what she is doing. Goddess Sophia is also not a soft Mistress and always go very hard at the slaves. In this clip slave Guayule-Nomisma came for a whipping escorted by his owner Mistress Empathy. Mistress Empathy loves to see her slave suffer and was all the time sitting in the background laughing and encourage Goddess Sophia to go even harder. This is true suffering when it´s best! If you enjoy the clip you may also like “Merciless Pony Training by Goddess Sophia” and “Merciless Trampling by Goddess Sophia”.

Category: WHIPPING

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Keywords: goddess sophia, united kingdom, 2016, suffering, pain, fun, torture, bullwhip

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ClubDom – Tessa Crane’s Torment. Starring Goddess Ginger and Tessa Crane

ClubDom – Tessa Crane’s Torment. Starring Goddess Ginger and Tessa Crane




Goddess Tessa Crane drags her new slave to the brick pool patio and her friend Goddess Ginger. Goddess Tessa orders her slave into obedience before creating an artistic masterpeice on his pale white ass with her caning expertise. Goddess Tessa places her property on a bench where she gets ready to cane his ass leaving bright red marks all over the blank white canvas. Goddess Ginger gets in on the action with a couple backhanded swats that make his slave ass jiggle from the impact. The poor slave can’t even sit still during the caning, which make the Goddesses cane his bitch ass even more, and harder. Goddess Tessa Crane and Goddess Ginger have finished caning their new slave and wonder why mother nature would give this pathetic slave balls in the first place, since he obviously doesn’t know what to do with them. Goddess Tessa twists his balls until they turn purple before poking them with her sharp finger nails. And then, the pathetic slave makes a horrible mistake by forgetting Goddess Crane’s name. Goddess Crane then gets really angry at her stupid slave bitch and starts the cock and ball torture mercilessly. Goddess Tessa Crane gets a running start before kicking his balls repeatedly then asks Goddess Ginger for help training the slave as she can’t even look at him. They administer cbt torture on the pathetic slave by kicking him in his useless balls until he doubles over in pain. Goddess Tessa Crane decides to give her new slave one more chance to please her by presenting her huge black cock for him to suck. Goddess Crane forces him to deepthroat her cock and get it dripping wet with his slave spit. Goddess Ginger is liking what she sees and asks if she can get a turn fucking the slave bitch’s mouth with her long cock as well. Goddess Tessa Crane then bends her disappointing slave over and buries her big strap on cock in his tight man pussy hole. She rocks her hips back and forth while pegging her slave with her strap on. Goddess Tessa Crane and Goddess Ginger spit roast their slave bitch with their strap ons before leaving him a pathetic and used up heap on the pool patio, humiliated for everyone to see.

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FemmeFataleFilms – Aching To Cum – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Heather

FemmeFataleFilms – Aching To Cum – Complete Film. Starring Mistress Heather




The slave hasn’t cum for many weeks, having been secured in chastity, but he’s finally been promised a release… but a release with a twist! He can only cum if he takes a huge amount of weight tugging on his testicles. His excitement is clear to see, especially when the industrial vibrator is run down his shaft, but the pin wheel and weights make the whole ordeal an intoxicating mix of extreme discomfort and uncontrollable pleasure.

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FemmeFataleFilms – Blasted Balls – Part 3. Starring Cate Fury and The Hunteress

FemmeFataleFilms – Blasted Balls – Part 3. Starring Cate Fury and The Hunteress




Extreme Ball Busting for the connoisseur is delivered up by The Hunteress and Cate Fury. They team up to pulverise his balls from the front and back, standing and on his knees, there is just no let up for the eager to please slave. To ensure his balls feel their full force, his cock is taped up to keep it out of the way… no cock cushioning from the hammer blows he receives from these two stunning, yet brutal Dommes!

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Cruel Eclipse – Heavy caning and bastinado on the bench

Cruel Eclipse – Heavy caning and bastinado on the bench




Strapped down on my bondage bench the real pain and torture starts, watch as I give little slave naughty nipples relentless lashes with the cane. How much can he take, he will do absolutely anything to please me.

Category: CANING


Keywords: caning, caned, cane, bastinado, strapped down, bondage bench, real pain, torture, lashes, corporal punishment, female domination, femdom, goddess worship, bdsm, bondage

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