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Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV. Starring …

Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV. Starring Princess Lily




Princess Lily has completely trained you to a life of devotion to her and only her. She has truly made you the most disgusting slave ever because there is nothing you won’t do for her no matter how nasty or vile. The scene opens with her standing over you in her sexy red panties. She says she has kept you tied up there all day because she wants you anticipating her arrival and she knows what you want, “And that’s my ass right in your face. You’ve been dreaming about it all day”. She then hovers over top of you giving you an amazing view before sitting down onto your face. You can almost smell her essence in the silky fabric of her panties. She comments on what a good slave you have become as she wiggles her ass then spreads and slaps her cheeks. You get the first glimpse of her sweet puckered hole and your tongue will reach to taste her. The upward view will make you feel you are literally on the ground before her. After some teasing she slowly removes her panties and then is over top of you again. You know this time when she sits down it will be nothing but her flesh on your face. Will she allow you to lick her ass or make you wait?

Lily talks very lovingly to you, you have worked hard and are now her favorite possession, you both know you sole purpose for the rest of time is to do only what she says. You will never question anything, only do as told. Hearing her praise you makes any sacrifice seem like nothing. Now as she sits down you get a close up view of both her pussy and ass, but pussy is not for you, no you focus on her ass and she has you smell it. She reminds you that your hands will never touch her, only your tongue, “and when I have you lick my ass I always make sure it’s dirty”, she tells you. She tells you she likes to shower before she’s with a real man but for you she’ll go days without showering. You know a freshly showered body is not what you get or even want, you like everything that’s dirty in life, you can’t deny how disgusting you truly are. Now you get a full screen view of only her ass as she tells you how to lick and tongue fuck her ass. “You’re so pathetic, you probably wish I would feed you”, she giggles. The talk gets more and more graphic as the scene unfolds, the whole time Lily standing over you, talk of farting, toilet duty for her and all her girlfriends, how to wrap your lips around her hole when she does her duty, how it will all be consumed and if you miss any you will have to lick it up from the floor. Then once you have been verbally debased to the maximum Lily tells you to stroke your already erect dicklette, “and imagine I’m using your mouth and then I want you to cum for me.” Now she hovers within inches of your face and says you have 10 seconds to cum. She countdowns down from 10, tormenting you a bit along the way, only her anus fills the screen as she finally says, “Cum for me you pig” and sits fully onto your face plunging you into darkness. You are in deed the most disgusting slave ever… and you’ve never been as happy.



Keywords: princess lily, toilet slavery, toilet talk, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Good Slaves Become Human Toilets. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Good Slaves Become Human Toilets. Starring Mistress Kandy




This is a hot toilet servitude fantasy clip all meeting the C4S rules. If you like extreme nasty toilet verbal humiliation, added with some chocolate syrup for effect, you will get off on this. Behind closed doors Kandy is a firm believer in full toilet servitude so you don’t have to stretch your imagination at all when viewing. Kandy talks about how her slave will be her toilet and the toilet of all her girlfriends too. If you masturbate imagining yourself as a human toilet then you will have a hard time lasting through all 7 minutes and 40 seconds of this clip. If you’re a dirty slave with vile thoughts, you’re just what Kandy is looking for.



Keywords: mistress kandy, ass licking, toilet slavery, toilet talk, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Imagine Your Mouth Pressed Against My Butt Hole. Starring Domina Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – Imagine Your Mouth Pressed Against My Butt Hole. Starring Domina Ruby




Imagine this dream cum true – you on your knees in front of Domina Ruby. “I put my slaves through their paces today and now I’m looking for a new number one slave… someone who will worship every inch of Me”, She says, pulling her skirt up to show you Her gorgeous full ass. “Can you handle all of this? Are you prepared to do everything I tell you to do? Imagine being allowed to press your nose against My ass or even being given permission to lick My crack from top to bottom.” She runs Her hand over Her pussy, then up to Her ass, and adds “Even if it’s dirty… especially if it’s dirty! If I allow you to become My slave, I will make you My toilet.” She spreads her cheeks wider and you get a close-up visual of Her tantalizing asshole, as she says “Imagine your mouth pressed tightly against My asshole.” This is only the first two minutes of the clip, but trust me when I say the rest gets extremely graphic. Talk of full toilet servitude, mindlessness, unquestioned devotion to doing as you’re told, and how you will be not just Ruby’s toilet, but a toilet to Her friends as well. You will be humiliated and debased. Finally, at the end She will mock you for being so aroused and you’ll get a ten second count down to cum. Anyone who dreams of being a toilet slave will want this clip!



Keywords: ass worship, ass licking, cum countdown, toilet talk, toilet slavery

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Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re My Ass Licking Dawg. Starring Princess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re My Ass Licking Dawg. Starring Princess Mia




Sexy Princess Mia has made you her dawg in this hot POV scene. She instructs you to crawl over to her because she needs her ass licked right now. “Isn’t that better than a doggie bone?” she asks, as she gives her amazing bubble butt a couple of good slaps. She makes you kiss her ass cheeks, pointing to the spot you should pay attention to, and orders you to kiss every single inch. As she rolls over onto her side, she says she wants to hear the sound of your ass-kissing efforts and that you’re to tell her how much you love doing it. “Stick your nose right between my cheeks. Maybe if you’re really lucky I’ll fart in your face.” The camera slowly moves around to give you full screen shots of her world-class ass. She rubs her hands over her booty and then places them between her crack. She tells you to admire it, to see how glorious it is, and reminds you that you live solely for her ass. “You should be thinking of NOTHING but my ass. Kissing it, licking it, sniffing it… and you do love my farts, right?” Of course you do; you love everything about Mia’s ass. She instructs you to pull out your cock and stroke it; she wants to see it get hard. But then she laughs and says “It’s not very big, is it?” She tells you how lucky you are because she doesn’t need slaves with big cocks. “In fact, the smaller, the better.” She actually enjoys having you as a slave because your little dick makes her laugh! She describes how she will turn you into her toilet and exactly what this will involve. By this time, you’ll be so addicted to her ass you’ll do ANYTHING. You’ll learn to remove her panties with your teeth and open your mouth wide to accept the treats she bestows. “You will place your mouth on my butthole while you wait and wonder when I might feed you” she says. She goes over what will happen during your initial training period and how difficult it will be, but eventually everything that goes into your body will come from hers… her shaved body hair, her toenails, her piss, and most importantly…



Keywords: princess mia, ass licking, toilet slavery, toilet talk, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – BBW Armpit Servitude. Starring Ms Blaze

Club Stiletto FemDom – BBW Armpit Servitude. Starring Ms Blaze




Ms Blaze tells her slave she has worked up a hell of a sweat, as she just finished flogging him as seen in the clip Think of Me When You Sit Down. Her boyfriend is on his way over and she needs the sweat from her armpits licked up. The slave obediently licks her pits as she tells him “Take deep whiffs.” This clip is primarily the slave licking both of her armpits while she degrades him and tells him his purpose is to suffer for her, lick her armpits, her feet, her asshole, sniff her farts, and be a receptacle for her p1ss and . The slave acknowledges her every word knowing his purpose is to do as told. “You’re the lowest form of life.”, she tells him before moving him to the other pit. Her nipples are exposed for the slave but she tells him those are for her boyfriend, he does not get tits or pussy. ever.

Category: ARMPITS


Keywords: ms blaze, toilet talk

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Club Stiletto FemDom – My Beautiful Sch1t. Starring Mistress Kandy




A Clips4Sale Top 10 – Toilet Slavery * Mistress Kandy has her slave locked in her bondage cage with only his head sticking out. She is there to further address their previous conversations about the slave becoming her full toilet. She asks him “You want to eat my shc1t don’t you?”. The slave sounds a little leery but he does acknowledge that he in fact does want to be her toilet. “And a part of that will be to stimulate my ass she says to the slave. Isn’t that where my beautiful shc1t comes from?”. “Yes.”, the asslicker agrees. Kandy puts her finger in her bum hole and then pulls it out for the slave to smell. After running her gloved hand under his nose she sticks the finger in his mouth. “Taste it. Are you ready? Good.” Kandy gets up on the cage so when she sits back her ass is right on the slaves face. She tells him she could stay there for days and he’d just have to lick and lick and lick. Until that special gift arrived, of course. The slave gets his tongue out and as Kandy sits down it slides right into her sweet hole. “That tongue needs to get wet and deep in there.”, she smiles. She loves making human toilets, she knows men are weak and want to take whatever she demands. “Stimulate every muscle down there so I can take that delicious sch1t right down your throat.” A great camera angle gives you a full screen shot of Kandy’s ass as it slides up and down the slaves tongue. She mentions that an earlier dump was not properly wiped when she was done so the slave is already getting a nice taste of the Goddess. “Tell me how much you love the taste?”, she demands. “Tell me how much you want to eat my sch1t.”, she demands. The aroused pig is now licking for all he is worth and hungry to eat from his owner. “Tell me how hungry you are?”, she adds. The slave replies, “I’m so hungry for your shit, Goddess.” Yes Kandy has trapped him, he will be her full toilet, he is to weak to say no. Kandy points across the room at you and says, “See that guy, he wants to eat my sch1t. Maybe you should change places, he should be down there licking my ass.” The slave replies, “No Goddess, please let me eat your sch1t.” Yes, he is fully committed and Kandy has worked her magic again. Kandy whispers to the camera that her slave is special to her because he has a rich daddy, “Daddy eats my sch1t too.”, she says even lower. Kandy turns around to the camera, exposing her perfect pussy to the slave… and you, her sch1t eater in waiting. “It’s time to move to the next level.”, she tells the slave who must be dying to taste her pussy, but he knows he is only good enough for asshole licking and toilet servitude. She tells the slave to open wide and then to wrap his lips tight around her anus. The slave is getting his treat. “Swallow.”, she tells him and then eventually tells him to again lick her clean. She pulls back to check and you can see her butthole is glistening clean. She looks at you and says, “Could you do as good a job?” Could you?



Keywords: human toilet, toilet talk, Kandy, toilet slavery

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