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THE MEAN GIRLS – Lick It Clean. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Carmela [MiamiMeanGirls, AmericanMeanGirls, The Mean Girls, Degradation]

THE MEAN GIRLS – Lick It Clean. Starring Princess Bella and Princess Carmela [MiamiMeanGirls, AmericanMeanGirls, The Mean Girls, Degradation]




The Mean Girls actually get a thrill out of watching their slaves do disgusting and humiliating acts in order to keep their station at Mean Girl Manor. Princess Bella and Princess Carmela have a slave that they are forcing to clean the toilet bowl with his tongue. They literally have him chained to the toilet so he has to stay there constantly keeping it clean with his tongue. They tell him if they ever run out of toilet paper they will use him to lick their asses clean. Princess Bella pushes the slaves head into the toilet bowl dunking his head into the toilet water. She commands him to lift the seat up and to begin cleaning the rim of the toilet using his tongue. Princess Carmela spits onto the rim and makes the slave lick it all up. As extra motivation Princess Bella jabs her high heel into the slaves back and ribs as he licks the toilet clean. The slave screams out in pain and even reaches back to try and grab Princess Bella’s shoe. That was a big mistake as it enrages Princess Bella and she screams at the slave “touch my foot again! touch my fucking foot again!” she then jabs her heels twice as hard into the slave and dunks his head as deep into the bowl as she can. Princess Carmela tells the slave she wants to hear him breathing in the water and making gurgling sounds. Princess Carmela then sits on top of the slaves head the weight of her ass forcing the slave to keep his head deep in the toilet bowl. Meanwhile Princess Bella continues torturing the slave with her high heels jabbing them right into his ribs and even punching him in the back with her . When the slaves head is finally let out of the toilet you can see it is drenched and soaking wet with toilet water.

This is a great Mean Girls clips. A real classic you will want in your collection. They mercilessly humiliate and abuse this slave. There is no way for him to have any dignity left after the treatment he is put through. They use him like an object making him a chained up toilet cleaner. They use him like furniture sitting on his head and back. They kick, slap, and punch, the out of the slave even getting a few ball kick in. This clip has it all!



Keywords: princess bella, princess carmela

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Mistress Roberta – Tricking my chastity slave into toilet play. Starring Mistress Roberta [TOILET FETISH, FARTING, TOILET SLAVERY, TEASE & DENIAL]

Mistress Roberta – Tricking my chastity slave into toilet play. Starring Mistress Roberta [TOILET FETISH, FARTING, TOILET SLAVERY, TEASE & DENIAL]




Today i decided to call my chastity slave and trick him .First i put his chastity belt on and after i give him a choice , if he will become my personal toilet he will get away from the chastity and he always say he will do anything just to get out of chastity so i also go with the prank further and fart in his face even let him lick my ass hole and he seems very inloved with this the only thing he doesn’t know is that this is a prank and he will not get free of his chastity so enjoy the prank .

Category: CHASTITY


Keywords: mistress roberta, tricking, chastity, slave, toilet, play, choice, personal prank, fart lick, ass hole, inloved

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Mistress Lady Renee – Urinal 3 – Public Toilet Licking [Toilet, Toilet Fetish, Public]

Mistress Lady Renee – Urinal 3 – Public Toilet Licking [Toilet, Toilet Fetish, Public]




I`ve been informed by My cleaning maid that there`re drips of piss consistently being left on the floor next to the urinals. I`ve made My interrogations n found the culprit, a particularly careless n stupid slave, obviously too lazy to pee without dripping on the floor, making a disgusting, smelly mess all over the place. So I`ve devised a plan to ensure his careless behaviour is modified in the future, he`ll lick and polish the floor under and around the urinals with his tongue, lapping up all of the piss droplets that have dried onto the floor, but just so he learns his lesson I`ll force him to lick and polish the urinal with his disgusting slave tongue, and while he’s down there I`ll use it as an ashtray. But I`m not finished with this toilet pig, he`ll be left in the cubicle to serve as urinal number three for as long as I make him stay there, waiting on his knees to be used for urine disposal.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Smoking, Mistress Lady Renee, Human Ashtray, Renee, Mistress, Smoke, Cigar, Toilet, Toilet Fetish, Public, Humiliation, Degradation

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Know You’re Craving The Taste. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Know You’re Craving The Taste. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine has called you to her dungeon and now you kneel at her feet. She says she has read a lot of sick and depraved messages before but yours are probably the most disgusting of them all. She also says she knows you are probably typing while beating your cock thinking of all these nasty things but now that you are in her presence she wonders how exactly you will react to what she is about to do to you. So she is going to put you through a training program so it’s not to much for you all at once. To start she wants you to sniff her crotch as if you are a dawg. She pulls her panties up into her pussy so you can see her lips and pubic hair. She is pleased when she hears you start to pant. She then stands up and shoves her ass in your face.

She slides her panties up so you can see her anus. She tugs on the fabric really getting them up into her pussy and ass crack. “These panties are going home with you” she laughs, adding “There might be some p1ss and sch4t on them.” After making you sniff her, so her scent is in your head for the rest of the day, she says you will be following her into the bathroom where you not only be getting a but a brown one too. She wonders if you will swallow it all. She then gets into a very nasty tale of a recent experience she had with another slave. She also reminds you how you said you want to consume everything from her. Her tampons, her armpit hair, her toe jam, her sweat, and even cum from her lovers. Now are you just talk or are you ready to surrender and accept your destiny and your purpose? She then explains the reason you are bound in front of her is because this is not a sensual encounter, it’s going to be consumption because that is what you begged for, you didn’t want a safe word, and guess what, now you look terrified but it’s to late. This could be brutal, you might not like it but later you will remember the encounter and you will beat off to it and it will be the only way you can cum after that and then soon you will be contacting her again and begging for more.



Keywords: asian, ass worship, miss jasmine, ass licking, toilet slavery, pov, pussy worship

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EMPRESS JENNIFER – your Tongue on My Toilet & Tub

EMPRESS JENNIFER – your Tongue on My Toilet & Tub




The bathroom, the last bastion of American freedom. Keeping it clean is a dirty job but somebody has to do it. I continue to inspect My house after a long time away and of course the bathroom is as filthy as My slave. he had his chance to clean it like a normal person but he blew it. Now he has to lick it clean! I force him to clean the bathroom with his tongue. I need to re-train My slave to do even the most menial of tasks now. If I’m not here grinding his face into the porcelain, it just won’t get done right. I can’t even use it so dirty. I turn My slave into a human scrub brush and make him clean. But I’m not going to make it all work I’m going to have fun making him work. I flush his head down the toilet. That always makes Me laugh HAHA. It’s where he belongs anyway.



Keywords: toilet fetish

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THE MEAN GIRLS – A Day In The Houseslaves Life Part 1 of 7 – Toilet Bread Boy. …

THE MEAN GIRLS – A Day In The Houseslaves Life Part 1 of 7 – Toilet Bread Boy. Starring Goddess Brooke




(CUSTOM CLIP ) “You sit on a couch, in front of you lies a collared slave, his hands are bound behind his back, and licks the sole of your boots and sucks on the heel. You announce him that it is time for his feeding. You take the leash and lead him to the toilet, his hands still bound. He must kneel before the toilet and you forcefully push his head down the toilet and hold it there with your boots and give him a swirly. Then you throw a slice of bread into the toilet bowl and command him to get the bread and eat it before your eyes. Then you take a jar of baby food and pour the food on the rim of the toilet and force to slave to lick it of the rim,your boot is on his head. Once he has finished his meal you chain him to the toilet, dunk his head back down the bowl. Before you leave you flush again. During the clip you tell him all the time that he is pathetic and you spit on his face/in his mouth very often.”



Keywords: superior goddess brooke

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Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV. Starring …

Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV. Starring Princess Lily




Princess Lily has completely trained you to a life of devotion to her and only her. She has truly made you the most disgusting slave ever because there is nothing you won’t do for her no matter how nasty or vile. The scene opens with her standing over you in her sexy red panties. She says she has kept you tied up there all day because she wants you anticipating her arrival and she knows what you want, “And that’s my ass right in your face. You’ve been dreaming about it all day”. She then hovers over top of you giving you an amazing view before sitting down onto your face. You can almost smell her essence in the silky fabric of her panties. She comments on what a good slave you have become as she wiggles her ass then spreads and slaps her cheeks. You get the first glimpse of her sweet puckered hole and your tongue will reach to taste her. The upward view will make you feel you are literally on the ground before her. After some teasing she slowly removes her panties and then is over top of you again. You know this time when she sits down it will be nothing but her flesh on your face. Will she allow you to lick her ass or make you wait?

Lily talks very lovingly to you, you have worked hard and are now her favorite possession, you both know you sole purpose for the rest of time is to do only what she says. You will never question anything, only do as told. Hearing her praise you makes any sacrifice seem like nothing. Now as she sits down you get a close up view of both her pussy and ass, but pussy is not for you, no you focus on her ass and she has you smell it. She reminds you that your hands will never touch her, only your tongue, “and when I have you lick my ass I always make sure it’s dirty”, she tells you. She tells you she likes to shower before she’s with a real man but for you she’ll go days without showering. You know a freshly showered body is not what you get or even want, you like everything that’s dirty in life, you can’t deny how disgusting you truly are. Now you get a full screen view of only her ass as she tells you how to lick and tongue fuck her ass. “You’re so pathetic, you probably wish I would feed you”, she giggles. The talk gets more and more graphic as the scene unfolds, the whole time Lily standing over you, talk of farting, toilet duty for her and all her girlfriends, how to wrap your lips around her hole when she does her duty, how it will all be consumed and if you miss any you will have to lick it up from the floor. Then once you have been verbally debased to the maximum Lily tells you to stroke your already erect dicklette, “and imagine I’m using your mouth and then I want you to cum for me.” Now she hovers within inches of your face and says you have 10 seconds to cum. She countdowns down from 10, tormenting you a bit along the way, only her anus fills the screen as she finally says, “Cum for me you pig” and sits fully onto your face plunging you into darkness. You are in deed the most disgusting slave ever… and you’ve never been as happy.



Keywords: princess lily, toilet slavery, toilet talk, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Good Slaves Become Human Toilets. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Good Slaves Become Human Toilets. Starring Mistress Kandy




This is a hot toilet servitude fantasy clip all meeting the C4S rules. If you like extreme nasty toilet verbal humiliation, added with some chocolate syrup for effect, you will get off on this. Behind closed doors Kandy is a firm believer in full toilet servitude so you don’t have to stretch your imagination at all when viewing. Kandy talks about how her slave will be her toilet and the toilet of all her girlfriends too. If you masturbate imagining yourself as a human toilet then you will have a hard time lasting through all 7 minutes and 40 seconds of this clip. If you’re a dirty slave with vile thoughts, you’re just what Kandy is looking for.



Keywords: mistress kandy, ass licking, toilet slavery, toilet talk, ass worship

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Enhanced Gay Brainwash

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Enhanced Gay Brainwash




Custom request. ‘Chris’ used throughout. “I just received my bottle of “inhalents” and I would like for you to mesmurize me into becoming a complete gay, faggot slut whore for you. Encouraging me to get incredibly fucked up and using the name Chris over and over. Brainwashing me to crave anonymous cock and cum plus anything else you want to brainwash me to do for you as I love not knowing what is going to happen to me. Turns on are encouraged bi, cock sucking, water sports, forced ass eating, gang bang, cum bukkake, glory holes, public sex.”

Category: FORCED BI


Keywords: toilet humiliation, gang bang, glory holes, ass eating, bukkake, water sports, rimming, gay blow job, cum eating, pee, public sex, slut training

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Good Slave, Bad Slave. Starring Domina Ruby

Club Stiletto FemDom – Good Slave, Bad Slave. Starring Domina Ruby




A good Mistress knows it’s important to play one slave against the other, and Domina Ruby is a Master at this game. As one slave worships her ass, she pats him on the head and tells him what a good boy he is, what a good job he has done. Meanwhile, another slave sits dejectedly in the corner, his ears surely burning. Looking across the room, she says to the bad slave, “You there! Kneel and listen to the pleasure this one is experiencing, because you have really disappointed me.”. She then turns her attention back to the good slave. “You have been such a good boy that later tonight I’m going to make you my full toilet. Everything that comes from me will go into you”, she purrs. “It’s wonderful to receive my gifts, isn’t it? What an honor! Both you slaves could exist entirely on the delicacies my body produces.”. Imagine these two wretched slaves, hungry and eating at her trough. Imagine how they would compete to fill their growling tummies. To humiliate the bad slave even further, Ruby mentions that her stilettos are rather dirty and it’s a waste to have him languishing over in the corner. “Get over here and clean them”, she instructs. “Don’t miss a single spot but don’t annoy me either; just make yourself useful!”. Next, Ruby pulls her g-string to the side and tells the good slave to get his tongue deep inside and to clean her well. “Ita€™s so lovely to have two slaves at my beck and call”, she chuckles, a€?not to mention having you little bitches constantly ready to attend to my every whim.”. She turns her attention back to the bad bitch and tells him where her stilettos have been today. She then shows her generosity by removing a shoe so he can suck her toes. To ensure both creatures realize they are only slaves, she sends out a real zinger. “The only thing missing is a real man up here to kiss me and touch my breasts.”. She scolds both slaves and makes sure they do as theya€™re told. You can see these two are in real competition, trying to please her and earn their status as her Number One. The last thing either of them wants is to drop to Number Three, which means lengthy cage-time and probably not enough ‘food’ to go around.



Keywords: human toilet, domina ruby, ass licking, ass worship

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