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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Ticklish and vulnerable

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Ticklish and vulnerable




Last time I wanted to tickle this slave, I learned he is very ticklish. A real joy! I also learned that he is very loud when tickled, so this time I prepared a gag, to cover his mouth and muffle the noise he can produce.
I wanted to scratch his skin first, to make it more sensitive to tickling, but from the first touches of his armpits I can see he doesn’t need that. Even the lightest touch causes him to burst into strong laughing and to dance around, trying to run away from Me and My hands. But he can’t run away, he can’t even cover his armpits, I made sure of that by tying his hands up to the ceiling. Now he’s totally under My control, at My mercy. So vulnerable…

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Club Stiletto FemDom – This Big Ass of Mine. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – This Big Ass of Mine. Starring Princess Skylar




The scene opens with young pretty and fleshy Princess Skylar talking to you, explaining that a slave must understand he gives up all control to his Mistress. “You even give up the right to breath.”, she says. It’s in her control and you can see by the slave under her ass that she plans to make him kick for air as he is already doing so. To add to his anxiety, she then starts to tickle his stomach which really gets him kicking, likely using his last molecule of air in the process. Skylar looks super sexy in her pink baby doll and you’ll notice the slaves arms are bound behind him to insure he is not going to push her away when in a state of panic. After a full minute she stands up and the slave gasps for air but before he can fill his lungs again, her big beautiful ass has again smothered him into silence. She loves seeing how the tickling makes him kick and continues to do it through the scene. She bounces up and down allowing only a fraction of a second each time to get air before again sitting down. To keep the slave off balance she throws him a curve and after another tickle gives him a nice little swat in the nuts. This slave is very sensitive in this area, not at all into ball busting, so the slaps really make him jump, but with his head cemented under Skylar’s big ass, he’s not going anywhere, lol. After all the tickling and ball slapping she sort of forgets he has to breath and when she does finally get up again, he gasps desperately for air. When she reaches in his shorts and pulls out his cock and balls he seems to relax and maybe thinks he’ll get a hand job… but no… another slap in the balls and he kicks like he’s reaching for the sky. He almost knees Skylar in the face but luckily for him she backs away and saves him the wrath that would surely come from such an occurrence. After more tickling and ball slapping and the odd breath of air she starts to mock him for his little penis saying it’s no bigger than a baybees, or a birds, Eventually Skylar turns around to give you a great view of her backside before again sitting on the slaves head. She almost falls off the facesitting box and says, “We need a bigger seat for this big bum.”, giving it some sexy slaps. Eventually she decides it’s time to sit on the slave until he stops kicking. As he thrashes, she puts her head back and laughs and laughs as the slave goes limp.



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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Red is the color of today

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Red is the color of today




Having My slave bound in a way that exposes his ass and inner thighs, I can’t decide whether I want to whip or to tickle him. I intended to tenderize his inner thighs with a flogger, but seeing how ticklish he is… I’ll just do both, why should I have to chose just one? But what he doesn’t know, is that the flogger is just a warm-up for My red cane. As everybody knows, I really like the color red: My red lipstick, My red fingernails, My red dress, My red cane.. so My slave should also be red, to match with this all. And that’s how he will be when I finish with him. And tomorrow, who knows, maybe I will like blue or black…

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Subby Girls – I’m Dying. Starring Olive and Leya




Looks like the tickling may be a bit much for little Olive. She’s dying right about now as she does everything she can to escape, but Leya is not known for mercy. Instead the tickling will continue until Leya is happy that she has endured enough.

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House of Sinn – Whipping tickle toy. Starring Lilse von Hitte, Ezada Sinn and Roberta




Three gorgeous Mistresses: Lilse von Hitte, Ezada Sinn and Roberta are enjoying a nice evening torturing a lowly slave. The worthless tickle toy is treated to a hard beating with several implements like floggers, whips and even the not so gentle palms of the lovely Mistresses. Hes tickled, slapped, teased and denied any pleasure of course, kicked with the wonderfully heeled boots of the three beauties in shiny pantyhose. His torment seems endless but hes taking it like a good boy, bound, gagged and completely at Their mercy. More clips to come by this fearsome trio!#1 in the “FEMDOM” category!

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Teasing vs tickling

Restrained, unable to move almost at all, My slave can only look at Me and hope that I will let him feel My scent or My touch. But that is enough to arouse him; seeing Me dressed in these shiny leggings and patent leather corset makes his cock hard and throbbing. Especially when I come closer to him and start touching My breasts. A very intense erotic moment for him. But what if, in that exact moment… I start tickling him?

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DomNation – A PIG AND A POKE Starring Goddess Tangent

Goddess Tangent absolutely loves fresh meat! And this little piggy is going to get poked until he squeals all the way home. Bound in an inescapable medical sling, Tangent tickles him pink, as he squirms and squeals helplessly to the rhythm of her long nails brushing against his most sensitive body parts.

A good old tickle session serves to get the percolating for what is to come next. Two and three fingers up his butt hole to warm him up a bit, and then a massive 9 cock to bring it on home, piggy style. She royally porks this little oinkster hard, ramming her big cock up his ass relentlessly until she brings home the bacon.

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Keywords: goddess tangent, female domination, humiliation, pegging, female superiority, domination, strap on play, bondage, leather, bdsm, tickling, dildo, humiliation, finger fucking

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Subby Girls – Let Me Count Your Ribs

Subby Girls - Let Me Count Your Ribs

That’s all Ela wants to do, count Lyra’s ribs. Surely that’s innocent enough, counting them while Lyra is all tied to the bondage bench? Unfortunately for Ela though she let’s Lyra out too early and Lyra is more than happy to return the tickling favor by counting Ela’s ribs as well.

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Brat Princess 2 – Cherry – Bounces and Tickles while Facesitting

Brat Princess 2 - Cherry - Bounces and Tickles while Facesitting.wmv.0001

Brat Princess 2 - Cherry - Bounces and Tickles while Facesitting.wmv.0008

Brat Princess 2 - Cherry - Bounces and Tickles while Facesitting.wmv.0013

Cherry sits on a slaves face in sexy red lingerie. She giggles and bounces. The slaves chastity bobs about as Cherry bounces. Cherry tickles the slave while sitting on its face. Laughing makes the slave struggle for air. Its very difficult for the slave to be tickled while being smothered. Cherry laughs. Cherry tells the slave it should be happy it made her laugh. She pins the slaves arms. Cherry puts all of her weight on the slaves face. The slave cannot breathe at all. It hates being tickled and smothered at the same time. Cherry wants to cum. She starts to grind on the slaves face. Cherry grinds on the slaves face until she cums. She thinks its funny that the slave is in chastity and cant cum at all. When Cherry has finished, she sits back with her weight on the slaves face to rest. (10:11 long)

Clip contains: Cherry, Female Domination, Facesitting, Chastity, Tickling, Ass Grinding, Ass Smother


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