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DomNation – THE CRUELEST OF INTENTIONS. Starring Mistress Bettie Bondage

DomNation – THE CRUELEST OF INTENTIONS. Starring Mistress Bettie Bondage




Unfortunately for this slave, this playtime is not intended to be pleasurable. Quite the contrary, as Mistress Bettie Bondage has extremely cruel intentions of inflicting severe pain and suffering on his disrespectful ass.

Mistress Bettie can be an extremely merciful Goddess, when she so chooses, but slaves must know there place at all times, less they be taken to task. This lowly pet is deserving of a good, sound thrashing. And so, her whip strikes long and hard against his soft flesh, bruising and lacerating with ease. His screams go unheard, as Mistress has only one goal in mind. And that is to make him sorry he was ever born.



Keywords: female domination, whipping, dominatrix, mistress bettie bondage, humiliation, submissive slave training, female superioriy, bondage, femdom, corporal punishment, bdsm, singletail

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Cruel Unusual FemDom – Vanessa Cage’s House Boy. Starring Vanessa Cage

Cruel Unusual FemDom – Vanessa Cage’s House Boy. Starring Vanessa Cage




Toby is desperate, about to lose his apartment his car is going to be repossessed he really needs a job and fast, he sees a strange ad that says houseboy needed must be willing to do everything I say, he figures what do I have to lose and goes on to the job interview, upon arriving he sees a beautiful hot blonde laying out by her pool topless on the phone he knocks on the screen she waves him in , he extends his hand and says I’m here for the job interview with an annoyed look on her face the goddess puts her hand up telling him to wait, then she stands up pushes him down to his knees and explains he must be willing to do everything she says, Toby agrees and she hands him a pink diamond studded collar and tells him put this on bitch and worship my feet, Toby looks confused, she smacks him and says do you want the job or not, he replies yes Goddess and starts to lick and suck her toes, Worships Goddess Vanessa’s feet like a good little slut puppy, after Vanessa is through she instructs the bitch to clean her pool and then meet her in the garage but to stop and put on the rest of his uniform, Goddess Vanessa walks into the garage and makes him spin to show off his new cucky boy outfit, She feels it needs one more thing, and puts lipstick on the bitch. Then instructs him to empty everything out of the garage and move it to the barn and after he is through to move everything back into the garage, Toby asks why? She says because I told you Too Bitch now get to workWhile enjoying a masturbation session with her favorite vibrator, Goddess Vanessa Cage is interrupted by her new houseboy Toby, who informs Goddess that he has finished her chore of moving the contents of the garage to the barn. Unimpressed with Tobys work and annoyed at the interruption, Goddess Vanessa demands Toby move everything from the barn BACK to the garage! Frustrated and humiliated to be wearing a dress, lipstick, and heels, Toby trots off to lug all the equipment he had carried to the barn back to the garage. With this futile exercise complete, Goddess Vanessa notices the frustrated attitude of her houseboy and decides to see just how badly she can frustrate him. With her perfect pink pussy glistening under the pulsations of her vibrator, the divine Goddess rests her perfect ass on her bitchboys chest, his cries of frustration turning her on more and more. Amused by his longing, Goddess Vanessa toys with her pet, allowing him to get within inches, but not able to make contact with her womanhood. As tears of frustration stream down the useless cucky boys face, Goddess Vanessa is overcome with passion and convulses in orgasm on top of her helpless slave. Removing the vibrator from her tight pink pussy, Goddess Vanessa shoves her toy into Tobys slutty, lipsticked mouth and orders him to complete his chores WITHOUT dropping it. Bursting with frustration, Toby gets to work folding the laundry, obediently holding the Goddesses vibrator in his gullet as instructed.As Toby is dusting Goddess Vanessa Cages room trying to be the perfect houseboy still locked away in a chastity. She decides to have a little fun with him. Goddess Vanessa makes her new bitchboy stop dusting and asks him Do you want to fuck my tight pink pussy? Toby gets all excited and starts to get a big grin on his face till she pulls out a chindo and makes him strap it over his red lipsticked mouth and get on his knees. As this cucky boy gets to work pleasing his Goddess she moans in ecstasy. Goddess Vanessa makes Toby go faster and faster informing him this will be the closest he will ever get to my tight pussy. Once Goddess Vanessa has reached her climax she shoves Toby off and instructs him to get back to work cleaning her restroom. As her new houseboy is cleaning the toilet Goddess walks in and tells him he is doing it wrong. My houseboys dont clean like that, now open your fuck hole, as she puts in a toilet brush right in Tobys mouth. Now get back to work!!!Mistress Vanessa Cage has her new house boy sweeping the floors when she decides to give him a nice surprise or should we say a nice big surprise. Mistress Vanessa calls Toby and informs him that she is horny and wants to fuck, but wants him on his knees, eyes closed and waiting for her. Toby is so happy he doesn’t even hesitate. When Mistress Vanessa makes her bitch boy open his eyes he looks like a dear in headlights when Mistress shoves her 12 purple cock right in his pretty lipsticked fuckhole. After this cucky boy has lubed up Mistress Vanessas cock with his own saliva, she bends him over and begins to stretch his tight little man pussy. As Toby begins to cry and whimper like a little bitch, Mistress Vanessa reads out her list of chores that her new house boy still has to do as she fucks him with her 12 cock.Mistress Vanessa Cage has gotten her cucky boy a present, well its more like a present to help him do more chores. After giving toby his new ironing board and instructing him to clean all her clothes. Mistress Vanessa then wants him to cut the grass with a pair of scissors. As Toby is cleaning the living room again since last time he was interrupted by Mistresses 12 strap-on, Mistress Vanessa decides to reward her sissy house boy. First she teases him as he is locked away in a chastity device by dangling the key to his freedom and blowing on his locked up 2 dick. As his 2 dicklet starts to grow he is in pain from his chastity. Then Mistress Vanessa finally unlocks him and plays with his dicklet for her own amusement. Just before Toby is about to release his filth, Mistress stops and laughs and informs him that she is done playing with him and that he can jerk his own dick, but he better release his filth in his own hand and not a drop on her rug. After her cucky boy has done as told, Mistress Vanessa hands this sissy a blow-up duck to fuck and to use his own filth as lube and walks away. Oh no, it looks like this house boy forgot a chore. Mistress Vanessa returns with the trash Toby was supposed to dump and says since you didnt dump the trash, maybe I should and throws the trash all over the floor for this houseboy to clean up.



Keywords: cuckolding, femdom, female domination, bdsm, submissive training, slave training, clubdom, subby hubby, vanessa cage

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Brat Princess 2 – Lola – Anal Virgin Fucked with Head in Box as Training for AVN Debut

Brat Princess 2 – Lola – Anal Virgin Fucked with Head in Box as Training for AVN Debut




The Edging Salon has been outsourced for several slave training rush-jobs before AVNS. This slave’s Mistress signed it up for multiple scenes, and he’s been sent to the Edging Salon to get broken in before his big porn debut. He’s scheduled to work with like twelve different producers. His Mistress is really putting him through the wringer. She wants him to earn as much for her with his body as he possibly can. With this slave’s looks, it’s going to take a lot of hard work and training to make him profitable in hardcore. His cock’s way too small for his Mistress to be able to stud him out as male talent, so he’s going to have to learn how to get fucked like a girl. The slave’s head has been put inside a box, his useless little dick has been locked away in chastity, and his legs have been spread wide apart. It is completely helpless. Lola gets right to work and unceremoniously takes its anal virginity. The slave cries with its head inside the box. The more the slave cries the more air he uses up and the harder Lola fucks him. Lola isn’t sorry for the slave one bit. The slave keeps carrying on, crying out in pain and getting emotional. Nobody cares if the slave pulls itself together or not, losing his anal virginity is just the beginning. They have a lot more training to do with him. He’s going to have to get used to swallowing lots and lots of cum, because the girls in pornos are usually very good cum swallowers. Also, the slave isn’t gay, but he’s going to have to be fully stretched so that he can be ready for scenes with huge gay male studs, if that’s what his Mistress should want for him. Since the slave is so tight and new to anal training, Lola utilizes some of the technology available at the Edging Salon to get him up to speed before the porn convention. She inserts a Bluetooth enabled vibrating placeholder into the slave. The placeholder can be controlled by either the slave’s Mistress or any girl on staff at the Edging Salon. Lola demonstrates the different programs the Bluetooth enabled placeholder offers. The slave will have to wear this placeholder every day leading up to the AVNS, so that they can be sure it’s ready for getting fucked with whatever by whomever. (11:58 long)

Clip contains: Lola, Strap-On, Pegging, Dildo Training, Chastity, Bondage, Anal Fucking, Female Domination, Butt Plug

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: pegging

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House of Sinn – FemDom Christmas Spirit. Starring Mistress Sarah and Miss Tressa

House of Sinn – FemDom Christmas Spirit. Starring Mistress Sarah and Miss Tressa




The beautiful Mistress Sarah is relaxing at home before Christmas when lovely Miss Tressa visits to present Her with a Christmas gift from the las of the House of Sinn – one of their slutty slaves for Mistress Sarah to keep for the next year. As they examine the pitiful wretch Miss Tressa explains that he has been well trained and is to be used in any way Mistress Sarah wishes, to be tortured, humiliated, degraded and beaten in any way that She wishes. He is simply an object to be used for Her convenience and pleasure. They make fun at his tiny dicklet, smaller even than their little fingers, but as Miss Tressa explains because the little piece of grizzle is never used, and never will be, it is totally impotent. As it is Christmas the hapless slave must sing for his Superiors before Miss Tressa hands over the chain of Ownership to Her good friend. This will sure be a difficult year for this slut.

A House of Sinn Christmas production



Keywords: miss tressa, christmas, miss sarah, house of sinn

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Ass To Mouth BBC Loving Slave

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Ass To Mouth BBC Loving Slave




This wanna-be fag whore has to be trained to handle all the big-black-cocks (BBC’s) I plan to throw at him. He has to learn to take a big dick in his ass & to then suck it clean. It’s so degrading cleaning his own ass juice off the cock after it’s been in his ass. I love seeing how low a slave will go for me.

Category: STRAP-ON


Keywords: ass to mouth

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Shoving His Face In It. Starring Goddess Broke

THE MEAN GIRLS – Shoving His Face In It. Starring Goddess Broke




Goddess Broke is a new mean girl at the Manor and is still getting used to the idea of having slaves. I mean from birth she has always been mean and bossy and treated men like the garbage they are. Now she has found the right home for her. Brooke sits on throne and starts her new “job” (being a “Princess”). This is the perfect place for her thought out her life she has always been about treating guys like and they still buy her stuff, etc. The first loser guy she meet automatically becomes her slave and begs to lick here $2000 Louboutins. Of course she is all for the idea and actually forces him to inhale her foot odor to mezmorized him like a love potion. Goddess Broke takes to being a princess with a “hell, YEAH!” attitude and goes off pushing and forcing her foot into the slave face like a natural. this is how losers SHOULD be treated! and Commands the slave to “lick my Louboutins!



Keywords: superior goddess brooke

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Caned by The Queen

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Caned by The Queen


Beside her throne, Cybill Troy’s loyal and devoted pup slave sits at attention, awaiting even a scrap of attention from his beloved Queen.
She smiles; telling him that her affection comes at a very painful price, ordering him to lean over her throne and take every last painful strike of affection from her bamboo canes.
As Mistress Troy mercilessly canes her begging slave’s ass, she explains that in exchange for the honor of serving her, he must give up his flesh and suffering as tribute.
She continues to cane her slave coldly and sadistically, each stroke more unimaginably painful than the last, all the while explaining her philosophy of Female Supremacy and what it means to serve a Mistress of her caliber.

Category: CANING


Keywords: leather, boots, cbt, humbler, caning, canning, canes, spanking, femdom, pantyhose, slave training, pet play, gloves, cybill troy

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Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Boot Bitch On A Chain

Mistress Nikita FemDom Videos – Boot Bitch On A Chain




Look at this little bitch crawling around on all fours hoping beyond all hope I might allow it to lick my gorgeous patent platform boots. It should know by now that it must suffer before I’ll give it permission to get that boot rag of a tongue on my shiny leather. Hooking up those balls that I own to a heavy chain and smacking its ass with my crop is a good start. It’s not really suffering is it when I’m pleased? Of course not. It begs to get punished to kiss my boots!



Keywords: mistress nikita

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – 40 more whiplashes, for My pleasure

Mistress Ezada Sinn – 40 more whiplashes, for My pleasure




My travel slave has just received 100 whip lashes just for My pleasure; he passed the test, even though barely, but his great suffering satisfied Me. So I allow him now to worship Me: to kiss My ass and My feet. he knows he’s only meaning is to please Me. so he has to do his best, to sacrifice in order to show Me his love. Trying to impress Me with his sacrifice (and maybe hoping I’ve had all the pleasure of whipping him for today) he begs Me to give him 20 more whiplashes. Ok, I’m in, and I’ll raise to 40. I’ll be kind to him and I will allow him to embrace My legs and ass while I give him the first 20 whiplashes: 10 on his ass, and 10 on his back. These are the ones he begged for. But now the hard part is coming: 10 more whiplashes on his ass, strong this time, full power. Oh, his twitching and whimpering are such a delight! he must understand that these are the moments that I love him the most, when he accepts things that he hates, just for My pleasure. This is the real submission, to please Me any way I want. Sometimes it might be whipping, sometimes humiliation, sometimes other things that he never wishes for, things that he hates, but that he will beg Me to do to him, because he knows they please Me. Because I am his Goddess, his Mistress, and he is My slave, who’s only purpose in life is to serve, please and worship Me, to make Me happy.
And now the last 10 whiplashes – you can see them and what followed in the clip Milked, whipped and fed his own cum

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: ezada

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DomNation – SADISTICALLY YOURS. Starring Mistress Bettie Bondage

DomNation – SADISTICALLY YOURS. Starring Mistress Bettie Bondage




Mistress Bettie Bondage is at her sadistic best (or worse depending on who’s perspective) in this hard core display of intense bdsm action. Her helpless slave is strapped down on an inescapable bondage bench, as she tears into his soft flesh with a myriad of leather, lucite and hard wood paddles.

Mistress Bettie takes her pain pet to the very brink of his threshold as she punishes him relentlessly and without remorse. A true sadist in every sense of the word, Mistress Revels in her slave’s torment, and smiles from ear to ear while he begs for a reprieve. But there will be none!



Keywords: female domination, whipping, dominatrix, mistress bettie bondage, humiliation, submissive slave training, female superioriy, bondage, femdom, corporal punishment, bdsm, paddles

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