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Young Goddess Kim – Shoe cleaner gimp

Young Goddess Kim – Shoe cleaner gimp



you are just My shoe cleaning object that I keep locked up in My trunk, only opening it when I want My shoes cleaned. This is your only purpose in life, to have your mouth used as My personal shoe wipe. It is an honour for you to be used in this way, to have short glimpses of My glorious legs in sheer pantyhose and feet in My sexy stilettos while I use your tongue to lick My soles clean. you are nothing but My object, I make you suck My long heels and shine My shoes before I go out and lock you back in the trunk. you wait in long suffering for My return. When finally you hear Me walk slowly up to you, and unlock the trunk. Only to use you to lick, suck and polish My shoes again. I make sure you do a proper job, you aim to please your Goddess always.


Keywords: pov, femdom, stilettos, pantyhose

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DomNation – A TESTE_MENT OF ANGUISH. Starring MIstress Diana Knight

DomNation – A TESTE_MENT OF ANGUISH. Starring MIstress Diana Knight




Oh some men were just born to be punished (well actually all men deserve to be punished) and what way to punish them than to use their very man parts against them. I mean a punishment isn’t really much fun it you don’t just dig in and get to the meat of the matter.

The Mistress has her slave in a state of futile helplessness. Naked and stretch wrapped, completely denied the ability to protect himself, she uses his own urges against him and buries his face deep between her legs and lets him stay there languishing b4 releasing him just in time.

Oh but the mistress isn’t done, the very essence of a man is his testicles and no torment could be complete without a total annihilation of a mans balls. She stretches him out his thighs bound, spread unable to recoil into any kind of defensive posture and then she totally takes advantage of his helplessness as she obliterates his disgusting balls.

Keywords: face sitting, ball busting, ball crushing, ball abuse, smothering, humiliation, female domination, female superiority, bdsm, slave training, verbal humiliation, beatdowns, stilettos, torment, ass smothering

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Club Stiletto FemDom – FB – Special Needs Cock Sucker (Forced Bi)

Club Stiletto FemDom – FB – Special Needs Cock Sucker (Forced Bi)




This scene clearly demonstrates that ClubStiletto doesn’t have an ounce of dignity, morality or decency. They thrive on the taboo. The gorgeous Mistresses take a poor retarded special needs person and make him suck another man’s cock while they humiliate him, tease him, scorn him, make fun of him, criticize him and do any other depraved thing they can think of to him for their afternoon entertainment. The unlucky bastard is gagging and coughing as they push his head deeper and deeper on the cock without mercy. In fact, the harder he struggles, the more they enjoy themselves. This scene is destined to be another ClubStiletto Classic. Don’t miss it!

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Category: MAKE ME BI
Keywords: mistress xi, jasmine, mistress t, bijou steal, retard, special needs

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Kiss And Suck My Bunions. Starring Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – Kiss And Suck My Bunions. Starring Skylar




It’s been a long day for Skylar and now she is relaxing with her slave at her feet and she needs him to attend to them as they have covered a lot of ground in her 6″ stilettos. She dangles the shoe and has him sniff between her sole and the shoe. “My feet are so sore, I think I’m starting to develop bunions” she says, then tells him to suck on it as he removes the first show. Over the course of the next few minutes the slave licks her soles, sucks her toes, and licks between them. He also uses his hands to massage her feet. “I think I should really have two slaves here” she says, “after all I do have two feet”. She then pulls her breast from her clothing and says that if she had a third slave she’d make the best one suck on her nipples. “Who wouldn’t want to” she says, then looks at you and says “Wouldn’t you?” She then advises her slave to work hard at her feet and if he does a good job he might be lucky enough to be her tit slave some day. The obedient slave gets lost in the worship of her feet and is a good example of what a true devoted slave looks like. Skylar decides to have a nap and leaves the slave to his task at hand.


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Keywords: stilettos, skylar, feet, foot worship, toes

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Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON’s 60 Stroke Caning and Sjambokking

Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON’s 60 Stroke Caning and Sjambokking




MISTRESS BATON, wearing glossy PVC trousers and lace-up boots, properly thrashes the bottom of a man with a selection of implements: thin and thick tree switches, plastic canes etc.

The hard blows leave beautiful silver stripes against his black skin.

Category: CANING


Keywords: mistress, baton, strafkamer, dominatrix, disciplinarian, stiletto, blonde, black, cane, pvc, latex, bum, bottom, punishment

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum On My Nylon Covered Feet. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum On My Nylon Covered Feet. Starring Princess Lily




Sexy Princess Lily looks down at you and calls you her foot bitch. “Come here” she instructs you. She says you’re disgusting but she’s going to reward you because you worked so hard to please her. “I know you love my dirty shoes; you love all the dirty things I walk in because you’re as disgusting as my dirty shoes are.” She holds up her white six inch stilettos and mentions that she’s been wearing them all day long. She tells you to suck the heel. “When I inspect the bottoms of these shoes they had better be spotless” she warns you.

She says she knows nothing is too disgusting for you. You’ll do anything to please her and you’re nothing more to her than a household cleaning item. She lets a shoe dangle from one foot and tells you to get your nose into the crack between her foot and shoe. “I’ll be ramming this nylon-covered foot into your mouth soon” she tells you. Seeing how excited this gets you, she gives you permission to start stroking your cock. There are some great close up views starting from the floor, then panning up to Lily’s shoes and nylon-covered feet. She tells you to keep stroking and sniffing her feet. “Maybe I’ll let you cum” she ponders. “Maybe I’ll let you cum on my nylons and then make you lick it all up.” She has also decided to video tape the event so she can blackmail you later. “What would your friends think, seeing you eat your own cum off my feet? What would your wife and family think? You’d be forced to live in my basement, and whenever I have parties, you could lick the feet and stilettos for all my girlfriends, too”. She mocks you for having such a little cock but bets you can shoot a big load and gives you a countdown of ten. “Imagine you’re serving me and all my girlfriends as well – ten, nine – I bet you’d like to stick your cock between my feet – eight, seven – remember when you cum you have to do it on my feet – six, five.”. After allowing you to cum, Lily lays back and touches her pussy leaving you to clean up the mess.



Keywords: stilettos, foot worship, feet, nylons, princess lily

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily’s Stiletto, Boot and Foot Bitch. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily’s Stiletto, Boot and Foot Bitch. Starring Princess Lily




Lily enters the room wearing matching white bra, panties and stilettos, and is pleased to find her floor mat right where she left him, wrapped up tightly in a carpet. She just can’t wait to step all over him. “Stupid slave” she says, “you always wanted to be a carpet; well now you really are one.” She climbs on top of him and digs her heels into his pathetic slave-flesh, one after the other, before dismounting and kicking at the carpet until he’s free. She makes him crawl behind her while she walks upstairs to the fireplace. but not before she changes into black military-style boots and matching black lace panties. She struts on the slave’s chest and stomach, then walks down his legs until the pain causes him to shift, nearly throwing her off in the process. Uh oh; someone needs to suffer for that mistake! Lily’s military boots are massive, so what better way to punish the boy than to walk on his legs some more? After all, her boots were made for walking! So she stands on his thighs and shifts around before jumping on and off the poor guy’s chest and stomach… and along the way, you’re treated to some amazing views of Lily’s ass. “I could just use you as a stair master all day” she says to him. She starts jumping on him again, making sure she lands squarely on his ribs each time. Six minutes into the scene, she decides she wants her boots removed so she can switch to barefoot trampling. With better footing, Lily feels free to jump higher and land harder, which results in a great view of her sexy toes and feet. “You’re like a little trampoline” she says, as she continues to jump up and down on his torso. When he grunts too much to suit her, she sticks her entire foot into his mouth to shut him up. She steps down hard on his head before she bounces back onto his chest and announces to the poor boy: “You are in the same place as the dirt below my feet.” But seriously, could there be a better place??



Keywords: feet, boots, trampling, stilettos, princess lily, perky tits

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Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON’s Never Been Caned Series_No 1_Andries. Starring Mistress Baton

Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON’s Never Been Caned Series_No 1_Andries. Starring Mistress Baton




This is the first edition in a delightful new series, that sees vanilla men and women who have never been properly caned – volunteers – brave the caning bench… The plan was to film one a month, but sice announcing the series, a queue of eager bottoms have started signing up! So, you can expect more of these, often!

Mistress Baton delivers the punishment in her customary accurate, perfectly spaced fashion. While wearing a pair of super high stilettos, she and her trusty cane introduce Andries to his own Sweet Spot and she smokes in-between the two sets.

The canee takes his punishment like a man, but as the session proceeds, he finds it increasingly difficult to hide his shock at the ferocity. BUT – and most importantly – he’ll be back for more…

Category: CANING


Keywords: mistress, baton, dominatrix, disciplinarian, strafkamer, blonde, newbie, volunteer, dungeon, corrupt, vanilla, bdsm, cigarette, cruel, domination

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Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON’s Filthy Little Chastity Pig

Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON’s Filthy Little Chastity Pig




A bottom, supposed to be in chastity, lets it slip that he still manages to pleasure himself. Mistress Baton, wearing a pastel latex catsuit, is not impressed and takes him through a humiliating, multi-implement punishment session. It consists of, among others: stiletto trampling, face slapping, paddling, caning, foot torture, hot wax pouring on his penis, strokes with a dragon tongue and some more with the ferocious ochsenziemer.

The filthy little piggy is locked in a cage, like the that he is.


Related Categories: FACE SLAPPING, PADDLING, STILETTOS, LATEX, PET PLAY Keywords: mistress, baton, strafkamer, disciplinarian, dominatrix, latex, stiletto, torture, pig, filthy, ochsenziemer, dragon, tongue, slap, chastity

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Xi’s Humiliated Foot Boy. Starring Miss XI

Club Stiletto FemDom – Xi’s Humiliated Foot Boy. Starring Miss XI




This is the full scene, combining clip 1 and clip 2 below! You can see two previews from this clip by viewing the previews of the clip segments below. Full clip details:

Miss Xi walks in on her obedient slave, who has been kneeling by the bed awaiting her return. She asks if he heard her kicking the other slave’s balls and presents him with her stiletto to caress with his tongue, telling him he must first lick the other slave’s ball sweat from them. “I want these shoes nice and clean because I’ll be wearing them on my date tonight, and you know how my boyfriend loves nice shoes”. She warns that if he doesn’t do a good job she’ll take the dildo she had molded from her lover’s cock and shove it right up his ass. The camera pans over to the dresser to show the giant tool Xi has placed there to make sure the slave remembers how tiny he is in comparison. She makes him suck the six inch heel to demonstrate his sucking abilities for her. She directs him to the other shoe next, and when he’s finished, she orders him to take both shoes off so she can inspect them and decide just what his fate will be. Uh-oh! She notices a streak and crooks her sexy finger, beckoning him closer. She slaps his face and makes him lick the streak away. She teases him mercilessly by wiggling her toes before instructing him to bring his nose up close to sniff the sweat on her feet. She lets him know she was just trampling slave number three in her bare feet and his ball stench should still be quite strong on them. He knows he has no choice but to tell her he enjoys the smell. You get some very sexy upward angles of Xi’s shoes and feet as she gracefully lifts them up and presses them down onto the slave’s head. She wastes no time telling him he’ll be used as a footstool now while she surfs the net and answers her email.

Miss Xi now uses one foot to mash the slave’s head into the ground while she rams the other into his mouth. She slaps his face with one sexy foot and places the other one into his mouth, ordering him to suck her toes. She moves her pretty toes around strategically so he can lick between them, drag his tongue up and down her soles, and take her entire heel into his mouth. She laughs and says, “I want you to lick all the sweat off my feet, and you know it’s not just my sweat but sweat from the balls of the slaves I just finished kicking.” Close up angles give you a clear view of her of her sexy size four feet. You can see that the slave shows a lot of passion while performing his duties because he knows Miss Xi can be brutally cruel if she isn’t satisfied . “It’s kind of like you’re sucking balls while you suck my toes.” She climbs gracefully back onto the bed where the soles of both feet are exposed for your viewing pleasure. “I want to see that tongue all the way out” she tells him, as he resumes his oral servitude. She calls him a pervert and says she notices that he seems to show more enthusiasm when her feet are extra dirty and smelly. She sticks a few toes up his nostrils and tells him she wants the smell embedded in his nose, so he smells her for the rest of the day (and probably all night as well). If you enjoy up close servitude of sexy feet, you will definitely enjoy the camera-work in this clip – you see every wrinkle and crevice in the Goddess’s feet as well as a tongue actively licking between her toes and across the soles of both feet. Surprise, Xi has added a new wrinkle! Her boyfriend will be there shortly and it’s not only her feet that stink but her armpits, too. She sits up on the bed and pulls the slave in close by his collar, making him sniff her armpits and lick them both from top to bottom until she sniffs and decides they no longer stink. Xi looks extremely hot in her red lingerie. She revels in verbally humiliating the slave, making him lick her dirty parts while reminding him there is stink from other slaves on her feet, and he’s licking her clean because there’s a real man on his way over to pleasure her. “I want you to crawl to the closet, pull a pair of my boyfriend’s dirty boxers from the laundry hamper, and stuff them into your mouth until he gets here and we decide what we want to do with you”. As the slave crawls away, Xi lies seductively back on the bed and sighs, “I think he’ll be here real soon”.



Keywords: foot worship, shoe worship, foot licking, foot kicking, asian goddess

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