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Club Stiletto FemDom – Probing The Patient. Starring Nurse Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Probing The Patient. Starring Nurse Jasmine




Nurse Jasmine has her patient in place and she says, “Today I have to exam every orifice on him”. Her methods are a bit unorthodox, as she has him strapped to the table and he has been in chastity for sometime. Unconventional but both are confident that the procedure is required. Turns out the patient has been enslaved because of his excessive masturbation habits. It’s been determined that men with small dicks, under 10 inches, are not to touch them, which means lifetime chastity, and they must also be probed daily in a manner that will insure they come to fully understand that from now on they are not fucking but getting fucked… in every hole.

You get aview of the nurse as she hops up on the slave and you can see she didn’t bother wearing panties. Not very modest but duh she has her tits fully exposed. What did you expect in this kinky clinic? Jasmine’s pussy skims across his locked up cock. So close but so far away. He will never fuck a pussy again, ever. Next she reaches for a large sound and proceeds to ram it into his little head. The fact it slides in so easy is evidence that he has been getting his ‘treatments’ for some time. She reaches down between his legs and slides her rubber covered fingers into his ass and comments how stretched it has become from constant penetration.

She reaches for a speculum dilator and slides it into his ass. It slides in easily as well and she squeezes the handle to open him up and then secures it under the chastity belt so she can move to using a bigger sound on his little dick. “Every hole is going to get stretched”, she says, “even your mouth.” The camera moves up and you can see that a metal device has forced his mouth wide open. She tells him it is being stretched to take her big cock. She then takes it out and sticks a big gag into his mouth. These treatments are designed to send men home to their wives as slaves, fully devoted to her pleasure even if it means watching hung studs visit regularly to sexually pleasure her. Excellent clip if you dream of being bound and probed to mentally and physically mold you into a true slave that has no ego and does only as ordered.



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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Humiliated By Mistress T and Miss Jasmine

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Humiliated By Mistress T and Miss Jasmine




This is a pretty fun & cruel vid. Yes, fun AND cruel. We’re horrible to the slave & we’re horrible to you the viewer but we have a great time, laughing our heads off. We encourage you to smack yourself in the balls for us, we make fun of you. If you like bratty, mean girls, humiliation, being insulted & feet, you might like this. I don’t really care:-) (Click to see more of Miss Jasmine)



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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Ruined orgasm and small penis humiliation, very horny game

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Ruined orgasm and small penis humiliation, very horny game




Lady Victoria Valente: Today I wear again my strap-on rubber cock around bound, my rubber cock is very horny today! I jerk him something and enjoy the feeling horny. At the testicles canvas I have a new slave today. Then I look now times a little more closely and what I see? He has a small penis! I put on my glasses and realize that I have seen really, so I have a slave with little dick in front of me! Den I can just jerk so with 2 fingers! Say with the little thing you can indeed satisfy any woman! I show my slave my mules. Because look, because my stilettos are indeed longer than your little tail! I jerk him with 2 fingers. That excites him very! You are not even be a quick squirts! That would be super embarrassing! He gets some lube on his mini tail, I rub the gel slightly and see there the tail twitches already so hot. He can not hold back his juice and injected between my mules feet in fishnet stockings simply pinched off! Ah, so but also a rapid-injector! I laugh at the slave and watch me on how much sperm he sprayed! Then came indeed quite a lot of sperm from the small penis! Big sperm fountain!!! Femdom, High Heels, big loads, cumshots, Domination, female domination, legs, mules, fishnets, fishnet stockings, female supremacy, small penis humiliation, humiliation, laugh, corset, stilettos, 6 inch stilettos, ruined orgasm – Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! WMV Clip, German language.

Heute trage ich wieder meinen Strap-On Gummischwanz herum gebunden, mein Gummischwanz ist schon den ganzen Tag Dauergeil! Ich wichse ihn mir etwas und geniesse das geile Gefuehl. An der Hodenleine habe ich heute einen neuen Sklaven. Den schaue ich mir jetzt mal etwas genauer an und was sehe ich? Er hat einen Minipimmel! Ich setze meine Brille auf und stelle fest, dass ich schon richtig gesehen habe, ja ich habe einen Sklaven mit Minischwanz vor mir! Den kann ich ja gerade so mit 2 Fingern wichsen! Sag mal mit dem kleinen Ding kannst Du ja keine Frau befriedigen! Ich zeige meinem Sklaven meine Pantoletten. Da schau mal, da sind ja meine Absaetze laenger als Dein kleiner Schwanz! Ich wichse ihn mit 2 Fingern. Das erregt ihn schon sehr! Du wirst doch nicht auch noch ein Schnell Abspritzer sein! Das waere ja super peinlich! Er bekommt etwas Gleitgel auf seine Mini Schwanzspitze, ich verreibe das Gel etwas und siehe da der Schwanz zuckt schon wieder so geil. Er kann seinen Saft nicht mehr zurueck halten und spritzt zwischen meinen Pantolettenfuessen eingeklemmt einfach ab! Ah, also doch auch noch ein Schnellabspritzer! Ich lache den Sklaven aus und schaue mir an wie viel Sperma er abgespritzt hat! Da kam ja ganz schoen viel Sperma aus dem Minipimmel, grosse dicke Spermafontaene! Femdom, High Heels, Domina, female domination, legs, Beine, Pantoletten, mules, fishnets, Netzstruempfe, female supremacy, small penis humiliation, demuetigung, auslachen, Korsett, Strap-On, Stilettos, 6 inch Absaetze, Ruinierter Orgasmus clip. – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! WMV Clip, Deutsche Sprache.

Category: SHOEJOB


Keywords: ruined orgasm, small penis humiliation, femdom, big loads, high heels, corset, mules, fishnets, strap-on, female domination, female supremacy, humiliation, pantoletten, legs, domination

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Club Stiletto FemDom – He’s 10 Inches And you’re Only Two. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – He’s 10 Inches And you’re Only Two. Starring Princess Lily




“Oh hubby, I’m addicted to it, I just love his cock so much”, Princess Lily purrs as this hot POV scene opens, that just fucked look on her face. Her hand runs down to her pussy and she tells you how he fills her up, his cock reaches places yours never could, she tells you. “You’re just to small”, she says to you with disgust. “Why would I even fuck a dick I can’t feel?”, she asks, “It would be pointless really. She tells you how him just sticking his cock in her makes her gasp, let alone him actually fucking her. It’s huge and fills her up. “It’s got to be at least 10 inches”, she says and then holds up two fingers, just slightly apart and says, “and you are what, maybe two inches?” She then says she has some good news for you. Her lover has said he’s okay with you fluffing him and preparing him to fuck her. “Isn’t that exciting, you are going to have to prepare his cock for this sweet pussy. Imagine his big cock gliding inside of me.” She then reminds you how she let you fuck her once, just so you would always remember how it feels and that you will never get it again. She then goes on talking about his big strong arms, his hairy chest, how she loves to run her fingers through it, and that’s why she keeps you fully waxed. “Only real men have body hair”. You are further humiliated when she says that when her boyfriends go to the bar, they talk about you, and laugh at how your own wife won’t fuck you and how she laughs at your little cock. She then notices your little thing is getting hard and rolls her eyes at how pathetic you are and verbally humiliates you further, talking about how she knew right from your first meeting that she would be able to control you and fuck any man she wanted. Laying on her back she calls you in and you now see his cum starting to flow from her pussy. She rubs her fingers into it and tells you to lick the cum off and then to get your tongue in her pussy and to lick up every drop. Dutifully you do as told!



Keywords: cuckolding, cum eating, pov

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Club Stiletto FemDom – This Big Ass of Mine. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – This Big Ass of Mine. Starring Princess Skylar




The scene opens with young pretty and fleshy Princess Skylar talking to you, explaining that a slave must understand he gives up all control to his Mistress. “You even give up the right to breath.”, she says. It’s in her control and you can see by the slave under her ass that she plans to make him kick for air as he is already doing so. To add to his anxiety, she then starts to tickle his stomach which really gets him kicking, likely using his last molecule of air in the process. Skylar looks super sexy in her pink baby doll and you’ll notice the slaves arms are bound behind him to insure he is not going to push her away when in a state of panic. After a full minute she stands up and the slave gasps for air but before he can fill his lungs again, her big beautiful ass has again smothered him into silence. She loves seeing how the tickling makes him kick and continues to do it through the scene. She bounces up and down allowing only a fraction of a second each time to get air before again sitting down. To keep the slave off balance she throws him a curve and after another tickle gives him a nice little swat in the nuts. This slave is very sensitive in this area, not at all into ball busting, so the slaps really make him jump, but with his head cemented under Skylar’s big ass, he’s not going anywhere, lol. After all the tickling and ball slapping she sort of forgets he has to breath and when she does finally get up again, he gasps desperately for air. When she reaches in his shorts and pulls out his cock and balls he seems to relax and maybe thinks he’ll get a hand job… but no… another slap in the balls and he kicks like he’s reaching for the sky. He almost knees Skylar in the face but luckily for him she backs away and saves him the wrath that would surely come from such an occurrence. After more tickling and ball slapping and the odd breath of air she starts to mock him for his little penis saying it’s no bigger than a baybees, or a birds, Eventually Skylar turns around to give you a great view of her backside before again sitting on the slaves head. She almost falls off the facesitting box and says, “We need a bigger seat for this big bum.”, giving it some sexy slaps. Eventually she decides it’s time to sit on the slave until he stops kicking. As he thrashes, she puts her head back and laughs and laughs as the slave goes limp.



Keywords: skylar, sph, face sittiing, small penis humiliation, ass smother, tickling

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Never Been Faithful To You, Ever. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – I’ve Never Been Faithful To You, Ever. Starring Miss Jasmine




Since our wedding night I can tell things didn’t turn out the way you expected. Did you actually expect to get laid ha! Although you are my husband, your duty is to please me sexually but unfortunately you can’t since you are so worthless. I have a whole ton of dildos to train you with, and before you know it you will be taking real cock from my well hung lovers. Prepare yourself for real man cock. Take it in your mouth like the good little bitch that you are and enjoy a lifetime of cuckoldry from your loving wife.

Category: POV STRAP-ON


Keywords: miss jasmine, eurasianpersuasion.com

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Impotent premature ejaculator verbal humiliation. Starring Queen Lissandra

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Impotent premature ejaculator verbal humiliation. Starring Queen Lissandra




Filming with Queen Lissandra the other day, We decided to accept a new filming slave. Just a beginner, he has had his first ever scene just 2 minutes before: a face sitting with only a light touch on the cock. And, to everybody’s surprise and disgust, he started cumming in less than 30 seconds. Of course, My friend Queen Lissandra ruined his orgasm and made him eat his own cum – there was no way he would be allowed to enjoy it; and now We’re gonna laugh at his tiny flaccid cock that came from nothing else but one touch of a Woman’s hand. The pathetic slave is so humiliated by Our giggling and degrading words, that his pitiful dicklet will probably never get hard again, despite Us touching and rubbing it. What a pathetic impotent premature ejaculator!

For more clips with Queen Lissandra, visit My other store: House of Sinn



Keywords: ezada sinn, lissandra

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Big guy small cock humiliation

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Big guy small cock humiliation




This guy has been a fan of Mine for quite some time, he has been watching My clips and dreaming of being at My feet, of serving Me. Now he finally has the chance to do it, he flew all the way from the US for this, the chance to have his dream come true. So in this moment, even just to have knelt in front of Me is enough to make his cock hard. But, when I have him take his boxers off and show Me his cock, I discover that although he is a big guy, looking very strong and manly, his cock is hilariously tiny. I just couldn’t refrain from bursting into laughter when I saw it, so small and pathetic it is. The heels of My leather boots are longer than his cock. Of course he can only be a slave with that thing, I have no other use for men with such small cocks. A collar around his neck will remind him of his place – under My boots, and that he has to worship Me and love everything he receives from Me. Even if it’s just My spit and My snot. Because that’s all he deserves for now, until he learns how to be a good slave for Me.

This clip shows a part of a private session and was filmed with the camera on a tripod.

#1 clip in category “SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION”



Keywords: ezada

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Pindicks Get Spikes. Starring Princess Carmela and Goddess Nikkola

THE MEAN GIRLS – Pindicks Get Spikes. Starring Princess Carmela and Goddess Nikkola




Me and Princess Carmela spend some time talking behind this slaves back about his pathetic pindick before we go over and bust his nuts with our spiked shoes. We come up with a good plan about the right way to teach a little dicked man that he should probably get castrated anyway.

We make him stroke his cock at our feet as he stares at the spiked shoes he is afraid of. We dont even need to kick him hard in this video because is actually so friggin afraid, haha! Oh, as an added tough we ridicule his small cock constantly by comparing it to a monster white dildo in between kicks. Its not long before we end this pencil dick slave with the red stuff coming out on my spiked shoes.

Goddess Nikkole

Categories: Small Penis Humiliation, SPH, Female Domination, Ballbusting, Kicking, Gelding, Extreme Domination.

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: princess carmela, goddess nikkole

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Cuck Dick Comparison

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Cuck Dick Comparison




How do you measure up cuckie? Look down at your dicklet, what have you got to offer compared to this stud’s monster cock? Look at how he fills & stretches me. Look at how excited I get to play with that huge cock.



Keywords: SPH

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