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Mistress Tangent – So Tight is this slave ass Mistress Tangent punishes

Mistress Tangent – So Tight is this slave ass Mistress Tangent punishes




XMAS SPECIAL VALUE – 51 minutes – Mistress Tangent gets Her sissy ready for torture. She inspects his tight ass and makes him do some humiliating walking as She whips him for encouragement. She ties up his clit and pulls it back so he looks more like the woman he wants to be. She loves to punish his clit and his balls seem to be swelling as She spanks him.
CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OUR COMPLETE MOVIESMistress Tangent has Her sissy slaves clit all tied up and She uses the electric paddle on him. She knows he hates the shock and She loves to do it. she alternates with the zapper and a vibrator on his swelling nuts.. She makes sure his clit and balls are secure and puts on a huge strap-on. She bends him over and inspects his ass She is going to fuck.Mistress Tangent probes his ass with Her fingers and loosens his tight hole. Good hard strap-on action as Mistress Tangent fucks Her slave. His ass is immobilized and all he can do is take the huge long cock up to the hilt. She spanks him for a bit and then fucks him some more. More strap-on action as the pegging is intense. His bound balls are swollen and his cock is pulled back by the bondage this professional Dominatrix has inflicted on his private parts. She pulls out several times to finger his ass pussy and torture his balls.This slut is going the distance as he is fucked harder and deeper than ever before. She uses the electric zapper right on the back of his balls which have turned a deep shade of purple from the ball bondage. She finally allows his clit some relief as She pulls his cock back and applies the vibrator right to the back of the head causing him to squirt a massive load onto a clear plate. Now it is time for him to lick it up.


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Subby Hubby – Cuckolding The Perverted Stepfather MiniMovie. Starring Cameron Canada

Subby Hubby – Cuckolding The Perverted Stepfather MiniMovie. Starring Cameron Canada




Cameron is a super hot woman with a problem – her stepfather is totally perving out on her, watching her all the time, especially when she is with her boyfriend. When she actually catches him jacking off to her, Cameron confronts him and tells him that if he doesn’t do exactly what she wants, she is going to tell her mother, who will kick the perverted stepdad to the curb. Cameron knows she has the upper hand, so she slaps her new bitch in the face again and again, then puts him in a scissor just to hurt him. But what Cameron really wants to do is have fun with his perversions. Little does stepdad know that Cameron is actually a Dominatrix and that her “boyfriend” is actually a sissy bitch in training, and now stepdad will be too! Cameron puts her stepdad to work cleaning her ass with his tongue while the lowly sissy boyfriend has to worship her feet. Cameron then puts the bitches to work cleaning the house until she gets back from partying. Unable to find the stud cock she wanted, Cameron decides to fuck her stepdad instead – all while making her “boyfriend” watch and clean up after them. Cameron just laughs as her sissy bitch boyfriend has to clean up the huge cum load off her pussy and the stepdad’s cock. Since he seems so revolted by cleaning the stepdad’s cock, Cameron orders her sissy boyfriend to make love to it with his tongue, sucking the cock and licking the balls until stepdad blows another load of cum, this time all over the boyfriend’s face! Cameron realizes the boyfriend needs more sissy training, so it is back to walking in heels and learning to show off his body like a proper sissy slut. Cameron plans on whoring both of these bitches out and wants to make sure they can really take cock in their ass, so she orders both of them to fuck themselves in the ass with a dildo while she watches, masturbating to their humiliation. But these bitches can’t even fuck themselves right, so Cameron has to take over and fuck each of them herself. She truly enjoys turning the men in her life into pathetic little bitches. Now she won’t have to worry about her stepdad perving out on her anymore. Cameron has her stepfather and her boyfriend both kneel before her, naked and in chastity, so she can gloat about her power over them. Cameron orders her stepdad to lick her ass while her boyfriend worships her feet. As her slaves do her bidding, Cameron humiliates and degrades them both, laughing at how pathetic they are. She leaves them to do her housework while she goes off to find a real man to fuck. Cameron returns from partying and is upset to see that her stepfather has performed his housework duties poorly. She wonders why her mother even keeps him around; maybe he is a good fuck? Cameron decides to find out for herself, telling her stepdad to fuck her – and her boyfriend to lick his feet! The cuck boyfriend is disgusted, but obeys Cameron’s orders. Cameron really gets into fucking her stepdad, making him perform from several different positions, all while making her bitch of a boyfriend first clean their feet, then lick his cock and balls and her pussy while they fuck. After her stepdad blows a huge load all over her pussy, Cameron orders her cuck boyfriend to lick the cum off of the stepdad’s dick, then off of her pussy. Cameron asks her cuck bitch boyfriend if he would like to taste her pussy; of course he says yes. But Cameron has a surprise for him; he has to taste it off of her stepfather’s dick! She just loves humiliating the bitch, ramming his face down on the cock again and again. Cameron grabs her bitch of a stepfather and orders him to blow a big load all over her boyfriend’s face. Cameron laughs hysterically at all the cum on his face, then orders him to eat it just for her amusement. Cameron tells her boyfriend that, since she has trained him to suck cock, he is now nothing but a sissy bitch and needs to learn how to look and act like one. Cameron applies some makeup to her sissy, then orders him to show her how sexy he can walk. After a few tries, he does it to her satisfaction, then has to demonstrate his humping skills. Cameron just laughs at what a bitch she has turned her boyfriend into. Cameron plans to whore both of her bitches out and wants to make sure they can take cock properly so she orders them to fuck themselves in their own asses with a dildo while she supervises. As her bitches shove dildos in and out of their asses, Cameron masturbates her pussy, excited to see what levels of humiliation her men are willing to take for her. Cameron decides that the bitches are not fucking themselves well enough so she decides to take over, bending her bitches over and ramming the dildos up their asses. But their training is not over, as Cameron orders each of them to clean up their ass juices off their dildos – after all, a whore should never leave a customer’s cock dirty.

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Merciless Dominas – Wannabe Sissy Spanked and Humiliated. Starring Miss L

Merciless Dominas – Wannabe Sissy Spanked and Humiliated. Starring Miss L




Wannabesubmale is really a sissy inside, or just a wannabe version? It is hard to tell but in this scene he is for sure Miss Ls sissy bitch. Miss L said she wanted to spank a sissy maid and pointed her fingers at Wannabesubmale and ordered her slave in some female underwear. What Miss L wants Miss L will get just watch! Sissy humiliation the Miss L way!

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Big Kinky Ass Fuck

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Big Kinky Ass Fuck




Watch this bound sissy slut take my big black cock.

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Notorious Femdom by Lady Toro – Slutty Crossdressing Sissy Gets Strapon Fucked by Horny Mistress. Starring Mistress Toro

Notorious Femdom by Lady Toro – Slutty Crossdressing Sissy Gets Strapon Fucked by Horny Mistress. Starring Mistress Toro




After being dressed up like some cheap hooker, the sissy awaits their fate. In walks in Mistress Toro with her long strapon, hungry for some crossdressed pussy. She walks over to the sissy and reaches inside her, feeling her way with her fingers. After shes stretches the sissy out a bit, she pushes her long dick deep into the sissy’s ass pussy, and fucks her relentlessly. The sissy moans and groans in between thrusts, all while Mistress Toro verbally humiliates her in her sensual and sexual voice. Mistress Toro then takes the dick with her hands and fucks the sissy even harder, making the bitch moan and cry even louder.



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UK BLACK MISTRESSES – Susie the Slut. Starring Madame Caramel and Mistress Kiana

UK BLACK MISTRESSES – Susie the Slut. Starring Madame Caramel and Mistress Kiana




I offered my susie slut to Mistress Kiana and we decided to use her together . Mistress Kiana wanted to test if susie was really a well trained slut. Deep down she knew and susie did not dissapoint me. She fucked senseless , used , stretched , fucked , gagged and much more.

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FEMINIZED – Punished Rubber Maid. Starring Miss Kendall Karson

FEMINIZED – Punished Rubber Maid. Starring Miss Kendall Karson




Miss Kendall Karson expects her sissy rubber maid to pay attention to every detail when cleaning her home. Kendall is entertaining her friends and the house is in no order for guests. Kendall shows her rubber sissy that she means business with her giant red strap-on cock. Kendall shows sissy who wears the cock in the relationship by stretching his tight ass. Kendall further displays her power by making rubber sissy lick the floor clean while she continues to fuck his ass, Kendall’s for of “multi tasking”



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Gag Me With A Foot. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Gag Me With A Foot. Starring Princess Carmela




Like for sure, some slaves need a lot of training. This lazy valley boy has his very first slave tryout at the Mean Girl Manor today. Its totally time to test out his foot worshipping skills. The Superior feet of a GODDESS like me need to be treated like royalty at all times. I just hope this uncouth ruffian can handle it. At first hes so nervous and excited to lick, kiss, and worship my perfect feet he forgets to ask permission to take shoes off my feet! Big mistake. Other than that everything is going smoothly at first but soon he begins to choke andgag on my feet, like he’s going to hurl or something, Eww! I let him know that I will so whip the fuck out of this loser if he even blows like even one chunk near me, gross! Omg what an idiot, what kind of loser can’t even handle putting a girls foot in his mouth. I should make him jerk his weenie using his for lube if he ever does it again, God some people, AS IF!

Princess Carmela



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Goddess Cheyenne – Bound Spanked Sissy

Goddess Cheyenne – Bound Spanked Sissy




A day in the life of My real Time sissy maid slave charlie horse. Do you fantasize about transforming your life and your appearance? Hard work and discipline are required. The days documentation begins with “Sissified Life” . In this segment My sissy is literally Tied to her work as I administer a good spanking with the dustpan and by hand,as she is bound with rope to the broom. Why waste a pair of rosy cheeks…I wouldn’t ! The fun continues when I give her additional “motivation” in the next scene “sissy Fuck”.

This Clip Contains: Sissy Training, sissy sluts, spanking, rope bondage, bondage, corporal punishment, spanking by hand, spanking by dustpan, Real Time D/s relationship



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Goddess Cheyenne – Choke or Suck

Goddess Cheyenne – Choke or Suck




The Title of this clip says it All and there are plenty of both choking and sucking with gagging and drooling in between forced deep throat. My Vampire Cock Dominates this sissy slut. There is no choice but to obey . The head is bound by the hood up and down leaving nowhere to run with the hands and waist bound to the tie down board as well as the feet bound coming and going to immobilize the cock sucker ! I pound My pale Vampire Strap On again and again down the sluts throat! Let this be a lesson to you voyeurs watching the display …. keep begging for it and you will be next to become addicted to the erotic humiliation of forced cock sucking !

This Clip Contains : Vampire, Strap On, Deep Throat, slut Training, sissy Training

Choke or Suck MOV Choke or Suck MP4 Choke or Suck M4V

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