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Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2. Starring Domina Kate

Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2. Starring Domina Kate




It only takes one lesson for WARDEN KATE to make it clear SHE means business. Nobody’s ever gonna call THIS DISCIPLINARIAN WAITY KATIE! Finding the methods of gentle persuasion rather boring, SHE replaces HER gentle SLAVE paddle with a more cuddly cat-o-nine tails. “Why, look here, this appears 2 be my handwriting,” SHE purrs proudly, clawing the pink and purple welts on his bright red ass, which is soon every bit as swollen as a baboon’s in heat,”and we have only just begun, my Sweet. We really ought to run you through the whole programme, don’t u think?” Roughly translated, that means, ‘Time to amuse myself with some serious caning.’ “These`re my two very best friends in the whole wide world,” crows K-K-K-KIND KATIE and SHE ain’t just a k-k-k-kiddin’. With a cane in each hand, everybody’s favourite PUNISHMENT PRINCESS really gets the air to whistling. With the friendly help of HER beloved percussion instruments, will SHE be able to wring an admission of guilt out of the still unrepentant exhibitionist? One thing’s for certain: a regimen of this five times daily will soon have his mama wondering why he prefers to eat his dinner standing up.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Domina Kate, Kates-Palace, CBT, Spanking, Femdom Spanking, Spanking F/M, Spank, Smoking, Smoke, Cigarette, Bondage Male, Bondage, Hard, Brutal, Caning, Cane, Canes, Canning, Shoe Fetish, Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Smoking Lady and the High Heels licker

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Smoking Lady and the High Heels licker




Lady Victoria Valente: Splitscreen Clip: In elegant outfit I relax and smoke a cigarette. Smoking Mistress! My Heelslicker is to me in the time the soles of my mules polish. Of course with his tongue! He should also put my heels deep in the mouth and clean! My Heelslicker is quite excited and shinier like an . He smacks on my soles and gets more and more horny. In between I pinch his cock between my mules, heelsjob. Then continue to polish the soles! Important tasks for my heelslecker down there under my soles! Cigarette, smoking, femdom, female domination, fetish, high heels, leather skirt, hat lady, smoke fetish, brunette, long leather gloves, legs, mules, humiliation, female supremacy- Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! HD Quality WMV Clip, German language.

Splitscreen Clip: Im eleganten Outfit entspanne ich mich und rauche eine Zigarette. Smoking Mistress! Mein Heelslecker soll mir in der Zeit Sohlen meiner Pantoletten polieren. Natuerlich mit seiner Zunge! Auch meine Absaetze soll er sich tief in den Mund stecken und saeubern! Mein Heelslecker ist ganz aufgeregt und haechelt wie ein Tier. Er schmatzt an meinen Sohlen und wird immer geiler. Zwischendurch klemme ich seinen Schwanz zwischen meine Pantoletten, Heelsjob. Dann wird weiter an den Sohlen poliert! Wichtige Aufgaben fuer meinen Heelslecker da unten unter meinen Sohlen! Zigarette, rauchen, femdom, female domination, fetish, high heels, leather skirt, Hut Lady, Rauch Fetisch, brunette, lange Lederhandschuhe, Beine, Pantoletten, humiliation, female supremacy – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! HD Qualität WMV Clip, Deutsche Sprache.

Category: HIGH HEELS


Keywords: high heels, smoking, cigarette, femdom, shoe worship, shoe fetish, shoejob, brunette, heelslicker, mules, legs, leather skirt, long leather gloves, pantoletten, female domination

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FemDomFilms – Rubette’s Punishment Caning. Starring Miss Velour

FemDomFilms – Rubette’s Punishment Caning. Starring Miss Velour




Miss Velour has bent Rubette over the chair, ass up in the air, cock weights dangling down between the slut’s legs. Mistress brings her whippy cane whistling down full force on Rubette’s bare butt. No one can be strong when faced with a bare ass caning from Miss Velour. “Hold the position for the final one Rubette and then kiss my feet. One more or was I miscounting?” “Whatever you say Mistress”. “OK one more – ten. Rubette kisses Miss Velour’s shoes in a fever of submissive abasement while she jabs his bruises with her long stiletto heels. “Enough now” the cane whistles down on his ass. Kneel and wait for me. You didn’t have an enema today did you Rubette?” “No Mistress”.

Category: CANING


Keywords: miss velour, female domination, bdsm, caning, shoe worship, cock rings, cock weights, bdsm, cbt

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Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Stupid Worships 19 Year Old Brats Sneakers and Feet before Shopping (Complete)

Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Stupid Worships 19 Year Old Brats Sneakers and Feet before Shopping (Complete)




In her bedroom, 19-year-old Brat Princess Natalya makes a middle-aged loser lick her filthy sneakers. The pretty young girl can convince the much older idiot to do almost anything for her amusement. Natalya humiliates and talks down to the loser as he licks the dirt from her high-tops. She marvels at how she can have such complete control over someone much older. Natalya even uses the idiot as her full-toilet. She reminds her loser that when he is done cleaning her sneakers with his tongue, she will pee in his mouth. Natalya takes off her shoes and makes the idiot smell her stinky socks. She stuffs the sweaty sock into the loser’s mouth with her toes. Christmas is approaching, and Natalya starts to list off items she wants. She expects to be spoiled all the time, but she wants extra shopping around the holidays. To make the loser more eager to please her, Natalya decides to increase the amount of time he spends in chastity for her. The loser knows better than to make a fuss. He obediently worships the 19-year-old’s feet. When she’s finished, Natalya kicks the loser. She tells him to lay on the ground and get ready to drink her pee. (13:57 long)

Clip Contains: Brat Girls, 18 & 19 Years-Old, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Shoe Worship, Sneakers, Sweaty Socks, Knee-Socks, Toilet Slavery, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Chastity

Category: BRAT GIRLS


Keywords: female domination

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Femme Fatale Films – Tiny Little Prick – Part 1. Starring Lady Renee

Femme Fatale Films – Tiny Little Prick – Part 1. Starring Lady Renee




Dommes Lady Renee has nothing but scorn for her dicklet slave, ripping him apart with her verbal barrage, ridiculing his pathetic little prick, telling him just how useless it and he is. She does however find some amusement in plunging the sky-scraper heels from her stiletto shoes, right down the inside of his pricklet. She makes him masturbate with the heel deep inside him and finally ends up strapping his prick to the heel of her shoe, making sure he goes nowhere without the heel attached to his cock!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Mistress Lady Renee, Redhead, FemmeFataleFilms, High Heels, Mistress, Renee, Shoeslicking, Heels Worship, Shoe Worship, Shoe Fetish

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Brat Princess 2 – Chloe Lizzy and Natalya – Third Wheel Punished for Stealing from Roommates Complete

Brat Princess 2 – Chloe Lizzy and Natalya – Third Wheel Punished for Stealing from Roommates Complete




Chloe and Natalya are not very nice to their roommate, Lizzy. The two have tricked Lizzy, who is poorer than they are, into paying two thirds of the rent. Lizzy is a third wheel. The other girls do not like her very much, but they keep her around because she is gullible. But recently, Chloe and Natalya have noticed some small items missing, and they blame Lizzy for the theft. They call Lizzy into the room. Natalya orders Lizzy to strip. Lizzy finds the request odd, but she doesn’t want to make her living situation any worse than it already is. She takes off her clothes and stands before her roommates in her underwear, so that they can see that she isn’t hiding anything. Chloe and Natalya aren’t satisfied. They are convinced that Lizzy is stashing their stuff somewhere. Natalya says a lot of mean things to Lizzy to break her down. Everybody knows that Lizzy’s desire for attention means he isn’t choosy with boys. Everyone knows she’s a whore. Natalya humiliates Lizzy by making ‘the wore’ lick her shoes. Lizzy is a pushover and never puts up a fight. She gets on her knees and starts licking both girls’ dirty shoes. If Lizzy doesn’t go along with what the popular girls want, they will kick her out of the house. Lizzy is very afraid of her roommates. They make her take off their shoes and worship their feet, next. Lizzy is getting used to the mistreatment, but doesn’t know how to get herself out of the bad situation. She licks and sucks her cruel roommates’ feet while they belittle and abuse her. They are very rough with the little whore’s mouth. Chloe and Natalya pull Lizzy’s hair. They gag her with their toes. Lizzy starts to complain that she hasn’t done anything wrong to deserve the cruel treatment. Chloe and Natalya yell her for being a whiner. They remind her that nobody cares about her stupid feelings and fuck her mouth harder. Lizzy is basically invisible in the world. When the hot girls are done abusing her, they send Lizzy away to go finish cleaning the bathroom. When Lizzy is out of the room, Natalya finds the brand name eyeshadow that she thought Lizzy had taken. The whole time, little Lizzy was telling her roommates the truth. Chloe and Natalya have no regrets about punishing the stupid whore for a crime she never committed. (13:22 long)

Clip Contains: Chloe, Lizzy Lamb, Natalya, Lesbian Domination, Forced Stripping, Humiliation, Shoe Worship, Foot Worship, Financial Domination, Foot Gagging



Keywords: forced stripping

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Spittting Bitches – Licking Spittle. Starring Anna B and Mia B

Spittting Bitches – Licking Spittle. Starring Anna B and Mia B




Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Spitttingbitches, Anna B, Mia B, Dual Domination, Shoe Fetish, Shoeslicking, Shoe Worship, Double Domination

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THE MEAN GIRLS – 1000 Mile Goddess. Starring Goddess Suvana

THE MEAN GIRLS – 1000 Mile Goddess. Starring Goddess Suvana




A loser that has watched Goddess Suvana’s clips has travelled 1000 miles to Mean Girl manor just to throw himself at her feet in worship of her beauty and tell her how AMAZINGLY beautiful she is…

But she already KNOWS how beautiful she is- and she is the ULTIMATE “Brat Goddess”. So she proceeds to berate the loser, talk down to him, and pick him apart for being the worthless, groveling creature that he is. He cowers at her feet and they BOTH know that she is completely superior to him. But no matter how MEAN she is to him…he STILL worships her! She spits on him, slaps him across the face- nothing fazes him. He is in awe of her beauty and there is nothing that can be done. He will be a helpless slave to her for the rest of his pathetic life.



Keywords: shoe worship, humiliation

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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – We are the bosses. Starring Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – We are the bosses. Starring Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente




Divine Mistress Heather and Lady Victoria Valente: Today I will show you a clip with Divine Mistress Heather: Full clip: Boss game! Divine Mistress Heather and I we are the Boss in a big company! A new employee has applied, we receive him for a job interview. We look at him for the first time. Then he is to take off his shirt, which makes him hesitant. We show him our long elegant legs in high heeled shoes. Challenge him to kiss the high heels. He refuses, so we help. Step by step, he should move out and we check whether he is suitable as a footsklave. After initial confusion, our candidate is busy with the matter. He wants the new job absolutely! The applicant is used as a shoe sole licker. We should also spoil our nylon feet. Then he is finally to take off his panties, we want to see exactly who is applying for a job there. He is ashamed because he has to present himself completely naked before us. Since he is covered his cock with the hand, we are curious! Let is take a look! Our employee has to lie directly in front of us on the ground and show us his cock. With a magnifying glass, Mistress Heather tails the cock exactly. We are determined that our new employee has a mini penis. We get our comparison models and look at the penis sizes exactly. The cock is measured. Then I show Mistress Heather my new toy. A penis pump! Perhaps with this the mini-cock has been enlarged? Now the cock is enlarged with the penis pump! Slowly he is pulled further and further into the pipe. The cock is getting bigger! Again and again the process is repeated. And to the further humiliation he must also smell in the shoe of Mistress Heather! Then we measure the result. Has the cock got bigger? Keywords: humiliation, boss and employee, roleplaying, foot slave training, shoelicker, shoe smelling, shoeworship, foot smelling, foot humiliation, foot worship, double domination, penis pump, small penis humiliation, big dildos, big toys, slave training, long legs, high heels, nylons, pantyhose / ff stockings , blond, femdom, female domination, brunette, close-ups – Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! MP4 Clip, English language.

Heute zeige ich Euch einen Clip mit Divine Mistress Heather: Ganzer Film: Boss game! Divine Mistress Heather und ich wir sind Chefinnen einen großen Firma! Es hat sich ein neuer Mitarbeiter beworben, wir empfangen ihn zum Bewerbungsgespräch. Wir schauen ihn uns erst mal an. Dann soll er sein Hemd ausziehen, was er zögerlich macht. Wir zeigen ihm unsere langen eleganten Beine in hohen Stoeckelschuhen. Fordern ihn auf High Heels zu küssen. Er weigert sich, also helfen wir nach. Schritt für Schritt soll er sich weiter ausziehen und wir prüfen ob er als Fußsklave tauglich ist. Nach anfänglicher Verwirrung ist unser Bewerber eifrig bei der Sache. Er möchte den neuen Job unbedingt haben! Der Bewerber wird als Schuhsohlenlecker benutzt. Auch unsere Nylonfüsse soll er uns verwöhnen. Dann soll er auch endlich seinen Slip ausziehen, wir wollen schon genau sehen wer sich da um eine Stelle bewirbt. Er schämt sich weil er sich ganz nackt vor uns präsentieren muß. Da er seinen Schwanz mit der Hand bedeckt werden wir neugierig! Das schauen wir uns jetzt mal ganz genau an! Unser Mitarbeiter muß sich direkt vor uns auf den Boden legen und uns seinen Schwanz zeigen. Mit einer Lupe schaut sich Mistress Heather den Schwanz genau an. Wir stellen fest, dass unser neuer Mitarbeiter einen Minischwanz hat. Wir holen unsere Vergleichsmodelle und schauen uns Penisgrößen genau an. Der Schwanz wird vermessen. Dann zeige ich Mistress Heather mein neues Spielzeug. Eine Penispumpe! Vielleicht kann mit dieser der Minischwanz vergrößert werden? Jetzt wird der Schwanz vergrößert mit der Penispumpe! Langsam wird er immer weiter in das Rohr gezogen. Der Schwanz wird immer größer! Immer wieder wird der Vorgang wiederholt. Und zur weiteren Demütigung muß er dabei auch noch in den Schuh von Mistress Heather riechen! Dann messen wir das Ergebnis. Ist der Schwanz größer geworden? Keywords: Humiliation, boss and employee, role play, foot slave training, shoe licker, shoe smelling, shoe worship, foot smelling, foot humiliation, foot worship, small penis humiliation, big dildos, big toys, penis pump, double domination, slave training, long legs, high heels, nylons, pantyhose/stockings, blond, femdom, female domination, brunette, close-ups – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! MP4 Clip, Englische Sprache.



Keywords: boss / employee, double domination, divine mistress heather, shoe worship, high heels, shoe smelling, foot worship, humiliation, penis pump, big dildos, small penis humiliation, garter and stockings, long legs, satin outfit, long legs

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Amadahy – Disobedient Shoe Cleaner Punished with Chastity (Complete 1080 HD)

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Amadahy – Disobedient Shoe Cleaner Punished with Chastity (Complete 1080 HD)




Alexa and Amadahy make small talk about the cows at the milking warehouse while a slave worships their shoes. It’s funny how the cows have all their little quirks. They all have different ways of responding to the long edging sessions they are put through daily. Some scream, some cry, some beg. It’s very funny and a source of conversational amusement to the girls after a day of teasing. After a shift, the teasers love to come home and unwind with some relaxing shoe worship. The cows are all nestled into their cages for the night, relieved by the brief reprieve from edging, but saddened that their Princesses have abandoned them. Sometimes on a quiet night, you can hear them mooing in sorrow. Even from a distance. The girls love to hear the distant sorrowful mooing, but tonight they want to make some noise of their own. The Princesses plan a rowdy outing for themselves, at slaves’ expense, of course. They plan to have some bottles and VIP service at a new club that has just opened. They plot which toilet slaves they will bring along from the stables to use. Amadahy pumps her high heel into the slave’s mouth as she plans out ways to publicly humiliate the slaves she will allow the privilege of accompanying her to the club. The girls both want their shoes to be very clean before they go out. While Alexa is getting her shoes worshipped, she and Amadahy notice that the perverted slave has been looking up her skirt. The girls are outraged. It’s even more outrageous that their shoe cleaner has developed a conspicuous erection. It’s clear that he needs to be immediately locked into chastity. The Princesses fit the disobedient shoe cleaner into a tight device and close the lock. Amadahy punishes the perverted slave by making him kiss her beautiful ass while wearing the newly fitted chastity. As the slave swells in the tiny device, he begins to understand the severity of his mistake. Amadahy will never let him out. His life will be nothing but constant tease and denial. That’s what he gets for being a pervert. The slave must kiss Alexa’s butt next. He must confront the object of his desires and learn that it’s something that hurts to want. The slave kisses Alexa’s ass as his chastity becomes more and more uncomfortable. The girls take turns making the slave look up their skirts. Looking up skirts is much less pleasurable while forced into chastity. In fact, it’s now a punishment. The Princesses get more aggressive with having their shoes worshiped. Amadahy forces her shoe deep into the slave’s throat. They make marks on the slave’s chest with their high heels. The slave regrets his bad behavior. The Princesses remind him that he is lucky to have their attention at all. (26:37 long)

Production Note: Complete version of this clip DOES NOT contain the Epilogue: Domestic in Chastity Cleans Floors. The Epilogue is sold separately.

Clip Contains: Alexa, Amadahy, Shoe Worship, Female Domination, Chastity, Ass Kissing, Brat Girls, Upskirt



Keywords: shoe & boot worship

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