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Sarah Diavola – The Brat Princess – Boot Queen

Sarah Diavola – The Brat Princess – Boot Queen




I am the Queen of all boot licking bitches. It is time again to remind you of all the ways you are one, and how My holy boots should be worshiped and sung praises to every single day and night. Bow down. It would be dishonorable to raise your nose above the level of even My filthiest heels. The boots that kick your ass and slam you in the balls and enter your mouth like a cock. you need to know exactly how this whole thing goes: Get on your knees and lick My boots. Be mesmerized by My powerful beauty and compelling strength. I want you to constantly remember who is in charge, who is the Alpha, who is God. Even the shoes on My feet are worth more than you; you are simply a little provider. And just like any provider, you can be replaced in an instant, at the snap of My manicured fingers…and eventually you will run out of usefulness. Beg for mercy, but I only have so much. It would devastate you to lose the opportunity, the honor of being My boot licking bitch. The bottoms, where I step on garbage, you will clean. The heels, sharp and phallic, you will suck. I bless you with this degradation. These boots own you, and I own everything. If you manage to pick up morsels and crumbs from beneath My feet, you will raise your hands in gratitude and celebration. I make evil beautiful; I make sadism sexy; I make being a Bitch gorgeous….and you love to serve Me. My boots and I will get whatever We want. I am bigger than god and I am meaner than the devil. It’s Me you should truly fear. Choose wisely: the damnation of dismissal, or eternal slavery in ecstasy.



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She Owns Your Manhood – GoGo Girls VS Batman. Starring Sarah Diavola and Ariel Kay




The Infamous GoGo Girls (Sarah Diavola and Ariel Kay) are taking the seedy underbelly of Gotham by storm with their seductive dance move powers. They’ve already captured Robin. Batman has tracked them down to their evil underground lair. They are wearing fishnets and sexy GoGo dancer outfits and dancing with each other when Batman sneaks in. He demands that they tell him where Robin is, but they just giggle and dance over to him. He tries to resist their seductive moves, but quickly they have him pinned and are giving him a lap dance. Batman begins to feel on their sexy bodies while they dance and grind on him. They laugh, knowing they have full control of him. He pushes them away for a second, but even the strong will of the Dark Night is no match for them. He begins to dance with them as they grind on him. Ariel pulls out his dick and strokes it while they shake their asses. It’s hopeless now. Batman will do whatever they say. Sarah tells him their evil plan as she picks up a mysterious box. “This is a cock sucking machine. We’re gonna plug your dick in, dance around you, and make you cum over and over until you’re completely drained and worthless. [giggle]” “It’s gonna feel great at first, but after you cum a few times, it’s gonna hurt a lot. But we’re gonna just keep on dancing until we take over the whole world!” They strap his hard dick into the lubed up cock sucking/stroking machine and continue to dance and tease on him as he tries desperately not to cum. As soon as he does, the torment starts with the eternal stroking and sucking. He quickly blows his load with them rubbing their sexy bodies on him. “That’s the first one!” They giggle and dance and talk about selling his cum. Ariel cranks the machine up to high speed and makes him moan and cum again and again and again. “Awe Batman, I get you’re getting really sore by now!”




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Sarah Diavola – The Brat Princess – How to Break a Man




Mistress Nikki Whiplash demonstrates some fantastic self defences techniques in this vid. She shows that just because I man is usually stronger than a women it’s still easy to “break him” if you know where is vulnerable places are.


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Lady Fyre Femdom – Facesitting & Ass Smothering the Cheater Starring Lady Fyre, Sarah Diavola, Jason Ninja

Lady Fyre Femdom - Facesitting & Ass Smothering the Cheater. Starring Lady Fyre, Sarah Diavola, Jason Ninja.mp4.0011

Lady Fyre Femdom - Facesitting & Ass Smothering the Cheater. Starring Lady Fyre, Sarah Diavola, Jason Ninja.mp4.0019

Lady Fyre Femdom - Facesitting & Ass Smothering the Cheater. Starring Lady Fyre, Sarah Diavola, Jason Ninja.mp4.0031

Featuring: Sarah Diavola & Jason NinjaLady Fyre is an executrix who specialized in carrying out hits on cheating men. Sarah Diavola suspects her boyfriend, Jason Ninja, is cheating on her, and hires Lady Fyre to go on a date with him. Sarah is hiding in the bedroom when Fyre brings Jason home after their date. It’s clear that Jason thinks he’s getting lucky tonight. Sarah overhears the conversation & emerges from the bedroom just in time. The muscle relaxer slipped into Jason’s drink earlier in the night begins to take effect, but Fyre explains that she must smother him to finish the job. Fyre starts the facesitting, getting in some abuse– bouncing her ass up & down on the cheater’s face. Then Sarah takes over, smothering him with her full, round ass while Fyre stomps on his cock & balls and grinds her high heel in for good measure. Sarah facesits & ass smothers her cheating boyfriend until he stops breathing. Fyre is so impressed with Sarah’s skills that she asks her to join her executrix team. Lady Fyre 6:39

Includes: Ass Smothering, CBT, Double Domination, Executrix, Face Sitting


Keywords: Lady Fyre, Lady Fyre, Ass Smothering, Ball Abuse, Cock Stomping, Executrix, Femdom, Female Domination, Redhead, Brunette, Jason Ninja, Sarah Diavola

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