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Reality Girls Scissors – Headscissors by Scarlet Vice

Reality Girls Scissors – Headscissors by Scarlet Vice




The great and powerful Scarlet Vice wears sheer workout shorts that show off her ass and quads exploding on Thin Man’s neck. Scarlet Vice has one of the more dangerous straight headscissors anywhere and proves it here as he is in bad shape after she dominated action with the hold. She leaps on his back and pulls him down with the power of a rear naked choke. Scarlet is sweet but he talks to her, for a second, as an equal and gets told by the free-minded, honest 18-year-old what she thinks of their equality. We sure love her. A throatscissors, Scarlet’s long soccer quads flex around his neck. Her 18-year-old legs don’t need much re-adjusting. She knows she has him — and then she has him in the Top 10 of the hottest holds we’ve ever seen applied — the reverse throatscissors, which she puts on this wimp here, so swallowing his neck that there is, thankfully, more of her glutes and legs than his pea-sized head getting swallowed by them. She just keeps pouring the hold back on, her ass and quads tightening around his throat like — as Mikaela would say — “anacondas”. She challenges him to just tap five times in three minutes; but it’s all he can do not to tap just from the steel adductor on his windpipe. She counts; but she could tap him out 100 times in three minutes. She’s enjoying her total control over everything he has: breath, life, dignity. She straight chokes him, pins him with her knee and the body weight behind it. She drops her infamous knee on his throat. Everything she does is to inflict great pain. She makes him pick a hold and gets irritated when he won’t. She picks it after he yammers on, being himself — it’s a rear naked choke in which she challenges him to “pry my arms off, try.” HOM with headscissors — the cruel superstar controls human beings so easily. Another knee to the back — a foot pressed on the back of the throat. A throatstand. Everything she does is addicting. She puts the weight of her knee on the back of his neck in a police takedown and her calf flexes. Another side head scissors. “Get out, I dare you,” she tells him. More and more headscissors make him scream and tap and scream and tap. Her legs never stop. She studies the injuries she’s caused, then straight chokes him before cruelly putting him in a reverse headscissors, burying his face in her ass made of muscle. She makes him take in tiny, panicked breaths. His neck ends up hurt in her reverse headscissors as her ass cinches hard enough it looks his veins will explode — and action has to stop. Scarlet Vice is a 100 percent badass with highlights of beauty and grace. Time: 20:10



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Reality Girls Scissors – The Very Violent Scarlet Vice

Reality Girls Scissors – The Very Violent Scarlet Vice




The perfection of Scarlet Vice gains momentum in action here, as she becomes more cruel, intimidating Charles from the start of action, nearly lifting him off the ground with her Supergirl strength in a near lift choke. Her perfect hands around his neck, her forearms ripped, she sinks him to the ground in a forearm choke. Straight foot chokes have him struggling and tapping, but the 18-year-old vision keeps applying the hold, then a standing knee choke. She makes him lock his hands and does a cheerleader stand/foot choke. More standing foot chokes, holding them past him tapping then laughing again. She tells him he’s a joke and digs her toes into his throat causing immense pain. She continues driving her knee into his throat, pinning him in the corner and celebrating his pain. A full weight knee to the head. A long full-weight knee to the head. He begs her, but instead of showing mercy, the Hollywood hottie seems to try to put him in the hospital with a knee to the throat then a throatstand. Her feet are perfect. More throatstands. Charles is suffering terribly under her feet. A cruel knee across the throat — pushing down with her foot. More violent full-weight knees. HOM. He panics to breathe. A standing throat choke. Another straight choke. A knee to the gut — another violent throatstand as he screams and she laughs — again. She drives her foot into his throat. More full-weight throatstands, and more. “This is brutal,” Scarlet says. She’s right. It is violent. She’s put people to sleep here but never has she likely caused more much physical pain, been this mean, pulling back a cord on his neck with all her weight — like she’s in a tug of war and winning, which anyone can always find Scarlet Vice doing in life and locking on submissions. She laughs whipping him with the heavy cord, then full-weight stands his head. One of the best all-around talents anyone has ever seen, 18-year-old Scarlet Vice, almost puts Charles in the hospital here. Time: 17:38



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Reality Girls Scissors – The Power of Nikki Next: 1080 HD Knockouts

Reality Girls Scissors – The Power of Nikki Next: 1080 HD Knockouts




Nikki Next is such a rare combination of extreme beauty, skill and mean streak it’s often hard to believe we are lucky enough to watch her hurt people. She destroys opponents with a smile on her perfect face and here lets Thin Man know early he is in for a terrible day in the woods, clamping on her infamous reverse headscissors and putting him to sleep out of the gate. She was just talking about her ass being in his face and her legs around his neck when he went to sleep in her perfect grip. She lets him have air then proceeds with hurting him, abusing him. Nikki Next is the queen of the reverse headscissors. No one gets in without getting knocked out at some point. She owns him here, sings him a song when she puts him out again in a sleep he has trouble recovering from. She powers the hold back on — her perfect ass in his face, her steel quads crushing his neck. He gasps and panics and coughs in a fit. All she wants is for him to move his head so she can now lock her straight headscissors on — her thighs looking bigger and more cut from her workout routine that’s also adding muscle to her biceps, triceps and shoulders, which were already developed and wide for her size. Nikki just keeps pouring on the power as Loren films. Nikki cuts an evil eye at the camera and cinches down, making Thin Man scream in a straight headscissors from hell. She always seems to have a little extra to prove when a girl is filming. Poor Thin Man; it’s not his fault he’s caught between Nikki’s quads that expand and explode with impressive mass around his neck as he wails a high-pitched gasp, then screams from the pressure. He takes a lot here as she forces him to. Nikki Next, wither her placid smile and quiet cruelty loves hurting people in headscissors. The power it gives her is like nothing else. She crosses her arms and refuses to honor his tap, saying “Breathe.” When the Hollywood scissor queen says “breathe” the person in her legs is toast. He sleeps again. She taunts him and snaps her legs out, jerking his neck and praising her leg power. She even yells at him because he’s gasping at such a pitch from the pain and pressure that it is annoying her. She just keeps squeezing, telling him “Don’t forget to breathe.” She lets him, and then … Snap! She rocks his neck — the lines of her impeccable quads seen so deep by the camera it’s clear water could be poured into them. She strains her pretty face and soaks up the sun while pouring on more headscissors pressure. Each time her sneakers lock it seems to worsen for him; his breathing terrifying — his face red and purple and blue. In the end he can’t catch his breath or stop coughing in this punishing display of headscissors power by a true superstar and a truly elite beauty, the great 19-year-old Nikki Next. Time: 19:24



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Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring …

Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring Nikki Next




The great American beauty Nikki Next is deliberate about applying submission holds with perfect form that knock out her opponents. Nikki feels something missing when someone doesn’t go smoothly to sleep from her force. They can tap. But this is Tom and his friend Rico Suave learning from him; and Tom hates tapping like liver). Nikki locks Tom in a side headscissors that returns with her tremendous leg strength his character of the purple-faced monster. Nikki Next’s quadriceps are big. They now swallow heads, and it is all muscle as the fitness girl with the coat-hanger shoulders and ripped arms can do deep damage with her perfect headscissors. She locks them out at her pink shoes and says Tom has his nice purple shade in her infamous reverse headscissors, in which, when before they met here, she put him out so hard his wrists curled and arms stiffened. Here, she puts him out in a RNC … asks if he was dreaming about her. If not he should have been. At 19 — though we keep thinking she’s 20 and her face is frozen at 18 — Nikki Next is hot just tying her shirt up on her waist. She RNC’s him to bed again! Tom is toast and into the young eidolon’s arms goes Rico Suave, who is so overcome by Nikki that he gets himself hurt by running his hands over her legs, asking her “deeper” in a figure four headscissors. He is under the witchy spell that touches those who idolize unusual beauty, which fills any room Nikki walks in. She puts him out in a RNC. Rico pays — and hard — when his enthusiasm turns into him grabbing her ass in a reverse headscissors. Nikki slams her hand down into his balls and puts him to sleep in the hold — like a fucking light. His eyes are like cartoon pupils in the silence. Rico is gone to the world. But Nikki won’t stop. He can’t hear as her legs expand around his neck and head, and then her arms under his chin again as he begs the younger girl for a break. Some of the most dominant action ever by one of the greatest Reality Girls ever as Nikki knocks out an old friend and a new one. Time: 15:37



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Reality Girls Scissors – Jolene in Tap Or

Reality Girls Scissors – Jolene in Tap Or




Superstar Jolene tortures Rob here, putting him at her feet, making him panic in her overpowering headscissors, straight headscissors, then her brutal figure-four. She laughs at him tapping in another straight headscissors. Jolene smiles. “I wonder if I can read and choke you at the same time,” she says and starts playing a torturous game of making him tap before reading one sentence from a travel guide, smiling her bright-white model smile down at the guy she has suffering in her legs. “You’re distracting me,” she tells him of his taps. “Turn around so I can see your face,” she says and locks on a straight headscissors that almost breaks his jaw as he taps. “One sentence! Why the fuck can’t you lat one sentence?” She knows why. Jolene’s straight headscissors is among the most powerful anywhere and his neck might snap if he makes it to the end of her long sentence. She reads with one hand and draws him up in a rear naked choke with the other. “I’m so excited I could just squeeze you ,” she tells him before putting him in her favorite foot choke – a two-heel standing choke. “Tap or …,” she says as he hangs on and turns purple. Jolene is a tall powerhouse with long, strong legs and a big prescence. A seated double heel choke preceeds a brutal string of her feared figure fours, rolling his neck over and over, locking on another straight headscissors, then making him beg in more figure fours. Another cruel standing double heel choke before she gets behind him and almost puts him out in a rear naked choke, laughing at him as her smile shines and her abs flex. A guillotine into a reverse headscissors. She hurts his throat by sliding her entire body weight across it with her heels then says “Hold your breath” when he begs her to breathe. She has him quickly begging again in a deep reverse headscissors, his face in her perfect ass. Then a violent standing reverse headscissors puts him fast to sleep in her glutes. After holding onto him then laughing at him when he wakes, she lets him pick the last thing she does to him; and his day ends looking up into the intense eyes of the tall, powerful grappler as she takes his air away with one hand. Time: 18:51



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Reality Girls Scissors – Pocahontas Punishes Thin Man. Starring Pocahontas Jone…

Reality Girls Scissors – Pocahontas Punishes Thin Man. Starring Pocahontas Jones




Elite pretty girl Pocahontas Jones has a way of walking at her prey, confident, cocky, that seems to inform them they are in for pain, as here with Thin man, whose back she leaps on and locks on her perfect rear naked choke that soon has him on his knees as she stands behind him, pulling up and squeezing. She locks him in an eye-popping half nelson/half rear naked that looks in a race to either put him out or rip up his shoulder. Poca is brutally strong and as much as any Reality Girl loves hurting people. It seems she’s even hotter than when we saw her more often but she was insanely pretty then too. A bodyscissors, a crucifix she learned from the great Andi Page seeing it once. They are both machines learning holds. A reverse figure four headscissors makes him howl in pain as she twists the hold, trying to hurt his neck. A full nelson applied with her legs, a brutal camel clutch. She makes his jaw go “Pop!” in The Pocahontas — a hold she invented. She sits on his chest and headscissors him, looking down at him in the pain she caused. her long and beautiful legs are so strong they could pull his neck off the bone in the figure-four she locks on. A wrap-around shin choke turns him deep purple — a bodyscissors, another rear naked — Poca is so skilled, has such length and power, Thin Man has no chance. Time: 16:35



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Reality Girls Scissors – “Gag Motherfucker!” Clear HD Headscissor Knockouts. Starring Nikki Next




Nikki Next is a superstar. It might be early to put her in the Hall of Fame where Electra, Robin, Julie Squeeze, Cindy Huntress, Lia Labowe, Dixie and others live. But she’ll get there as sure as Clayton Kershaw gets to Cooperstown. Here versus Thin Man, she steps up the mean.”I Love Making People Pass Out” she says, questioned after being caught in the middle of a story about knocking out a session guy. She attacks Thin Man with a straight headlock. “Just let it go” she says in a brutal bodyscissors in which she taunts him for the veins in his head popping out. Nikki Next’s almost ubearable straight headscissors crush his neck and jaw as her 18-year-old quads flare and flex. She loves it — the girl so beautiful that straight women are beguiled from wedding vows, that a guy changed his school district to end the sight of her, loves knocking people out with her legs, which have always been strong but grown to make people scream in terror as she embraces the muscle-building and endurace boosting power of scissorholds. Her straight headscissors make Thin Man scream. She has, over months as a Reality Girl, moved from talented to terrifying, from competitive to mean. Her beauty stays spotless. A straight-as-a-string side headscissors knocks him out here. Nikki wants him to shutup so she sticks her hand down his throat before knocking him out in another side headscissors! “Open or I’m gonna scissor,” she says forcing his own hand down his mouth and scissors anyway — a violent throatscissors with her hand sometimes over his mouth. She makes him worship her fingers and laughs. Another dangerous throatscissor barrage. “Open up — I can feel the back of your tongue,” she says. “I’m like a dentist; a very mean dentist.” She gets eight fingers in his mouth, never letting up on a straight headscissors locked out by her legs that never seem to tire. She wonders aloud how far to go as she jams her hand down his throat and activates his gag reflex. A break for him, in her kindness, is a headscissors with her fingers interlaced over his mouth and her legs crushing his neck as he goes purple. She chest sits him — again shoving her hands and fingers in his mouth til he gags. She loves it — keeping away air with a double hand smother. Nikki is not playing. “Gag Motherfucker!” she tells him. How perfect she is here. In a reverse headscissors she tells him she gets why he wants to touch her legs, but pulls his hands off and almost snaps his neck for it, His neck is toast, so Nikki Next rides him like a surfboard, laughs that she’s made him feel like “nothing” and makes him kiss her hands and feet goodbye. Maybe the greatest showing yet for Nikki Next Superstar. Time: 22:42



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Reality Girls Scissors – Gag on My Feet. Starring Morgan Del Ray




The young and stunning Morgan Del Ray loves humiliating guys with her feet. Here she makes Chad kneel on a couch as she reclines on a bed with her feet deep in his mouth. Chad swallows until he gags. “Now lick my toes,” MDR tells him and orders him to lick her toes and lick her feet, telling him how many guys would love to be in his position and that he should “learn to love it.” MDR’s body, which she works multiple times a week, wows and flexes at the smallest movement. She forces him to kneel before her as she sits on the couch, shoving her feet in his mouth, one then two at a time. Such a loser,” she says as her profile highlights extreme beauty in her face. Her abs, her face, her quads and arms — Morgan is an athletic-girl lover’s dream, smiling as he gags on and licks her feet — her total submissive as she folds her arms — indifferent to his humiliation and gag reflex getting hit by her toes. She orders him to clean her soles with his tongue and smiles a cocky smile, scrunching her toes and making him lick the wrinkles that pop up on her soles like a rag on a washboard. To Morgan, Chad is a rag, to be used, abused and tossed while she goes about her days thinking of her own beauty. Time: 9:37



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Reality Girls Scissors – Extreme Sleeper Team: 1080 HD Knockouts




This is some of the most stunningly brutal action we have ever captured, as four Reality Girls: Mikaela, Loren, Riot and Maria pass Thin Man among them, nearly finishing him forever as he proves himself one tough SOB as they assert their cruelty, beating him like a pretty pack of animals. Loren returns and knocks him out cold as Mikaela looks on and follows up. Early he’s in deep trouble and the two veterans get the hot gymnast Maria inspired. She almost snaps his throat, clearly out to hurt him. Riot jumps in as Loren blindfolds him after another knockout forces a break. He is forced to guess who the girl among the four is applying the rear naked choke. He rarely gets it right and soon is unable to make much sense of the game as the girls have him in deep trouble. Mikaela knocks him out brutally. Loren almost snaps his neck off as they continue at him without mercy, Riot observing that it is a “primal” scene — the four circling him like prey. A must see for its star power and extreme brutality. Time: 15:25




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Reality Girls Scissors – Up VeVe’s Ass

“There’s not a damn thing you can do to get away from what I’m doing to you,” a serious voice commands as the mean comes out in superstar VeVe Lane, whose legsmuscles divide as she buries Damien in a double heel choke, then an inverted heel choke as she laughs watching him “gasp and struggle.” She hangs his head off the bed and crushes him in a standing headscissors while taunting the weaker guy for being so pathetic that he’s “less than dirt.” She humiliates and crushes him in the hold before pulling him up into her pelvis for a front headscissors in which she watches his face, panic-stricken and purple. The muscular VeVe flexes as she makes him tap frantically in a side headscissors that shows off her incredible glutes and hamstrings. She makes him kiss her feet in a flattened camel clutch she turns into a full nelson applied by her bionic legs, then forcing his face into the soles of her feet and making him kiss them. The hold also nerly busts his shoulders. Another standing headscissors then a reverse headscissors that looks ready to pop the head off VeVe’s bitch. She flexes her remarkable bicep as she taunts him for being so easily controlled by her strength. An ass smother as the adorable, long-haired redhead makes him kiss her great ass again and again, pressing away his air. Then it’s her perfect reverse headscissors and more ass smothering. “I’m not listening to the tapouts; I’ve decided I’m going to sit on your face,” the domme says in her controlling diction. She crosses her arms and forces his mouth into the crack of her ass until he is breathing from inside her alone as she smiles an addicting, cocky smile above him while he flops pitifully under her. Time: 14:06



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