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Club Stiletto FemDom – Foot Slave Longs To Be Her Ass Slave. Starring Miss Li

Club Stiletto FemDom – Foot Slave Longs To Be Her Ass Slave. Starring Miss Lily




Miss Lily languishes on the couch in a sexy leopard print bikini. “Slave, it’s time for your daily foot worship” she says to her bitch boy. The camera zooms in on her feet and you get some nice views of her soles, while she calls the slave in to suck her toes. She tells him it gives her so much pleasure to have him service her feet every day that she has reconsidered selling him to another Mistress. “Do you think about them?” she asks him, and he enthusiastically lets her know that he does. She has him switch to the other foot and asks if he likes the stink of her feet because she’s worked up a real sweat today. He has to lick the sole of each foot until she rams a heel into his mouth. She says that tomorrow she’ll walk in a dirty field before she has him service her. The slave works hard to lick every inch of her feet.

Because he’s doing such good work, she thinks she might need to give him an a new job, maybe as a fluffer for her boyfriend. Lily rolls over to show her amazing ass and her tasty bung hole and says “Or maybe I’ll even let you lick my ass.” She asks if she should promote him while the camera zooms in on her ass, so close you can almost lean over and give it a big lick yourself! She rubs her hand up and down her ass cheeks and her leg, to torment him even further, and then crushes him with her final words “But, just feet for you.”



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Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re Our Armpit Bitch. Starring Goddess Mia and Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re Our Armpit Bitch. Starring Goddess Mia and Princess Lily




We open with the dynamic duo of Goddess Mia and Princess Lily on the bed. “It’s so hot today and I walked all the way home”, Lily says, and you can see the girls are hot and clammy from the heat. As she lifts her arm she realises she is really stinky. The girls start to sniff each others armpits and Lily giggles, “It’s definitely hot out today”. They then look at you and call you a dirty slave and say dirty slaves should lick dirty things. All four arms are in the air and now they tell you to get in close and to start licking. Super hot close ups of four hot armpits and you’ll be so close you can imagine your tongue servicing all of them. The ladies both encourage you and chastise you as a slave should expect. Lily threatens to whip you to within an inch of your life if you fail. Mia then tells Lily to climb on top of her so there armpits now match up. Your tongue can go from one pit to the other to the other. As the camera catches Lily’s ass she tells you “No looking at my ass, you have a job to do”. Lily moves to her back again and all four arms are up again. They want one long lick of each pit and then they are done with you. You will keep the taste of your Goddesses on your tongue all day from your place in the closet. As you crawl away Lily mentions she has 4 or 5 girlfriends coming over tomorrow and you will be licking their pits too.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I found A Bread Crumb On The Floor. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – I found A Bread Crumb On The Floor. Starring Princess Lily




Princess Lily returns home after being out for several hours, which has given her slave enough time to clean up after the big party. The scene opens with Lily hovering over her slave, crop in hand, in a sexy leopard skin bikini. Lily is outraged because she has just discovered a bread crumb on the floor. Can you imagine a slave being so sloppy in his duties? She reminds him of how generous she was earlier, letting him suck her toes while she touched herself. “It wasn’t even a good orgasm,” she admonishes him. “You hurt my feelings; I hurt your balls” she adds. The slave whimpers, and as the camera pulls back you can see that Lily has her slave’s cock and balls locked in the CBT floor. Her long feet and sexy toes are a delight to behold. for you, that is. The slave, on the other hand, is blindfolded and can’t see them at all. She threatens to have his balls removed completely if he doesn’t improve. She rubs her feet over his cock and balls until she realizes the bitch is actually enjoying it! She kicks his nuts to make sure he understands this is punishment and not pleasure. She tells him his dick has no purpose, he’ll never fuck anyone with it anyway, and subjects him to even more punishment with her feet. As she steps on his nuts, his poor sack looks like it’s ready to explode. Uh oh, Lily has spotted some cum on the end of his dick. She rubs her foot over it and sticks it into his mouth, making him lick it all up. She lets loose with a volley of kicks to his nuts and says “We’re just getting started.”

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum On My Nylon Covered Feet. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum On My Nylon Covered Feet. Starring Princess Lily




Sexy Princess Lily looks down at you and calls you her foot bitch. “Come here” she instructs you. She says you’re disgusting but she’s going to reward you because you worked so hard to please her. “I know you love my dirty shoes; you love all the dirty things I walk in because you’re as disgusting as my dirty shoes are.” She holds up her white six inch stilettos and mentions that she’s been wearing them all day long. She tells you to suck the heel. “When I inspect the bottoms of these shoes they had better be spotless” she warns you.

She says she knows nothing is too disgusting for you. You’ll do anything to please her and you’re nothing more to her than a household cleaning item. She lets a shoe dangle from one foot and tells you to get your nose into the crack between her foot and shoe. “I’ll be ramming this nylon-covered foot into your mouth soon” she tells you. Seeing how excited this gets you, she gives you permission to start stroking your cock. There are some great close up views starting from the floor, then panning up to Lily’s shoes and nylon-covered feet. She tells you to keep stroking and sniffing her feet. “Maybe I’ll let you cum” she ponders. “Maybe I’ll let you cum on my nylons and then make you lick it all up.” She has also decided to video tape the event so she can blackmail you later. “What would your friends think, seeing you eat your own cum off my feet? What would your wife and family think? You’d be forced to live in my basement, and whenever I have parties, you could lick the feet and stilettos for all my girlfriends, too”. She mocks you for having such a little cock but bets you can shoot a big load and gives you a countdown of ten. “Imagine you’re serving me and all my girlfriends as well – ten, nine – I bet you’d like to stick your cock between my feet – eight, seven – remember when you cum you have to do it on my feet – six, five.”. After allowing you to cum, Lily lays back and touches her pussy leaving you to clean up the mess.



Keywords: stilettos, foot worship, feet, nylons, princess lily

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily’s Stiletto, Boot and Foot Bitch. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily’s Stiletto, Boot and Foot Bitch. Starring Princess Lily




Lily enters the room wearing matching white bra, panties and stilettos, and is pleased to find her floor mat right where she left him, wrapped up tightly in a carpet. She just can’t wait to step all over him. “Stupid slave” she says, “you always wanted to be a carpet; well now you really are one.” She climbs on top of him and digs her heels into his pathetic slave-flesh, one after the other, before dismounting and kicking at the carpet until he’s free. She makes him crawl behind her while she walks upstairs to the fireplace. but not before she changes into black military-style boots and matching black lace panties. She struts on the slave’s chest and stomach, then walks down his legs until the pain causes him to shift, nearly throwing her off in the process. Uh oh; someone needs to suffer for that mistake! Lily’s military boots are massive, so what better way to punish the boy than to walk on his legs some more? After all, her boots were made for walking! So she stands on his thighs and shifts around before jumping on and off the poor guy’s chest and stomach… and along the way, you’re treated to some amazing views of Lily’s ass. “I could just use you as a stair master all day” she says to him. She starts jumping on him again, making sure she lands squarely on his ribs each time. Six minutes into the scene, she decides she wants her boots removed so she can switch to barefoot trampling. With better footing, Lily feels free to jump higher and land harder, which results in a great view of her sexy toes and feet. “You’re like a little trampoline” she says, as she continues to jump up and down on his torso. When he grunts too much to suit her, she sticks her entire foot into his mouth to shut him up. She steps down hard on his head before she bounces back onto his chest and announces to the poor boy: “You are in the same place as the dirt below my feet.” But seriously, could there be a better place??



Keywords: feet, boots, trampling, stilettos, princess lily, perky tits

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Club Stiletto FemDom – It’s Only a Matter of time until He gets Me Pregnant, cucky. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – It’s Only a Matter of time until He gets Me Pregnant, cucky. Starring Princess Lily




Lily has you on your knees in front of her and she tells you, “I know when we got married this isn’t where you expected our relationship to go, but I knew right from the start I would have to find someone else to satisfy me sexually”. She then tells you your dick is like a little pencil and to humiliate you even further pulls out a couple dildo’s. The tiny one is yours, the massive one is her boyfriends. “I’m being generous, this one is probably even bigger than yours”, she tells you as she flips the little one in her hand. Not to make you feel totally worthless though, she tells you that she was pleased with your performance the other day, fluffing her lovers big cock and getting it ready for her. She brings the massive dildo up to your mouth and says how she loves seeing you gag on a real mans meat. “All that spit running down your mouth, I know it makes you feel vulnerable, but I know you have come to like it too.”

Now she talks about how big and strong her lover is, how he could snap you like a twig if he ever got angry with you. You have no choice but to watch him manhandle your own wife, watch him ram his giant cock deep inside her, making her scream with pleasure. “I’m sure you have imagined what it would feel like to have your cock inside of me. but it just will never happen”, she reminds you. Lily then kneels up and starts to pull down her panties, exposing her pussy. “Imagine what people would think if they knew you have never fucked your own wife”, she tells you as she starts to touch her wet pussy, tormenting and teasing you. So close but forbidden fruit to you. Now with her panties removed she lays back on the bed and talks how she loves spreading her legs. just not for you. How she loves making you clean the house and preparing things because her man is coming over to fuck her senseless.

She holds the big dildo against herself and shows you how deep it goes inside her, well past her bellybutton. She tells you she wants you to love sucking her lovers cocks and to never expect to lick pussy unless it’s full of cum. Holding the big dildo in front of your face she reminds you how to prepare him, to lick his balls and then run your tongue all the way up his cock from the base to the head. Then you rub your hands up and down his big meaty cock while sucking on his sweaty balls that are just bulging full of cum. which will soon fill her pussy. “You’ll lick all that cum up”, she smiles and then states what you both know, “It’s only a matter of time before he gets me pregnant”. She wonders how this will make you feel, having to explain to people why the baby is half black. “You’ll be home babysitting while him and I go vacationing but maybe I’ll let you watch him fucking us on facetime while we are away”. She promises to even save some of his cum and bring it home for you to taste. Finally lily lays fully back with her legs spread and starts to touch herself, “He was here while you were at your business meeting”, she informs you. “His cum is still inside me, do you want to come lick it out? Beg for it and tell me you love it.” You eagerly move in to do as told.


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Club Stiletto FemDom – Suck My Toes While I Play With Myself. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Suck My Toes While I Play With Myself. Starring Princess Lily




Sexy Princess Lily is relaxing on her throne in nothing but a leopard skin bikini and matching stilettos. She rises and walks purposefully to the cage where we see her blindfolded slave kneeling. “Are you awake?” she asks. When he replies “Yes, Mistress” she notices his bowl of piss is empty and asks whether he enjoyed it. Naturally, he replies “Yes, Mistress” as it’s been his only nourishment all day. She unlocks the cage him and tells him she wants to pleasure herself and that he will have to worship her feet while she does so. “When you’re finished, you’ll be locked back up for the night” she adds. She has him kiss her shoes and asks if he heard her in the next room with her girlfriend. “I love fucking her with my strap-on” she says. She tells him they don’t need men with little dicks like his; men are only fit to be slaves. She orders him to remove her shoes and calls him a good boy while he sucks her toes. It instantly gets her aroused and she pulls her panties to the side so she can access her silky smooth pussy and finger herself. She makes sure he knows she’s thinking about her girlfriend and certainly not him. You get great views of her gorgeous feet and wet pussy as she talks about how disgusting cocks are compared to beautiful pussies. With both feet extended, she looks right at you and says that if you were there, you could suck the other foot. She becomes lost in her own world, touching herself until she cries out with orgasmic pleasure. Sated, she orders the slave back to the cage. “Maybe I’ll need you again tomorrow – maybe not”.



Keywords: foot worship, princess lily, masturbation, verbal humiliation

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Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV. Starring …

Club Stiletto FemDom – You’re The Most Disgusting Slave Ever Ass POV. Starring Princess Lily




Princess Lily has completely trained you to a life of devotion to her and only her. She has truly made you the most disgusting slave ever because there is nothing you won’t do for her no matter how nasty or vile. The scene opens with her standing over you in her sexy red panties. She says she has kept you tied up there all day because she wants you anticipating her arrival and she knows what you want, “And that’s my ass right in your face. You’ve been dreaming about it all day”. She then hovers over top of you giving you an amazing view before sitting down onto your face. You can almost smell her essence in the silky fabric of her panties. She comments on what a good slave you have become as she wiggles her ass then spreads and slaps her cheeks. You get the first glimpse of her sweet puckered hole and your tongue will reach to taste her. The upward view will make you feel you are literally on the ground before her. After some teasing she slowly removes her panties and then is over top of you again. You know this time when she sits down it will be nothing but her flesh on your face. Will she allow you to lick her ass or make you wait?

Lily talks very lovingly to you, you have worked hard and are now her favorite possession, you both know you sole purpose for the rest of time is to do only what she says. You will never question anything, only do as told. Hearing her praise you makes any sacrifice seem like nothing. Now as she sits down you get a close up view of both her pussy and ass, but pussy is not for you, no you focus on her ass and she has you smell it. She reminds you that your hands will never touch her, only your tongue, “and when I have you lick my ass I always make sure it’s dirty”, she tells you. She tells you she likes to shower before she’s with a real man but for you she’ll go days without showering. You know a freshly showered body is not what you get or even want, you like everything that’s dirty in life, you can’t deny how disgusting you truly are. Now you get a full screen view of only her ass as she tells you how to lick and tongue fuck her ass. “You’re so pathetic, you probably wish I would feed you”, she giggles. The talk gets more and more graphic as the scene unfolds, the whole time Lily standing over you, talk of farting, toilet duty for her and all her girlfriends, how to wrap your lips around her hole when she does her duty, how it will all be consumed and if you miss any you will have to lick it up from the floor. Then once you have been verbally debased to the maximum Lily tells you to stroke your already erect dicklette, “and imagine I’m using your mouth and then I want you to cum for me.” Now she hovers within inches of your face and says you have 10 seconds to cum. She countdowns down from 10, tormenting you a bit along the way, only her anus fills the screen as she finally says, “Cum for me you pig” and sits fully onto your face plunging you into darkness. You are in deed the most disgusting slave ever… and you’ve never been as happy.



Keywords: princess lily, toilet slavery, toilet talk, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Out Of The Cage And Under My Ass. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Out Of The Cage And Under My Ass. Starring Princess Lily




Demanding Princess Lily has her bitch boy lying with his head in a face-sitting box, balls bound tightly in rope and attached to a ten pound weight. She says she has enjoyed watching him crawl around in that state but now it’s time for her to smother him, “and maybe if you’re a good boy, I’ll let you lick my ass” she adds. The camera catches an amazing angle as she positions herself above the slave and sits right down on his face. Lily always sounds so seductive and she laughs playfully while making him fight for air under her ass. When he begs to breathe, she says she’s not sure what he’s saying because he sounds so muffled. “I assume you’re trying to tell me you’re having a nice time.” No mercy for him! Lily truly does have an amazing ass and when she pulls off her panties, you’ll want to lick the screen, imagining it’s your tongue that gets to lick her. There are lots of hot close-up views of her ass, of her standing and sitting, and you also get to see her hover over the slave while she makes him stick his tongue out in an effort to reach her asshole. In the next scene, she sits down for some extended face-sitting, and to take the slave’s mind off breathing, she permits him to stroke his cock. “Keep stroking and keep licking”, she orders. She says she wants a few more slaves so she can do this all day. “I’d just move on to the next one, then the next one, then the next one, and each one of them would be eagerly waiting for me to sit on their faces” she purrs. “Wouldn’t you love to have your tongue in there?” she asks, while looking directly at the camera. She stands up and sits down right onto the camera, giving you a perfect bird’s eye view of her divine behind, smooth pussy, and tasty asshole. If your favorite thing is masturbating while a gorgeous girl sits on your face and makes you lick her ass, then this is the clip for you!



Keywords: ass worship, ass licking, ass smother, princess lily

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Suffer Under Lily’s Ass. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Suffer Under Lily’s Ass. Starring Princess Lily




The scene opens with Lily running the crop over her slave’s body while his cock twitches in anticipation. She calls him her little bitch and asks if he likes being addressed this way. “Yes, Mistress” he replies. “Good, because today you’re going to suffer for me, but not from my crop” she says, and informs him he will be suffering under her ass. “It’s important for you to understand that I control every breath you take” she explains to the eager slave. She moves into forward position above his head and instructs him to sniff her big beautiful ass. She sits down and tells him he is her lowliest slave, but if he demonstrates that he can last longer under her ass than any other slave has, she’ll let him work his way to the top. “I’m your Goddess and I control everything you do, including everything you do for me. What you want doesn’t matter. I’ll expect to sit on your face for an entire movie one evening.” She tells him that being her Number Two slave is not as exciting, because it means he’ll just be getting his cock and balls t0hrtured all day long, while Number One enjoys the pleasure of her plump ass on his face for hours at a time. As she moves into reverse position, she says “Most of my slaves aren’t permitted to get this close and many will be asking what my ass smells like. Maybe they can smell your nose” she laughs! Finally, she decides to take him for a full test ride, to see what his potential actually is. Eventually, the slave starts to squirm and thrash about, but Lily remains comfortably planted on his face. After all, she did tell him he was going to suffer!

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