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Club Stiletto FemDom – Kiss My Ass Then Fight For Air. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Kiss My Ass Then Fight For Air. Starring Princess Lily




Hard to find an ass as perfect as Princess Lily’s when it comes to facesitting. She is working with this slave to make him her living furniture so she expects him to be still when her ass is crushing his head and blocking his nose and mouth. She looks so damn hot in her sexy white panties and bra set. “Eventually I’ll want to sit on you for an entire movie”, she tells him, as he starts to squirm, in need of air, but Lily keeps talking about his need to go long periods without breathing, she has little concern for his needs. When she finally gets up he gasps desperately to fill his lungs. She hovers over him and the view is amazing, although not for him as she has him blindfolded. When she sits down again she extends her legs onto his body so her full weight is on him. Again she makes him kick for air before getting up and reversing her position. “Your air supply, everything that you do, is controlled by me”, she tells him. She sits for a long time and the slave appears to be losing his fight but you hear how bad he needs air when she sits up again. This time she makes him kiss her ass cheeks but just when he thinks he’s in for a break she sits back down and catches him with no air in his lungs. He struggles from the start but she pushes him to the brink before giving him another short breath. She sits down and tells him she is growing tired of him, “It’s time for you to go to sleep.” As the slave thrashes she just looks at the camera and smiles. What a way to go.

Mistress: Princess Lily

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Club Stiletto FemDom – He’s A Bigger Better Man, Cucky. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – He’s A Bigger Better Man, Cucky. Starring Princess Lily




Gorgeous Lily has hubby wrapped around her finger and has no need for his little cock when there are studs literally lined up around the block who want to make love to her. This means her husband is relegated to more mundane tasks in order to make her life better, such as fluffing her lovers and cleaning up afterwards. As the scene opens, she’s just finishing up a conversation with one of her lovers while her husband kneels and listens. She tells him, “It turns me on even more knowing you had to go buy my sexy lingerie, with the knowledge that a real man would soon be peeling it off me, so he could fuck me while you watch. You’re going to open my legs for him and I might even let you glide his cock into me. You’re lucky I even allow you in the same room.” She kneels and gets down into his face, making sure he totally understands how insignificant he is. “By the time I’m finished with you, you’ll probably be gay. You’ll wish my boyfriends were fucking your ass instead of my pussy.” Lily then instructs her husband to remove her panties so she can finger herself. “And no gawking at my pussy”, she tells him as she rubs herself close to orgasm. “You did a good job shaving my pussy”, she adds, as the camera zooms in close to her clearly dripping wet pussy. She’s ready for her stud!



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily Busts Balls. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Lily Busts Balls. Starring Princess Lily




The scene opens with Lily on her throne, looking hot and regal in nothing but tight PVC shorts and studded stilettos, with her slave bound, tied, and helplessly suspended from the ceiling. As she waves the crop, she says, “So you know your duties as a slave include rules…well, I’m now going to tell you about those rules.” She lets the slave know he is not a person; he is merely a possession. He no longer has free will… he does exactly as his owner, Lily, commands. He does not make eye contact with anyone…whenever his Master (her, Lily) comes within ten feet of him, he immediately drops to his knees. He is no longer in control, even of his own body… he will be available to his Master at any time… he is not even allowed to orgasm without her strict supervision. She tells him he has broken one of the rules already and is about to be punished as a result. She removes him from his shackles and gets him onto his knees. She kicks him in the nuts a few times with her spiked shoes, and while the kicks are somewhat restrained, you can see that the impact is still very painful for him. She makes him remove her shoes and kneel upright in front of her so she can kick him in the balls again…this time, she kicks him 15 times! She reminds him that he needs to be a good slave, so after she finishes kicking him, she has him drop to the floor and kiss her feet. Slaves always kiss Goddess feet so passionately after a good ball busting, don’t you think? Perhaps they’re afraid the Mistress might decide to do even more. “Can you taste your sweaty balls on my feet?” she asks him. “I hope you consider things carefully the next time you think you can disobey me.” The slave assures her, in a sobby, whimpering slave way, that he has learned his lesson. She keeps him on all fours, while walking around to his backside to deliver another four crushingly hard kicks to the nuts, before ordering him to follow her on all fours… she has just decided to take him to the t0rture room. Balls busted, he obediently follows her out of the room.



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Club Stiletto FemDom – I’m Still Too busy To Clean My Ass. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – I’m Still Too busy To Clean My Ass. Starring Princess Lily




Fantasy clip in compliance with C4S policies. “I’m just so busy! I have a two o’clock, a three o’clock, and a four o’clock appointment”, Princess Lily laments. “I just have so many guys coming over to fuck me.” As the camera pulls back, you see that she’s sitting on the toilet. “I have so many slaves to watch over, to make sure they do things properly. Sometimes they fuck up and I have to make them do it again. It’s not easy being a Goddess.”. She’s clearly exasperated and sighs, “I’m just too busy to clean my own ass.”. The camera pulls back and you see a slave lying on the floor underneath her feet. She always makes sure she has a slave in that position when sitting on the toilet, so they can enjoy the smell of her movements and be close by for cleanup duty. “Why should I clean my own ass” she asks “when I have losers like this to do it for me?”. In line with her need to do multiple tasks at once, she reaches onto the counter, grabs a piece of chocolate, and starts to eat it. Next, she picks up a container of chocolate syrup and pours it onto her slave’s face. She says to him, “That’s not the type of chocolate you want though, is it?”. “No”, he replies, with some trepidation. “The real chocolate you like comes out of my ass, doesn’t it?”. “Yes, Princess” is the reply, and with that, she moves over and sits on his face. She rubs her ass all over it and tells him to get all that chocolate into his sorry, slave-mouth. When she finally gets up, his face and her ass are completely covered in chocolate. She kneels on the toilet and tells him to get off the floor and get to work. “Lick it all up; that’s the kind of chocolate you can’t buy in stores”, she tells him. She instructs him to spread her ass cheeks, which are totally brown, and says, “Lick it up good; I’m still just too busy to clean my own ass.”. For the next two minutes, you get some great close-up shots of the slave licking her dirty ass clean. “There’s nothing better than a hungry slave”, she purrs. She then tells him to press his lips onto her asshole, because she feels something is about to happen. Her facial expressions and moaning at the end will drive toilet slaves crazy, longing to be her personal toilet slave for all eternity!



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Use Your Tongue Your cock Is Too Little. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Use Your Tongue Your cock Is Too Little. Starring Princess Lily




Sexy Princess Lily needs sexual satisfaction but she knows she can’t get it from her slaves cock. As If that tiny thing could please her! So she tells him, “Use your tongue, your cock is too little!” If you have dreams of being a sex slave and used only for her sexual pleasure, even while she verbally humiliates you, compares you to her stud lover, and denies you release, then you will love this clip. Lily talks about her boyfriend and says to the slave, “Let me know if you find any of his cum in there.”, which makes her giggle, getting off on how she makes him feel so inadequate. The scene ends with Lily having a real orgasm, then she tells the slave to lick up all her pussy juices before she hops of the cage, giving you a great upshot at her amazing ass. “You stay here.”, she says looking down at her slave, “I have important things to do.” Get the clip, imagine it’s you in the cage!



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Worship My Body and Cum for Me. Starring Princess Lily




You are Princess Lily’s slave in this hot POV. She calls you to the bed and tells you that you have pleased her and she is going to give you a reward. She is going to allow you to worship her. She starts with her feet and you get some full screen views of her soles, her spreading her toes, and curling her feet. “I’ve left them just a little dirty for you, just to give you some flavour.”, she tells you. She moves one foot over the leg and across the knee and tells you to work your way up her body. “Kiss me all the way up. I want you to appreciate my beautiful soft flesh.” You should be erect by this point and probably a good idea to start rubbing yourself because this scene ends with Lily counting you down to a release. You get an amazing close up of her butt cheek and then she spreads her legs to show you her pink panties. She encourages you to get up close to smell her. “It smells so good. Say thank you.”, she says in such a seductive manner that you could never not thank her again and again. She rubs her hand over her tummy and tells you to kiss it. “Are you getting excited?”, she asks and then tells you to come up and sniff her armpits. She rubs her hands over them and you’ll want to press your nose and tongue right where her hand has just been. Goddess is so happy with you, you have really pleased her. She tells you she was really sweating earlier and tells you to take a lick. “How does that taste?”, she purrs. She knows your answer. She rolls over and tells you to attend to the other armpit. Then she removes her bra and gives you the biggest shock, “I’m even going to allow you to suck on my tits. Look at those divine nipples. You’ve been such a good boy I’m going to let you lick them.” The she drops the ultimate surprise, “You get to lick my pussy.” She rubs her hand over her panties and then removes them. “Get in closer for a few licks.”, she tells you and you can see how wet she is. She spreads her pussy just for you and again tells you to say ‘thank you’. Now she wants to touch herself and she wants you to rub yourself. She’s going to let you cum on the count of ten. “10, 9, 8, 7.” She starts and stops the count, telling you not to get to excited and then as she counts down to 1 and has an orgasm of her own she hollers at you, “Cum for me bitch.” Then she has one final surprise for you!!!


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