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FemmeFataleFilms – Leather Slave. Starring Mistress Eleise de Lacy

FemmeFataleFilms – Leather Slave. Starring Mistress Eleise de Lacy




This session features intense leather worship with heavy nipple torment and the taking of the slave’s arse with a large strap-on cock. If you love leather clad sadistic women, you will adore this feature length movie of orgasmic leather indulgence!

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Goddess Cheyenne – Spinner boy

The gorgeous Goddess Cheyenne has expertly rigged her ass slut in a beautiful leather suspension harness for some devious spin-fuck entertainment. Due to the vigorous multi-position ass intrusions, The Goddess has a nipple slip for a few moments…much to the enjoyment of all viewers. She fucks his hungry hole thoroughly in this fun and unique bit of dungeon debauchery.

Keywords: leather suspension harness, suspension, strap-on, dildo, ass fuck, nipple slip, nipple, uncircumcised, leather hood, beautiful, Goddess Cheyenne, long hair, black hair, dungeon, dual camera, spinner, spinning, dungeon

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KinkyMistresses – Punished While Office Work. Starring Mistress Lilse

Featuring Mistress Lilse

The Lady has to do her computerwork and her slave is sitting close to her. She enjoys to play with her electric nipple punishment device. This lady is realy cruel and loves slaves in pain

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Steel Ball Crush. Starring Mistress Mina Thorne and Cybill Troy

Mistress Mina Thorne and I are going to emasculate our slave with some painful testicle crushing! Strung up and clamped, forced to keep perfect posture as his balls are weighed down by a heavy steel weight. He almost can’t stay on his feet as we turn the crank, crushing his balls up as they’re simultaneously weighed down. If he moves, it swings and causes even more excruciating testicular agony, so we delight in slapping his cock and twisting his nipples, sending the crusher swinging and our bitch slave to his knees!xoxo, Cybill Troy

Category: CBT


Keywords: femdom, fetish, bdsm, rubber, latex, corset, pantyhose, boots, high heels, garters, nipple, clamps, mina, brunette, sisters

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Natalya’s Receptacle

Natalya’s slave is strapped down and used as her human ashtray and spittoon. Scratched by her long natural nails, the receptacle slave is now only an object to his Mistress.



Keywords: objectification, femdom, bdsm, fetish, rubber, corset, catsuit, scratching, fingernails, nipple, natalya, verbal abuse, brunette, spreader, dental

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Human Vibrator

Nothing is more of a turn-on to Me than the suffering of my slaves, so with my bottom bitch restrained to the bondage table, I allow him to admire me in my silver latex catsuit, yanking on his nipple clamps as his cock tries to get hard in its steel chastity device before planting my big, round rubber ass on his face, smothering him until he struggles beneath me. I dig my fingernails into his already sore nipples, causing him to scream into my pussy as I ride his face, ordering him to lick my latex covered ass between vibrating screams.A man’s suffering is better than any vibrator. xoxo, Cybill Troy



Keywords: femdom, rubber, boots, pussy, nipple, grinding, shaking, smacking, big butt, smothering, tease, denial, worship, clamps, fetish

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Human Scratching Post. Starring Mistress Lydia Supremacy

Mistress Lydia Supremacy loves to sharpen her long, red, pointed talons on the flesh of a helpless slave. Her natural long fingernails scrape off the skin of her human scratching post’s body and cock, leaving long, red welts.



Keywords: fingernails, gloves, nipple, asian, tickle, scratch, cock, femdom, red, claw, leather, ball, bondage, nails, tease

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Cybill’s Claws

(I got so many requests for another clip featuring my Brass Claws, that I’ve tormented yet another slave’s flesh with long, deep scratches…. enjoy!) If this slave is so desperate for my touch, he’ll have to suffer for it as I rake my razor-sharp claws across his body, taking special care to scratch his cock and balls, even teasing his cock hole with the pointed tips of my brass talons.xoxo, Cybill Troy

Category: CLAWS


Keywords: femdom, rubber, boots, corset, talons, pantyhose, high heels, tattoos, long hair, metal, nails, cock, nipple, denial, tease

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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Touch Your Toes

I’ve said before, a slave should never be able to sit comfortably so he stays on his feet and productive, serving his Mistress. Its time for this slave’s spanking. Paddles, canes, wooden rulers all slapped across his aching red ass as he’s instructed to touch his toes with a heavy weight hanging from his tightly tied nipples. With each strike on his backside, the weight swings, pulling his tender nips with it. xoxo, Cybill Troy

Category: SPANKING F/M


Keywords: femdom, fetish, humiliation, hair down, paddling, spanking, position, high heels, corset, lipstick, flogging, tattoos, nipple, domination, slave

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ENGLISH SPOKEN CUSTOM REQUEST – I would love to see you do a foot worship/Cuckold video:You are with your muscular boyfriend and two male chastity foot slaves, both with handcuffs, in your studio. Both beg to worship your feet, so you give them the following contest: Nipple clamps will be attached to their nipples and chained to each other, so each left nipple clamp of one slave will be connected to the left nipple clamp of the other slave and the same for the right. They will have to try to pull of the clamps of the other slave by pulling with their own nipple.The rules will be that the winner will be allowed to worship your feet and get a foot job as a reward. The loser will have to lick the cum from your feet, will keep in chastity and can just watch as the winner worships your feet. Additionally, he must worship the feet of your boyfriend.Ideally, both are in chastity for some weeks so they will be desperate to get the foot job.Then the contest will be held as described while you laugh at the slaves and tease them with your feet, so they will put a lot of effort. Additionally, you may play with the nipple chains with your feet to encrease the pain of the slaves. I would appreciate if it were really strong nipple clamps so they won’t get off too easily. Finally, one slaves wins while the other loses, so you allow the winner to worship your feet and give him a foot job with the other foot. The loser has to watch and in the end lick off all the cum from your feet.As you are the one true Goddess, you may change the rules (for example that the winner and/or the loser has to keep the nipple clamps after the contest as long as you wish).It would be nice if your boyfriend is in there, but it is not neccessary, you could also just do the game without boyfriend just with the both slaves.What I would really love to see is also that you play with the nipple clamps with your feet, so it would be more painful for the slave and laugh at them.Thank you very much!In deep adoration,your foot worshipper Don’t forget to visit my website Mistress Gaia. Also available in iPhone/Mobile Format VIDEO RICHIESTA – Mi piacerebbe vederti fare un video adorazione del piede / cornificazione:Tu sei con il tuo ragazzo e due schiavi feticisti dei piedi con cintura di castit, entrambi con le manette, nel tuo studio. Entrambi ti implorano di adorare i tuo piedi, Tu allora odini loro questa sfida (competizione)I morsetti saranno attaccati ai loro capezzoli e concatenati l’uno all’altro, cos ogni morsetto del capezzolo sinistro di uno slave viene collegati al morsetto del capezzolo sinistro dell’altro slave e lo stesso vale per il destro (il morsetto del capezzolo sinistro di uno slave va collegato al morsetto del capezzolo sinistro dell altro slave e cos la stessa cosa per il destro). Dovranno cercare di staccare i morsetti dell’altro slave tirando con con i propri capezzoli.La regola che al vincetore sar consentito di adorare i piedi e ottenere un footjob come ricompensa. Il perdente dovr leccare lo sperma dai Tuoi piedi, tenere la cintura di castit e pu solo guardare come il vincitore adora i tuoi piedi. Inoltre, lo slave che perde deve adorare i piedi del tuo ragazzo.Idealmente, entrambi gli slave devono essere in castit per qualche settimana in modo che saranno disperati per ottenere un footjob. La gara si terr come descritta mentre tu ridi degli schiavi e li prendi in giro con i tuoi piedi, in modo che ci metteranno piu impegno. Inoltre, potresti giocare con le catene legate ai capezzoli con i tuoi piedi cos da aumentare il dolore degli schiavi. Gradirei se che i morsetti fossero davvero resistenti (forti) i modo che non sia troppo facile vincere. Alla fine, uno degli schiavi vince e l’altro perde, e al vincitore viene consentito di adorare i piedi mentre con l’altro piede fai un footjob. Il perdente deve guardare e alla fine leccare tutto lo sperma dai tuoi piedi. Visto che sei una vera Dea, puoi anche cambiare le regole se vuoi (ad esempio, il vincitore e / o il perdente deve tenere i morsetti ai capezzoli anche dopo la gara fino a quando lo desideri). Sarebbe bello se il tuo ragazzo fosse l, ma non neccessario, si potrebbe anche solo fare il gioco senza fidanzato solo con i due schiavi. Quello che mi piacerebbe vedere che i tuoi piedi giocano con le catennelle legate ai morsetti cosi si vede il dolore degli schiavi e tu che ti diverti . E non scordarti di visitare il mio sito Mistress Gaia. Disponibile anche in formato iPhone/Cellulare

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