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Reality Girls Scissors – The Power of Nikki Next: 1080 HD Knockouts

Reality Girls Scissors – The Power of Nikki Next: 1080 HD Knockouts




Nikki Next is such a rare combination of extreme beauty, skill and mean streak it’s often hard to believe we are lucky enough to watch her hurt people. She destroys opponents with a smile on her perfect face and here lets Thin Man know early he is in for a terrible day in the woods, clamping on her infamous reverse headscissors and putting him to sleep out of the gate. She was just talking about her ass being in his face and her legs around his neck when he went to sleep in her perfect grip. She lets him have air then proceeds with hurting him, abusing him. Nikki Next is the queen of the reverse headscissors. No one gets in without getting knocked out at some point. She owns him here, sings him a song when she puts him out again in a sleep he has trouble recovering from. She powers the hold back on — her perfect ass in his face, her steel quads crushing his neck. He gasps and panics and coughs in a fit. All she wants is for him to move his head so she can now lock her straight headscissors on — her thighs looking bigger and more cut from her workout routine that’s also adding muscle to her biceps, triceps and shoulders, which were already developed and wide for her size. Nikki just keeps pouring on the power as Loren films. Nikki cuts an evil eye at the camera and cinches down, making Thin Man scream in a straight headscissors from hell. She always seems to have a little extra to prove when a girl is filming. Poor Thin Man; it’s not his fault he’s caught between Nikki’s quads that expand and explode with impressive mass around his neck as he wails a high-pitched gasp, then screams from the pressure. He takes a lot here as she forces him to. Nikki Next, wither her placid smile and quiet cruelty loves hurting people in headscissors. The power it gives her is like nothing else. She crosses her arms and refuses to honor his tap, saying “Breathe.” When the Hollywood scissor queen says “breathe” the person in her legs is toast. He sleeps again. She taunts him and snaps her legs out, jerking his neck and praising her leg power. She even yells at him because he’s gasping at such a pitch from the pain and pressure that it is annoying her. She just keeps squeezing, telling him “Don’t forget to breathe.” She lets him, and then … Snap! She rocks his neck — the lines of her impeccable quads seen so deep by the camera it’s clear water could be poured into them. She strains her pretty face and soaks up the sun while pouring on more headscissors pressure. Each time her sneakers lock it seems to worsen for him; his breathing terrifying — his face red and purple and blue. In the end he can’t catch his breath or stop coughing in this punishing display of headscissors power by a true superstar and a truly elite beauty, the great 19-year-old Nikki Next. Time: 19:24



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Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring …

Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring Nikki Next




The great American beauty Nikki Next is deliberate about applying submission holds with perfect form that knock out her opponents. Nikki feels something missing when someone doesn’t go smoothly to sleep from her force. They can tap. But this is Tom and his friend Rico Suave learning from him; and Tom hates tapping like liver). Nikki locks Tom in a side headscissors that returns with her tremendous leg strength his character of the purple-faced monster. Nikki Next’s quadriceps are big. They now swallow heads, and it is all muscle as the fitness girl with the coat-hanger shoulders and ripped arms can do deep damage with her perfect headscissors. She locks them out at her pink shoes and says Tom has his nice purple shade in her infamous reverse headscissors, in which, when before they met here, she put him out so hard his wrists curled and arms stiffened. Here, she puts him out in a RNC … asks if he was dreaming about her. If not he should have been. At 19 — though we keep thinking she’s 20 and her face is frozen at 18 — Nikki Next is hot just tying her shirt up on her waist. She RNC’s him to bed again! Tom is toast and into the young eidolon’s arms goes Rico Suave, who is so overcome by Nikki that he gets himself hurt by running his hands over her legs, asking her “deeper” in a figure four headscissors. He is under the witchy spell that touches those who idolize unusual beauty, which fills any room Nikki walks in. She puts him out in a RNC. Rico pays — and hard — when his enthusiasm turns into him grabbing her ass in a reverse headscissors. Nikki slams her hand down into his balls and puts him to sleep in the hold — like a fucking light. His eyes are like cartoon pupils in the silence. Rico is gone to the world. But Nikki won’t stop. He can’t hear as her legs expand around his neck and head, and then her arms under his chin again as he begs the younger girl for a break. Some of the most dominant action ever by one of the greatest Reality Girls ever as Nikki knocks out an old friend and a new one. Time: 15:37



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DomNation – SNIFF MY ASS, WHILE I WHIP YOUR ASS. Starring Goddess Nikki Next

DomNation – SNIFF MY ASS, WHILE I WHIP YOUR ASS. Starring Goddess Nikki Next




In this clip Nikki Next is the sweet girl next door turned sadistic bitch Goddess of your dreams. Wearing bright bubble gum pink spandex leggings, top and matching pink stilettos, Nikki torments her pathetic, ugly loser of a slave by sitting on his face and depriving him of precious air, while she whips his ass, legs and balls.

It’s hard enough for this fool to try to get a breath of air, without having to contend with Nikki’s brutal whip strikes at the same time. But nobody said it was easy to belong to a cruel Goddess like Nikki Next. In addition to whipping the shite out of him and making him beg for every breath of air, she also drops a few perfectly placed ass first belly bombs on him.

Lastly, much to his disgust she orders him to lick the bottom of her pink stilettos clean with his tongue. He tries to resist, but a few stinging whip strikes puts him back in his place and licking away.



Keywords: nikki next, mass worship, brat princess, humiliation, face sitting, whipping, domestic servitude, ass smothering, corporal punishment, high heels, ass domination, slave training, spandex

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Nikki Next can be one of the sweetest girls around, however disappointing her comes at a cost! She’s not one to be lured in by a dark mysterious man only to find out that his penis is undersized and meager. That its not even an appetizer for such a Goddess

No this clown will not entertain Nikki the ways that she dictates, there will be no want on her behalf because this arrogant idiot misrepresented himself. Oh no, he is going to feel the full embarassing and humiliating repercussions of having a tiny penis.

Nikki is Livid with this cowardly little man and his even smaller penis. She forces him to strip and instantly starts mocking his underpowered manhood. Then Nikki slaps him around like the useless little boi that he is! His only use and salvation at this point is as Nikki`s slap toy and she makes full use of this miserable loser as she violently slaps him, reddening his face and spitting on him just to add to his Utter humiliation and defilement..



Keywords: leather, femdom, spitting, slapping, latex, slave, punishment, female supremacy, humiliation, face slapping, goddess nikki next, defile, saliva, corporal punishment, bdsm

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DomNation – BERRY GOOD 2 SEE YOU. Starring Goddess Nikki Next

DomNation – BERRY GOOD 2 SEE YOU. Starring Goddess Nikki Next




Goddess Nikki Thought that she had found herself a service oriented slave. But as it turns out, hes kind of a berry bad boy. So nikki decides that he needs to be trained in the berry most humiliating of ways.

Goddess Nikki has this feeble little mind at her feet, he is to weak to resist either her beauty or dominant prowess. This weakling will allow Nikki to humiliate and defile him in any way that she chooses just so that he may remain in her divine presence.

The goddess decides to put this useless flesh to good use. She forces him to hold a serving bowl full of berries in his mouth and tells him not to spill. She then humiliates and degrades this poor helpless creature, taunting him, twisting his nipples and smashing berries on his head to her utter amusement.



Keywords: nikki next, degradation, brat princess, humiliation, humble, corporal punishment, domestic servitude, slave training, corporal punishment, bdsm, humble, defile, female domination, female superiority, leather

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Reality Girls Scissors – “Gag Motherfucker!” Clear HD Headscissor Knockouts. Starring Nikki Next




Nikki Next is a superstar. It might be early to put her in the Hall of Fame where Electra, Robin, Julie Squeeze, Cindy Huntress, Lia Labowe, Dixie and others live. But she’ll get there as sure as Clayton Kershaw gets to Cooperstown. Here versus Thin Man, she steps up the mean.”I Love Making People Pass Out” she says, questioned after being caught in the middle of a story about knocking out a session guy. She attacks Thin Man with a straight headlock. “Just let it go” she says in a brutal bodyscissors in which she taunts him for the veins in his head popping out. Nikki Next’s almost ubearable straight headscissors crush his neck and jaw as her 18-year-old quads flare and flex. She loves it — the girl so beautiful that straight women are beguiled from wedding vows, that a guy changed his school district to end the sight of her, loves knocking people out with her legs, which have always been strong but grown to make people scream in terror as she embraces the muscle-building and endurace boosting power of scissorholds. Her straight headscissors make Thin Man scream. She has, over months as a Reality Girl, moved from talented to terrifying, from competitive to mean. Her beauty stays spotless. A straight-as-a-string side headscissors knocks him out here. Nikki wants him to shutup so she sticks her hand down his throat before knocking him out in another side headscissors! “Open or I’m gonna scissor,” she says forcing his own hand down his mouth and scissors anyway — a violent throatscissors with her hand sometimes over his mouth. She makes him worship her fingers and laughs. Another dangerous throatscissor barrage. “Open up — I can feel the back of your tongue,” she says. “I’m like a dentist; a very mean dentist.” She gets eight fingers in his mouth, never letting up on a straight headscissors locked out by her legs that never seem to tire. She wonders aloud how far to go as she jams her hand down his throat and activates his gag reflex. A break for him, in her kindness, is a headscissors with her fingers interlaced over his mouth and her legs crushing his neck as he goes purple. She chest sits him — again shoving her hands and fingers in his mouth til he gags. She loves it — keeping away air with a double hand smother. Nikki is not playing. “Gag Motherfucker!” she tells him. How perfect she is here. In a reverse headscissors she tells him she gets why he wants to touch her legs, but pulls his hands off and almost snaps his neck for it, His neck is toast, so Nikki Next rides him like a surfboard, laughs that she’s made him feel like “nothing” and makes him kiss her hands and feet goodbye. Maybe the greatest showing yet for Nikki Next Superstar. Time: 22:42



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Bratty Foot Girls – Nikki Next’s Sock Pie Dinner

Nikki has her slave eat not one, but two chocolate pies off her sweaty socks as she smears it all over his face. He obeys his Princess as she sticks her feet in his face and he licks up every inch of pie that he can. She’s even nice enough to pour milk into a container for him so he has a chocolate sock milkshake in the process. Finally near the end she removes the pie caked socks and let’s him slurp up the remaining pie from her bare soles and toes. Starring: Nikki Next, Jason Ninja *SOCKS* *FOOT WORSHIP* *WET AND MESSY*

Category: SOCKS


Keywords: Nikki Next, Jason Ninja, feet, sock worship, toes, pie eating, Jason Ninja

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DomNation – WHIPPED FOR HER AMUSEMENT Starring Domina Nikki Next

Domina Nikki shows her true sadistic nature in the video clip, as she whips the bejeezus out of her bound and helpless slave, relentlessly and mercilessly. Simply becaue she can, and because she finds it entertaining to see her slaves suffer. She is both stunning and cruel, as she whips his back, ass and legs again and again, indifferent to his tears, indifferent to his pleas for mercy. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide, he is fully exposed, spread eagle and vulnerable to the bite of her favorite whip, a short kangaroo leather Quirt. It takes little effort to inflict great pain with this whip, as you can see by the extreme discomfort on her slaves face. Not an inch of his body escapes her fury and wrath.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: Slave, Dominatrix, Femdom, Corporal Punishment, Beatdowns, Suffering, Sadism, Domnation, Nikki Next, Extreme Domination, Female Domination, Whipping, Mistress, Bondage

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DomNation – A PAINFUL LESSON LEARNED Starring Domina Nikki Next

DomNation - A PAINFUL LESSON LEARNED. Starring Domina Nikki Next.wmv.0010

DomNation - A PAINFUL LESSON LEARNED. Starring Domina Nikki Next.wmv.0022

DomNation - A PAINFUL LESSON LEARNED. Starring Domina Nikki Next.wmv.0032

Nikki Next is stunning in this clip, decked out in pink metallic spandex tights and bra as she puts a serious beating on one of her inferiors. She orders him to strip naked, and then his punishment begins. With a short leather horse whip, she relentlessly beats him from pillar to post for his wrong doings. Try as he may to escape her vicious blows, theres simply no way out for this pet, and Nikki is determined to teach him a lesson he will not soon forget.Strike after painful strike, Nikki whips every exposed inch of his body, as her slave recoils and begs for mercy. But his pleas only serve to fuel her desire to punish him further. There is a lesson to be learned, and that is to NEVER question his Mistress authority.

Features: Whipping, Lashing, Extreme Domination, Humiliation, Femdom, Leather, Bound, Female Domination, BDSM


Keywords: Lashing, slave, dominatrix, femdom, corporal punishment, beatdowns, Domina, suffering, sadism, domnation, Nikki Next, Extreme Domination, Female Domination, Whipping

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DomNation – SWEET SURRENDER Starring Nikki Next

DomNation - SWEET SURRENDER. Starring Nikki Next.wmv.0008

DomNation - SWEET SURRENDER. Starring Nikki Next.wmv.0011

DomNation - SWEET SURRENDER. Starring Nikki Next.wmv.0015

Please welcome yet another brand new Domme to out store, Miss Nikki Next from Tampa, Florida. This diabolical femme fatale is beautiful, cruel and sadistic. She absolutely rules the hearts of minds of slaves as they fall to her feet! You will too! Nikki Next may look sweet and innocent, but as you can see from this video clip she definitely has a cruel and sadistic side to her as evidenced by the beating she gives this poor, helpless lave. Over and over again she relentlessly beats him with a heavy leather razor strap until he is squealing like a pig for mercy. But Mistress Nikki only looks sweet. She is unrelenting and unforgiving as she takes him deeper and deeper into her web of torment.

Extreme Domination, spanking, Strapping, Latex, Corporal Punishment, Mistress, FemDom, Female Domination,


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Keywords: nikki next, Mistress, Fetish, Female Domination, Slave, FemDom, Paddling, Femdom, Mistress, ExtremeDomination, Latex

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