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DomNation – MY HUMAN SPITOON.Starring Mistress Harlow

DomNation – MY HUMAN SPITOON.Starring Mistress Harlow




Ensnared on my inescapable steel punishment web my helpless insect of a slave lies in wait,As I stalk him waiting for the proper moment to pounce. I am a sight to behold dressed in full leather regaliafrom head to toe. My leather clad hands will be the weapon of his destruction, as I slap him senseless.

His heart racing,his senses reeling, his teeth rattled, he withers beneath my hard stinging face slaps the harder I strike, the lower his eyes fall as he drifts into a state of utter submission. To add insult to his injuries I bathe his pathetic face in my hot spittal. Waves of spit drench his entire head, dripping from his nose and cheeks like melting wax. I spit, I slap, I humiliate and degrade him verbally until he quivering on his knees below me.

Category: SPITTING


Keywords: mistress harlow, slapping, dominatrix, spitting, slave training, humiliation, corporal punishment, boots, degradation, corsets, bdsm, leather, gloves, mistress harlow, bondage

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DomNation – NO MERCY Starring Mistress Harlow

DomNation - NO MERCY. Starring Mistress Harlow .wmv.0003

DomNation - NO MERCY. Starring Mistress Harlow .wmv.0019

DomNation - NO MERCY. Starring Mistress Harlow .wmv.0035

In this video Mistress Harlow demonstrates her ability to impose her will and presence over her pathetic slave, as she dictates and controls his every movement with a mere gesture and snap of her finger. Once she has him completely bound and immobilized, she disciplines her minion with a swift and brutal beating with a lethal thrasher whip followed by a short black leather kangaroo quirt.The more he cries out in pain, the more his Mistress is inspired to increase his pain exponentially. Over and over her whip strikes him mercilessly, bruising, welting and lacerating his ass and back. Mistress Harlow is intent on achieving complete and utter surrender from her pet.

Features: Whipping, Lashing, Corporal Punishment, BDSM, Humiliation, Femdom, Female Domination, Leather, Bondage, Extreme Domination.

Category: FEMDOM

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Keywords: Mistress Harlow, High Heels, Dominatrix, Whipping, Slave Training, Humiliation, Corporal Punishment, Lashing, Degradation, Corsets, Suspension, Leather, Gloves, female Domination

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DomNation – LEATHER AND CONTROL Starring Mistress Harlow

DomNation - LEATHER AND CONTROL. Starring Mistress Harlow.wmv.0007

DomNation - LEATHER AND CONTROL. Starring Mistress Harlow.wmv.0012

DomNation - LEATHER AND CONTROL. Starring Mistress Harlow.wmv.0017

We are excited to have yet another new Domina join us on DomNation. Mistress Harlow is a NYC based Professional Dominatrix who dropped by our studios while visiting Los Angeles. Her style of Dominance is extremely creative, elegant and refined, and she was amazing to work with. We will add several new clips over the next few weeks. Enjoy! In this video, Mistress Harlow imposes her unparalleled degree of power and control over her slave as she orchestrates his every movement to her liking. From the way he presents himself, to manner I which he crawls to her, to the tone of his voice, is dictated by his Superior Mistress. And he must follow her directives to the letter, or else suffer a swift and severe punishment. She teaches her pathetic slave how to worship her divine boots to her liking. Starting from the bottom as it should be, she instructs him to lick the soles of her magnificent boots, and then taking him by his leash, she ever so slowly leads him up the full length of her crotch high boots, commanding him to lick every inch of her luxurious leather until they shine. She grants him the divine privilege of kissing her knee with his mouth passionately through the second skin of her intoxicating leather.

Features: Boot Domination, slapping, Boot Fetish, Slave Training, Mistress, FemDom, Female Domination,


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Keywords: towers, Mistress, Fetish, Female Domination, Slave, FemDom, CBT, BootS, Extreme Domination, masked, Ball abuse

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