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Club Stiletto FemDom – Hot Tub Service. Starring Miss Jasmine and Mistress Stac…

Club Stiletto FemDom – Hot Tub Service. Starring Miss Jasmine and Mistress Staci




TS Staci and Jasmine are lounging in the hot tub talking about you, Jasmine’s useless husband and servant in training. They humiliate you verbally and tease you while youre getting your little dicklet hard and serving them drinks. We fondle each other’s breasts and Jasmine strokes Staci’s cock underwater commenting on how big it is compared to yours. Shall they push you in the water and make you suck it? They can even use you as a human filter for the tub. Or a tub side porta potty for that matter. Shall they give you swimming lessons? How long can you hold your breath? As long as it takes Stacie to cum that’s how long.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – That’s So Relaxing – Ouch. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – That’s So Relaxing – Ouch. Starring Miss Jasmine




An unsuspecting dude has decided to go for a massage and lies face down awaiting his treatment. Jasmine, however, is no ordinary massage therapist! When she’s finished with her clients, they leave with more than just sore muscles. She slips out of her robe to reveal a pair of panties and bra; she doesn’t want anything restricting her movement. She sits on top of him and begins with some deep muscle stimulation. She tells him to put his arms back, and as he does, she gives them a nice stretch. She tells him she has an implement to help him with his arms and deftly slips on a restraint that instantly binds his hands behind his back. She rubs his ass and tells him there’s some scar tissue there that needs to be broken down. Fortunately, she has just the thing and spanks his ass with an old school brush. The poor guy still hasn’t figured out what’s going on although by this time he is getting a bit nervous. Jasmine decides it’s a good time to inform him that she knows he was disrespectful to the receptionist when he arrived, and as she tells him, she reveals a long-handled brush and beats his ass with it.

This treatment just took a turn he never expected in his wildest dreams. He’s a stressed out businessman who just wants a nice massage, and now he’s bound and literally being beaten. “We’re here to make you better; to cure you” she soothingly tells him. He pleads to be released and promises he’ll be good but she remains firm. “Not yet. We have another 45 minutes to go.” He cries out in agony as she continues to flog his butt. The marks are becoming quite visible but Jasmine isn’t even getting warmed up yet. She pulls out a wooden paddle and beats his feet with it, before moving up to his ass to deliver a steady stream of strokes across both cheeks. “I could tell from your intake form that you were a complete pervert” she says. The ‘client’ is now blubbering and begging to be released, which just makes her want to hurt him all the more, and she lets loose with a volley of full force blows. “Did I tell you my specialty in massage therapy is bl00dletting?” she says, as she chuckles at his plight. He’s now positively frantic and each blow and word scares him more than the last one. She continues to beat him and laughs with delight as he squirms and screams in pain. “There, I think we’re starting to break down some of the scar tissue” she says, as she pokes her finger into each ass cheek. Grabbing his hips, she tells him he isn’t quite symmetrical and needs a further adjustment. He frantically insists he’s okay but she just slaps his ass and says “I’ll tell you when you’re adjusted.”

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Ball Bashing Fun. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Ball Bashing Fun. Starring Miss Jasmine and Domina Ruby




Our slave finds himself alone, naked and in the presence of two true sadists, Domina Ruby and Miss Jasmine. Jasmine asks him, “Are you ok, would you like a warmup, to be coddled?” “Yes”, he foolishly replies. Jasmine gives his balls a few gentle slaps and then squeezes them as hard as she can which make Ruby laugh with pleasure. Coddle, my ass. Less than a minute into the scene Jasmine is already delivering round after round of knees to the balls and then she holds his arms behind his back so Ruby can deliver kick after kick to his already swelling nuts. Then a surprise attack from behind as Jasmine has taken hold of a giant black dildo and she starts swatting his cock and balls with that as well. The reaction from the slave is such that they decide to really take that solid rubber cock to his mid-section. The slave is practically leaving his feet as Jasmine swings the tool at his cock, balls and even his stomach. Over the next five minutes it’s a non-stop assault on the slave with him standing and kneeling on all fours. When two sadists get together the action never really stops until the slave is destroyed. They are brutal!



Keywords: ball busting, kneeing, dick slapping, asian, miss jasmine, domina ruby

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Two Girls One Cock One Pussy And You. Starring TS Staci and Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Two Girls One Cock One Pussy And You. Starring TS Staci and Miss Jasmine




TS Staci and Miss Jasmine have a heavy iron collar and chain leash with your name on it. They chat about what they plan to do with you. For starters you will be flogged with their huge selection of paddles and crops if you ever touch the collar and even harder if you touch your erect little dicklette. They both move on the bed so their asses are facing the camera and through their shear pantyhose you can see one pussy and one set of hanging balls. This is not a temporary situation, you will be collared and naked and serving the ladies forever. Now they call you in closer and Jasmine starts to run her hands over Staci’s cock and balls. Get your nose close, cock sucker. They inform you that you will be kept in chastity and will be so horny that you will salivate in anticipation of sucking Staci’s meat which sadly for you is much bigger than yours. Jasmine runs her foot over Staci’s cock and tells you to expect a life as a sex slave, servicing feet, cock and balls, pussy, boobs and whatever else they feed you. Jasmine thinks about it and realizes you are actually the luckiest pervert around. She then mentions to Staci that she has actually tossed all your clothes in the fireplace as you will now live your life inside and naked. Staci again gets back on her knees and Jasmine tells you to crawl in behind to lick her ass and balls that are poking through her sexy pantyhose. They then relate a story of a fat old pervert they saw earlier in the day trying to squeeze into a pair of size 13 stiletto’s at the fetish store and they imagine that sort of thing would be what you might do. Maybe they’ll break their nude policy and have you wear stiletto’s as part of your regular attire. Staci picks out a bunch of nasty punishment implements and Jasmine tugs on your collar chain, it’s time for your beating to begin. These ladies are going to break you and make you the perfect slave.



Keywords: ts, miss jasmine, transsexual, pov, ts domme, ts staci

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Exam. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Exam. Starring Miss Jasmine




The pathetic “suited gentleman” has such a disgusting cock it needs to be locked up during this extremely sexy probing exam by Nurse Jasmine. His ballsack is pierced and eventually he needs to be locked up forever. In full zentai suit, bondage, dental gag, the helpless patient can’t see Her climb on top of him and show Her pussy and ass to the the camera. Jasmine uses a urethral sound in pee hole and wartenburg wheel all over his pathetic dick. She sticks metal forceps in his ass to prepare for the next dilation: every hole must get stretched. All at the same time.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Under Desk Interview. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Under Desk Interview. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine sits at her office desk and says “It doesn’t take much to get fired these days, especially when you’re horrible to your staff and a perv on top of that”. Thus was the case of her former manager, who she’s now looking to replace. The camera pulls back and you can see the current candidate underneath the desk, wearing a mask, collar and leash. This poor sap arrived in his best dress-clothes armed with an impressive resume, only to learn that the most important qualification would be the length of time he could spend kneeling beneath Miss Jasmine’s desk until receiving her next order. Jasmine reveals a stack of shoeboxes filled with brand new shoes that she’s been accumulating from slaves eager to please her. She lovingly lifts out each pair of amazing stilettos, and while she does this, her applicant is required to demonstrate how well he can lick the soles and suck the heels. She laughs and says that if he’s successful he won’t get pristine, clean heels like these ones. No, he’ll need to be prepared to lick whatever detritus she’s been walking in, no matter how disgusting. “I get around a lot. Sometimes I travel to third world countries and sometimes I go to gay bars. I also like to give shoe jobs but the semen gets into all the nooks and crannies of my beautiful shoes.” Then she lists off quite a number of other nasty things her lovely shoes might come into contact with. The successful applicant must be prepared to wait under her desk and lick up whatever she gives him. She lovingly goes through the shoes, and while changing into them, the slave must suck on her nylon-clad toes. Jasmine mentions that the lucky candidate will live under her desk, clean up dishes and such, and also be expected to lick the shoes clean for everyone else in the office. What an amazing collection of shoes! And the good news is that there’s still time for you to apply for the position of office doormat!



Keywords: miss jasmine, foot worship, feet, asian, office domination

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Do These Panties I Mean Jeans Feel Good On Your Face. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Do These Panties I Mean Jeans Feel Good On Your Face. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine has worked her slave over exceptionally hard and has him on the ground, ready to receive his reward. Looking utterly divine in her black panties and bra, she asks if he’d like her to sit on his face. He begs her to do so and she stands above him, bringing her gorgeous ass within inches of his face. You can see his look of excitement, but just before her flesh makes contact, she abruptly rises and tells him to wait because she has something to do. The screen rolls over and Miss Jasmine reappears wearing jeans. The slave gulps and says “Oh, your jeans”, which makes her laugh because they both know this isn’t going to be a sensuous facesit, but rather, a cruel adventure with denim and seams cutting into the poor guy’s face. “I thought for safety reasons that you’d like the barrier” she laughs, knowing full well he’d had his heart set on feeling her silky panties against his face. Jasmine can be quite sadistic though and she’s happiest when making men suffer. After grinding him for a while, she does the splits on his face, so both the center seam and the leg seams cut into him.

Jasmine’s ass looks super hot in her stylish jeans and she really sits down hard on the slave’s face, crushing his nose and smothering him completely. You can hear the slave’s nose actually crack as she leans back, which she loves! She says she feels a fart coming on and lets one rip right into his mouth. “It must be the breakfast burrito I had” she says. She does the splits again, glides up and down his face, then mocks him for his lacking erection. She gives his balls a few playful slaps and says, “Aww, poor guy”. She can see that he’s really suffering. but she goes right back to full weight facesitting followed by another complete smother. “Time for this bad boy to go to sleep” she says, as the slave’s world fades to back.



Keywords: miss jasmine, asian, jeans facesitting, ass smother, facesitting

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Out Of Chastity After A Month, Time To Bust Your Balls. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Out Of Chastity After A Month, Time To Bust Your Balls. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine looks amazing in her 6″ stilettos, bra, panties and corset. You’ll long to be the dawg she has crawl in to be subjected to what she is about to deliver. When she makes the slave stand up you can see he is locked in chastity. She unlocks him but while doing so reminds him there is always a cost that goes along with his freedom. She barely has him out of the cage and she starts kicking him. She makes him hold his dicklette up so his balls get the full brunt of her kicks. After a few kicks with the shoes she decides to remove them so she can really kick him with all her force. She kicks him, knees him and slaps his balls and then is thrilled when she sees the first red bruise on them, he’s about to be opened up. The slave gets erect from the attention which only inspires Jasmine to kick him some more, reminding him that he had best take what she delivers or he will be locked right back up. Jasmine has long lean feet and she uses both of them when kicking, her kick box training showing through. She stops at times only to slap and knee him more and the slave starts to struggle to stay on his feet. Jasmine threatens to remove his cock and it gets the sick fuck aroused even more. Now she intensifies the kicking, more and harder kicks until she eventually tells him to turn around and get on all fours. Standing behind him she now attacks his balls again and this time he does not see the blows coming. While the slave catches his breath, Jasmine grabs the chastity belt and locks him right back up. She sends him away to his place under the steps and then looks at you and tells you to get over to her and lick up the red mess off her legs and feet, remnants from her slaves injured nuts.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Sick Office Dawg Fucks Hot Girl At Office. Starring Mistress Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Sick Office Dawg Fucks Hot Girl At Office. Starring Mistress Jasmine




Jasmine is satisfied with her employee’s effort at worshiping her feet and has decided to give him a 15 cent hourly raise. She sticks a dildo with a cock on each end into his mouth, small end first. He’s going to have to work even harder now to earn the extra money. She says the dildo will help him get used to having cock in his mouth, but more importantly, he needs to understand that the bigger end is for her pussy… that, and the fact that he’s extremely fortunate to be her sex slave. She directs him between her legs and the dildo slides into her hot, wet pussy. She gushes over her upcoming date and how big he is. She tells the slave that her stud’s cum is still inside her and keeping her well lubed. She expects he will fuck her in the car on the way to her place because her pussy is always wet and ready to be fucked. “You are my primer” she tells the office boy, as he carefully moves the dildo in and out in a rhythmic manner. She reminds him that along with the pay increase he’ll also be put into full-time chastity. Peeling off her top, she kneels on a chair so the slave can penetrate her from behind, just the way her boyfriend takes her. She glides the big dick into her tight pussy, and if this isn’t the dream of any slave, we don’t know what is. “I’ll be getting some real dick soon” she tells him. “This is just warm-up dick”. Although not the real thing, you can hear Jasmine really getting off on the dildo and the power she has over her bitch emanates from her. She makes him lie on the ground so she can sit on his face, and more importantly, the dildo. She rides it hard and says she wants to stay there all day but has to get ready for some real cock. When she’s finally satisfied and composed, she says it’s time to send him off to service some of the other women “and probably to suck some dick, too, at which point you might get another 15 cent raise”.



Keywords: office, asian, miss jasmine, dildo, sex slave

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Jasmine’s Office Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Jasmine’s Office Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine




Office life gets boring sometimes and painful too for the women who likes to wear the latest in fashion heels. Fortunately Miss Jasmine has her very own office bitch living under her desk. “Bitch, you know what to do”, she barks at the office boy who came into the company thinking it was the start of his rise to power in a big corporation. As if! The women rule here and this is as good as it will get for this eager beaver. Attached to the end of her leash she makes him start by kissing her shoes. “Sometimes he’s under there for hours at a time”, she says, relating how he lied on his resume thinking he could fool her. He has to take off her shoes and use his hands and mouth to massage, suck and lick her toes and feet. “When he fails, I trample him”, she laughs. She mentions that she does share him around the office and he has to crawl from one woman to the next, the entire staff looks at him as some sort of weird freak who will do whatever they demand of him. He eagerly worships her feet as Jasmine speaks of all his weakness, insuring he is fully demoralized and happy to have his current job. Fat elderly Susan knocks on the door and Jasmine tells her that the office boy will be there to lick her sweaty feet soon. She has him lick all the way up her legs until he gets close to her pussy, then she makes him stop and sends him off to attend to Susan.



Keywords: miss jasmine, feet, office, asian goddess, foot worship

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