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Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring …

Reality Girls Scissors – Two Guys Four Knockouts! Clear HD Knockouts. Starring Nikki Next




The great American beauty Nikki Next is deliberate about applying submission holds with perfect form that knock out her opponents. Nikki feels something missing when someone doesn’t go smoothly to sleep from her force. They can tap. But this is Tom and his friend Rico Suave learning from him; and Tom hates tapping like liver). Nikki locks Tom in a side headscissors that returns with her tremendous leg strength his character of the purple-faced monster. Nikki Next’s quadriceps are big. They now swallow heads, and it is all muscle as the fitness girl with the coat-hanger shoulders and ripped arms can do deep damage with her perfect headscissors. She locks them out at her pink shoes and says Tom has his nice purple shade in her infamous reverse headscissors, in which, when before they met here, she put him out so hard his wrists curled and arms stiffened. Here, she puts him out in a RNC … asks if he was dreaming about her. If not he should have been. At 19 — though we keep thinking she’s 20 and her face is frozen at 18 — Nikki Next is hot just tying her shirt up on her waist. She RNC’s him to bed again! Tom is toast and into the young eidolon’s arms goes Rico Suave, who is so overcome by Nikki that he gets himself hurt by running his hands over her legs, asking her “deeper” in a figure four headscissors. He is under the witchy spell that touches those who idolize unusual beauty, which fills any room Nikki walks in. She puts him out in a RNC. Rico pays — and hard — when his enthusiasm turns into him grabbing her ass in a reverse headscissors. Nikki slams her hand down into his balls and puts him to sleep in the hold — like a fucking light. His eyes are like cartoon pupils in the silence. Rico is gone to the world. But Nikki won’t stop. He can’t hear as her legs expand around his neck and head, and then her arms under his chin again as he begs the younger girl for a break. Some of the most dominant action ever by one of the greatest Reality Girls ever as Nikki knocks out an old friend and a new one. Time: 15:37



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Reality Girls Scissors – Jolene in Tap Or

Reality Girls Scissors – Jolene in Tap Or




Superstar Jolene tortures Rob here, putting him at her feet, making him panic in her overpowering headscissors, straight headscissors, then her brutal figure-four. She laughs at him tapping in another straight headscissors. Jolene smiles. “I wonder if I can read and choke you at the same time,” she says and starts playing a torturous game of making him tap before reading one sentence from a travel guide, smiling her bright-white model smile down at the guy she has suffering in her legs. “You’re distracting me,” she tells him of his taps. “Turn around so I can see your face,” she says and locks on a straight headscissors that almost breaks his jaw as he taps. “One sentence! Why the fuck can’t you lat one sentence?” She knows why. Jolene’s straight headscissors is among the most powerful anywhere and his neck might snap if he makes it to the end of her long sentence. She reads with one hand and draws him up in a rear naked choke with the other. “I’m so excited I could just squeeze you ,” she tells him before putting him in her favorite foot choke – a two-heel standing choke. “Tap or …,” she says as he hangs on and turns purple. Jolene is a tall powerhouse with long, strong legs and a big prescence. A seated double heel choke preceeds a brutal string of her feared figure fours, rolling his neck over and over, locking on another straight headscissors, then making him beg in more figure fours. Another cruel standing double heel choke before she gets behind him and almost puts him out in a rear naked choke, laughing at him as her smile shines and her abs flex. A guillotine into a reverse headscissors. She hurts his throat by sliding her entire body weight across it with her heels then says “Hold your breath” when he begs her to breathe. She has him quickly begging again in a deep reverse headscissors, his face in her perfect ass. Then a violent standing reverse headscissors puts him fast to sleep in her glutes. After holding onto him then laughing at him when he wakes, she lets him pick the last thing she does to him; and his day ends looking up into the intense eyes of the tall, powerful grappler as she takes his air away with one hand. Time: 18:51



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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Fear your Captor Part 1

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Fear your Captor Part 1




Goddess Maya Liyer gives a masterclass in Verbal, Physical and Mental domination, as she strikes fear into the hearts and minds of her prisoners with extreme cruelty.In this clip she brutally slaps her prisoner and spits in his eyes whilst verbally terrifying him. Goddess Maya Liyer at her stunning best.



Keywords: maya liyer, british, asian, gloves, latex, faceslapping, spitting, verbal humiliation, domination, prisoners, female domination, humiliation, legs, military, stunning

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Reality Girls Scissors – Pocahontas Punishes Thin Man. Starring Pocahontas Jone…

Reality Girls Scissors – Pocahontas Punishes Thin Man. Starring Pocahontas Jones




Elite pretty girl Pocahontas Jones has a way of walking at her prey, confident, cocky, that seems to inform them they are in for pain, as here with Thin man, whose back she leaps on and locks on her perfect rear naked choke that soon has him on his knees as she stands behind him, pulling up and squeezing. She locks him in an eye-popping half nelson/half rear naked that looks in a race to either put him out or rip up his shoulder. Poca is brutally strong and as much as any Reality Girl loves hurting people. It seems she’s even hotter than when we saw her more often but she was insanely pretty then too. A bodyscissors, a crucifix she learned from the great Andi Page seeing it once. They are both machines learning holds. A reverse figure four headscissors makes him howl in pain as she twists the hold, trying to hurt his neck. A full nelson applied with her legs, a brutal camel clutch. She makes his jaw go “Pop!” in The Pocahontas — a hold she invented. She sits on his chest and headscissors him, looking down at him in the pain she caused. her long and beautiful legs are so strong they could pull his neck off the bone in the figure-four she locks on. A wrap-around shin choke turns him deep purple — a bodyscissors, another rear naked — Poca is so skilled, has such length and power, Thin Man has no chance. Time: 16:35



Keywords: scissorhold

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Mistress Justine Cross – Crossing My Legs for You

Mistress Justine Cross – Crossing My Legs for You




I totally love crossing my legs because they are so long and firm, and it gets my panties wet because it feels so good! I especially love to start crossing them with my crotch-high black leather boots on, then strip them off, one boot at a time, to reveal my bare legs. Oh, it feels so good! Want to watch? Recorded in full HD.

See me do more here: Crossed Leg Fetish.


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Keywords: los angeles dominatrix, mistress justine cross, dungeon west

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Ball Busting Chicks – Who will it be – New version

Ball Busting Chicks – Who will it be – New version




First and main part of the video is a rude ballbusting of two male slaves. To find out who is the best for her next ladies party she t*rtures their balls in various ways. Evil grabbing, twisting and beating. The hardest to take for them of course is the ruthless kicking in the manhood by this cruel lady. Her favorite is the one who get several times a tremendous hard on at watching her legs, stockings and high heels as she pulls her dress up for a better kicking. The cock remains hard even while she kick him in his swollen ball sack… Nevertheless when she kicks him really hard in his dangling nuts or hit the right spot the pain is too much for him and his cock hangs down again, like the cock of the other male sex slave who is totally useless for this mean woman. Then her favorite cock and ball slave, the lucky “winner”, get his back caned until it’s red and spread with nasty caning marks all over. Then – in addition to the older video version – he get also his fully erected cock beaten with her gloved hand. It seems his boner points high up, right towards the vagina of the much taller woman. That calls for an even harder cock punishment by whipping! She is pleased to see the cock limp, down hanging again and bruised all over…
Length 14:40 minutes. ballbustingchicks.com



Keywords: sidney

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Fucks Shiny Metallic Stockings and Cums on Shoes

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Fucks Shiny Metallic Stockings and Cums on Shoes




Alexa has a treat for her loser today. Shes going to let it jerk to her shiny new pantyhose. Alexa knows that stockings drive this weakling crazy. She tells the loser to kiss her ass. The loser kisses Alexas amazing nylon covered ass. Alexa generously allows the loser to play red light green light. The rules are simple, green light means permission to stroke, red light means hands off. Alexa teases the slave by stretching and snapping the nylon as the slave jerks itself off to the view of her incredible body. Once the slave is hard up, Alexa changes the rules of the game. Instead of jerking off with its hand, it has to cum from fucking her legs. The pathetic slave fucks Alexas nylon covered calves. Now green light means the slave has to hump Alexas perfect legs to the best of its ability. Alexa tells the slave how fast or slow it is allowed to hump. Are you going to cum for Me, little leg humper? She asks it. Alexa makes the nylon obsessed loser fuck her stockings fast until it cums all over her shoes. (8:00 long)

Clip contains: Alexa, Leg Fucking, Female Domination, Stockings, Jerk off Instruction, Red Light Green Light, Ass Kissing, Leg Humping



Keywords: leg humping, ass kissing, leg fucking, stockings, red light green light

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Worship Fine Stockings

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Worship Fine Stockings




If you have a fetish for luxurious fully fashioned stockings this will be a rare treat! These are the most authentic, high quality vintage stockings in the world. Worship my perfect feet & legs encased in these ultra-sheer nylons.



Keywords: pantyhose/stockings

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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – I own your Tongue (Full Clip)

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – I own your Tongue (Full Clip)




This is the full clip of I own your tongue filmed in 2015, I filmed a few clips with this slave, Chastity in Chains, Fear induced Productivity, Nervous Latex maid in training to name a few and I will be releasing a version of all of these, re-edited by Myself as full length clips.

This clip follows on from Nervous Latex maid in training, I am wearing a latex top and a skirt that exposes My Ass, all the easier for a helpless slave to bury his face in there as he descends ever deeper into subservience and submission to Me.

I keep this slave by his balls, in a humbler, this stops him moving around to much and over time I use these devices to train a slave not to flinch when I am beating them. I like My slave to remain still as he buries his tongue into My ass as I flog him.

As well as worshiping My ass as I beat him, relax and put on My make up, I have this slave worshiping my Legs and Shoes, I love that the humbler causes him pain as he does this, I like My slaves to associate intense pleasure with the feelings of pain, it makes them beg for Me to hurt them when they descend lower into total ownership.

Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?

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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Broken Shoe Licker

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Broken Shoe Licker




Before My Recent trip to Amsterdam I ordered My Shoe slave to meet Me in Brussels. It had been a few months since he has had the pleasure of tasting and smelling My shoes and feet.

I wanted to reinforce his complete obedience before making the journey to Amsterdam where he is to work in the windows of the red light district as My little whore, sucking cock and getting his ass fucked for cash, My cash. I wanted to crush his spirit, I manhandle this little bitch, slap him and whip him, force him to inhale my pussy, to get the scent of his pimp.

I love pimping out slaves to men, there is nothing dirtier and more humiliating than making a slave suck another mans cock, in this case he does exactly as he is told or he will never get to taste my feet and shoes again. Such is the power I hold over this little bitch, serves him right for being addicted to My feet and shoes.

I Love just having this little slave at my feet, so broken and obedient, craving My shoes, desperate to lick My gorgeous Louboutin heels. This is the evening before we set off for Amsterdam and I really want to hammer home My slaves submission, so that he works hard in Amsterdam out of fear and a longing to serve his owner. I love whipping this slave, I have beaten him so fiercely over the years, you can see what fear a couple of strikes causes to this slave as he grovels lower and lower at my shoes, truly broken and helpless.

Wouldn’t you love it if that was you?

Visit my website to organise an appointment www.goddess-maya-liyer.com

The HD version of this clip is also availableBuy Now

Visit my Youtube page for free videos and subscribe to my channel click here

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