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Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2. Starring Domina Kate

Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 2. Starring Domina Kate




It only takes one lesson for WARDEN KATE to make it clear SHE means business. Nobody’s ever gonna call THIS DISCIPLINARIAN WAITY KATIE! Finding the methods of gentle persuasion rather boring, SHE replaces HER gentle SLAVE paddle with a more cuddly cat-o-nine tails. “Why, look here, this appears 2 be my handwriting,” SHE purrs proudly, clawing the pink and purple welts on his bright red ass, which is soon every bit as swollen as a baboon’s in heat,”and we have only just begun, my Sweet. We really ought to run you through the whole programme, don’t u think?” Roughly translated, that means, ‘Time to amuse myself with some serious caning.’ “These`re my two very best friends in the whole wide world,” crows K-K-K-KIND KATIE and SHE ain’t just a k-k-k-kiddin’. With a cane in each hand, everybody’s favourite PUNISHMENT PRINCESS really gets the air to whistling. With the friendly help of HER beloved percussion instruments, will SHE be able to wring an admission of guilt out of the still unrepentant exhibitionist? One thing’s for certain: a regimen of this five times daily will soon have his mama wondering why he prefers to eat his dinner standing up.

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Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 1

Kates Palace – The Exposed Exhibitionist 1




While out strolling in the park, THE PALACE PATROL-LADIES have apprehended a flasher in a ridiculous pink outfit and put him behind bars where he belongs. When questioned by DOMINA KATE, he gives an all too transparently dissembling explanation for his bad behaviour. Thoroughly unimpressed with his obvious deceptions, OFFICER KATE performs the standard procedure for perverted criminals: a strip search followed by a complete shaving of the head using HER PISS as a disinfectant. Mr. Flashy will no longer be letting his freak flag fly. Bye-bye hair. Bye-bye degeneracy. Hello enforced horniness. His obviously twisted upbringing is no excuse, so later the same afternoon the utterly pathetic exhibitionist will begin serving a harsh sentence: a merciless flogging 5 times daily. He`ll also be released from his cell for ten minutes each day to clean THE LADIES TOILET. And tonight when he finally lays down his weary bald head, he`ll sleep on a pillow of his very own kinky hair.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Smoking, Smoke, Cigarette, Humiliation, Domina Kate, Kate, Kates-Palace

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Kates Palace – Let’s Fist 1. Starring LADY KATE and CARMEN RIVERA

Kates Palace – Let’s Fist 1. Starring LADY KATE and CARMEN RIVERA




LADY KATE and CARMEN RIVERA are crowing over the size of THEIR MONSTER MAGIC WANDS. “Mine’s bigger,” CARMEN chuckles wickedly. SHE has brought along a slave to try them out on, but his pathetic little pin-prick and balls don’t inspire much admiration. Not to worry! A pair of infusion needles soon have his little raisins swelling with newfound pride. “My, my grandpa, what nice juicy melons you have!” Once he’s properly prepared, THE COCKY LADIES waste no time fastening him to the hot seat. This would take most men far past the limits of their endurance, but THE TWO ASS-DISTENDRIXES are just getting started. How fitting that the chair comes with a proper Filling Station because the greedy slave is soooo thirsty, and BOTH OBLIGING MISTRESSES are filled to the brim with kegs of precious nectar. “Enough for two October fests!” chuckles CARMEN as SHE fills a beer glass to the brim. “MY turn,” tag teams KATE and fills the glass again. “So nice to give him a pre-fuck cocktail,” taunts CARMEN, as SHE refills the empty beaker to the top. “Everything he gets from us is good,” agrees KATE as SHE reopens the stopcock. “Not that he deserves it.”

Keywords: Carmen Rivera, KatesPalace, LADY KATE

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Kates Palace – Paquet francaise 6 – The Slave Contract. Starring DOMINA KATE

Kates Palace – Paquet francaise 6 – The Slave Contract. Starring DOMINA KATE




Do you think DOMINA KATE will leave HER fuckable bitch at peace? Helloooo? After tightly binding Scarlet’s engorged pussy and gaping clit, THE ÜBERMISTRESS OF THE PALACE wants to properly train it for future ‘suitors’. After fisting the purple-lipped cunt-for-saler into trembling submission., the RESOLUTE DOMINATRIX fastens her firmly in place on the anal hook. THE SLY SLAVE OWNER wants to make sure no one gets any ideas about rustling off with HER tempting tart. Wielding a scalpel, THE SIN-LOVING MEPHISTA emblazons the bitch leg with a scarlet ‘K’, followed by an expert piercing of Scarlet’s raggedy balls. Time to really get decadent! Since no cock is available for Scarlet’s next round of performance testing, the EXAMINATRIX commandeers the reluctant cameraman. After his cheeky behavior in “Filmmaker in Trouble”, THE LADY LOCKSMITH has imprisoned his cock in a chastity device to teach him respect. Breaking down another taboo, THE INNOVATIVE DOMINA guides his sex-starved cock into the bitch’s welcoming mouth in a truly diabolical Femme Finale. Who will be the first to reach a kinky climax? See for yourself!

Keywords: Domina Kate, Kates Palace, KatesPalace

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Kates Palace – Shiva’s Lesson – Listen or Learn to Feel 2. Starring Domna Kate

Kates Palace – Shiva’s Lesson – Listen or Learn to Feel 2. Starring Domna Kate




Returning to the clinic, DOMINA KATE discovers that neither Shiva nor the slave have obeyed orders. Disobedience tends to provoke HER most brutally unpredictable behaviour. While dressing down the cheeky Shiva, LADY KATE harasses her greedy slut buttons with tight breast bondage. Then, fastening the switch-wielding/loving babe to the cross, THE AESTHETIC DOMINA stripes her ass the same pretty colour as her pervy purple hair. In due time, the Domme/Sub must take her place on the Gyno-chair, where THE GOOD MISTRESS fucks her with a strap-on until the switch-fucking Lass is all but totally overwhelmed with pleasure/pain. After using the anxious slave as HER personal trash can and dumb waiter, THE STERN DOMINA finds a set of needles and gets right to the heart of the matter, piercing Miss Switcheo’s areolas with diabolical glee. Then SHE vibrates the perverse lady who can’t make up her mind to a bloody climax at the moment of her greatest pain. Subjugation may be rewarded in the Palace, but not until everything goes exactly the way THE DOMINA EXTRAORDINAIRE expects. Has SHE made HERSELF perfectly clear!

Keywords: Domina Kate, Female Domination, Femdom, Kates Palace, KatesPalace

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