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Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer – Danni Visits his Chastity and Human Toilet Coach

Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer – Danni Visits his Chastity and Human Toilet Coach




Danni is a male new to chastity. It has been a very long six weeks in chastity for Danni. Danni has been visiting a chastity coach to help in the transition from a free male to a chastised male. In this bi weekly meeting, Jennifer’s assistant Lola first instructs Danni to remove his clothes. He is 5 minutes late for his appointment! Lola tells him that he will probably get more time in chastity for being tardy. Lola then brings chastity coach Jennifer in for the examination. She begins with some basic questions for Danni.

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being not very frustrated and 10 being very sexually frustrated how do you feel?

Have you experienced lots of pain or a dull aching in your testicles?

Are you still getting morning erections or do you try to get morning erections?

Lola is making size measurements of his testicles and noting their color. Lola reports to Jennifer that they are looking great and they are right in specification. She would expect them to swell some more until they are very big. The male complains that the tube is too tight. The girls investigate his complains but find it is without merit. The tube is actually too small and it will be tightened. Danni has it explained to him that the rigor of chastity makes it easier for his Princess to manipulate and control him. The girls than explain to Danni that his owner is worried that he will soon run out of money. Jennifer decides to introduce Danni to being a human toilet. Lola notes that most toilet slaves at the house are 300 to 350 pounds! She measures his stomach and thinks he will not have much capacity. Jennifer just says he will just have to be trained harder.

This clip has a very objectifying, subtle clinical tone to it. It is very humiliating for the naked male. For the male who dreams of being in or actually is in chastity this is a great video to watch. You can play along with the video and answer Jennifer’s chastity examination questions. (8:25 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Lola, Danni, chastity, chastity humiliation, human toilet discussion, CFNM, male objectification

Category: CHASTITY

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EMPRESS JENNIFER – Toilet slave’s Breakfast

EMPRESS JENNIFER – Toilet slave’s Breakfast





So I’ve woken up, eaten breakfast and gotten out of bed. Every morning, take My morning pee and of course brush My teeth. It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t let My slave have breakfast too.. So I so graciously feed him his morning meal. MY PISS haha.. And after I brush My teeth, he also gets to freshen up his mouth.. WITH MY MOUTH WASTE hahah Such a lucky fuck.



Keywords: empress, goddess, princess, brat, mistress, jennifer, jen, jenn, girl, slave, mean, spit, force, hair

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Jennifer – Slave Jerks Off into Own Mouth




720 HD: The girls took his paycheck now they are going to take his dignity. They spit in his mouth and make him jerk off into his mouth. The girls make him open wide and jerk himself off into his own mouth. The slave swallows it. (5:59 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, masturbation instruction, cum swallowing, financial domination, humiliation


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Brat Princess 2 -€“ Jennifer and Sara -“ Relationship Counselor Rewires Danni Part 3




720 HD: Danni emerges from his therapists bathroom to reveal his new chastity device. Sara is delighted to see that its pink, her favorite color. Sara takes the key and locks her boyfriend into the device. Jennifer explains that now danni will clean whatever Sara wants cleaned, buy whatever she wants him to buy. He is under his girlfriends complete control. Jennifer wants Sara to tease danni, just so that he can experience what chastity feels like with an erection. Sara tells danni to look at her butt. Dannis eyes get wide. Hes never been this close to his girlfriends butt. Sara pushes dannis face deep into it. Sara rewards her boyfriend, danni, by allowing him to kiss her ass. Danni complains that his chastity is starting to hurt. Jennifer asks danni if the discomfort is something he can get used to. She reminds him that its for his girlfriend. Sara tells danni that she wants him to worship her feet again. Danni obediently does as his girlfriend wishes. Jennifer explains that danni is just in a starter chastity. In a month, they will have to come back and have dannis chastity tightened. Jennifer will be available to talk danni through it as he transitions to tighter and tighter chastity. Sara is relieved that their relationship struggles appear to be over. She finally has her boyfriend on his knees, sucking and massaging her toes. Shes always wanted this for them. Sara inquires if Jennifer performs castrations as well. Jennifer is an experienced Castratrix. Sara plans to bring her step father in for the castration her mother has promised to her. Jennifer has several castrations booked the following week, but she thinks that she can make room in her schedule to do Saras step fathers. Sara asks if she can perform the castration on her step father herself. Jennifer says that she certainly can. She will guide her through the process. Removing male testicles is actually quite simple. Jennifer checks her schedule and books the appointment. Terrified danni works hard to please his girlfriend by sucking on her toes. He doesnt want to share the same fate as Saras step father. (9:48 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Sara Luvv, Female Domination, Mind Fuck, Brain Rewire, Boyfriend Training, Small Penis
Humiliation, Chastity, Foot Worship, Castration Fantasy



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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer – Cow Milked for Profit Abused for Fun




1080 HD: This clip has lots of laughter and screaming. The cow does the screaming and the girls are laughing. The girls love teasing the cows. They love to tease the cow and to watch him struggle to cum. The cow is being completely by his female tormentors. In this clip the voltage was especially high and the girls still pressed the full force manual shock button several times. Each time the girls laughed and laughed. The girls continue to shock the male while teasing him with face sitting. This is probably the cruelest milking machine clip yet. Because of the numbers of shocks and the fact that the voltage was so high, this clip had to end early. The girls just love the milking machine. (11:00 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jenna Ivory, Jennifer, milking machine, electrical shocks



Keywords: Milking Machine, Edging

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy Jenna and Jennifer – Cow Abused while Software Debugged




1080 HD: The Brat Princess Milker software is still a little buggy. In this clip, the girls struggle with finding a bug in the software that keeps causing the voltage to keep drifting upwards. The girls become more and more frustrated with the software and they take out their frustrations on the slave. They test the manual shock button over and over to make sure it works at full force and maximum agony. The girls debate about disconnecting the cow during the debug. Andy just keeps getting shocked harder and harder until it goes to rail voltage. Andy is in agony but the teasers dont seem to care. Goddess Amadahy looks especially stunning in this clip. This clip is a Brat Princess classic you have to own! (15:13 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, Jenna, male milking machine, electrical shocks on testicles, face sitting



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Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer and Lola – Milking Cow Overtime for Shock Test

1080 HD: Brat Princess Industries has been approved by the government to increase the voltage settings they use in the cow testicle shocking device. Lola is testing the new voltage on cow andy. Andy has already finished his shift, but instead of being granted his usual rest period he is being held back to run these additional tests. Lola gives andy a series of shocks and wants him to tell her which one hurts the most. Whilst andy is writhing in agony, Empress Jennifer enters. Jennifer wants to make sure Lola is hitting andy with the newly approved voltage hard enough. Seeking Jennifer’s approval, Lola hits andy with a hard shock and Jennifer erupts in laughter. They record the results as andy indicates that this last shock was more painful than the one that preceded it. Lola thinks they can take the voltage even higher and Jennifer thinks they can keep andy on the bench even longer. Lola always goes along with whatever Jennifer wants, even if it contradicts her best judgement. She quietly nods her head as Jennifer demands the cow stay and be milked for two additional hours. Jennifer then notices how tightly her cow’s balls have been tied off for the testing. They are extremely blue. The girls are all smiles as they poke and prod the disfigured testicles. They wonder if it’s the increased voltage making them so blue today. They decide to keep shocking him and see if they get bluer. They raise the voltage again and andy makes a huge fuss over the pain. Jennifer lifts the cow’s gag to spit into its mouth. When Jennifer prompts Lola to raise the voltage yet again, Lola finally voices her concern. The cow has already been on the bench several hours and the voltage has been increased many times. Jennifer explains that she wants the cow to serve additional time on the bench because she needs a new bag. After hearing Jennifer’s reasoning, Lola can completely understand Jennifer’s need. Having a consistent supply of new bags is extremely important to a Princess, and certainly more important than something silly like the health of replaceable livestock. Jennifer shocks the cow over and over while Lola sits on its chest, swinging her feet and spitting into its face hole. The cow keeps making a huge fuss over the pain. Eventually the cow realizes it has no allies and starts to cry. Jennifer changes her outfit, so that she can be sure that despite the pain andy keeps its erection. When Jennifer leaves, Lola turns up the pleasure sensations for the cow and makes the experience more sensual for it. Jennifer emerges from behind a screen looking very sexy in her new outfit. Andy is producing enough, but Jennifer doesn’t just want enough, she wants more than enough. Lola leaves to change her outfit and Jennifer really cranks up the meanness. The cow starts producing really well. Jennifer stays with the cow on the milking bench for hours. Lola turns up later to offer Jennifer some refreshment. Lola starts shocking andy manually because she like to see Jennifer smile, and every time andy gets shocked Jennifer smiles. They fuck its mouth with a brush for a little while because it really hates getting the brush. They leave the brush in the andy’s mouth while they enjoy a cup of pumpkin spice tea. (30:04 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Lola, Female Domination, Milking Machine, Electric Shocks, Edging, spitting, bondage male


Related Categories: BONDAGE MALE, SPITTING

Keywords: Milking Machine, Electric Shocks, Edging

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Brat Princess 2 – Jennifer and Mia POV – Foot Humiliation with Cum Countdown

1080 HD Strokers who are addicted to feet are easy to manipulate. The girls love the power their feet have over you. They red light green light your strokes while you look at the bottoms of their feet. After some humiliating red light green light jerk off games, the girls count you down. Foot freaks will love this clip. (6:54 long)

Clip contains: Jennifer, Mia, JOI, red light green light, cum countdown, foot fetish

Category: FEMDOM POV


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Brat Princess 2 – Jenna and Jennifer – Humiliate an Asian Foot Slave

Jenna and Jennifer have a teacher they especially dont like. They call him Mr. Dim Sum. They think its really funny to humiliate him by making him lick the dirt and sweat off of their feet. Jenna makes Mr. Dim Sum put her stinky socks in his mouth. Jennifer is impressed with how big his mouth is! She thinks it might be able to even fit both of their feet at once. Jenna is very mean to Mr. Dim Sum. She makes some racially humiliating comments. Jennifer and Jenna are in fact able to fit both of their feet in Dim Sums mouth. Jennifer tells Dim Sum to lie on the floor and she tramples him. Jennifer shoves her foot to the back of Dim Sums throat while she is trampling him. Jenna makes Mr. Dim Sum bark like a little bitch dog and play fetch with chopsticks. When Dim Sum Brings back the chopsticks, Jenna makes him pick up the sock with them and eat it. This is an especially mean and humiliating clip. (12:44 long)

Clip contains: Jenna and Jennifer, Foot Worship, Sock Smelling, Trampling, Humiliation



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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Jennifer – Human Ashtray Filled with Ash Spit and Butts

720 HD:Amadahy and Jennifer relax on the deck before busting balls with a cigarette. Amadahy taps her ashes in its mouth just as if it were a normal ashtray. Both girls spit in his mouth so the ashes become a muddy mess. Jennifer loves putting out cigarettes on slaves tongues so Amadahy gives her the honor. Jennifer presses the burning butt onto the slaves tongue and watches with glee as he groans. The butt is left in its mouth. (11:37 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Jennifer, human ashtray, smoking, spitting


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