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THE MEAN GIRLS – Another Brick In The Wall. Starring Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley

THE MEAN GIRLS – Another Brick In The Wall. Starring Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley




Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley have trampled this slave so many times already that they need to find a new way to mix things up. So this time they will trample the slave on bricks to make it even more painful for him. The slave is positioned face up across the top of the low and narrow brick wall in the back yard of Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Nina steps up onto the slave and balances the full weight of her high heels right on his sensitive inner thighs. Next Goddess Harley steps onto the center of the slave’s chest with her high heels sinking deeply into his flesh. With the slave now supporting the full weight of both Goddesses they begin bouncing up and down on the slave and grinding their sharp high heels into his skin deeper and deeper. The gagged slave moans out in obvious pain below them, but the Goddesses pay no attention to his muffled screams.

This is probably one of the hardest trampling clips available anywhere on clips4sale. Goddess Nina and Goddess Harley trample the slave without mercy as they seek to take him to new levels of pain. At various points the Goddesses step off the slave to admire the puncture marks their heels are leaving embedded all over the slave’s body. They also comment on the damage their heels are causing. What was that cracking noise? Was that cartilage? Bone? His ribs? I don’t know but something’s cracking. This is a must buy clip for hardcore trampling fans! Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “10.”



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Whos Ass Is Deddliest. Starring Goddess Harley

THE MEAN GIRLS – Whos Ass Is Deddliest. Starring Goddess Harley



This slave gets me n Goddess Harley’s big asses In his face in this fluffy king size bed. If you want to see how he does without air you should watch this video. This may be the price you pay for “going to bed” with a couple of Mean Girls! haha! We decide to see who’s ass and who’s outfit can restrict its airflow the best…any guesses on who wins?? Oh and at the end the “winner” sits on its passd-out face one last time and forces out a little puff of “air” out of her butt into the slave’s face just to disrespect it a little more! LOL

But you will need to watch the clip to see which Goddess has the deddliest ass…! 😉

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Human Door Mat Degredation. Starring Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel

THE MEAN GIRLS – Human Door Mat Degredation. Starring Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel





Slaves are so lucky we walk around in bikinis and use slave as a dirty foot wipe upon entering the kitchen at Mean Girl Manor. Goddess Harley and I walk around back yard for a while we talk about how dirty our feet are getting. We enter the kitchen and wipe their feet on the slaves tongue as he deserves. He is nothing but a human door mat. Oh and we dont want slave germs so we make him wash our feet in a bowl of clean soap and water and he dries our feet.I actually think he does a bad job and should enjoy washing and serving us better so if you watch this clip and think you could do better you can apply to be a slave at Mean Girl Manor and lay there by that same kitchen door all day and some of us girls are bound to wander in and give you the opportunity to be a better door mat.

Goddess Chanel

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Higher Voltage Ballshocker. Starring GODDESS HARLEY

THE MEAN GIRLS – Higher Voltage Ballshocker. Starring GODDESS HARLEY




Ok, so we have found that the old ballshocker just wasn’t strong enough to suit our tastes anymore. To be honest, sometimes it worked (and totally shocked the slaves nuts) and sometimes we found out it wasn’t! It was getting old and very “hit or miss” with the voltage it was delivering to our slaves nuts. And that is just not acceptable. We want to be able to deliver HIGH VOLTAGE to our slaves nuts at the push of a button- and know that it will cause RELIABLE, CONSISTENT PAIN for our slaves! (With MINIMAL effort on our part of course LOL.) So we got a new one the other day and decided to try it out on this young, annoying loser of a slave. (*True fact- its really a dawgg shock-collar that we just adjust to attach to our slaves nuts LOL! Oh, and we made sure we got one that is for BIG dawggs! Haha!) This slave needs a lot of training anyway on how to be QUIET. So this was the perfect “training aid” we think! This “ballshocker” goes up to 15! (The old one only went up to 10!) And its way bigger so we’re pretty sure this is more powerful. And judgin gby the slave’s SCREAMS, we are pretty sure we are right! Goddess Harley has to sit down HARD on the slave’s face to muffle its screams of agony actually. Poor slave. It is in heaven because Amazon Goddess Harley’s ass is right on its FACE- but yet it is in pure AGONY with all that high voltage electricity shocking its nuts! LOL! That just adds up to PURE ENTERTAINMENT for US! 🙂 You will want to buy this clip just to hear this 18yr old loser’s muffled screams of despair through Goddess Harley’s perfect amazon ass.poor little boy being abused by such a big, mean Glamazon lol. -FEATURING: GODDESS HARLEY



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Beat Off Beating. Starring Goddess Harley and Goddess Nikkole

THE MEAN GIRLS – Beat Off Beating. Starring Goddess Harley and Goddess Nikkole




We call this slave over that has been literally leaking pre-cum all day around us and is just DESPERATE to cum. We tell it we have good news- it will get to beat off in front of us! Sounds good right??? Well, this is actually a “beat-off BEATING” so it can try to cum as much as it wants but it might be a bit difficult with us smacking it with crops and whips constantly, LOL. Oh and if IT DOES cum, we will just beat it MORE after its cock is more sensitive! Haha. We will hit this fucker right in the dick RIGHT after it cums! LOL. This should be fun.for US! -FEATURING: Goddess Harley and Goddess Nikkole



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Foot Gagged By Hot Girls. Starring Goddess Harley and Goddess Randi




Alternate file formats available by searching the title.Get this clip for less money in HD by clicking here: Foot Gagged By Hot Girls (1080 HD)This poor dumb slave has to be foot gagged and humiliated by the hottest Mean Girls on the planet before they go out on the town. Goddess Harley and I start off with a little shoe licking just for some entertainment. Then we move on to kissing our superior feet. But we wouldnt be called Mean Girls if we didn’t take sadistic pleasure in foot gagging him until he suffers for our amusement.-Goddess Randi



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Your Face Is My New Chair. Starring Goddess Harley

Alternate video formats available by searching title. To get this clip fore less money click here Your Face Is My New Chair (1080 HD) My dumb and broke ass slave said he bought me some new patio furniture. It was used and tore up! I cant believe he thought a Goddess would sit on such a thing. When I saw the hole in the back of it I knew what to do. I made him get down and stick his head through there. I used his face as a seat cushion. Now I have real human furniture! Haha!-Goddess Harley

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Olympic Trampling. Starring Superior Goddess Brooke, Goddess Harley and Princess Chanel

We have an Idea for a new Olympic event: COMPETITIVE TRAMPLING. The way it works is we match two slaves from different countries against each other, then just casually take turns standing on them (all at the same time, of course!) in our needle-thin stilettos for as long as we want- and time it just to see which slave can take it the longest. This time it was USA vs. Australia. And of course you can tell who the American is- the FAT one! LOL. Superior Goddess Brooke and I are the perfect Amazon Goddesses to do the trampling. We are flawless specimens of what the ideal woman is, and truly worthy of the Olympic superlative. Plus, when we stand on a slave he knows that he need to be at the peak of his game- because we are both super tall, muscular, and love rocking all our weight back onto our heels to “speed up” the process of breaking the slave underneath us! But this Australian slave is just taking it no matter how far back we lean on our heels! He must be like sooo patriotic! LOL. But Princess Chanel is on hand at the end to push the slaves to go for the gold AS A THIRD MEAN GIRL TO STAND ON THE SLAVE- to take him to the absolute limit until it finally BREAKS. It’s so funny how the slave is such agony underneath us- and we are just casually discussing how tall we are and how much we weigh and laughing about how much it must hurt the “contestant” underneath us! We are actually thinking about sending a copy of this clip to the IOC for submission as a real Olympic event because we think it’s time for the abuse of loser slaves to be included in the summer games! It would make the whole thing WAY more watchable and entertaining in our opinion! -Goddess Harley



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Balls Kicked To Mush. Starring Princess Carmela and Goddess Harley

Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for less money click here Balls Kicked To Mush (1080 HD) Goddess Harley and I agree, The Mean Girls need a new SLAVE BODY GUARD for the Manor. but regular body guards have BALLS- and balls are weak and distract men. There are just waay to many HOT girls here for a regular slave to do his job right. We Mean Girls need a dedicated, committed, NUTLESS EUNUCH SLAVE to stay focused on its job. So we picked a random slave to be our new eunuch bitch. Of course, there are several ways of castrating a slave but none are as much fun as strapped him into our “Ballbusting Device of Deth” and kicking his ball to utter MUSH. (This thing is BRUTAL- literally ALL of the slaves at The Manor fear being locked into this thing! You might as well just say goodbye to your ballsLOL!) There is no way this loser could get out when the straps are pulled tight, his hands cuffed, legs in straps and of course a hot girl holding on to his leash at all times! We take turns demolishing his testicles with ultra-hard kicks to the slaves nuts until its balls are PULP. Sometimes he get so distressed he foolishly attempts to close his legs but we just crank the wenches some more and pull his legs back into passion as needed. Even if it takes all night to completely destroy its balls, it will be worth it. Besides this is what we do for fun anywayLOL! And just a little background on this clip- we REALLY hurt this slave. Its balls really WERE turned to total much by the end of this! And he was in like total AGONY the whole time! LOL! I just kept looking into his eyes and drinking in his suffering- as he was strapped in and helpless with his balls all vulnerable and exposed to our kicks.Princess Carmela*(VIDEO EDITING SLAVES NOTE: All the best kicks in this video are shown again in a super slo-mo instant replay so you can see the full devastating affect of the best kicks.)



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THE MEAN GIRLS – Trying Trampling. Starring Empress Goddess Harley and Princess Beverly

Alternate video formats available by search of title. To get this clip for les money click hereTrying Trampling (1080 HD) Small talk around the Mean Girl Manor always leads to the most interesting stuff. Just the other day I was venting to Princess Beverly about how I just want a loser to really beat on and hurt. Anyway, it turns out that she has this one that she has been storing for a few days in the “slave pen” out back! OMG I sooo wanna get my turn to hurt it! And in looking through its slave file, we find out that it has NEVER been trampled before! So we go out to its cage to torment it a bit and explain to this piece of meat how much we looove trampling slaves in our stilettos because it causes them sooo much pain- yet is SO easy for US! 🙂 (It truly IS Princess Beverlys fav way to torture slaves.) So we unchain him and drag him inside, then take turns slowly showing him how easy it is for us to hurt him like this! I start with just my Uggs on because this slave is so little and I way a solid 145lbs- more than the slave does! But by the end of the clip we are BOTH standing on him and wearing heels to cause maximum pain- until he is literally BEGGING us for mercy! And we just look down and laugh… This is a true life event- this slave has been whipped and ballbusted, but has never been trampled before and today is his first day. I guess slaves dont realize how much it hurts? Because whenever you step on a slave in heels for the first time you an just see the shock and instant agony in their eyeshaha! But Princess Beverly and I are going to make it really hard for him because he has said how much he wants to prove his worth and devotion to us as a pain slave for us to use in our clips. He went on to say he wants to take more than any other pain slave for us- and that is a bold statement if you know anything about Mean Girl Manor! LOL. To be honest, he was so small and scrawny that he couldnt really take very much. Especially with Beverlys brand new needle-thin metal heels and the way she kept rocking back all her weight onto them, sinking them deep into the slaves chestLOL! Poor little slave. VIDEO EDITING SLAVES NOTE: This clip includes some close-up and some full-body footage. It was probably not the best clip because the slave could not take very much because he was so small. But for the time he was being stepped on it looked like he was in a lot of pain.Goddess Harley



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