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Glove Mansion – Soft erotic satin handjob. Starring Fetish Liza

Glove Mansion – Soft erotic satin handjob. Starring Fetish Liza




I love how hard your cock gets when being touched by my soft gloved hands. Such a sexy contrast and I can see the precum dripping out. Let me stroke, stop, stroke and repeat until I think you are ready to get your release.

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TheEnglishMansion – Fresh Meat To Milk – Part 4. Starring Domina Alexandra Snow

TheEnglishMansion – Fresh Meat To Milk – Part 4. Starring Domina Alexandra Snow




Domina Snow is introducing the new milking slave to his future life. She takes him down to shed 6 and chains him in the corner to make him watch the slave he is replacing receive his final milking. She uses the Venus 2000 and her hand to get him edged and then brings in the new slave to suck his cock and help collect the load. She then sends the replaced slave to manual labour in the fields and chains the new slave into place, where he will live until his balls have dried up.

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Fuckboy For Domme Boss

You’ve just started a new job & you notice something is a little different. All the male employees seem very eager to please the hot, intimidating female boss. She instructs you to bring some files by her house in the evening, which is unorthodox but you want to make a good impression so you do it. Once there you learn what’s really going on at work. The men in the office aren’t just employees, they’re also her fuckboys. They do their work AND they sexually service their Dominant boss lady. She tells you that you’ll be auditioned tonight for future use. She wants to see your cock & how it performs. Despite being nervous & overwhelmed you get hard & manage to please her with the length of time it takes you to climax & with the size of your load. There’s just something about her, the way she touches you, her voice, you are so incredibly turned on but you want to impress her. She describes how she’ll use your mouth & cock for her pleasure and you already feel yourself falling under her spell…

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TheEnglishMansion – Super Suction Suit – Part 3. Starring Mistress Sidonia

Mistress Sidonia is using her impressive Pulsating Rubber Vacuum Suit & Double Suction Pulsation Milker (both by SeriousKit.com) on her helpless bondage slave. She is wearing a sexy smoke rubber catsuit and boots and supervises the machine as it sucks and hugs his body tightly, in a soft rhythm. Mistress attaches the milker to the machine and enjoys watching his cock pumped and stroked by the sleeve, just enough to keep him constantly edged. He is then left with a slow drip of special fluid into his mouth as he drops into deep subspace.

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TheEnglishMansion – Slut Teased & Denied – Part 2. Starring Miss Vivienne lAmour

Vivienne is in a mischievous mood today, she releases her long term chastity slave from the confines and proceeds to tease the bimbo. She sits on her face, loving the feeling of tongue in asshole, as she rubs the hard cock. Vivienne spits in the bitch’s mouth and slaps her cock, finally giving her the chance to cum whilst Mistress masturbates, stopping the slut slave just before she gets there, ready to be locked up for another month

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Chateau-Cuir – Sensual leather milking

Does the touch of soft leather gloves drive you wild? Let me pull mine a bit tighter before you come closer and feel my gloved hands on your cock and balls. I love to give you a sensual handjob whilst being dressed in more leather. I bet you are loving those gorgeous boots and sexy skirt too. Now show me how much you love your Leather Lady…

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GloveMansion – Doctor’s slippery glovejob. Starring Doctor Liza

The stethoscope doesn’t lie, Doctor Liza can clearly hear her patient’s balls are about to explode. It is time for release and the doc knows how. She snaps on her disposable surgical gloves, oils up and keeps jerking his hard cock until he finally gets the climax he needed so much!

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Encouraged Bi Intensive

The title is a little misleading…you probably don’t need much encouragement. You are already so turned on by the thought of sucking a cock it wouldn’t take much to push you over the edge. But you’re conflicted, aren’t you. You’ve always identified as ‘straight’. What if that cock was coated in my pussy juices? Pussy flavored cock? What if you were licking another mans cum from my pussy? It wouldn’t be so gay then, now would it? Even if you’re married & never sucked a cock before, I know your shameful secret. I know you fantasize about it & I’ll exploit that weakness. Just watch how hard you cum for me while I seduce & tease you with your cock sucking desires…

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KinkyMistresses – Sperm On Clingfilm. Starring Ella Kros

Dressed erotically in a basque and stockings Mistress Ella Kros looks very much the Goddess she is. She has her slave on the floor, enveloped in black cling film unable to move. She releases his big cock and cruelly torments him to orgasm, feeding him his own cum.

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TeaseAndThankYou – Ex-Girlfriend Ruins All Orgasms

Things not to say to your crazy orgasm-hating, busty AF, malicious and crazybrains ex-girlfriend when she informs you she’s been getting into some BDSM lately: “Yeah, right.”

Two completely destroyed climaxes later, you’ll be weeping into a pool of your own dignity, as she pushes through the post-orgasm t.orture and the begging, heading right for a hat trick of ruin, ruin, and ruin again…

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