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Glove Mansion – Nikki’s red leather glove orgasm. Starring Lady Nikki

Glove Mansion – Nikki’s red leather glove orgasm. Starring Lady Nikki




Nikki shares her passion for gloves with you and she slips in to a pair of red leather ones for fun. Don’t they look sexy on her? Wait until you see her stroking that hot pussy with them!

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ClubDom – Follow The Goddess’s Instructions. Starring Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent

ClubDom – Follow The Goddess’s Instructions. Starring Dahlia Rain and Goddess Tangent




Goddess Dahlia Rain noticed your tiny dicklette when you crawled towards her outside. Mistress Tangent knows that you certainly have never pleased a woman before with that tiny little sad excuse of a cock. Goddess Dahlia Rain knows that you get turned on just looking at their hot bodies, but you know deep down that no one will ever want to touch that little dicklette. Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a real cock? If you had a real cock, you might then be able to get a real woman, not a sad deflated blow up doll. The Goddesses tell you how you can stroke your pathetic excuse for a penis, and give you masturbation instructions. If you are a good bitch boy, they will let you come for them.

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Chateau-Cuir – Angel cums in her leather pants. Starring Lady Angel

Chateau-Cuir – Angel cums in her leather pants. Starring Lady Angel




Dressing for leather sex…blonde babe Angel slowly slips in to her Miss Sixty pants. She loves this type of trousers as they fit tightly and feel amazing on her slim body. She can�t wait to cum in them!

Contains: blonde, trouser

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Kayla and Natalya (POV) – This is what its Like to be Our Cow

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa Kayla and Natalya (POV) – This is what its Like to be Our Cow




Alexa, Kayla and Natalya have got you strapped down to their milking bench. They’ve got you pumped full of chemical substances to ensure you won’t lose that profitable erection. They are going to milk you for pre-cum all day. You will be edged for hours, but never allowed to cum. That’s because you are a cow. Cows are mined for valuable pre-cum, then left in a cage to rot. The beautiful teasers tease you with their three amazing asses. They want to keep you earning for them. You are allowed to stare at their perfect bodies. That’s because the more you look, the more aroused you become. The more aroused you are, the more pre-cum you produce. Good producers are the most useful to the teasers. You want to be useful, because if you aren’t, there is a punishment. Poor producers get an electric current sent straight through the testicles. This really hurts. The pain is a good motivation to keep the girls happy. You aren’t a person to them. When these beauties look at you, all they see is profit. You are now trapped, for the rest of your life, in the ultimate state of tease and denial. (7:32 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Kayla, Natalya, Milking Machine, Brat Girls, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Tease and Denial, Edging, Ass Fetish



Keywords: edging, milking machine

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Real Life Cuck Abuse. Starring Princess Carmela and Sir Shane

THE MEAN GIRLS – Real Life Cuck Abuse. Starring Princess Carmela and Sir Shane




Princess Carmela and Sir Shane don’t just waste their time with any losers. They’ve got to be GOOD losers, like do something. And if you can’t do anything, then you can at least bring gifts, right? That’s stupid Cousin Its job in this clip. He clearly has nothing else to offer, so he comes bearing trinkets and dresses for his Superiors. Carmela opens her gifts right in front of him…pretty new dresses, nighties…Sir Shane is amused by a crown. And there’s cash too. nd this loser’s reward for laying out the big bucks at our feet? He literally gets spit. Right. in. his. fucking. face. LOL!! Cash and gifts for licking the bottom of our dirty shoes and a face full of Carmela’s spit. Sounds pretty fair to me! Maybe he should not be such a loser if he doesn’t want to drink Carmela’s spit. Until then, that’s all his loyalty and gifts will get him!



Keywords: princess carmela

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Absolute Femdom – Bootlicker Birthday Visit

Absolute Femdom – Bootlicker Birthday Visit




My slave neighbour has invited me to his birthday. The creamcake was delicious, but more better was the view he eat his cake from my boots after I have crushed it right in front of his nose.I didn’t stay long only until my boots were cleaned by his tongue how they were as I came.His greatest wish was that I milk him out wearing a gasmask, after he has paid me for that I leave for changing my outfit.Watch it in next clip.

Boot Domination, Boot Fetish, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Rubber Fetish .


Related Categories: BOOT FETISH, CRUSH

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Absolute Femdom

Absolute Femdom – Fleeced Out By A Red Latex Mistress




After one week of chastity this slave is like wax in my hands.Before I leave for a fetishparty I make him a to a submissive mask and latex addicted toy. For the permission to watch me dressing and shining up I fleece him out totally. Putting on red latex gloves costs him the first 100 Euro, lick my long heels and putting on a red rubber apron costs again 200, wanking under his rubber mistress and listen to the sound of putting on thick black rubber gloves takes him to climax and costs him his last money…

Fetishes :
Mask Fetish, Latex, Rubber- Apron- Glove Fetish, Human Ashtray, Small Penis Humiliation, Shoe & Bootworship, Financial Domination.
Available in 1 part or 3 single clips !



Keywords: mask fetish, rubber fetish, slave training

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Take Grandpas Dentures to Make More Room for Feet

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy and Edyn – Take Grandpas Dentures to Make More Room for Feet




Amadahy is so mad at her grandpa. She demanded his social security check for the month, and he hasn’t given it to her yet. Amadahy calls her gramps into the room, to ask him why he hasn’t given her the check yet. Gramps comes in, and immediately, Amadahy slaps him in the face very hard. Edyn giggles behind her hand and eggs Amadahy on. Grandpa is helpless to defend himself. Amadahy notices Gramps is wearing clothes, which he isn’t allowed to do. She and Edyn rip his clothes off. He needs to stay naked so that his granddaughter can see his chastity. Gramps creeps girls out, so they need to know he’s locked up for their own comfort. He tries to explain that he was outside and that’s why he was wearing clothes. Nobody wants to hear the senile old badger’s excuses. Rules are rules. Amadahy lays into gramps for not signing over his check. She’s entitled to get social security from him every month, until he kicks the bucket. That’s the arrangement. Grandpa admits that he was trying to keep a little money for himself. Both girls slap the frail old man in his face. Hard. He is not allowed clothes or money. He’s useless, and lucky he even gets to still live in his house. Grandpa has been forgetting things a lot lately. Forgetfulness is just another one of grandpa’s excuses. He promises to remember to transfer the funds to his granddaughter’s account, but gramps’ memory can clearly not be trusted. They want the funds transferred immediately, before he “forgets” again. Amadahy spits in his face. Edyn tells him they won’t even splurge on a casket when he goes. Speaking of his demise, Amadahy thinks it’s time they return to a previous discussion of gramps’ will. Amadahy wants only her and her cousins included. She wants him to write everyone from his side of the family out. Grandpa hesitates to agree and receives a series of slaps. If he doesn’t comply, Amadahy will put him in a home, and he can just rot there all by himself. And not even a pine box. Gramps looks sad. Amadahy tells him to get down and use his knees while they still last. Grandpa kneels, and the young woman forces the old man to sniff her knee socks. She shoves her feet into grandpa’s mouth. Grandpa’s mouth is not big enough to fit all of his granddaughter’s foot, so they pull his dentures out to make more room. With no teeth, grandpa’s mouth has much more room! Amadahy thrusts her foot in deeper and harder into the extra space. With her foot in his mouth, Amadahy revisits the will one last time. Grandpa nods in agreement to all of his granddaughters demands. Edyn wants to see what it feels like to put her foot in a mouth with no teeth. She forces her feet into the old man, next. He is so defenseless without teeth. More room to fuck and no chance to bite! The girls decide that grandpa is not getting his teeth back. He doesn’t really need to talk properly, and he also doesn’t really need to chew. He’s already on a diet of dogfood and pee, both of which he can gum down. Eventually, Grandpa aggress to all of his granddaughters demands. Even after, the girls continue to fuck grandpa’s mouth with their socked feet. Amadahy makes her grandpa tell her that he loves her. He does. It sounds so funny when he tries to talk without teeth! The girls make fun of him for not being able to speak correctly. Amadahy has gotten everything she wanted out of her grandfather. Now, she just has to make sure that the forgetful old bat remembers their new agreement. (15:36 long)

Clip Contains: Amadahy, Edyn, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Humiliation, Taboo, Socks, Sock Smelling, Foot Worship, Face Slapping, Chastity



Keywords: financial domination

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Feet On Retainer. Starring Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke

THE MEAN GIRLS – Feet On Retainer. Starring Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke




Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke have hired an attorney to represent them after being sexually harassed at work. The attorney has been working very hard and is about to obtain a $500,000 judgment in their favor which is great news. However, a case like this involves a lot of billable hours and the attorney informs them his fees will total around $20,000. Goddess Harley starts to read over the bill and “accidently” drops one the pages to the floor. As the attorney bends over to pick it up off the floor Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke push their feet in the attorneys face. Just as they suspected the attorney has an obvious foot fetish that they can use to their advantage.

Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke look incredibly hot in their business outfits, pantyhose, and high heel shoes. As they push their feet into the attorneys face they tell him they don’t want to pay his fee. He says maybe he can give them a discount but that’s not good enough for Goddess Harley and Superior Goddess Brooke. They tell him it needs to be 100% free or they will stop right now and put their shoes back on. Yet another man has fallen victim to their feet as they easily manipulate the attorney into dropping all his fees and doing the case pro bono. They even confess that this is how the original sexual harassment suit started. They aren’t even victims of sexual harassment they just wanted money so they used the power of their feet to manipulate their male coworkers into compromising situations.



Keywords: superior goddess brooke, goddess harley

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Chateau-Cuir – Cum on My long leather coat part 1. Starring Fetish Liza

Chateau-Cuir – Cum on My long leather coat part 1. Starring Fetish Liza




How hot is this long leather coat? Super sexy right? I love how tight it is and the length is just amazing. Wearing it without underwear underneath and with knee high boots certainly gets me going. What about you?

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