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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Wrapped and Ruined

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Wrapped and Ruined




I have my slave bound tightly in PVC wrap so that he cannot move an inch, held upright with his arms outstretched. This gives me complete access to his cock, which I begin to torment mercilessly. I want it to ache for me, of course. I torment him slowly, cutting out a hole in the wrap and exposing his cock, then using electrical tape to intensify the CBT. I wrap the electrical tape so tightly around his balls that I know he won’t be able to enjoy the orgasm because it will be stuck in his testicles! Then I begin to stroke, edging him with every few strokes. As soon as he gets close, I stop, cock twitching in midair. Each time I get him to the edge, I can see his balls bulging as the semen gathers. Ha! All of that build up will only make it hurt the more..

When I finally do let him cum, it barely dribbles out.. completely ruined and totally destroyed.

This video includes: real female domination, ruined orgasms, cock and ball torment (CBT), forced orgasms, bondage, cock tease


Keywords: ruined ejaculation, tight cbt, electrical tape

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Mistress Ezada Sinn – Give, and it will be given to you

Mistress Ezada Sinn – Give, and it will be given to you




I love to receive gifts! This latex leotard that I’m wearing is brand new, a gift from one of My slaves. It looks good on Me, doesn’t it? Look how shiny and tight it is. Does it make you cock harder, slave? Can you imagine how it would feel to put shiner on My latex, to touch My body like this?
I know you are aroused, and I’m going to give you permission to cum. But you should know that it’s not nice to jerk off looking at Me wearing a gift from another slave, so I will give you permission to cum only if you will offer Me an amazon gift card, which I can use to buy more new things, more gifts, for more slaves to jerk off at. Do you want to stroke you cock? Of course you do! you love to look at My curvy body, so nicely embraced by My new latex. It feels so good, like a second skin. Wouldn’t you just love to touch it? I can’t really put shiner on My back, would you do that for Me?.. Is you cock throbbing now, do you just want to rub it faster and cum? First buy Me and amazon gift card from HERE(//www.amazon.de/registry/wishlist/3787WE5MHLVJH) and send it to My email address and then let your cock explode with cum. Yes, just like a cum tax. you want to see Me wearing beatiful outfits, don’t you? Well, you can’t expect only others to pay for it, you have to contribute too. It’s your pleasure, after all…

Video quality: HD 1280*720.

#1 clip in category “GODDESS WORSHIP”



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Brat Princess 2 – Daniela – Tells you to buy her things and shows her soles (PO…

Brat Princess 2 – Daniela – Tells you to buy her things and shows her soles (POV)




Daniela is planning a trip. She’s flying to Costa Rica on December 29th to see her boyfriend. She has a whole list of new outfits she needs you to buy for her before then. Daniela wants to look really good for him. She has a whole itinerary planned out and it’s going to be a lot of work for you, cuck. There’s packing your Princess needs done, things she needs purchased, services she needs to have arranged. When she finally sees her boyfriend they just want to enjoy themselves without any worries. You are going to be so busy, cuck, making sure that everything is ready for your Princesses so that she can fully enjoy time with her boyfriend. You need to listen to this instruction closely, because your Princess is very demanding and she does not like to repeat herself. Every part of this trip has to go off without a hitch, or she will know who to blame, cuck. Daniela demands only the best luxury items. She and her boyfriend deserve no less from a cuck. Daniela is meeting some girlfriends on this trip too, and she has to look the best out of all of them. She does not care how much an item costs, that’s what your money is for. There will be a whole itinerary of tasks laid out for you, so that you know exactly what your Princess needs at every minute of the day. Daniela is one of the most demanding Princesses ever. She wants what she wants and you’re the cuck to provide it for her. You better not mess any of this up! Daniela’s very excited about this trip so don’t ruin it for her. She’s a real terror when she’s upset. (16:50 long)

Clip contains: Daniela, Femdom POV, Foot Fetish, Financial Domination, MILF

Category: FEMDOM POV


Keywords: milf

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Chastity Slave Pass Around. Starring Princess Carmela

THE MEAN GIRLS – Chastity Slave Pass Around. Starring Princess Carmela




I am taking ownership of Cindi’s chastity slave. I make this slave count out his cash on his knees as he begs me to be his new owner. He wrote me emails begging me for this for weeks, haha! He sent me tributes and booked a slave ownership ceremony to be filmed here at Mean Girl Manor. I put the key to his chastity device around the chain on my ankle and make him kiss it to begin his new life. You can use the email in this video to apply to be my new chastity slave too!

Princess Carmela



Keywords: princess carmela

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and Lola – Cow Pushed to the Limit for Spring Break Bikini Funds

Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and Lola – Cow Pushed to the Limit for Spring Break Bikini Funds




Charlotte needs funds to go on spring break with her friends. She stops by the milking warehouse to see how her cash cow is doing. Lola’s on shift milking Charlotte’s cow. Charlotte’s cow has made her about $500 today so far. That just isn’t enough money for Charlotte, she needs the cow to produce more so that she can go on spring break and have the time of her life. Lola explains that Charlotte’s cow is actually working really hard, but to placate Charlotte’s demand, she raises the pleasure voltage and decreases the denial shocks. That should do the trick to make the cow a little more productive. Charlotte is satisfied momentarily, until in passing conversation Lola mentions that some of the cows work longer shifts. Charlotte immediately decides that she wants her cow to work a longer shift. Lola advises against it, as Charlotte’s cow is new to milking and is still getting acclimated to life as a cash cow. Lola explains that to maintain productivity, they generally increase the length of the cow’s shift incrementally. It’s rare to increase the length of the cow’s shift so drastically all at once. Charlotte wants what she wants, and she thinks her cow is a hard-enough worker to be put straight onto a full six hour shift. Lola tries to motivate Charlotte’s cow with a little negative reinforcement. She threatens it with a strong punishment shock if it doesn’t immediately increase production. The cow fails to produce and it is shocked. The punishment shock helps the cow increase production a little, so Lola shocks it again. Lola tells the cow that if it can produce as much pre-cum in a short shift as she would expect from a cow in a long shift, then it can stay on the bench for a shorter shift and get a rest period. Charlotte disagrees. She wants him to produce as much in the short shift as a cow would in the longer shift, and also stay on for the entire long shift to produce even more. Lola caves. It’s Charlotte’s cow, after all, and if she wants it to do the full six hours, they’ll try it at six hours. Charlotte is happy. Every cry of pain from the cow reminds her of all the money she is making. Charlotte starts listing off all the expensive items she will need to thoroughly enjoy her spring break. The cow begs for mercy from its Princess, but Charlotte couldn’t care less about it. She starts fantasizing about the time she’ll be spending with her boyfriend on the beach in all the new bikini’s she’ll have bought with the money made with her cash cow. Lola starts riding Charlotte’s cow’s face. Gotta have positive and negative incentives if you want optimal results while behaviorally reconditioning a male. Lola switches between grinding on its face and electrocuting its testicles, which seems to be producing a good result. Charlotte wants to take a turn grinding on the cow’s face. The cow becomes very motivated by its Princess’ involvement in the collection process. Lola projects that Charlotte will meet her profit goals by the end of the six-hour shift. Charlotte is enormously pleased, both with her handsome profits for the day and in being correct in her assessment that her cow can work longer. Charlotte decides to reward her rightness with a nice big orgasm. After all, she can have one, and the poor pre-cum cow can’t. Charlotte cums hard on the cow’s face as he dutifully produces more and more money for her to spend as she pleases. (19:09 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Lola, Female Domination, Milking Machine, Face Sitting, Financial Domination



Keywords: milking machine

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THE MEAN GIRLS – $2500 Cash Point Meet. Starring Princess Cindi

THE MEAN GIRLS – $2500 Cash Point Meet. Starring Princess Cindi




My real financial slave came crawling back to me after flaking and being a dummy, haha. So I had him meet me during my filming at Mean Girl Manor. I made him send me a $500 Amazon gift card ahead of time (not in the video- in real life) just to as a penalty to be invited back to the Manor so he could even be allowed the PRIVILEGE of kneeling before MY beauty and giving me MORE $$$! LOL! So he gave me $2800 plus the $500 gift card I made him send as proof that he was really going to show up. Oh plus another $200 because I wasnt going to let a financial slave that begged to be wallet ra-ped go with any cash left in his wallet. What kind of service would I be doing him if I actually let him keep any money?? haha! After that I made him realize that this is only the down payment on the amount he will be paying me for the rest of his life, I sent him on his way. Poor little guy rode his bicycle all the way here to drop off all his cash for 15 minutes then I just laughed in his face and sent him on his way back home. Pathetic. And totally OWNED by ME.

-Princess Cindi

Categories: Financial Domination, Goddess Worship, Brat Girls, Humiliation, Femdom, Findom

Category: BRAT GIRLS


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GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Ass Whore in Amsterdam Mobile

GODDESS MAYA LIYER – Ass Whore in Amsterdam Mobile




I travel internationally on a regular basis and have just returned from Amsterdam and Brussels, most of My international patrons visit London regularly, so I see an awful lot of subs, slaves, fetishists & kinksters from all over the world. I have been training slaves and tantalising fetishists for many years, both in My home city and on My travels.

One of My favourite cities outside of London of course is Amsterdam, the place has such a lovely energy and an air of creativity about it, I think it is one of the only places I could see Myself living in apart from London, but anyhow, I digress. One of the other things I enjoy about Amsterdam is the red light district and the fact that prostitution is organised out there.

There is a particular slave in Amsterdam that I have known for some time, who, when I visit the city will whore himself during the weekend in one of the windows in the red light district during My stay. He literally works as a rent boy during the time that I am visiting and gives Me all of the money that he makes by sucking cocks and having his ass fucked.

The journey with this slave has been an interesting one, he originally approached Me in 2007 to enquire about a shoe worship session during a business trip that he had in London. It was the first time he had explored his fetish for high heeled shoes after having these feelings since an early age and our initial encounter was wonderful. Over the years we have seen each other regularly and for Me our meetings soon became very exciting. Rather than focus on his fetish in isolation ie: just concentrating on different shoes and the ways he enjoyed worshipping shoes and the feet of a beautiful, dominant woman, I made the focus of our meetings more about how badly he wanted to submit, how weak and helpless he was for shoes and feet and what he would be willing to do in order to earn the privilege of being one of My shoe and foot slaves.

Obviously he didn’t start out wanting to suck cock and have his arse fucked in order to please Me and earn Me money, the journey was relatively gradual.

This was filmed on My second evening in Amsterdam, My whore has returned with his daily earnings and on this occaision he is ordered to worship My ass as I count the cash and generally humiliate him, being an absolute foot and shoe addict, I allow him a little nibble on My toes and feet, he has another hard day of work ahead of him tomorrow.

Visit my website to organise an appointment www.goddess-maya-liyer.com

The HD version of this clip is also available click here

Visit my Youtube page for free videos and subscribe to my channel click here

Category: ASIAN


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Worship Goddess Jasmine – Our Ass’ DRAIN your wallet

Worship Goddess Jasmine – Our Ass’ DRAIN your wallet




Your life will consist of begging to pay our ass’ each and every day. You know nothing else and have programmed yourself to be a constant cash flow to our luxury lifestyles. Begging to stroke and begging to pay. You know it will never end and you don’t want it to. The feeling of being penniless and on the cusp of financial ruin is the only thing that keeps b.lo.o.d rushing to your groin.

We know how weak you become with the sight of our hot curvaceous ass’ and we just want to fuck with you further. We both knew straight off that our shiny clad curves would drain your balls and wallet in a instant, the way it clings to our round ass just fuels your addiction further. You can’t fight the urge to spend on us, you can’t overpower the aching feeling to touch yourself. You will pay for this clip because you should. You will sit and drool as you watch us torment you to hell and you will buy this clip again and again. Touching yourself and having the privilege of seeing us looking so damn hot come at a price addict and you will pay that price over and over again. We’re going to take it all today loser and it’s going to be so fucking easy. Empty it all for us.

See more of Lady Natt HERE



Keywords: jasmine jones, british, babestation, lady natt, british bratz

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy POV – The More you Jerk the Deeper you Go

Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy POV – The More you Jerk the Deeper you Go




This clip will send you spiraling further and further into your masturbation addiction. The more you jerk the deeper you fall. The farther you fall, the more you can’t help but jerk. When you feed your addiction the dumber and more easily controlled you become. Every time you orgasm, more and more of your brain will leave your body. Your addiction will be used against you, as you will be allowed to jerk and cum over and over until you are nothing more than a jerking consumer zombie. With each stroke Women control your mind more and more. With each orgasm your brain leaves you. You will fall into a state of helplessness, mindlessly buying and jerking to clip after clip, completely unable to stop yourself. Each orgasm will feel better than the last until you slowly and completely lose all control to your masturbation addiction. (8:29 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Femdom POV, Mesmerize, Mind Fuck, Mental Domination, Financial Domination

Category: FEMDOM POV


Keywords: mesmerize

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Ruined Multiple Times while in Virtual Reality at the Edging Salon

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa – Slave Ruined Multiple Times while in Virtual Reality at the Edging Salon




Clip reached number 1 overall on Clips4Sale! Introducing The Edging Salon! Luscious Lindsey drops off her slave for some brain re-wiring at the Edging Salon. Her slave will be in the hands of Teaser Divina Alexa today. Lindseys instructions are simple, reprogram his mind, edge him, ruin him, make him recycle it, and lock him back up in chastity. She will be going to brunch with her girlfriends while her chastity cuck is rinsed at the Salon.

The chastity slave is strapped in, noise canceling headphones placed on his head, and Virtual Reality (VR) goggles over his eyes. The girls run a program that will begin to wash his brain. The slave has to watch the video and listen while he is edged by the teaser Divina Alexa. The program has subtle brain rewiring to remove self-esteem from the male. The girls plan to remove the contents of its brain and fill it back up with the stuff Lindsey wants. The video the slave watches in VR contains clips from: Amadahy, Luscious Lindsey, Divina Alexa, Goddess Amadahy, Mia, Empress Jennifer, and more. The fetishes are: findom, ass addict, face sitting, milking machine, POV handjob, and POV Femdom.

The chastity slave is edged and forced to 3 ruined orgasms. The ejaculate is captured and then recycled by the chastity slave at the end. He is returned to a cage and will await pick up by his Princess and owner Luscious Lindsey later that afternoon or evening.

Production NOTES: What you are watching is the edging session from the outside. The picture in picture is what the chastity slave was watching during the washing and rewiring of its brain. The sound is a mixture of both. There is music appropriate for brain re-wiring in the picture in picture video. It is meant to relax the male to help the rinsing, edging, and ruining. The viewer is encouraged to watch the picture in picture video to get an understanding of what happens at the Edging Salon. Or you can enjoy the suffering of the slave. It is basically 2 videos at once. (21:02 long)

Clip contains: Divina Alexa, Luscious Lindsey, Lola, Amadahy, Mia, Sasha Foxx, Empress Jennifer, handjob, ruined orgasms, cum eating, chastity, face sitting, ass addict, milking machine, handjobs POV, brain re-wire



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