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QUEENS OF KINK – Human DoorMat Trampled. Starring Lady Bellatrix, Fetish Liza a…

QUEENS OF KINK – Human DoorMat Trampled. Starring Lady Bellatrix, Fetish Liza and Lady Bellatrix




Three Ladies and one HUMAN DOORMAT, this will be fun! Lady Bellatrix, Fetish Liza and Lady Bellatrix will be using their new object one by one, to test if this doormat is any good. Their BARE FEET will trample his CHEST, stomach, cock and balls as they all amuse themselves with the RUG. Let’s see how well he lays still when all THREE ladies bounce up an down from his body, crushed under their FEET and WEIGHT.



Keywords: fetish liza, foot, rubber, balls, tiffany naylor, trampling, latex, mistress, lady bellatrix, torture, fishnets, feet, human doormat, cock

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Foot Sucking and Fucking Brother. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – Foot Sucking and Fucking Brother. Starring Princess Skylar




Princess Skylar comes into the house to find her brother waiting on his knees for her; blindfolded with hands cuffed behind his back. She has left him there and told him not to move until she returns. She takes hold of his leash, and as she sits down, she tells him how the heat outside has made her all hot and sweaty, especially her feet. She looks at the bottoms of her shoes and says “Oh , they’re filthy…and that’s why we have you, isn’t it?”. He obediently responds “Yes, Mistress”, and as she seductively raises one shoe towards his face, he starts to lick the sole. She shoves a stiletto into his mouth and tells him how disgusting he is. She asks if he recalls their younger days when he treated her so badly. “Well guess what? It’s my turn now.” She makes him suck both heels, and when she explains how this will be good practice for sucking her boyfriend’s cock later on, he gets instant wood. Throughout the scene she makes the slave lick her feet and suck her toes; she spits on him, kicks him right in his hard little cock, and torments him further by allowing him to fuck her feet. The only lube is his own spit between her feet. You can see Skylar really loves being in control as she’s very demanding and demeaning towards her big brother. As he fucks her feet she tells him that this is as close to fucking her as he’ll ever get. She then demeans him further by telling him how small his cock is compared to her boyfriend’s. Then just as he’s about to cum, she pulls her feet away and tells him he will cum only when she decides to allow it. Totally bl@ckmailed, he can only accept that this is just the way things will be from now on.



Keywords: feet, skylar, foot worship, family fantasy, bbw

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Cruel Unusual FemDom – Goddess Valora’s Training Day Part 1: Foot Bitch

Cruel Unusual FemDom – Goddess Valora’s Training Day Part 1: Foot Bitch




Goddess Valora is catching some sun by the pool and orders her slave to oil up her legs so she doesn’t get burned. She catches her slave eyeing her feet, so she allows him to worship her feet. After begging like a pathetic whore, he licks and sucks the exquisite feet of Goddess Valora.



Keywords: foot worship, feet, foot domination, chastity, femdom, female domination, humiliation, foot fetish, goddess valora, valora, subby hubby, clubdom

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Trampled By MY Husband’s Shoes. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Trampled By MY Husband’s Shoes. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy has married into money but while the old fucker is off making another million she is having fun at home. Today she has a guy on the floor as her floor mat. Now this guys loves to be trampled and her stiletto’s get him totally aroused but she has a surprise for him. First she teases him with the high heels, stepping on him a bit before removing the shoes and then sticking her toes in his mouth, then he licks her feet. He couldn’t be happier… then she drops the bombshell… today she is going to trample him while wearing her husbands yard shoes, the very ones he wore yesterday while spreading cow in the yard and mowing the lawn. OMG, the humiliation! And oh, not just trampling, sorry bitch but the bottom of those shoes need a good licking too. Every inch. There is some great chest jumping in this video, face standing, and ball squishing along with the stiletto and foot action earlier in the clip. Definitely a great clip if you are into trampling and humiliation. You can see that Kandy loves talking to this bitch in a humiliating manner and even suggests that he is so pathetic he would probably like to be dominated by her and her husband. “What would hubby think if he walked in and saw what was going on?”, she asks him and then the front door of the house opens, “Is that you, honey?”



Keywords: trampling, mistress kandy, stilettos, feet, foot worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Your Sister Your Princess. Starring Princess Jemma

Club Stiletto FemDom – Your Sister Your Princess. Starring Princess Jemma




The camera opens on Princess Jemma and she is talking about how crazy it has been since her step-m0m Kandy came into the picture. Kandy has turned her dad into a total slave and Jemma’s ex-boyfriend into her own fart face and then today to add to the craziness she finds her own brother, billy, is also a pervert as she catches him in the hamper sniffing her dirty panties. Jemma has now turned him into her slave and as the camera scans back you can see she has her flip flops on his face. “You will do everything I say, you will do my laundry, anything I want or I’ll show video from my spycam to all your friends.”, she tells him. She makes him call her Princesses and says he will be servicing her feet today but in the future she will be using him as a toilet slave and any way she likes. First billy has to lick the soles of the flip flops and they are clearly filthy. The first sandal is removed and Billy shows real enthusiasm worshiping her foot, sucking each toe, licking the sole. “Good boy.”, she tells him, continuing, “From now on you will have no more girlfriends, the only woman you will be thinking about is Me.” Billy is ordered to remove the other flip flop and soon that foot is in his mouth. He uses his hand and mouth and clearly is happy to be his sisters slave. “After my boyfriend fucks me, from now on I will probably have you give me a foot massage.”, she says, continuing, “But you will rarely be allowed to see my pussy, although maybe sometimes I’ll let the cum pour out into your mouth.” She again makes sure he understands that she has videos and he must do anything she says, no matter what. To amuse herself she then sticks her big toes in his mouth and asks him questions which he has to answer while his mouth is spread wide and he sounds like a total fool while replying. She slaps his face a bit with her feet before sticking the toes back into his mouth. While he eagerly sucks, she tells him she plans to walk in the yard where m0m has fertilized the lawn and the family pet runs around and Billy replies, “Anything for you, Princess.” She rubs both feet across his face and gets them polished nicely then there is a knock on the door and the next door neighbor Bella walks in. “Is that your fucking, brother?”, she asks. “Yes.”, she giggles!



Keywords: family fantasy, sister, brother, Jemma, feet, toes

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Bratty Foot Girls – 10 FEET for the foot bitch to clean

Bratty Foot Girls – 10 FEET for the foot bitch to clean




These 5 brats are ready for some prime time foot licking service. They have theor slave handy and ready with his tongue out ready to lick & suck every inch of dirt from their nasty stinky feet. he has a lot of work to do as they brats cram all their feet in his face at once. It’s overwhelming for him as he has no idea whose toes and jamming down his throat. They laugh as he struggles to cope with their demands. They take turns standing on him and ramming their feet down his throat, gagging him completely. He’s just a foot bitch and they have no regard for him at all!
Starring: Maria Marley, Katarina, Stefania Mafra, Gia Love, Dezyra,Jason Ninja




Keywords: Maria Marley, Stefania Mafra, Gia Love, Katarina, Dezyra, Jason Ninja, feet, foot fetish, foot party, foot cleaning, foot slave, femdom, toes, soles

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Little Feet BIG Pain. Starring Miss Xi




Miss Xi might be small in stature but she is a sadist as heart and nothing turns her on more then making a bitch suffer. She has her slave in the tub on all fours like a and his mouth secured open with a dental mouth gag. She splashes her foot in the water and then rams it into his mouth unconcerned if it jams the gag into his flesh. “You’ll never be more than a foot freak.”, she tells him. She orders him to use his hands to massage one foot while he licks the other. The pressure on the gag causes him severe pain and he struggles to focus on his task. She berates him as useless and stupid and demands a deeper massage. “Do it properly or I’ll stand on your head and force it under the water”. Her tiny size 4 feet are brutal weapons. She rams her foot into his neck and then back down his throat. Standing up she lays her foot flat on his face, causing more pain and then surprises him by kicking him in the chest repeatedly. Finally, she places her foot on his head and tells him it’s time to be dunked under the water.

Category: SMALL FEET


Keywords: Miss Xi, foot worship, Asian Goddess, feet

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Worship My Body and Cum for Me. Starring Princess Lily




You are Princess Lily’s slave in this hot POV. She calls you to the bed and tells you that you have pleased her and she is going to give you a reward. She is going to allow you to worship her. She starts with her feet and you get some full screen views of her soles, her spreading her toes, and curling her feet. “I’ve left them just a little dirty for you, just to give you some flavour.”, she tells you. She moves one foot over the leg and across the knee and tells you to work your way up her body. “Kiss me all the way up. I want you to appreciate my beautiful soft flesh.” You should be erect by this point and probably a good idea to start rubbing yourself because this scene ends with Lily counting you down to a release. You get an amazing close up of her butt cheek and then she spreads her legs to show you her pink panties. She encourages you to get up close to smell her. “It smells so good. Say thank you.”, she says in such a seductive manner that you could never not thank her again and again. She rubs her hand over her tummy and tells you to kiss it. “Are you getting excited?”, she asks and then tells you to come up and sniff her armpits. She rubs her hands over them and you’ll want to press your nose and tongue right where her hand has just been. Goddess is so happy with you, you have really pleased her. She tells you she was really sweating earlier and tells you to take a lick. “How does that taste?”, she purrs. She knows your answer. She rolls over and tells you to attend to the other armpit. Then she removes her bra and gives you the biggest shock, “I’m even going to allow you to suck on my tits. Look at those divine nipples. You’ve been such a good boy I’m going to let you lick them.” The she drops the ultimate surprise, “You get to lick my pussy.” She rubs her hand over her panties and then removes them. “Get in closer for a few licks.”, she tells you and you can see how wet she is. She spreads her pussy just for you and again tells you to say ‘thank you’. Now she wants to touch herself and she wants you to rub yourself. She’s going to let you cum on the count of ten. “10, 9, 8, 7.” She starts and stops the count, telling you not to get to excited and then as she counts down to 1 and has an orgasm of her own she hollers at you, “Cum for me bitch.” Then she has one final surprise for you!!!


Keywords: Princess Lily, ass worship, armpits, ass licking, feet, foot worship

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FRENCH GIRLS HARD SLAPS – Selena & Anamera – Insanity




ENGLISHOUR BEST CLIP WAS #1 TOP SELLING CLIP IN FACE SLAPPING (AS A LOT OF OUR CLIPS) (and THIS STUDIO #1 TOP SELLING STUDIO IN FACE SLAPPING AT THE MOMENT OF WRITING)OUR BEST CLIP (with maybe Annihilation). Period. AND SHOT IN 60 FPS !!!!! (HFR)UPDATE : Preview added. The slave (David) had black eye the day after the shoot, and the skin of his face started to peel off (probably because of the intense burn). I will put a link with the photos of his face just after the shoot.OMG !!!!!!!!!! Our new official French Girls Hard Slaps slave had not yet met Selena. DONE. We are at the slave’s flat because we had some problem with our usual place of shooting. Anamera & Selena in an INSANE DUO. FREAKING insane face-slapping, astonishing severity…Selena & Anamera are just SPLENDID and ULTRA SEXY. I think you have never heard smacks like that ! These girls are born with hands for slapping. As you know, Selena, a 19y/o student, is the girl with maybe the best face-slapping skills of the entire web, and she proves it again.Selena orders the slaves to smell, kiss & lick her feet after he removed her ballet flats. She humiliates him, put her feet in his mouth, orders to clean them with the tongue and Selena & Anamera slap him as hard as they can. They orders him to kiss their hands. DAMN. Selena’s hand are bruised at the end and the slave’s face…I won’t even talk about this ! (Swollen as f…k). Anamera & Selena are insane.As the end, the girls showed their burning palms.If you had one clip to buy, that’s it ! It represents exactly what French Girls Hard Slaps is. Superb humiliating & merciless girls who slaps as hard as she can a slave. This clip is a marvel.Foot worship, pure humiliation and extremely & insanely hard face-slapping.I decided to put this clip at the low price of 19.99 instead of 29.99 (price of the clip « Annihilation ») to make a lot of people discover what we call « a marvelous clip » in this studio ;)(French Language) FRANÇAISNOTRE MEILLEUR CLIP.NOTRE MEILLEUR CLIP (avec peut-être Annihilation). UN POINT C’EST TOUT. (Et tourné en 60 i/s !!! (HFR)UPDATE : L’esclave (David) avait un oeil au beurre noire le lendemain de la session, et la peau de son visage avait commencé à peler (probablement à cause de l’intense brulure). Je posterai un link avec une photo de son visage juste après la session. J’ai ajouté aussi une preview.OMG !!!!!!!! Le nouvel esclave attitré du studio n’avait pas encore rencontré Selena. C’est fait ! Nous sommes allés à l’appartement du soumis car nous avons eu des problèmes sur notre lieu habituel de tournage. Anamera & Selena dans un DUO HALLUCINANT. Series de gifles DE DINGUES, sévérité incroyables…Selena & Anamera sont juste SPLENDIDES et ULTRA SEXY. Je pense que vous n’avez JAMAIS entendu des gifles pareils ! Ces filles sont nées avec des mains faîtes pour gifler ! Comme vous le savez, Selena, une étudiante de 19 ans, est peut être la meilleur gifleuse de tout le web, et elle l’a encore prouvé.Selena lui ordonne de sentir, embrasser & lécher ses pieds après qu’il ait enlevé ses ballerines. Elle l’humilie, lui met ses pieds dans sa bouche, lui ordonnent de les nettoyer, et Selena & Anamera le gifle aussi fort qu’elles peuvent. WOW. Les mains de Selena ont carrément un bleue and le visage du soumis…Je ne vous en parle meme pas. Anamera & Selena sont juste folles !A la fin, les filles ont montré leurs paumes brulantes à la caméra.Si vous n’aviez qu’un clip à acheter. Le voici. Ce clip représente exactement ce que French Girls Hard slaps est. Des jeunes filles superbes, humiliantes & sans pitié qui giflent aussi fort qu’elles peuvent un soumis. Ce clip est une merveille.Foot worship, humiliation et face-slapping extrêmement & follement violent.J’ai décidé de mettre ce clip au prix de 19.99, alors qu’il aurait dû être au même prix que Annihilation, pour faire découvrir à un très grand nombre ce que nous appellons une merveille de clip dans ce studio ;)(Langage français)



Keywords: anamera, pieds, claques, faceslapping, selena, mains, flats, extreme, gifle, violent, feet, red cheek, ballerines, baffe, hand

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Club Stiletto FemDom – My ex is Now M0mmys Slave. Starring Mistress Kandy and Princess Jemma




Our best selling clips this past year have featured Mistress Kandy and Princess Jemma and now they are together again. Jemma returns from her trip to Europe wearing an outfit that would have sent her daddy into a rage at one time, but not anymore as daddy is now a slave to both ladies, as first revealed in How I Treat Your Father. None the less, Jemma is curious where daddy is and Kandy tells her that she has lent him out to a gay bike gang for the weekend revealing some of the nasty things they are doing to him. “They’ve really taken a shining to him and his ass and you might not see him for a long time.”, she laughs. She then tells her that she has her ex boyfriend Christian there however, locked up in a cage. Her ex was first introduced in M0mmy Makes My BF Eat Sch1t. “He has to come over everyday and do dishes, laundry, whatever I need done.” Jemma is so happy to see him in this position because he was such an asshole when they dated and now is getting the treatment he deserves. “He can hand wash my panties.”, Jemma tells mommy. “Yes, and lick your dirty feet too.”, Kandy replies. Jemma removes her shoe and sticks a nylon clad foot through the bars where the now well trained slave wastes no time in kissing and licking her feet and toes. The ladies talk a bit and Kandy mentions that Christian has a friend Ray who will be coming over so there is a slave for each of them. They take turns feeding the slave their heels, feet and toes and the slave slobbers eagerly on everything they give him with no concern for where they have been or how dirty they might be. Check out all our great Family Fantasy Clips (Mother, daughter, sister, Aunt)

Category: TABOO


Keywords: Jemma, family fantasy, Kandy, feet, foot worship

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