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[Femdom 2018] Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Sniff My Cheese Farts [Farting, Farts, Ass Smelling, Ass Sniffing]

[Femdom 2018] Brat Princess 2 – Natalya – Sniff My Cheese Farts [Farting, Farts, Ass Smelling, Ass Sniffing]




Natalya ate cheese and it makes her tummy gurgle. That’s not her fault! She doesn’t want to have to smell the gassy result. Natalya’s got her slave tied up really good and he’s about to suffer the consequences for her. She sits right on his face and lets em rip. One ripe cheese fart after another. Natalya really makes sure that her slave sniffs it in. A Princess does not smell her own farts. That’s a slave’s job. The slave must get it’s nose right in the Princess’ asshole so that it doesn’t miss a thing. Natalya lectures this slave on doing a good job for her. She reminds the slave that it could easily be replaced. Inhaling a fart takes almost no skill. Regardless, a slave should always seek to impress its Princess and do it’s very best. Being fired from the task of toilet slave would be very humiliating. There pretty much isn’t any lower a slave can go. The slave tries harder and does his best to breathe in every stinky cheese fart. Natalya still isn’t satisfied. She decides to put this slave on fart duty all week long so that he gets better at inhaling stench. With ample practice, this one might become the best fart slave in her stable. (7:36 long)

Clip Contains: Natalya, Farting, Female Domination, Face Sitting, Bondage male

Category: FARTING


Keywords: female domination

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Under Goddess Amihra – Smell My ASS, Bitch [Face Sitting, Ass Smelling, Ass Sniffing, Farting, Farts]

Under Goddess Amihra – Smell My ASS, Bitch [Face Sitting, Ass Smelling, Ass Sniffing, Farting, Farts]




Top 30 Sitewide Clip within 24 HRS of Release!!–RP- I met a Local gamer on Xbox live who talked SHT the ENTIRE match. My team sucked so of course we lost, so I challenged this bitch to a game of 1v1. Winner gets to do as they choose with the loser. Being a girl I’m sure he thought he’d have an easy win. HAHA Wrong. If he won? He got to fuck me. If I won? I got to use his face for my gaming chair for an ENTIRE night. Of course he lost. As easy as it was he probably was wanting me to win on purpose. I mean who doesn’t want a hot girl to sit on their face? Right? Well, it wasn’t that simple. I gave him my address and made sure to wear something sexy to get him to do whatever I wanted. He shows up and I immediately dragged him to my TV and began wrapping him TIGHTLY head to toe. “Do you really need to tie me up?” .. Yes, I wouldn’t want you changing your mind and messing me up while I play.. (I had more planned than just using his face for my chair.. As much sht as he talked.. I was going to make him SMELL all the sht he was talking.. I held in EVERY single fart ALL day and LOADED up on plenty of milk and protein shakes.. building up the WORST stomach cramps just to make sure he got every bit of the punishment he deserved)… Unable to move a muscle I dropped him to the floor.. “You ready to smell my ass?!” .. Haha and I dropped my ass right on his face and started playing, letting him get ZERO AIR and then keeping his nose tight in my crack when I allowed him to breathe… Forcing him to suck every ounce of air against my sweaty butthole, he probably didn’t plan on me not washing my ass since that win to make it even worse on him. “MMMF”… Yeah, I KNOW hes regretting this bet now.. Hahaa.. Good, bitch. Talking all that sht.. now he can smell it.. I heard my stomach start to rumble and I’m sure he did too.. “Oh god.. these are gonna be wet”.. “PRRRTTTTTT” .. A burning hot blast splatted against my panties, definitely ALOT more than just a fart.. right against his nose.. he sucked for air through the filthy fabric and fought against his tight cocoon.. Hahaha. Hows all that sht now? You were talking it, and now its right up against your helpless little bitch nose. But wait.. let me remove these panties before they get ruined.. being theyre my favorite pair and all.. that I have 4 of.. I’m totally not doing this to make sure it all goes in your nose.. “PPFFFFRRTTTTT”… A long chunky sounding blast filled his right nostril.. “OOPS!” .. he struggled in panic.. desperate to breathe any ounce of fresh air only to be assaulted over and over and over by my raunchy ass before having his nose sealed straight back in my crack… tightly against my ass. I felt him sucking against it in a state of panic so I leaned up just enough to rip another blast.. then slammed right back down. Hahah, theres your air bitch.——-Before long I grew bored of playing and took his punishment up a notch, turning forward with his nose in my pussy I ordered his mouth open and pressed my ass right into it. Looking into his eyes as he smothered helplessly, craving any sort of air and just smiled at him as I pushed some “air” right into his cheeks. With nowhere to go, all the gas started to force its way down his throat. I could see tears in his eyes… Maybe he’ll think twice before he decides to fuck with another gamer girl. Continue reading “Under Goddess Amihra – Smell My ASS, Bitch [Face Sitting, Ass Smelling, Ass Sniffing, Farting, Farts]”

[Femdom 2018] The Fart Closet – Naptime Fart Slave. Starring Mistress Kasia [Farting, Farts]

[Femdom 2018] The Fart Closet – Naptime Fart Slave. Starring Mistress Kasia [Farting, Farts]




Mistress Kasia is just starting to stir from her glorious slumber and her unfortunate slave has been tucked away under her blanket with her, subjected to her onslaught of gassy emissions. What’s worse, she’s not done with him yet as she repeatedly farts on her bound slave’s face and berates him as she does it.

Category: FARTING


Keywords: bondage, hair pulling, face slapping, taboo, femdom

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The Laughing Latina – Full-weight Jean Face sitting

The Laughing Latina – Full-weight Jean Face sitting




Custom: I love face sitting so much, Full weight, School girl, reverse and every position as long as its on a human face. . I can be pretty bratty and mean sometimes. Lets just say theres a few smelly surprises he wasn’t expecting today lol and I can’t help but laugh each time it happens and encourage him to inhale. Sorry not sorry sometimes a hot girl gets a little gassy and you just have to put up with it. Every loser should experience this at least once by a hot girl ! ( Yes these are REAL farts loser) _______________________________________________________________ FOR MP4 CLICK Full-weight Jean Face sitting! _______________ FOR WMV CLICK Full-weight Jean Face sitting! WMV _________________ FOR IPAD CLICK Full-weight Jean Face sitting! IPAD

Category: SMOTHER


Keywords: jasmine, farts, farting, smother, femdom, female domination, human furniture, gassy, slave, brat, bitch, jeans face sitting, sissy slave, humiliation, domination

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