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Brat Princess 2 – Kendall – Housecleaning slave Gets Toilet Swirly in Golden Water

Brat Princess 2 – Kendall – Housecleaning slave Gets Toilet Swirly in Golden Water




Kendall does her hair and makeup while her slave cleans her bathroom. She makes the slave kiss her perfect ass while she applies
mascara, then she tells it to go back to cleaning her toilet. Kendall makes the slave stop cleaning and get out of her way, so
that she can pee. Then, for her own amusement, she holds the slave’s head in the dirty water. She gives him a swirly while
laughing. The slave coughs for air and is very miserable at what his Princess has just done. His misery is funny to Kendall. She
decides to give the slave a second swirly. Kendall puts his head back in the toilet bowl. The slave is even more miserable after
the second swirly. Kendall laughs a lot at the loser. She leaves, but orders the slave to stay and finish cleaning her bathroom.
(6:19 long)

Clip Contains: Kendall, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Domestic Servitude, Humiliation, Pee, Pee in Toilet, Swirly

Category: SWIRLY


Keywords: brat girls

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Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Amadahy – Domestic in Chastity Cleans Floors (Epilogue)

Brat Princess 2 – Alexa and Amadahy – Domestic in Chastity Cleans Floors (Epilogue)




Amadahy and Alexa have locked their servant into chastity as a punishment. He is their slave and must do whatever they want. The girls make him their domestic. His life will be cleaning the house for them, naked and in chastity. The Princesses supervise the slave’s task of cleaning the floors. He’s missing spots and that makes the girls mad. Amadahy spits on the floor over and over. The slave has to re-wipe wherever she spits. Unsatisfied with the broom, the Princesses decide to make the slave clean the floor with his mouth. They hold his head down. He must lick their floors clean. (3:58 long)

Clip Contains: Alexa, Amadahy, Female Domination, Domestic Servitude, Cleaning, Chastity



Keywords: housecleaning

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DomNation – I CAN SQUEEZE MY RENT OUT OF YOU. Starring Goddess Domina Next

DomNation – I CAN SQUEEZE MY RENT OUT OF YOU. Starring Goddess Domina Next




Goddess Nikki Next has an agreement with her little Fin Slave, He is financially responsible for her rent, yet once again he is late in paying it and the Goddess plans on setting things straight. She may not have a gold medal but her tenacity and Gold Costume more than make up for what the petite Goddess may be missing in Physical Stature.

The Goddess Nikki wants him underfoot, exactly where this worthless slave belongs, so Nikki forces him to the floor and literally uses him as a rug, letting the heels of her stilettos dig into him assuring that he gets the POINT! Of course his misery is only laughable to the Goddess, he deserves to suffer for being late with the rent.

Nikki next demonstrates her physical dominance over him by placing him in a series of painful wrestling holds as her pitiful slave just lays there and takes the pain, as though he’s to terrified (for Good reason) to attempt saving or protecting himself. I doubt that this feeble minded drudge will ever be late with her rent again.

Keywords: goddess nikki next, female domination, humiliation, brat princess, female superiority, domination, scissor hold, domestic servitude, corporal punishment, tease and denial, wrestling, slave training, trampling, choking, ball busting

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DomNation – TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM FULL VERSION.Starring Mistress Seva

DomNation – TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM FULL VERSION.Starring Mistress Seva




Get this full version video today and enjoy the best of both worlds with the full footage of TO CUM OR NOT TO CUM and TO COME OR NOT TO CUM PART 2. This is great video of Princess Seva emotionally taunting her Chastised slave! Get this 8+ minutes of footage at the great price of $7.99 2day and join in the funnnnnnn!!!!

After having her loser slave`s cock incarcerated in an inescapable chastity cage for six weeks, Princess Seva has decided to set her slave free to jerk himself off for her amusement. As he furiously strokes his useless cock, Princess stands over him stroking her own bigger and better strap on cock to humiliate him even more. Seva instructs him to mimic her every movement and stroke and each time he comes close to reaching an orgasm Princess denies him and starts the process all over again.

In this sequel, Princess Seva teases him relentlessly until she finally allows him the supreme privilege of releasing himself while on his knees before her. But there is a price to pay for this lucky slave. After he has cum an enormous wad of jism all over the floor, Seva orders him to write his name LOSER in his worship puddle WITH HIS TONGUE! After which he is instructed to lap up the remainder of his cum as a sign of appreciation to his Mistress.

Keywords: princess seva, humiliation, submissive slave training, female domination, masturbation games, verbal humiliation, female superiority, orgasm control and denial, domestic servitude, jerk off instruction, slave training, masturbation humiliation, brat girls, small penis humiliation, bdsm

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DomNation – SNIFF MY ASS, WHILE I WHIP YOUR ASS. Starring Goddess Nikki Next

DomNation – SNIFF MY ASS, WHILE I WHIP YOUR ASS. Starring Goddess Nikki Next




In this clip Nikki Next is the sweet girl next door turned sadistic bitch Goddess of your dreams. Wearing bright bubble gum pink spandex leggings, top and matching pink stilettos, Nikki torments her pathetic, ugly loser of a slave by sitting on his face and depriving him of precious air, while she whips his ass, legs and balls.

It’s hard enough for this fool to try to get a breath of air, without having to contend with Nikki’s brutal whip strikes at the same time. But nobody said it was easy to belong to a cruel Goddess like Nikki Next. In addition to whipping the shite out of him and making him beg for every breath of air, she also drops a few perfectly placed ass first belly bombs on him.

Lastly, much to his disgust she orders him to lick the bottom of her pink stilettos clean with his tongue. He tries to resist, but a few stinging whip strikes puts him back in his place and licking away.



Keywords: nikki next, mass worship, brat princess, humiliation, face sitting, whipping, domestic servitude, ass smothering, corporal punishment, high heels, ass domination, slave training, spandex

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DomNation – BERRY GOOD 2 SEE YOU. Starring Goddess Nikki Next

DomNation – BERRY GOOD 2 SEE YOU. Starring Goddess Nikki Next




Goddess Nikki Thought that she had found herself a service oriented slave. But as it turns out, hes kind of a berry bad boy. So nikki decides that he needs to be trained in the berry most humiliating of ways.

Goddess Nikki has this feeble little mind at her feet, he is to weak to resist either her beauty or dominant prowess. This weakling will allow Nikki to humiliate and defile him in any way that she chooses just so that he may remain in her divine presence.

The goddess decides to put this useless flesh to good use. She forces him to hold a serving bowl full of berries in his mouth and tells him not to spill. She then humiliates and degrades this poor helpless creature, taunting him, twisting his nipples and smashing berries on his head to her utter amusement.



Keywords: nikki next, degradation, brat princess, humiliation, humble, corporal punishment, domestic servitude, slave training, corporal punishment, bdsm, humble, defile, female domination, female superiority, leather

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Doggs Dont Talk. Starring Princess Perfection, Queen Kasey and Goddess Nina

THE MEAN GIRLS – Doggs Dont Talk. Starring Princess Perfection, Queen Kasey and Goddess Nina




We have decided that it would be nice to have a pet around Mean Girl Manor. But We don’t really want a real dogg or catt- they shed and all over the place. Yuck. So the simple solution is to turn a slave into a “dogg” for Us! 🙂 All We need to do is COMMAND it to act like a dogg and it will BE a fucking dogg for Us for as long as We want. (If it knows whats good for it anyway! LOL)

So We take this one and attach a dogg-hood to it and voila! Instant doggie for Us to play with! And We get to play as ROUGH as We want to…LOL.

First step though it is to TRAIN it. So Queen Kasey attaches a SHOCKING DEVICE right to its NUTS! Then We take turns SHOCKING it and making it BARKK for Us! It is like SO much fun! But can you believe at one point Our new “dogg” FORGOT and actually spoke HUMAN words??? Goddess Nina was like “Doggs don’t TALK!” and shocked the out of him! LOL!

So much fun…We might just leave this loser crawling around Mean Girl Manor like this for the rest of the year. Or the rest of its LIFE. LOL. And it would BE SO LUCKY crawling around at the feet of 3 hot blondes like US!

-Mean Girls

Featuring: Princess Perfection, Queen Kasey, Goddess Nina

Category: PET PLAY


Keywords: ballshocker, ball shocker, heels, humiliation, sph, brat girls, feet worship, foot worship, foot, foot fetish, domestic servitude, dehumanization

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Brat Princess 2 – Amadahy – Fucks Domestic Cuck into Submission before Tea Party

1080 HD: Amadahy’s tea party is just hours away. It has to be perfect, but the efforts of Amadahy’s domestic cuckold are not up to par. There are streaks on the counter, not impressive to Amadahy, and certainly not something She wants Her girlfriends to see. Amadahy makes the cuck stick its tongue out and lick the dirty streaks from the counter. The cuck makes a big fuss. Amadahy ignores its fussing and chastises it. She takes an apple and puts it in the cucks mouth to shut it up. Then She goes around the kitchen finding flaws. Most outrageously, the cucumber sandwiches have not been made. Amadahy is very serious about Her cucumber sandwiches. A cucumber sandwich cannot ever be improperly made, or worse yet, completely absent. That’s it. Clearly, the cuck needs to be fucked and beaten back into its lowly lot in life. Amadahy begins to whip her cuck and it goes back to its petulant fussing. She demands it repeat after Her, but with the apple in its mouth it is incoherent. Amadahy whips it harder for again not completing Her request. She repeats Her instructions for the party preparations over and over as She beats the cuck. The cuck is so stupid, She has to literally beat the message into him and She’s sick of having to correct the dummy. Amadahy pulls one of her largest cocks out of the drawer. She doesn’t care if she splits the cuck’s asshole wide open. It has to learn to listen somehow. Amadahy thrusts Her cock into the cuck’s mouth first. It gags and fusses, but the real suffering hasn’t even started. Amadahy takes the cucks tight asshole. The cuck howls and makes a lot of pain noises. It’s obviously extremely uncomfortable for the cuck. Amadahy laughs. She fucks him anyway. The cuck really struggles. His face is covered in sweat and he won’t stop crying. Amadahy can see his pain and fucks him even harder. When she’s finished, Amadahy sends the cuck back to cleaning. The cuck cries as it resumes sweeping. Amadahy looks adorable in her polka dot dress. Note, there is a small spot of dried red on the camera lens throughout this whole clip, but it isn’t distracting. It’s from when the cuck’s body opened up in a previous whipping scene we had shot, and we forget to clean the lens afterwards. (16:37 long)

Clip contains: Amadahy, Female Domination, Strap-On, Pegging, Ass Fucking, Dildo Fucking, Cuckold, Chastity, Anal, Domestic Servitude, brief hand smothering



Keywords: STRAP-ON

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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Cuck Gives Bubble Bath

720 HD: Cameron’s cuckold draws her a bath. Cameron sits in the carefully prepared tub. She teases the cuck’s chastity with her finger nails. She reminds him that her boyfriend will be arriving soon. The cuck will have to eat her boyfriend’s used condoms, again. But this time, if the cuck is good, he may have a chance to earn his release. First, the cuck must choose an outfit for Cameron. It has to be an outfit that Cameron’s boyfriend likes. She sends the cuck for her wine. He returns with her wine and she tells him to wash her next. Cameron monologues about her exciting night ahead as the cuck washes her back. The cuck moves on to Cameron’s ass. She asks the cuck about his past relationships and finds that he has never had a girlfriend want him for anything but his money. Cameron is not surprised by his history. Cameron notices the cuck admiring her body while he washes. She knows her body excites him. She teases his chastity some more, this time with her foot. He’s been in chastity so long. Cameron wonders where she’s even placed the key. The cuck is not surprised that his key may be lost. He knows his place. He is so accepting of his lot, he’s certain he could learn to live out the rest of his days in the chastity device. Cameron is pleased with his understanding. She proposes a toast. She allows the cuck to draw himself a glass of her bathwater to drink. They raise a glass to Cameron’s boyfriend. The cuck drinks down her dirty bathwater. He brings her a clean towel before heading out to find an outfit Cameron’s boyfriend will like. (11:15 long)

Clip contains: Cameron, cuckold bathes Mistress, chastity, cuckolding, cuckold drinks dirty bathwater, domestic servitude


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The title sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, right? But for this insipid slave, the evening turned into a real nightmare. When Astro Domina comes home from an evening out on the town, she finds her useless slave asleep on the floor. And to make matters worse, he forgot to prepare her late night snack as instructed. What an idiot! Huge Mistake and he is about to pay dearly! Astro immediately wakes him up and invites him to lie down on the couch. Why after all should he be uncomfortable on the cold hard wood floor, when Astro can offer him a soft, cushy couch? Astro can be soooo sweet, right? But this dimwit soon learns that his comfort is not Astros primary concern. Once nestled comfortably upon the couch, Astro pounces on him and proceeds to trample, stomp, and crush him like a lowly worm. We cant even call this a trampling clip, because it is so much more intense and severe than any trampling clip we have ever shot.Astro literally jumps four feet into the air and comes crashing down full weight on his chests, ribs and abdominals again and again and again. When she isnt crushing the fool, she is soccer kicking his testicles for being such a blundering idiot. Astro stomps and smashes his cock and ball sack relentlessly with her bare feet as her slave grows weaker and and more submissive with each kick. Once she has taught the loser a lesson, she orders him to get his ass up off the comfy couch and make her a sandwich!



Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ball Punching, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Astro Domina, Ball Abuse, Asian Princess, Domestic Servitude, Ballbusting, Ball Crushing, Brat Girls, Ball Stomping, Ball Kicking, Trampling

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