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DomNation – He Burns In Misery For Her affection. Starring Mistress Kayla

DomNation – He Burns In Misery For Her affection. Starring Mistress Kayla




In this Burning Hot Compilation Starring Mistress Kayla, You will enjoy the full content of: SMOKE ADDICTION, BURNING MISERY and BURNED, BEATEN AND BROKEN This smokin Hot Collectors edition runs a full 16 Minutes in duration and is A FULL 1/3 OFF! at the Stellar price of $11.99 Buy it today and Enjoy!!! vide

While her slave is helplessly restrained, its time for Mistress Kayla to enjoy a cigarette break. But there will be no enjoyment for her unfortunate slave, because where there is smoke, there is burning misery. Kayla can find countless diabolical ways of punishing her slave while indulging herself.

She blister his nipples, and scorches his cock and ball sack relentlessly with the glowing tip of her cigarette while his moans and screams fill the air. It is all too obvious that the smell of his burning flesh satisfies the sadist in Mistress Kayla. When I grow tired of his annoying whimpering, Kayla shuts him up by blowing her second hand smoke into his lungs. He is helpless to resist and can only breath in the air that she allows him. The only sounds he makes now are those as he coughs, chokes and gasps.

After a short break, Kayla takes her cigarette abuse to a new level, concentrating the red hot tip of her cigarette on her slaves cock and balls. Relentlessly, she holds on to his nutsack as she digs her cigarette into his flesh, japing him over and over again. Even the head of his cock is awarded the privilege of her painful attention, Mistress Kayla returns with a painful leather paddle to beat his ass and thighs. Fully blindfolded with his hands secured tightly over his head, her poor slave doesnt know where he will be hit next. Grabbing him by the throat and hair, Mistress Kayla rag dolls her much smaller victim as she wails on his soft, tender flesh.



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DomNation – A CRUEL AND MERCILESS DICK WHIPPING. Starring Alex Amazonia

DomNation – A CRUEL AND MERCILESS DICK WHIPPING. Starring Alex Amazonia




Alex Amazonia is a woman that is tall in stature and her size directly proportional to her ruthlessness. She towers over most men with an intimidating presence and any fool that is naive enough to cross her will pay in pain.

When Alex`s slave carelessly ruins one of her favorite Latex dresses, she finds herself at her wits end with this hopeless excuse for a man. He will not only be forced to buy her a new dress but he will suffer the same fate every day until it has been replaced.

She renders her slave helpless, his hands are bound to his thighs in a tormentive fashion that almost allows him to protect himself from the ferocious avalanche of pain that’s in store for him. Alex treats him tenderly at first taunting him and belittling his little penis while caressing him. But the niceties don’t last long as Alex unleashes on his penis! A torrent of hard strikes send her little pussy slave reeling in anguish. Hes moaning and gasping as Alex sadistically beats his little man meat to pieces.

Once his man parts have been dealt with Alex mounts him on a spanking bench and administers a Harsh and humiliating spanking, that leaves him blushing and welted.

Category: WHIPPING


Keywords: female domination, mistress alex amazonia, humiliation, domestic discipline, spanking, brat girls, bare hand spanking, corporal punishment, beat downs, whipping, beatings, cock abuse, penis torment, bdsm, bondage

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The title sounds like the beginning of a fairy tale, right? But for this insipid slave, the evening turned into a real nightmare. When Astro Domina comes home from an evening out on the town, she finds her useless slave asleep on the floor. And to make matters worse, he forgot to prepare her late night snack as instructed. What an idiot! Huge Mistake and he is about to pay dearly! Astro immediately wakes him up and invites him to lie down on the couch. Why after all should he be uncomfortable on the cold hard wood floor, when Astro can offer him a soft, cushy couch? Astro can be soooo sweet, right? But this dimwit soon learns that his comfort is not Astros primary concern. Once nestled comfortably upon the couch, Astro pounces on him and proceeds to trample, stomp, and crush him like a lowly worm. We cant even call this a trampling clip, because it is so much more intense and severe than any trampling clip we have ever shot.Astro literally jumps four feet into the air and comes crashing down full weight on his chests, ribs and abdominals again and again and again. When she isnt crushing the fool, she is soccer kicking his testicles for being such a blundering idiot. Astro stomps and smashes his cock and ball sack relentlessly with her bare feet as her slave grows weaker and and more submissive with each kick. Once she has taught the loser a lesson, she orders him to get his ass up off the comfy couch and make her a sandwich!



Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ball Punching, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Astro Domina, Ball Abuse, Asian Princess, Domestic Servitude, Ballbusting, Ball Crushing, Brat Girls, Ball Stomping, Ball Kicking, Trampling

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Asian Mean Girls – MY PERFECT GODDESS BOOTY ON YOUR FACE Starring Goddess Saya




After far too long of a hiatus, we are extremely excited to have Goddess Saya back on our store. This gorgeous and sexy FemDom has starred in several of our most popular and best selling clips, and one look at her and you can see why! We have just completed an extensive shoot together, so look forward to Goddess Sayas many new clips in the coming months.This is the follow up video to Goddess Sayas top selling clip WORSHIP MY GORGEOUS GODDESS BOOTY. Having allowed her pathetic loser of a slave the divine privilege of kissing her gorgeous Goddess ass, Saya is now intent on simply using his face as a seat cushion while her ass cheeks suck the life out of him. As Saya lowers her exalted ass full weight over his nose and mouth, she spreads her cheeks even farther apart, all but preventing even the slightest breath of air to reach him. Trapped beneath her, does this fool even truly realize how privileged he is to be so close and intimate with such a true Asian Goddess? She ass attacks his face from several different positions and all he can do is lie there and gasp for breath. Breathing is definitely not an option. Struggle as he may, her loser slaves efforts to escape are utterly futile. Goddess Saya can do with him as she pleases, and on this occasion, a piece of human furniture is all she really needs him for. Accept your place worm!



Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ass Kissing, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Goddess Saya, Ass Sniffing, Asian Princess, Domestic Servitude, Ass Worship, Female Supremacy, Brat Girls, High Heels, Ass Humiliation, FemDom, Lingerie

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Asian Mean Girls – LIPSTICK ON A DICK Starring Astro Domina




While getting ready for a hot night on the town with her BF, Astro Domina puts one of her many servants to good use as her (what else) makeup gimp HA HA!. Being one of her more well endowed minions, she attaches a makeup mirror to his balls and a container of bright pink lip gloss to his dick. Instructed to stand silently at attention with his hands behind his back, Astro grabs his cock tightly and uses it to brush the lip gloss onto her lips. HOW HUMILIATING! To amuse herself further, she orders him to get his dick hard on command and wave his man meat from side to side in an attempt to apply her lip gloss hands free to her full, luscious lips. ABSOLUTELY HILLARIOUS! To complete her look for the evening, she applies her eye shadow and combs her gorgeous sexy Asian hair, all while taking advantage of the appropriately positioned manhood mirror. This clip is one of the best and most creative we have every produced on the subject of pathetic lowly male objectification!



Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Humiliation, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Astro Domina, Asian Princess, Domestic Servitude, Makeup, Brat Girls, Ball Abuse

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Asian Mean Girls – HEAVY METAL GODDESS BALLBUSTS THE FAN BOY Starring Lydia Supremacy




We are excited to announce the addition of highly renowned Dominatrix Lydia Supremacy to our stores! Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Lydia is a no-nonsense, hard core professional Domina who loves to put weak, pathetic white boys in their proper place of servitude. Watch for several clips featuring Lydia Supremacy in the coming months! When a fan boy/wannabe slave fails to buy his Goddess proper concert tickets and back stage passes for her favorite metal band, Goddess Lydia Supremacy is one angry heavy metal bitch. He had the gall to buy cheap ass, nose bleed seats for a true Superior Asian Goddess? Really??? Its fucking embarrassing that such a Goddess should have to sit with mere peasants. After the concert, Lydia decides to take out her disappointment and frustration on her fan boys private parts, using her magnificent heavy metal boots with steel sole, 6 steel stiletto heel, and razor sharp steel spikes. In a word, these boots are lethal. And this idiot is about to have his nuts pulverized by one pissed off Goddess. Using her boots like an assault weapon, Lydia viciously kicks, stomps, crushes, and stabs this idiots cock and ball sack over and over again, until he is begging forgiveness. But his transgression will not be so easily forgiven. He is going to pay and pay and pay with his pain and suffering beneath her switchblade like boot heels. Her stilettos are so thin and razor sharp, she can easily pierce right through his fragile ball sack, if she chose to put her full weight down upon him. But she will spare him another day, as another concert is on the horizon and she will put him to the test one last time. And if he fucks up again, these boots are going to crush his testicles like a walnut.



Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ball Abuse, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Ball Crushing, Boots, Asian Princess, Ball Kicking, High Heels, Female Supremacy, Ball Stomping, Humiliation, Ballbusting, Lydia Supremacy, Slave Training

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Asian Mean Girls – BUSTING BALLS ITS WHAT I DO Starring Astro Domina




When her incompetent makeup slave fails to properly apply her lip gloss in preparation for a hot date, Astro decides to teach him a lesson he will never forget. What better way to teach a man his lesson than by taking away that which is most precious to him, in this case his cock and balls. These are after all the prized jewels which define a man, and make him a pathetic, desperate loser, are they not? Wearing a pair of skin tight, sexy booty shorts and spiked heels, Astro ball busts her idiot slave until he is laid out on the floor, choking and gasping for his next breath. Kick after excruciating kick, Astro is relentless in disciplining her slave. Astro is one powerful bitch, and she puts all her weight behind her soccer style kicks for maximum effect and testicular damage.

Category: BALL ABUSE


Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Ball Punching, Asian Goddess, Domestic Discipline, Astro Domina, Ball Abuse, Asian Princess, Domestic Servitude, Ballbusting, Ball Crushing, Brat Girls, Ball Stomping, Ball Kicking

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