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DomNation – A WOEFUL PENIS. Starring Mistress January Seraph

DomNation – A WOEFUL PENIS. Starring Mistress January Seraph




Mistress January Seraph has run her little pain slut through the mill and has told him that maybe he’s earned a tiny little reward, Or at least he thinks he’s got a reward coming. unbeknownst to her slave, Mistress January is privy to recent discussions, she has become aware that he has been voicing his opinion and complaining that no one ever plays with him in more sensual way.

Armed with knowledge of her slaves complaints Mistress January sets off to make everything alright. He can have his sensation play! Mistress January has no intention of of being gentle with such an ungrateful excuse for a man. She grabs and tugs at his tender little penis and makes him struggle for relief. Mistress January works him to a full erection just to show him that his penis is useless and will only bring him pain, she beats and reddens it with a paint stirrer and drives over it firmly with a sharp and painful wartenburg wheel and tugs and grabs at his deplorable meat with sharp vampire gloves and leaves her slave sobbing in painful remorse! Hopefully he has learned that his meager man junk is better off getting no attention at all.

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DomNation – COCK WHIPPED AND CROPPED UNTIL BROKEN. Starring Mistress Cybill Troy

DomNation – COCK WHIPPED AND CROPPED UNTIL BROKEN. Starring Mistress Cybill Troy




This Cock Shrinking Full Version release of Cybill Troy’s Brutal Cock tormenting video: DICK WHIPPED AND COCK CROPPED but also includes all the original footage from COCKS WERE MEANT TO BE PUNISHED! This is a brutal 10 minute video at the rock bottom price of $ 8.99 This will undoubtedly become a collectors item so start enjoying your copy today

Cybill has him exactly as she wants him! He is helpless and exposed, his man parts within easy reach and fully accessible. With a heavy weight attached to his testicles he will look most attractive to Cybill, with her sites set on his manhood Cybill will will giggle in delight as she expresses her displeasure.

His Screams are soothing music to Cybill’s ears, she delights in the sound of his agony and hungers for more. She will beat him with elevating ferocity and turn him into a weeping and fearful buffoon. Cybill is relentless, she mercilessly beats his man parts until red and swollen and covered in welts, she takes great joy in stepping on the weight affixed to his testicles and making him scream! Then she goes at him with a carriage whip until he begs for mercy



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