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GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Dr Valente Specialist in impotence – Handjob

GERMAN FEMDOM Lady Victoria Valente – Dr Valente Specialist in impotence – Handjob




Lady Victoria Valente: Dr Valente has a new patient. He complains that he is no longer horny and cumshot he can not anymore! A new patient for the specialist in this field! The patient should get free and Dr Valente looks at the cock at the same time. So he does not look so unilateral today from your cock! I will now check if you can get horny and cumshot. The sperm is collected in a measuring cup. So I can also see how much sperm you cumshot today! Handjob with lubricant! Edging game, I look at the cock again and again. Then the patient suddenly so horny that he injected into the measuring cup! Well that went well today. Next week I want to see you again! Keywords: Doctor games, handjob, Edging game, cum eating, cum play, Dr smock, doctor’s gown, orgasm, pantyhose, nylons, long legs, brunette, close-ups- Please do not share my Clips on the Internet! HD Quality WMV Clip, German language.

Dr Valente hat einen neuen Patienten. Er klagt darüber dass er gar nicht mehr geil wird und abspritzen kann er auch nicht mehr! Ein neuer Patient für Fachärztin auf diesem Gebiet! Der Patient soll sich frei machen und Dr Valente sieht sich den Schwanz gleich mal genauer an. Also ungeil sieht er ja heute nicht aus Dein Schwanz! Ich werde jetzt mal prüfen ob Du geil wirst und abspritzen kannst. Das Sperma wird in einem Messbecher aufgefangen. Damit ich auch sehen kann wie viel Sperma Du heute abspritzt! Handjob mit Gleitgel! Edging game, ich schaue mir den Schwanz immer wieder an. Dann wird der Patient auf einmal doch so geil, dass er in den Messbecher abspritzt! Na das ging ja gut heute. Nächste Woche möchte ich Dich wieder sehen! Keywords: Doktorspiele, Handjob, Edging game, Sperma trinken, Sperma Spiel, Dr Kittel, Arztkittel, orgasm, Strumpfhose, nylons, long legs, brunette, close-ups – Bitte stellen Sie meine Filme NICHT ins Internet! Vielen Dank! HD Qualität WMV Clip, Deutsche Sprache.



Keywords: forced male orgasm, medical fetish, cum eating, cfnm, handjobs, cumshots, brunette, dr smock, doctors gown, edging game, forced orgasm, close-ups, cum play, long legs, pantyhose

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LGIstudio – Minnie Latex & Plastic Fun: Part 4

LGIstudio – Minnie Latex & Plastic Fun: Part 4




Minnie’s baby blows his load into his plastic pants!

Then after a clean nappy she fastens his cum stained pants & cuddles up with him under the plastic duvet!

Category: DIAPER


Keywords: nappy, latex fetish, diaper, babysitter, plastic pants, cum, buttplug, rubber, latex

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Confess Cucky It Was A Gangbang. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Confess Cucky It Was A Gangbang. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine walks into the house and goes to the coat rack to retrieve a collar and leash. “Slave I’ve ‘come’ for you.”, she says as walks to her cuck kneeling by the steps, awaiting her return. As she collars him, he asks where they are going and she replies, “Not that kind of come.” She then hikes up her skirt and tells the slave she has just been fucked by a huge black cock. “I have ‘cum’ for you”, she repeats as she slides a finger into her pussy and pulls it out covered in jizz, which she proceeds to stick in the slaves mouth.

As she sticks her fingers back into her pussy a massive load of cum pours out of her. She feeds her fingers to the slave again and then makes him get down on all fours to lick the floor clean. She explains that this is how she keeps her floors clean, black mans cum as polish and the slaves tongue to buff it clean. She fingers herself more, again feeding it to her desperate hubby. She tells him next time she goes out she will take him with her and then as she sticks her finger back inside yet another load of cum comes pouring out. She laughs and says, “I Confess Cucky, It Was A Gangbang.” He is again ordered to lick the cum off the floor and Jasmine says she actually lost count of how many loads she took. “Sometimes when I cough or sneeze, hours later, cum just comes pouring out of me”, she adds. “He loves licking cum off the store floors when I have an accident.” Jasmine loves studs and her hubby has a lifetime of cum eating ahead of him.



Keywords: cuckolding, miss jasmine, cum eating, asian goddess

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Subby Hubby – Kate England’s Human Dildo. Starring Kate England

Subby Hubby – Kate England’s Human Dildo. Starring Kate England




Goddess Kate Has her human dildo tied up and gagged. She tells her bitch that he has five seconds to get hard for her use and mounts him. She mercilessly rides him and warns him that she is not yet pleasured. Before he can succeed in pleasing his Goddess, the human dildo dares to spill his filth all over her. Goddess Kate is disgusted with her Human Dildo and pulls out his gag to feed him his mess. She slaps his tongue and tells him how disappointing his pathetic slut stick is until the last drop of his filth is shoved into his mouth. Since Kate England’s human dildo couldn’t please her she decided to use him as a dildo cleaner instead while she gets herself off in front of his pathetic face.She is enjoying pleasuring herself so much more than when she was using him that she then uses her toy to pleasure her ass before shoving it in her dildo cleaners mouth. After licking her dildo clean, the dildo cleaner is told that she has more to give him as she continues to rub herself with the dildo. Kate England has no use for her cucky’s slut stick since he can’t please her. So she brings the chastity device he will be wearing indefinitely and milks him while he sucks on it, struggling in his bonds. She has no time for his struggling and tells him he better cum when she counts down to one. Squeezing every last drop out of his dicklet she quickly shoves the filth down his throat and prepares his chastity for another thirty days.

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CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Eating from her hands. Starring Mistress Kittina

CRUEL PUNISHMENTS – SEVERE FEMDOM – Eating from her hands. Starring Mistress Kittina




After the hard punishment the slave deserves a little happy time with Mistress Kittina, because he was such a good boy while being punished. So the topless Mistress put his cock into her palm and starts caressing it, pouring some oil and massages his sensitive skin. After she made him cum, she makes him eat all the stuff he squirted.

Features: handjob, milking, orgasm, sperm eating, female domination

Category: HANDJOBS


Keywords: lady anette kittina, domina amazon, elegant femdom, mistresses slave, domination, unusual, milking handjob, kinky

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum Bitches

Club Stiletto FemDom – Cum Bitches




We’ve strung together some of our favorite cum shot scenes ever. Massive cum explosions, ruined orgasms, and everything in between. BBW’s, Princesses, and divine Domina’s, with some of the verbals so funny it makes us think this could be a popular reality program if allowed on network TV. 13 cum shots in total! Includes foot worship, facesitting, ass licking, taboo, handjobs, Mistress cock sucking, and forced cum eating.

Category: CUMSHOTS


Keywords: cumshot, jasmine, anjolie, cum eating, kandy, forced cum eating, jemma, hand job, naughtia

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Club Stiletto FemDom – That’s Coming out of your Pay. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy has been having fun with her yard boy but decides she has been a bit too nice to him and thinks he should suffer as well. What better way than to kick the out of his balls? Kandy tells the boi she wants to build up his tolerance and then while kicking him notices that the pre-cum dripping from his dick has just splashed all over him. She wipes it up with her fingers and sticks it in his mouth. She can’t believe how rock hard the bitch is from being kicked. Solid kick to the nuts after solid kick to the nuts rain down on the yard boy. Kandy then grabs onto his dick and while doing so kicks some more. In light of his stiff cock Kandy tells him, “Forget the ass and armpit worship, I know what I’m going to do with you from now on.” She tells him that if she is ever stressed out she will just call him in and take it out on his balls. Kandy continues to kick and kick and she is amazed how rock hard he is. Eventually he falls to his knees but Kandy orders him back up and then makes him eat more pre-cum dripping from his cock. Kandy tells the boi her husband is annoying her so much, just a rich old fucker, and this ball kicking stuff is really helping her relax. Last night Kandy asked hubby for $50,000 and then wakes up this morning to find he has written a check for only $45,000. “That $5000 will come out of your pay.”, she tells him. After 100 kicks, or so, the boi drops to his knees, in a show of compassion Kandy make him lick her boots which are also covered in his cum. The break is brief though and soon the kicks continue to his balls until he finally falls again. Kandy makes him lick up some more cum and then says the abuse is making her horny, “Where’s my pool boy.”, she smiles!



Keywords: Mistress Kandy, Stilettos, Ball Busting, Kicking

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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – JI – Cuckold Fed Condoms Full of Cum then Given a Choice

720 HD: Jenna Ivory and her black bull, Moe, are fucking on the velvet divan while Jennas cuckold is at work. Just as Jennas bull is cumming inside her, the cuck rushes in late. Although hes missed the fucking, hes still right on time to suck the creampie out of Jennas pussy. While the cuckold cleans Jenna, she reveals that she and Moe have been fucking all day. They fucked so much, they ran out of condoms. Jenna has saved the three condoms they had used, and now the cuckold will have the special punishment of eating their contents. Jenna forces the cuck to suck all of her bulls cum out of the first condom. She squeezes the second into his mouth, then the third. Jenna is still upset that the cuck was late. She pushes all the dirty condoms into its mouth and tells the cuck to go sit in the corner for an hour. When Jenna returns after the hour, she is in a better mood. She acknowledges she was pretty hard on the cuckold for his tardiness, and recognizes his hard work. Jennas pleased that he took all the cum that she fed him. She offers the cuck a choice. He can either lick her until she cums, or jerk off into the toilet. The cuckold chooses to pleasure his Mistress instead of himself. Jenna accepts his decision, then reveals that this means he will be in chastity another month. As the cuckold contemplates that he may have lost his only chance at release, Jenna positions his body so that she can use his face. Jenna rides the cuckolds tongue to bring herself to orgasm. After she cums, she stays on for a second round. This clip includes a bonus cum play teaser with Cuckoldress Cameron. (11:15 long)

Clip contains: Jenna Ivory, CUM PLAY, PUSSY WORSHIP, Female Domination, male cum swallowers, corset, chastity

Category: CUM PLAY

Related Categories: PUSSY WORSHIP

Keywords: Jenna Ivory

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Asian Mean Girls – SKULL FUCKERY FOR THE WIMP Starring Astro Domina

Asian Mean Girls - SKULL FUCKERY FOR THE WIMP. Starring Astro Domina.wmv.0004

Asian Mean Girls - SKULL FUCKERY FOR THE WIMP. Starring Astro Domina.wmv.0008

Asian Mean Girls - SKULL FUCKERY FOR THE WIMP. Starring Astro Domina.wmv.0009

This particular loser has rubbed Astro Domina the wrong way one too many times, and she is determined to teach this dick a lesson he wont soon forget. So tonight, Astro is going to introduce this asshole to her personal strap on. A dick for a dick. Seems fair, right? So when he arrives at her place, she surprises him with this massive, strap on cock, and proceeds to literally ram it down his throat until he is choking on cock for his Goddess. Grabbing his hair, she fills his pie hole with her cock to shut him the fuck up, humiliate him, and break his spirit to her whims and desires. He is putty in her hands, as she skull fucks him from various positions, drool running down his chin, tears of shame running down his cheeks. His arrogance and rebelliousness is all but gone, replaced by humility and submissiveness.


Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, cum play, small penis, dildo Sucking, ethnic, Asian Goddess, slapping, corporal punishment, Slave, fetish clothing, spitting, Astro Domina, caged

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CBTrample – Ass Smothering Footjob and Ball Crush by Mistress Alina

CBTrample.com - Ass Smothering Footjob and Ball Cruch by Mistress Alina.mp4.0005

CBTrample.com - Ass Smothering Footjob and Ball Cruch by Mistress Alina.mp4.0006

CBTrample.com - Ass Smothering Footjob and Ball Cruch by Mistress Alina.mp4.0019


This is the cumshot compilation from the great cumshot of “Ass Smothering Footjob and Ball Crush by Mistress Alina”.

Watch Mistress Alina milking her slave’s cock empty with her wonderful bare feet, watch her facesitting her slave at the same time.

Categories: Footjob, Cumshots, Ass Smothering, Female Domination, Cum Play, Facesitting, Barefoot, Legs, Toenail Polish, Amazons, Femdom and more..

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