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Club Stiletto FemDom – He Hopes He Wakes Up. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – He Hopes He Wakes Up. Starring Princess Skylar




This scene opens with cuckoldress Princess Skylar sitting on her cuck slaves chest, him in chastity as always. She tells him she is happy with his progress as a cuck and recently as her toilet too. Today though she wants to test his ability to manage her weight as she would like to lay on him the next time her boyfriend fucks her. She sits on his chest which he manages fine so she moves to sitting on his face. Her giant ass smothers his head and she mentions she is wearing pants that don’t breath. She settles in for a nice long sit but he doesn’t last a full minute as she wants. She tells him to take a deep breath and this time wants him to last a minute. She gives him a count, and he starts to struggle at 30 seconds. She reprimands him and starts over. She sits full weight. He starts to kick as she says he is at 30 seconds, then 40, he starts to thrash, 50 seconds, and then 60, and she finally lets him breath.

She tells him she is proud of him and reverse facesits him, telling him she expects another full minute. This time the slave doesn’t start to move much up to the 30 second mark but then suddenly seems frantic to breath, but Skylar does not relent, she does not budge until a full minute has passed. As she lifts up the slave lets out a frantic gasp as he sucks air into his lungs. While pleased she tells him he has to build to two minutes, her boyfriend might need that much time to cum inside her and they won’t be thinking of him when they are fucking. She suggests that even when locked alone in his cage he practice not breathing and then she sits on him for the final time. “I want two minutes” she tells him “and if you go to sleep don’t worry, you’ll wake up eventually.” She looks at the camera and whispers “He hopes he wakes up.”



Keywords: princess skylar, chastity, facesitting, ass smother, cuckold

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Submissive Cuckolds – Last Update (January 2018). Starring Mistress Sophia Deville

Submissive Cuckolds – Last Update (January 2018). Starring Mistress Sophia Deville




Slutty wife is in the bedroom with her husband. She talks on phone with family friends n invites them to visit. These friends came up after the wife has visited the swinger club. And now this couple came. They were not so much surprised that the husband crawls on his knees in front of his wife, they even liked it. However, the girlfriend had to leave soon and our three heroes were left alone.

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Subby Hubby – Foot Bitch For My Goddess P2. Starring Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase

Subby Hubby – Foot Bitch For My Goddess P2. Starring Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase




Goddess Tangent and Sunny Chase are going to teach this little bitch how to worship their feet properly. They get to work making him suck on their toes and lick their soles. Their high arches are driving him crazy. He belongs collared and underneath them like a servant. He isn’t good enough for either of these women, especially his girlfriend Sunny. This is ALL he is going to get for now, so he better enjoy it.

Keywords: Sunny Chase, Tangent, HIGHLY ARCHED FEET, Foot Worship, Foot Jobs, cuckold

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Submissive Cuckolds – Last Update (December 2017). Starring Mistress Misty Cat

Submissive Cuckolds – Last Update (December 2017). Starring Mistress Misty Cat




Misty Cat as a real wild cat hangs out by herself. And even her husband does not dare to say anything to her. This time she came with a young guy whom she met an hour ago. And the husband can only watch how his wife will now cuckold him. However, the wife desired her husband not just watch her, but also to participated in this family orgy.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Cuckolding, Cuckold, Sperm, Male Orgasm, Ejaculation, Mistress, Cucky, Cuck, SubmissiveCuckolds, Milking, Misty Cat, Mistress Misty Cat

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Submissive Cuckolds – Last Update (November 2017). Starring Mistress Ani Blackfox

Submissive Cuckolds – Last Update (November 2017). Starring Mistress Ani Blackfox




This story will not end until they`re together. Anya and her husband. She can’t have sex with her husband, because he is a complete jerk. She tolerates him only because he allows her to do whatever she needs. And today she is also waiting for her lover, and while he is coming, her husband is obediently licking her pussy, to hotly excite a beautiful wife before she meets with her lover.

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, SubmissiveCuckolds, Cuckolding, Mistress Ani Blackfox, Ani Blackfox, Mistress, Cuckold, Cucky, Cuck

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Dirty Dommes – Hungry for sperm and stockings. Starring Fetish Liza

Dirty Dommes – Hungry for sperm and stockings. Starring Fetish Liza




My FF stockings have been covered in cum. Now it is time to bring my cuckold slave in! He does not get the reward n privilege of
relieving himself, but instead I make him lick up the sperm of my virile slave boy. The cum is thick, still lukewarm and his mouth
and tongue is only good to taste other men’s juices. I love to humiliate him and see all that sticky spunk going in his mouth n
down his throat. He is not allowed to stop until I`m satisfied and he has tasted and eaten all the cum from my nyloned legs!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, High Heels, Stockings, Lingerie, Gloves, Cum Eating, Humiliation, Degradation, Fetish
Liza, Liza, Cuckolding, Cuckold, Cucky, Cuck

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Since We Got Married I’m So Horny For Real Men. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Since We Got Married I’m So Horny For Real Men. Starring Miss Jasmine




This is a super hot cuckold themed POV where you get to play the role of Miss Jasmine’s husband. The scene opens with Jasmine on
the bed surfing her favorite nude stud website when she is surprised when you enter the room, home after days away on business.
locked in chastity the entire time, of course. She knows you could never control yourself on your own. She welcomes you home and
says she hopes your trip was prosperous because she had an expensive weekend. “I was feeling a bit bored so I went on tinder and
invited a few men over, then I decided to invite some girlfriends, then I had to order food and champagne, and after getting
fucked we went out and partied some more, and then more men” she tells you. She then remembers she was just about to set up
another date when you got home, she pulls her panties tight up into her pussy to titillate you and tells you how she is freshly
fucked, swollen and sore but because of her high sex drive just needs some more cock. just not yours.

It’s your lucky day though because this time she wants you to watch her get fucked. She talks about part of the weekend where
there were multiple people on the bed. New studs fucking her, her girlfriends boyfriends fucking her, it was a literal free-for-
all. “Ever since we got married I’ve just been so horny” she tells you. Sadly she isn’t horny for you but rather the many studly
men out there just waiting to pleasure her with their big strong bodies and rock hard cocks. “You are a natural born cuckold, you
never get to fuck me, you do not have the equipment to please a woman.” While speaking of your general sexual uselessness she
removes her bra to reveal her mind-blowing breasts. Imagine being able to touch them, your friends and co-workers probably think
you do, but no that has never happened, rather you only watch as other men ravish her body and touch her wherever they like with
no resistance from her at all. She willing spreads her legs and lets them fill her with their huge cocks and hot steamy loads of
cum. That’s the narration of the first 3 minutes of this clip, buy it to get the full 7 minutes and 30 seconds and listen to the
nasty things Jasmine has to say, things you have to do as her cuckold and how men will please her whenever she likes. Jasmine is
the wickedest of cuckolds and getting through this entire clip without blowing a load is likely impossible. In fact, you should
probably lock yourself up and mail yourself the key just so you can’t cum for at least a few days while you watch this clip over
and over again.



Keywords: pov, asian, cuckold
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MeanWorld – MeanDungeon – Cuckold. Starring Raven Bay

MeanWorld – MeanDungeon – Cuckold. Starring Raven Bay




Raven Bay is back and this time we gave her a Black Stud n a cuckold slave!

Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Fishnets, Stockings, Cuckold, Cuckolding, Cucky, Cuck, MeanDungeon, MeanWorld, Raven
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Club Stiletto FemDom – Can you Tell Which Boyfriend It Was. Starring Goddess Mia

Club Stiletto FemDom – Can you Tell Which Boyfriend It Was. Starring Goddess Mia




Goddess Mia uses slaves up and then spits them out. Her slave is not a fan of cum but he has learned to eagerly lick it up when
she demands it or risk being replaced. Mia loves mocking her weak slave, telling him about her dates and the hot hung studs she
takes as lovers and gets even more satisfaction getting fucked then making her slave lick the cum up as it runs from her sweet
young pussy. As the scene opens you can see cum running out of Mia’s pussy and a lot more on her legs where it has run out. The
slave is locked in her cage with only his head sticking out. She tells him to start by licking all the cum off her legs. “My
pussy is to sore and raw for you to lick so only lick my legs” she tells him. She humiliates him further by asking if he can tell
from the taste of the cum which lover it is. “Was it Harold, James, Ramone?” she asks and when he identifies it as Ramone’s cum
she is very impressed telling him he is getting very good at this game. She reaches in her pussy and then takes her cum filled
fingers and sticks them in his mouth. She talks about how Ramone is over 10″ in length, compared to the slaves 4″. She belittles
him saying he must feel so small and insignificant next to him. She then tells him to stroke himself so she can see for herself
how big it is. “If it gets big enough maybe I’ll let you fuck me”, she laughs, knowing no amount of arousal would ever get him
big enough to please her. More cum runs from her pussy and she makes him lick it up also. “I can just tell you love cum” she
says and then suggests she might just leave him in the cage and have her lover come over and masturbate in his mouth. “Do you
like the black men’s cum the most?” she asks him. He whimpers that he does but does admit he likes all cum when she questions him

Mia is again getting aroused, knowing how debased her slave is and thinking about the studs that fuck her so she starts to
masturbate. Meanwhile, the slave is stroking his cock like there is no tomorrow and it gets rock hard. She tells him it looks
like he is maybe three and a half inches in length at most. She reaches inside her pussy again and gets more cum on her
fingers. While feeding it to him she asks if he wants cum everyday. While embarrassed he knows the answer she expects is yes so
he says so. She makes him tell her that he is a big faggot. She is really getting off knowing she can do anything she wants to
this perverted creature and will never get no for an answer. Every word he speaks is an attempt to please her. “Now tell me you
are a big cocksucker” she continues, “You just want to suck big black cocks all day long.” The slave repeats what she tells him
to. She says that the next time she has Ramone over she is going to tell him to bring a friend and as Ramone fucks her, the slave
can suck off his friend. While humiliated there is no denying the slave is rock hard and struggling not to shoot a load of his
own. She thinks it would be hot if Ramone cums inside her the same time his buddy cums in the slaves mouth. “Then after you
swallow the friends cum you can suck Ramone’s cum from my pussy.” She asks the slave if he wants to cum and he begs her to let
him cum but just as he is about to explode she makes him take his hand off his cock. Slaves don’t need to cum, their purpose is
to serve.



Keywords: princess mia, cuckold, cum eating

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat My Black Studs Cum. Starring Goddess Jewels

Club Stiletto FemDom – Eat My Black Studs Cum. Starring Goddess Jewels




Goddess Jewels is laying on the bed, she asks her cuck if he heard her black lover fucking her. “Yes Goddess” he replies like a good little beta bitch. “I can still feel his cum running out of me” she moans and you can clearly see the cum rolling down from her pussy into her ass crack. She orders him between her legs and to lick it all up, to taste a real mans cum. She talks about how big her lovers cock is, at least 10″ she suspects and adds “The whole neighbourhood probably heard my screaming.” She asks her slave if he feels inferior and he replies that he does. naturally. She mocks him that he does not have a cock, only a little clit. She inspects his works and sees there is still cum in her ass crack. She tells him her boyfriend would be really disappointed if he heard that he hadn’t licked up all the cum so the slave works extra hard to get his tongue between her cheeks.

She tells him that her and her man were laughing while talking about him, how she loves to humiliate him and all her slaves, just to insure they never get any crazy ideas that they are real men. She then mentions that his licking is making her horny again. She tells him to get his mouth dildo and use it to fuck her. Naturally, she would never consider his actual cock, the rubber dildo will be the best she can get until her man is back for more. Not surprisingly the slave has a hard time directing the dildo into his wife’s wet pussy, you can imagine what it would be like if she ever let him try to stick his actual cock inside her, lol. She reaches down and angles his head correctly until the dildo slides inside her. She tells him her pussy is still raw because lately she seems to need sex every hour. She tells him she is going to have to find more new slaves and more new boyfriends to keep her satisfied. The slave gets into a steady motion, naturally there is no sexual pleasure for him, his only pleasure hoping he is giving her some. “I’m thinking about Leon” she says, “You don’t even exist to me.” She continues to talk about her alpha stud while also putting her slave down until she starts to get too aroused and then gets lost in her own bliss. She pulls the slaves hair to assist his efforts until she screams with pleasure. Once satisfied she orders him to crawl away and back to his cage. “I think I need to get Leon back over here now”, she smiles!



Keywords: goddess jewels, cuckold, ass licking, bbw

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