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DomNation – CRUELTY BECOMES HER. Starring Mistress Kayla

DomNation – CRUELTY BECOMES HER. Starring Mistress Kayla




We are thrilled to have a brand new addition to DomNation. Mistress Kayla is a stunning and sadistic professional Domina hailing from Los Angeles, and we will be adding several new clips in the coming weeks. Enjoy!

Slaves wishing to session with this breathtaking Mistress should first view her website at http://www.mistresskaylabdsm.com

In this video clip, the incomparable Mistress Kayla turns up the volume on her pets pain tolerances. And the crueler she becomes, the more enthralled and submissive her slave becomes. With each blow from her whip, her power grows over him exponentially, and she takes him deeper and deeper into her world of pain and servitude.

Bound and naked in the center of the room, her slave can only stand there in dire anticipation of the next excruciating blow, as Kayala stalks her prey from every possible direction. Controlling his every movement either by grabbing his throat or hair, Kaylas slave is completely helpless to her sadistic whims.

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DomNation – He Burns In Misery For Her affection. Starring Mistress Kayla

DomNation – He Burns In Misery For Her affection. Starring Mistress Kayla




In this Burning Hot Compilation Starring Mistress Kayla, You will enjoy the full content of: SMOKE ADDICTION, BURNING MISERY and BURNED, BEATEN AND BROKEN This smokin Hot Collectors edition runs a full 16 Minutes in duration and is A FULL 1/3 OFF! at the Stellar price of $11.99 Buy it today and Enjoy!!! vide

While her slave is helplessly restrained, its time for Mistress Kayla to enjoy a cigarette break. But there will be no enjoyment for her unfortunate slave, because where there is smoke, there is burning misery. Kayla can find countless diabolical ways of punishing her slave while indulging herself.

She blister his nipples, and scorches his cock and ball sack relentlessly with the glowing tip of her cigarette while his moans and screams fill the air. It is all too obvious that the smell of his burning flesh satisfies the sadist in Mistress Kayla. When I grow tired of his annoying whimpering, Kayla shuts him up by blowing her second hand smoke into his lungs. He is helpless to resist and can only breath in the air that she allows him. The only sounds he makes now are those as he coughs, chokes and gasps.

After a short break, Kayla takes her cigarette abuse to a new level, concentrating the red hot tip of her cigarette on her slaves cock and balls. Relentlessly, she holds on to his nutsack as she digs her cigarette into his flesh, japing him over and over again. Even the head of his cock is awarded the privilege of her painful attention, Mistress Kayla returns with a painful leather paddle to beat his ass and thighs. Fully blindfolded with his hands secured tightly over his head, her poor slave doesnt know where he will be hit next. Grabbing him by the throat and hair, Mistress Kayla rag dolls her much smaller victim as she wails on his soft, tender flesh.



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