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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Automation Allows for Cock Control of Two Males at Once

Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Automation Allows for Cock Control of Two Males at Once




1080 HD: The automation at the edging salon has enabled teaser, Charlotte, to control the cocks of two males at once. One male she manually milks, the other is locked into an automated virtual reality system. The male in the virtual reality system is continuously edged, while the manually stimulated one is given a ruined orgasm. Both males are secured in bondage while the simultaneous procedures are administered. A picture in picture displays what the male in virtual reality is seeing and hearing. The picture is displayed throughout about half of the clip. The pre cum of the machine edged male is collected, as it is constantly kept right on the verge of orgasm. This pre cum is worth money, as it is used in a variety of applications. While he is edged, he is made to watch a recording of Charlotte dancing sexily in shiny spandex leggings. The audio is an entrancing binary beat. The manually milked cow is in the process of being trained. He was dropped off at the edging salon for his routine release. The slave doesnt know that his release today will be a ruined orgasm. It is very disappointed to have its induced orgasm thoroughly ruined by bratty Charlotte. The efficiency of the automated system at The Edging Salon is truly remarkable. Males can be milked, edged, drained, trained, harvested and ruined simultaneously, allowing for women to profit off of them in every possible way. (11:43 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, The Edging Salon, Brat Girls, Milking, Milking Machine, Edging, Virtual Reality, Ruined Orgasm, Bondage Male

Category: BRAT GIRLS


Keywords: milking, virtual reality, milking machine, the edging salon, edging

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and Lola – Cow Pushed to the Limit for Spring Break Bikini Funds

Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and Lola – Cow Pushed to the Limit for Spring Break Bikini Funds




Charlotte needs funds to go on spring break with her friends. She stops by the milking warehouse to see how her cash cow is doing. Lola’s on shift milking Charlotte’s cow. Charlotte’s cow has made her about $500 today so far. That just isn’t enough money for Charlotte, she needs the cow to produce more so that she can go on spring break and have the time of her life. Lola explains that Charlotte’s cow is actually working really hard, but to placate Charlotte’s demand, she raises the pleasure voltage and decreases the denial shocks. That should do the trick to make the cow a little more productive. Charlotte is satisfied momentarily, until in passing conversation Lola mentions that some of the cows work longer shifts. Charlotte immediately decides that she wants her cow to work a longer shift. Lola advises against it, as Charlotte’s cow is new to milking and is still getting acclimated to life as a cash cow. Lola explains that to maintain productivity, they generally increase the length of the cow’s shift incrementally. It’s rare to increase the length of the cow’s shift so drastically all at once. Charlotte wants what she wants, and she thinks her cow is a hard-enough worker to be put straight onto a full six hour shift. Lola tries to motivate Charlotte’s cow with a little negative reinforcement. She threatens it with a strong punishment shock if it doesn’t immediately increase production. The cow fails to produce and it is shocked. The punishment shock helps the cow increase production a little, so Lola shocks it again. Lola tells the cow that if it can produce as much pre-cum in a short shift as she would expect from a cow in a long shift, then it can stay on the bench for a shorter shift and get a rest period. Charlotte disagrees. She wants him to produce as much in the short shift as a cow would in the longer shift, and also stay on for the entire long shift to produce even more. Lola caves. It’s Charlotte’s cow, after all, and if she wants it to do the full six hours, they’ll try it at six hours. Charlotte is happy. Every cry of pain from the cow reminds her of all the money she is making. Charlotte starts listing off all the expensive items she will need to thoroughly enjoy her spring break. The cow begs for mercy from its Princess, but Charlotte couldn’t care less about it. She starts fantasizing about the time she’ll be spending with her boyfriend on the beach in all the new bikini’s she’ll have bought with the money made with her cash cow. Lola starts riding Charlotte’s cow’s face. Gotta have positive and negative incentives if you want optimal results while behaviorally reconditioning a male. Lola switches between grinding on its face and electrocuting its testicles, which seems to be producing a good result. Charlotte wants to take a turn grinding on the cow’s face. The cow becomes very motivated by its Princess’ involvement in the collection process. Lola projects that Charlotte will meet her profit goals by the end of the six-hour shift. Charlotte is enormously pleased, both with her handsome profits for the day and in being correct in her assessment that her cow can work longer. Charlotte decides to reward her rightness with a nice big orgasm. After all, she can have one, and the poor pre-cum cow can’t. Charlotte cums hard on the cow’s face as he dutifully produces more and more money for her to spend as she pleases. (19:09 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Lola, Female Domination, Milking Machine, Face Sitting, Financial Domination



Keywords: milking machine

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Shiny Pants Ass Addict

Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Shiny Pants Ass Addict




You can’t help but stare at a great ass. Charlotte knows you can’t take your eyes off hers. Keep watching! Charlotte loves to humiliate losers while they jerk to her perfect ass. She makes you follow it, crawling on your hands and knees behind her. It’s so humiliating, but Charlotte knows you’d do anything for her perfect ass. She gives all the little jerk addicts a full ten seconds to cum while stroking to her curves. (4:42 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Femdom POV, Ass Humiliation, Masturbation Humiliation, Cum Countdown

Category: FEMDOM POV



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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Forced Ruined Orgasm

Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Forced Ruined Orgasm




Pretty girls don’t usually get close to slaves. Unless, of course, it’s to torment them. Charlotte has a slave restrained in the bondage chair, legs splayed. Charlotte toys with the idea of allowing the slave to cum while edging him. The slave has no idea if he will receive an orgasm today, or if he will be edged and denied, or something even worse. Charlotte decides that she wants the slave to have a passive orgasm. For a male to experience a forced orgasm really cements his sexual submissiveness. No fucking, no thrusting, no control, just true sexual submission. Charlotte keeps the slave right on edge until she’s ready to force its release. The slave tries to close its legs and fight being forced to cum. Charlotte keeps stimulating the cock so that it cums for her anyway. Just as the forced orgasm starts, Charlotte removes her hand, ruining it. Forced and ruined. If you didn’t understand before why a slave would fight orgasm, now you see why this slave actually dreads a milking from Charlotte. (8:23 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Female Domination, Brat Girls, Ruined Orgasm, Forced Orgasm, Handjob, Cock Milking, Bondage Male




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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and Gwen – Office Worker Put in his Place by Head of Human Resources




1080 HD: Intern, Charlotte, has some concerns that she would like to voice to the head of the sexual harassment prevention team. An undesirable male called Taylor keeps looking at Charlotte and it’s making her feel uncomfortable at work. Also, Charlotte has really had her eye on Mr. Johnson. She wants to start dating him, but feels as though she should clear a sexual relationship with a coworker with human resources first. Gwen, the HR director, assures Charlotte that lots of women see Mr. Johnson. Gwen herself recommends him. Sleeping with an attractive coworker is totally fine, but something must be done about Taylor. Charlotte feels as though Taylor is lurking and might even be obsessed with her. Charlotte thinks Taylor might even be getting an erection while looking at her, but she also can’t really tell because his penis seems like it’s really small. Gwen proposes that they put him in chastity. This will keep the inferior male from ever getting an erection in an attractive female coworker’s presence. Enforced chastity will become part of Taylor’s work agreement with the company. Gwen calls Taylor into the meeting. She explains to Taylor how his behavior is making Charlotte feel. Gwen does not want to have to go into litigation with a sexual harassment suit. Gwen tells Taylor that if he wants to continue to be employed, he will agree to chastity. Charlotte will hold her coworkers key so that she can feel safe at work. Gwen shares with Charlotte that Taylor is very good at giving foot rubs. That is generally what he’s useful for around the office. Charlotte would really like a foot rub, but she wants to make sure that Taylor is in chastity before he goes anywhere near any part of her body. Taylor leaves to go into the bathroom and get into the chastity provided by his employer. He returns, still in his business attire. Gwen explains that no one can tell he’s wearing chastity if he is also clothed. Taylor removes his clothing. The females laugh at his chastity. Once Charlotte is assured that Taylor can’t get an erection in chastity, she’s ready for a foot rub. Taylor rubs the intern’s feet. Charlotte likes the foot rub, but she would be happier to get her feet wet. Charlotte makes her coworker worship her feet. Taylor licks the soles of Charlotte’s feet. Gwen and Charlotte have turned Taylor into the office foot bitch. When Charlotte is finished with her foot rub, they send the office bitch to the coffee shop for lattes. (13:30 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Gwen, Female Domination, Office Domination, Foot Worship, Chastity




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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and devon – Popular Girl trains less likable minion in School Hallway Protocols




1080 HD: Charlotte is setting down some rules for her less likable friend, devon, to follow. The first rule is that devon always has to walk three steps behind Charlotte in the school hallway. Charlotte has a personal Princess bubble, meaning that she likes to maintain her own space. She can’t have someone like devon getting too close to her and ruining her Princess image. Devon must always carry Charlotte’s purse for her and whenever Charlotte needs any item from her bag, devon needs to produce it for her within two seconds. Devon’s not very good at anything, so as always Charlotte needs to make her practice a lot to get it right. Charlotte drills devon on producing her lip gloss for her within two seconds. Devon fails terribly. Not only does she not produce the lip gloss in time, she drops the entire purse on the floor. Charlotte is outraged. She makes devon practice over and over until she gets it right. When devon finally produces the lip gloss from the bag, Charlotte applies it while telling devon that now she is going to make out with devon’s boyfriend and make her watch. But first, devon has to kiss Charlotte’s feet. Devon kneels and kisses Charlotte’s feet. When Charlotte is satisfied, she leaves to go make out with devon’s boyfriend. Devon follows three steps behind Charlotte. (9:37 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, devon, Lesbian Domination, Humiliation, Hair brushing, Foot Kissing



Keywords: Foot Kissing

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – The Secret is Nobody Likes You

1080 HD: Charlotte knows a secret about devon. She wants to tell her, but she knows that if she tells devon, it will hurt her feelings. Devon wants to know it anyway, she wants to know what people are saying about her. Charlotte suggests that she and devon make a trade. Charlotte will tell devon the secret, if she agrees to worship her feet. Devon agrees. She takes off Charlotte’s shoes, then sits down next to her on the bed. Charlotte reveals the secret. None of the girls that devon thinks are her friends really like her. Devon starts to cry. She is heartbroken to find out that nobody at school likes her. Charlotte is indifferent. She made a trade and she’s still waiting to get her feet worshiped. She doesn’t care that devon is crying, devon has to fulfill her part of the exchange and worship Charlotte’s feet. Charlotte goes on about some of the mean things the other girls are saying about devon while devon worships her feet. The foot worship is very relaxing to Charlotte. She gets sleepy and decides she wants to take a nap. Charlotte has devon undress her so that she can be more comfortable. Devon removes Charlotte’s blouse and shorts for her. Charlotte sends her friend devon to go put her clothes in the laundry as she collapses onto the bed for a well deserved nap. (9:57 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, devon, Lesbian Domination, Foot Worship, Humiliation




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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte and Gwen – Bored Brats Rinse a Sugar Dummy

1080 HD: Charlotte and Gwen are bored. They are moping around in Charlotte’s bed. Charlotte really wants to go to the mall, but her credit card is maxed out. Charlotte thinks her sugar dummy might take them shopping, but she doesn’t want to have to spend time with him because he’s a loser. She explains the arrangement she has with the sugar dummy to Gwen. Then, decides to call the sugar dummy while he’s at work to see if she can get some money from him so that she and Gwen can shop. The sugar dummy answers his phone at work. Charlotte really lays into him about not paying off her credit card balance. The sugar dummy argues back that he did pay the balance off, but Charlotte must have racked it up again. Charlotte knows that what the sugar dummy is saying is true, but she still insists that she is right and he is wrong. The sugar dummy eventually starts to crack. He asks Charlotte what she wants to go shopping for. Charlotte lists off a huge list of items she wants to buy. Gwen lists off the things that she wants, too. The sugar dummy agrees to buy them some stuff, but he doesn’t want to go too crazy at the mall. Charlotte throws a tantrum. The sugar dummy breaks down and agrees to meet the girls at the mall. The girls laugh at how well Charlotte has worked over the dummy. But they don’t stop there. The brats actually call the sugar dummy back to demand that he bring his black credit card so that they can get a cash advance with it. This is a really great clip. You get to see how a real life Brat Princess financially works over a loser. (10:22 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Goddess Gwen, Financial Domination, Brat Girls, Female Domination



Keywords: BRAT GIRLS

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Chicken Nugget learns a Cheer

1080 HD: In this section of the clip, Charlotte agrees to help devon try out for the cheer squad. Charlotte manipulates and bullies devon with verbal humiliation and mental domination. Charlotte threatens to demote devon to water girl if she doesn’t comply with her demands, and no position on the squad is lower than water girl. Devon does not realize the poses Charlotte is teaching her are not cheer poses, but in fact female slave postures. (10:28 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, devon, Lesbian Domination, Humiliation, Mental Domination, Bullying, Cheerleader, Female Slave Positions



Keywords: Female Slave Positions

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Brat Princess 2 – Charlotte – Cums on Face of Restrained beta male with Vibrator

1080 HD: Charlotte loves taunting the beta male she keeps in chastity. With its manhood locked away, it cant cum, but the same doesnt apply to Charlotte herself. Charlotte cruelly straddles the betas face while it is tied down to a bed. She grinds her perfect, oiled, ass on its pathetic face. Such a tease for the poor beta! Charlotte gets herself so worked up, she decides to have an orgasm. Charlotte plays with her Hitachi while sitting on the chastity slaves face. She brings herself to climax. One orgasm just isnt enough, though. Charlotte pauses, still using the slave as her chair, then helps herself to a second. Its so unfair that Charlotte gets to have two orgasms and the chastity slave doesnt get any! Charlotte comments on how amusing it is to her that she can cum as much as she wants and the slave cant unless she gives it permission. (12:18 long)

Clip contains: Charlotte Cross, Brat Girls, Facesitting, Bondage Male, Vibrator, Female Orgasm



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