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THE MEAN GIRLS – Under Heel At Mean Girl Manor. Starring Princess Bella and Queen Kasey

THE MEAN GIRLS – Under Heel At Mean Girl Manor. Starring Princess Bella and Queen Kasey




While continuing our rounds at The Manor under my authority, Queen Kasey and I come upon Goddess Harley’s loser cuck slave. (I borrowed him recently just for this.) He is busy scrubbing away the bl00dstains and whip-welts from our Mean Girl wall of indignity, where slave after slave has been broken into a filthy wreck. What better day to wear my new $600 stiletto heeled shoes that wrap around my perfect arches like a ribbon made of crystal? These pretty shoes were bought for me by one of my adoring online slaves. Good slaves who buy lovely shoes for their Betters don’t get trampled. This worthless cleaning slave, however…

I’m going to drill my high heels into his ribs, and laugh at every moment of it. I love the sound of slaves in agony. He wriggles around AS IF HE COULD ESCAPE. But he knows why he’s there, and that’s to take it like the loser bitch he is. I gouge his chest with my full weight, and make Queen Kasey think his ribcage is going to cave. It’s funny to mark these losers with pretty little circles. I smile, he cries- just the way it should be. His torture makes me want to hurt him more! It’s just so fun to break him, and no matter now much he whimpers and cries he won’t run away. That’s what fear does to these idiots. Before I’m done stabbing into this carpet, him, remember why he dreads the clack of our heels here at Mean Girl Manor.

-Princess Bella


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THE MEAN GIRLS – You’re Such A Disgrace. Starring Princess Chanel

THE MEAN GIRLS – You’re Such A Disgrace. Starring Princess Chanel




I never get used to the fact that these guys are so pathetic. I mean how can you just spit in someone’s face and they ACTUALLY ENJOY IT. I think it has something to do with the fact that a hot girl would never kiss them so they get the next best thing a spit in the FACE, HAHA. Its MY spit, and I’m still disgusted by it. I even tell him to his face how gross he is and he even agrees with me! OMG he really is a loser. I wonder If it’s even possible to say anything that would offend him or hurt his feelings..? He’s probably been called every name in the book LOL. I’m just going to sit here and spit in his ugly face til I get tired of it. Then I’ll send him home, not allowing him to clean up of course.

Princess Chanel



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Mistress Tangent – No Bitching. Starring Mistress Demi and Mistress Tangent

Mistress Tangent – No Bitching. Starring Mistress Demi and Mistress Tangent




Featuring: Mistress Demi, Mistress Tangent

Categories: Bondage, Brunettes, CFNM, Corporal Punishment

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Two Girls One Cock One Pussy And You. Starring TS Staci and Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Two Girls One Cock One Pussy And You. Starring TS Staci and Miss Jasmine




TS Staci and Miss Jasmine have a heavy iron collar and chain leash with your name on it. They chat about what they plan to do with you. For starters you will be flogged with their huge selection of paddles and crops if you ever touch the collar and even harder if you touch your erect little dicklette. They both move on the bed so their asses are facing the camera and through their shear pantyhose you can see one pussy and one set of hanging balls. This is not a temporary situation, you will be collared and naked and serving the ladies forever. Now they call you in closer and Jasmine starts to run her hands over Staci’s cock and balls. Get your nose close, cock sucker. They inform you that you will be kept in chastity and will be so horny that you will salivate in anticipation of sucking Staci’s meat which sadly for you is much bigger than yours. Jasmine runs her foot over Staci’s cock and tells you to expect a life as a sex slave, servicing feet, cock and balls, pussy, boobs and whatever else they feed you. Jasmine thinks about it and realizes you are actually the luckiest pervert around. She then mentions to Staci that she has actually tossed all your clothes in the fireplace as you will now live your life inside and naked. Staci again gets back on her knees and Jasmine tells you to crawl in behind to lick her ass and balls that are poking through her sexy pantyhose. They then relate a story of a fat old pervert they saw earlier in the day trying to squeeze into a pair of size 13 stiletto’s at the fetish store and they imagine that sort of thing would be what you might do. Maybe they’ll break their nude policy and have you wear stiletto’s as part of your regular attire. Staci picks out a bunch of nasty punishment implements and Jasmine tugs on your collar chain, it’s time for your beating to begin. These ladies are going to break you and make you the perfect slave.



Keywords: ts, miss jasmine, transsexual, pov, ts domme, ts staci

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dirty Deeds For Dirty Slaves. Starring Domina Ruby and P…

Club Stiletto FemDom – Dirty Deeds For Dirty Slaves. Starring Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar




Domina Ruby and Princess Skylar have been working their slaves over all day and have decided it’s time to play a game. The gorgeous Ladies instruct their bitches to remove their stilettos and to suck their sexy toes. There’s going to be a race! The slaves must crawl across the floor to their Mistress to see who can get a toe into his Goddess’s mouth first. Back and forth the slaves crawl, like two dawgs in heat, as the Ladies bark out commands and laugh at their pathetic slaves. The poor boys struggle to determine which side they should pass each other on, until eventually they figure it out. The Ladies are easily bored so they decide to make the slaves fight to get past each other. Ruby says “For a second there, I thought it was going to turn into a love-making session” to which Skylar replies “Yeah, they are both pretty gay” which makes them laugh out loud again. “Maybe we’ll make them suck each others’ cocks later” Ruby adds.

Meanwhile, the slaves are clearly lost in the foot worship, probably with no idea of the wicked plans being hatched right in front of them. It’s clear that these slaves love feet. To keep the poor wretches off balance, the Girls decide on a whim to ride them as ponies to really tire them out. in anticipation of the final showdown. They decide there will be no winners’ prize but the loser has to lick the other slave’s ass. Who will win?? Note: no assholes are actually licked in this video.


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THE MEAN GIRLS – Life Is Good At The Manor. Starring Queen Kasey, Princess Bella

THE MEAN GIRLS – Life Is Good At The Manor. Starring Queen Kasey, Princess Bella




This was shot after I got done giving Queen Kasey her “tour” of Mean Girl Manor and showing her how I am running sh*tt around her now that I took over. She was thoroughly impressed and we decide to take a relaxing break out by the pool and be pampered. We get our feet massaged while being fanned with palm leaves. The best part is that even when we are being PAMPERED, I make sure the slaves SUFFER for it! I make sure the palm leaves they are using to fan us are lined with SHARP SPIKES! Haha. We even make them grip them extra hard so they are in extra PAIN while fanning us! (Seriously, these things are sharp- and I make sure the camera slave gets a good close-up of these things so you can see it in the video!)

Then we finish with a relaxing cigarette- and use 2 of the slaves as our human ashtrays, of course!! The Queen actually stubs her cigarette out on her slave’s tongue and makes it swallow the butt. (Yes, for REAL.) I’m honestly not much of a smoker but I am NOT to be outdone! So I make sure I stub my cigarette out nice n hard on my slave’s tongue too and command it to swallow. LOL I cannot even imagine that. Being forced to eat someone else’s cigarette butt. But Queen Kasey said she used to make all the slaves do it when she lived here. So I guess it’s a new way I can degrade these idiots? They really are subhuman to me, honestly…

Princess Bella



Keywords: queen kasey, princess bella

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SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Cookies – The Vicious Lady Next Door. Starring Miss Leni

SADO LADIES Femdom Clips – Cookies – The Vicious Lady Next Door. Starring Miss Leni




As you may know Miss Leni has a new appartement where she can lives out her dark passion. The bell rings and as she opens the door her neighbor is visiting her with a can of cookies. Miss Leni asks him to come in.

Miss Leni looks breath taking. She wears a skin tight black suit, black leather gloves and expensive italian designer boots. Her long hair open, dark red lips… The neighbor tells her that he wants to introduce himself. Miss Leni leads him around and he is very impressed by all the BDSM- and torture devices in the appartement.

With a sweet voice Miss Leni invites him to check some things out and so he agrees to try the andrews cross in the corridor. The mean lady attaches the chains around his hands and opens his trousers. Very soon he finds himself in a helpless position with his naked ass presented to the young Mistress…

That’s just the beginning of a painful afternoon for the neighbor. Miss Leni uses all her canes and single tail whips on him. She leads him through all her rooms and she always finds a way to chain her victim down in a position where she can lash him again…

For detailed information read the descriptions below.

This is the last but cruellest part of this movie. Miss Leni beats the soul out of her neighbor!

The young devil with the beautiful face prepares his ass with a blakc leather paddle before she uses a rubber flogger. The rubber tails bits hard into his skin and Miss Leni really starts a work out for herself. Without a break she lashes him again and again…

The great final is another workout with the cane. She poor man struggles in pain on his chains but there is no chance to escape. The cane brutally bits into his ass and the young Mistress doesn’t allow herself a break. Faster and faster she beats her victim. He must learn that she wants better cookies than these he bought…

Category: CANING


Keywords: fräulein, leni, young femdom, mistress, herrin, slave, sklave, torture, cane, high heels, gloves, long hair, femdom, humiliation, domina

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Facesitting Moms – A boy face used by huge breasts wife Silvy Vee

Facesitting Moms – A boy face used by huge breasts wife Silvy Vee




A second facesitting fetish scene performed by this hot big tits lady Silvy Vee. This time she picked another boy. This hot mature woman wears sexy stockings glossy high heels pumps. In this scene a lot of cfnm cunnilingus action can be seen along with pussy licking where submissive boy is licking mature pussy.

Tags: mature, milf, cougar, lady, european, czech, facesitting, high heels, stockings, old-young, old-and-young, mom, big tits, busty, natural tits, big naturals, pumps, cfnm, mom boy, submissive, muff diving, pussy eating, cunn

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CFNMTV – The Ambassador’s Luncheon – Part 8

CFNMTV – The Ambassador’s Luncheon – Part 8




Young waiters Bobby Tyler and Toby Furlow are being put through their paces at the Ambassador’s Luncheon. They are expected to do their bit to ensure the success of the event. But neither of them are quite prepared for the women’s insatiable appetite for boy-on-boy action. No matter how disgusting they find it, they must do their duty by their boss, and by their country.

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Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON Prison Caning II – Hard Corporal punishment

Strafkamer – MISTRESS BATON Prison Caning II – Hard Corporal punishment




MISTRESS BATON visits a detainee at his cell in the Prison at Hy-Brazil. FALAKA is first on the menu – he receives 30 strokes to the soles of his feet. Next follow five sets of 12 cane strokes each.



Keywords: mistress, baton, strafkamer, falaka, prison, dominatrix, domination, prison, judicial, role play, feet, blonde, spanking

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