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Mistress_Trish – Heavy Handed Punishment

Mistress_Trish – Heavy Handed Punishment




Mistress Trish is incredibly annoyed when she discovers someone else’s marks on slave fluffykins’s ass. He is in for it now. Trish decides to make his already sore and sorry ass even more so with a good, firm, heavy handed discipline spanking. She starts off hard, giving him no warm up as she tans his ass with open handed spank after open handed spank. As Trish physically punishes the slave for his disobedience she also lashes him with her tongue for disrespecting her. By the time she has finished spanking him Trish is not yet satisfied that the slave has learnt his lesson. So, because he received the cane strokes of another Mistress, Trish decides that she will also cane his ass until it is so sore that he surely won’t make the same mistake twice. Again, there is no warm up as Trish lays into his sorry and increasingly sore ass with her cane. She gives him ten hard cane strokes, loving his pained reaction to the intensity of her cane. Trish asks the poor pained slave if he feels sorry for his transgression to which he mistakenly, quite possible because of his confused and pained state, replies “no Mistress.” “Really?” Trish sneers as she begins caning him repetitively hard and fast with a good twenty strokes. “Do you feel sorry now?” she asks as she beats him. “Yes, Mistress,” he manages through gritted teeth. “Alright, one more insanely hard one and I might just believe you,” she replies. True to form Trish leave him with a finish cane stroke that will, no doubt, make the slave think twice about ever disrespecting her again.



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Mistress_Trish – Crop, Cane, Kick: 33 Strikes

Mistress_Trish – Crop, Cane, Kick: 33 Strikes




Mistress Trish has a fun game of sadism to play with slave m. She will put him through 11 rounds of striking the head of his cock with a sharp crop strike, followed by a powerful ballbust, then a hard cane stroke across his thighs, followed by another ball kick from Her lethal legs. The first crop strike catches the slave on the balls, and Trish steps in front of him and unleashes a kick before the slave can set himself from the intense ball ache. The cane stroke across slave ms thighs makes him cry in pain, and Mistress Trish immediately lands a solid kick to his balls before he can recover from the cane strike. The crop strike for round 2 lands solidly on the cock head, and the slave whoops in pain. A little intense? Mistress Trish smiles, as She mercilessly moves in for Her cruel ballbust. Trish is getting into the tempo of the game, as She follows the next severe cane strike by quickly moving in for another hard kick to slave ms nuts. Mistress thoroughly enjoys the relentless rhythm of Her sadistic game for four more rounds, laughing at the agony from the crop strikes on the head, purring at the vicious slash of the cane strokes, and as always, filling with great joy from feeling and hearing Her kicks smash into slave ms balls. So painful, the slave gasps. Fine with Me, Trish replies, as She delivers yet another vicious crop strike to the cock head. For the last 5 rounds, Mistress Trish switches the game up: each round will be crop, cane, followed by two of Her devastating ballbusts. That hurts so much, the slave cries after the 8th crop strike, his pain increased when the following cane stroke catches his balls. Trish laughs with joy and orders m to stand to receive two hard ball smashes that drop him to the floor. The last three rounds are pitiless, as the crop strikes slap a tender cock head, the cane strokes lash over the welts of the previous strikes, and Mistress Trish grabs the slaves head to stand him up for a pair of Her famous ferocious ball kicks. For the last round, the Trish makes the slave flinch by threatening full-swing strikes from the crop and cane, before the harsh sharp strokes. Mistress Trish follows with two brutal ballbusts that knock the slave to the floor, where Trish rests Her beautiful foot on his back in dominant triumph.



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Mistress_Trish – All Out Balls to the Wall Testicle Assault

Mistress_Trish – All Out Balls to the Wall Testicle Assault




Lets get those balls a little warmed up so that I can really hurt them, smiles Mistress Trish to slave m as She begins a merciless assault of dozens of hard kicks to his nuts. Trish is dressed in a clear green latex mini-dress and high heels that show off Her legs, legs that are an unequaled combination of muscular sexiness and cruel power. The slave is helpless in the corner and steadies himself for Trishs first kicks, which begin to tenderize his testicles as She purrs in contentment. m doubles over in the corner as Mistress Trish circles him. Little pain? Little sore? Trish laughs, as slave m submits his balls to the Mistress. More vicious kicks to slave ms balls, cock, and thighs have him grabbing his legs in agony and gasping for breath, and Mistress Trishs next kick sends the slave flying into the wall. Trish again circles the slave in the corner, and he dutifully struggles to keep his testicles presented to Mistress for Her next blows. A vicious kick sends the slave to the floor. Was that one good? Nice and hard? Trish taunts, as the slave forces himself up for more kicks. Im in a mean mood today, Trish declares, as She enjoys the rhythm of doubling over slave m in pain and then smashing his balls again just as he is able to get up. Trish pushes m against the wall and grinds Her shoe into his aching cock and testicles. After that small break, She backs up and unleashes three full force kicks that slam into the slaves balls, with Trish enjoying the beautiful sounds of Her foot solidly pounding into the slaves nuts and his gasps of agony. After slave m presents his balls again, Trish nails them with five relentless blasts that send the slave to the ground. After he manages to get up, Mistress Trish attacks them with four powerful kicks, one after the other. Trish backs up for even more force, and crumples the slave by stepping in with a brutal shot. The Mistress gives Her slave a little time to recover so She can finish him off with some insanely hard kicks. Each of the next four kicks is so forceful that it pops the slave into the air before he bends over in pain, finally dropping to the floor. The slave lifts himself yet another time, and Mistress Trish sends him to the ground one last time with three savage kicks. Good boy, says Trish, as She is finally satisfied for now.



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Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK Total Clips 945 – Website abuse

Miss Jessica’s Punishments UK Total Clips 945 – Website abuse




A new initiative by the police to deal with low level charges with corporal punishment has been passed. So Officer Wood is sent to cane this individual for making a website about his ex where he stated things about her character and well-being. This is his offical caution and he will be receiving 50 strokes of the cane. He is bent over a chair and underwear pulled down and the caning starts.

Category: CANING


Keywords: miss jessica, miss jessica wood

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Mistress_Trish – Surviving The Sadist

Mistress_Trish – Surviving The Sadist




Mistress Trish has a deliciously cruel scene of cock and ball torture and corporal punishment planned for slave fluffykins, one that will feed Her sadistic desires. Trish starts with a light squeeze of the slave’s balls, which She steadily tightens. “Aww, does that hurt?” Trish laughs. “Would you like Me to give your cock some attention?” When fluffykins hesitates answering, Mistress Trish crushes his balls in Her hand, making him scream in pain and ask for cock torture. Trish has brought some vicious metal clothespins to decorate the slave’s cock with. “I always go for mean spots first,” the Mistress purrs, as She clamps two clothespins to the head of fluffykins’ cock. As the slave tries to breathe through the pinching pain, Mistress Trish with sadistic thoughtfulness resumes squeezing his balls to help him take his mind off his agonized cock. Trish then adds two more metal clothespins to fluffykins’ cock, including one on his frenum that makes the slave give a silent scream and double over in pain. “Look at how pretty!” the Mistress laughs, as She shakes the slave’s cock and balls making the metal clothespins rattle musically and painfully. Trish then goes back to squeezing and twisting fluffykins’ balls, making him grunt in agony. “Let Me know when you’re ready for more clothespins,” the Sadist teases, “because I could squeeze like this … all … day … long,” as She adds more power to Her grip. Trish then adds two clothespins to the underside of the slave’s cock shaft, and again enjoys painfully shaking his cock and balls to jangle the metal clothespins. The clothespins are on so tight that Mistress Trish’s attempt to shake them off does not succeed. So Trish slaps the tender clamped cock, and then She proceeds to cruelly, slowly twist and pull off the clothespins one by one, admiring and painfully flicking the deep marks they have left on the slave’s cock, and adding some more painful ball squeezes and cock slaps. With slave fluffykins’ cock and balls tender and sore, the Sadist is ready to inflict the next round of torture on Her slave. The slave is bent over the table, and Mistress Trish prepares to attach a humbler to his aching balls. Trish laughs, “your balls are going to love this,” and She roughly grabs and yanks fluffykins’ balls, and secures and stretches them in the humbler. With Her slave locked in a bent-over position by the humbler, the Mistress will give him a merciless caning with a classic cane and then a vicious rawhide cane. “With you balls tied back like that, I better cane you real carefully,” Trish taunts. “Would you like an errant ball shot?” the Mistress laughs as She starts attacking fluffykins’ ass with rapid-fire strokes from the first cane. Trish then applies a few hard, slow strikes that make the slave groan in pain. After dozens of more fast hits, Mistress Trish again slows down to hard, full-force blows. The slave lurches in pain from the hard caning, unable to stand up because his balls are locked in the humbler. “I have one more cane to use on you,” Trish reminds the slave, as She goes back to fast, relentless strikes of the cane that have him crying and grunting in agony. The Mistress finishes with two violent blows from the classic cane, and then She moves to the rawhide cane. The brutal bite of the rawhide cane has fluffykins desperately grunting in pain even as Trish starts with light strikes. Mistress Trish picks up the pace and power of Her blows, and the slave’s face reddens in anguish. The Mistress happily continues the caning, stopping to admire the beautiful marks the rawhide cane is leaving and moving to the other side of the slave. After finally finishing the long rawhide caning, Mistress Trish adds a full-force blow from the classic cane. Trish releases fluffykins from the humbler, ending the sadistic scene with a long, brutal yank and squeeze of the slave’s sore, aching balls, laughing at his cries and groans. Also available in two parts.



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Mistress_Trish – Corporal Compilation 2016

Mistress_Trish – Corporal Compilation 2016




Get a good sample of Mistress Trish’s corporal punishment videos (OTK, spanking, belt spanking, vampire glove spanking, caning, paddling, strapping, whipping) from 2016 for a great deal of 50% discounted price (59 minutes for $28.99). Videos included are: 100 Cane Strokes, Busted Single Tail Cherry, Big Trouble: Part I: Disciplined, Merciless Punishment Caning, Sadistic Shark In The Water, Tearing Up His Flesh: Part II: Whipped Wounds, Fiery Agression: Part I: Cranky Caning, Sadistic Vampire Lust: Part I: Needle Paddle And Vampire Gloves, and Heavy Handed Punishment.



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Femme Fatale Films – For The Love Of Boots. Starring Ella Kross

Femme Fatale Films – For The Love Of Boots. Starring Ella Kross




Keywords: Female Domination, Free, Femdom, Caning, FemmeFataleFilms, Ella Kross, Cane, Canning, Canes, Boots

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EMPRESS TALES MEDIA – A taste of My Nasty Canes

EMPRESS TALES MEDIA – A taste of My Nasty Canes




Starring MISTRESS ANITA DIVINA: Hard caning, Corporal punishment, Bastinado, Bondage, Humiliation…

Category: CANING

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Mistress_Trish – So Much Pain And Suffering

Mistress_Trish – So Much Pain And Suffering




Mistress Trish is going to cause slave elihu a great amount of pain and suffering for her pleasure. She pulls the slave over her knee and starts spanking him hard with her open palm. She warms his ass nicely, giving him spank after spank until his cheeks are glowing red from her touch. Knowing what a seasoned slave elihu is Trish mixes in some very heavy handed spanks with more rhythmic spanks to try and get a rise from the calm sub who suffers in stillness. Despite elihu’s calmness it is clear that the slave’s ass is quite tender after dozens of open handed spanks from his Mistress. She takes the opportunity of a sore ass to amplify that suffering quite a bit with some implements. Using a variety of canes and other toys Trish gives him a little taste of what is to come as she hits him a dozen or so times with each toy to gauge which ones get the best, painful, rise from her slave. The sjambok, the rawhide cane, a thin rattan cane, a carbon fiber rod, a thick plexiglass cane, and her belt are all used to tease some suffering from his ass. Trish smiles with anticipation as she continues to pain his ass a little bit more with some open handed spanks before she decides that it is time to give slave elihu the corporal punishment beating that she desires. The slave is placed on the bench so that Trish can use the leverage of her body to maximize the pain that he feels with each and every implement. Trish lays into the slave’s flesh using her belt to cause instant painful welting and bruising. She winds up each blow to utilize her powerful muscles to really wallop the slave’s already tender ass. Then comes the thick, inch wide, thudding plexiglass cane. The force of the cane makes the slave’s skin buckle beneath it’s strikes. Next is the sjambok. Always a hard implement to take. Trish uses it roughly, swinging with great force and passion so as to make her slave react from the blows. After several dozen mean hits with the sjambok it is time for a variety strokes from a unyielding cane covered in leather. Trish using the powerful punch of this cane to make the poor sub squirm in pain as his ass bruises become even more evident and even more painful with each hit. Once he has been nicely deeply bruised with this implement Trish moves to the thin cutting rattan cane. She hits him hard and fast, again maximizing his pain and suffering. Just when slave elihu does not think that it can get worse Trish pulls out the final two thin agonizingly cutting implements–a carbon fiber rod and a rawhide cane. She savors the slave’s dread and his pain as she lays into him with the carbon fiber rod. Clearly pleased at how much she can hurt her slave with this toy Trish utilizes it well. She covers the slave’s ass in agonizing strike after strike. Then, saving the best for last, Trish begins laying into his with the rawhide cane. The ripping into his flesh that this cane produces, amplified by Trish’s merciless full force swings, is severe. The poor slave can barely contain himself as Trish cuts into his skin with each and every stroke. She holds him down with her combat boot on his back so that she can continue to beat him raw until she is finally satiated with his pain and suffering. (Also available in two parts)



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House of Sinn – Beg for My cane. Starring Miss Tressa

House of Sinn – Beg for My cane. Starring Miss Tressa




Miss Tressa walks her mutt slave in the forest enjoying his torment as he’s stung by the abundance of nettles. She cannot let the opportunity of a punishment pass so She decides to whip him with the nettles picked by his own hand until they are as tattered as his back. The only way to stop this punishment is to beg for Her cane; and he does so with enough conviction as to be granted the soothing pain of his Mistress cane. Little does he know that Miss Tressa enjoys to inflict pain without regard of the implement, the harder, the better. He finds out though as the canning session is much harder than the nettles and now he’s confused, what can he beg for to be granted a little mercy?

A House Of Sinn production

This clip is a REPOST from the earliest months of Our store in the spotlight again at a special price, enjoy!

Category: OUTDOORS


Keywords: miss tressa, house of sinn

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