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[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Creep Catcher Part 4. Starring Miss Xi [Whipped, Whip, Dildo]

[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Creep Catcher Part 4. Starring Miss Xi [Whipped, Whip, Dildo]




Week after week Miss Xi has the creep back for further training. She initially caught him peaking through her window blinds and has now blackmailed him forcing him to show up at her place weekly and subject himself to her whims. or be exposed to his wife, church, friends and employer. She has all the info she needs, taken from his phone and can ruin him with the push of a button. As he submits further and further she rounds up even more photos and videos that make escape impossible for him. Today she has him kneeling blindfolded in front of a mirror and she tells him she has a surprise for him. He can’t guess what it is so she collars him and pulls him toward the mirror where she has mounted a giant black cock. She makes him open his mouth and she pushes his head forward so the shaft goes down his throat. “To make this worth my time I’m going to train you to suck cock” she tells him. Eventually she will pimp him out. She tells him that as she makes contact on his ass with her flogger he is to bob his head and take the cock all the way down his throat. “You are going to learn how to suck cock” she tells him and then adds that when he sucks it she wants him to think about his wife sucking cock. Xi has secretly set it up so creeps wife now has several manly lovers. Of course the slave knows his wife is cheating on him but can’t let on that he knows or Xi will fill her in on what’s been happening.

Xi verbally humiliates him and tells him he should get used to sucking cock because no one would ever suck his. She adds, “You and your wife are both the same, you are both cocksuckers.” She knows this must make creep’s boil as he has always seen his wife as a demure, proper, woman, and now knows that she is sucking cocks and getting fucked by various men. His wife had not had sex with him for years because she said she didn’t like sex and now he finds out she is closer to a nymphomaniac. Xi makes him suck the cock and then pulls up the blindfold so he can see himself licking the cock all the way up and down in the mirror. “When I have you start sucking guys you will be expected to swallow all their cum or deal with a big cream pie in your face”, she mocks him. She then says she actually wants to see him with cum dripping off his face. She says she might just post them on the internet so his wife can come across them while she is surfing for porn. Xi says that if his wife finds out about him, which is bound to happen eventually, she will probably just start using him to fluff her lovers. “You’ll be locked in a cage watching your wife get fucked by real cock”, Xi tells him as she continues to flog him and he continues to suck. She forces his head down on the cock and asks him how that scenario sounds. She then makes him lick the balls and then cock slaps him before shoving his head back down on it all the way. Now she has a surprise, there is a syringe that she pushes that expels cum from the cock head. cum she has saved from her own lover. It explodes all over creeps face. “You’ll be going home like that.” she laughs.



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Lady Cruellas games – Humiliation games – Triple orgasm [BLACKMAIL FANTASY, SOLES]

Lady Cruellas games – Humiliation games – Triple orgasm [BLACKMAIL FANTASY, SOLES]




The cruel stepsis loves to tortures and humiliates her stepbro. When they are alone at home without parents she allways plays with him. He hates this games but she knows his dirty sicrets and he has to obey her. Firstly she forces him to smell and kiss her stinky, warm feet. He begs for mercy but she only laugh at him. After she makes him to take off her socks and forces him to sniff, kiss and lick her sweaty feet. She very enjoy this game. Finally in this clip she plays with her misery dick. He never knows that she lets him to ejaculate. He ruines his orgasm 2 times and finally gives him a normal orgasm. And after she forces him to swallow his cum.



Keywords: lady cruella, femdom, feet, foot, soles, handjob, ruined orgasm

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Mandy Flores – Grandpas Foot Fetish Blackmail HD Mandy Flores Financial Domination [Taboo, Footworship, Footlicking]

Mandy Flores – Grandpas Foot Fetish Blackmail HD Mandy Flores Financial Domination [Taboo, Footworship, Footlicking]




Mandy has been staying at Grandpa’s house to keep him company, and she is bored out of her mind. But she knows he’s so rich he couldn’t spend all his money in ten lifetimes, so she’s trying to be a good girl and pretend she’s there for him. Maybe he’ll give her some money just out of the goodness of his heart, right? Not a chance. This tight wad is so stingy with his pennies he won’t even pay for her pedicure. But he loves her feet. She notices when she sits on the couch next to him, he can’t keep his eyes off them. Maybe there is a way to get him to give her some money after all! Grandpa mentions how pretty her work was on the pedicure she had to do herself today. She decides to take advantage of his obvious obsession with her them and asks him to rub her sore feet and soles. Of course he doesn’t mind at all, being a caring grandpa and all LOL. She knows he is so weak, and as he rubs one foot she slowly slides her other foot right into the bulge in his pants. “This is OK isn’t it?” as if she didn’t know. “Of course that’s fine if you want to do that” he says. What he doesn’t notice is the phone she has been playing with since she sat down is actually recording the whole thing on video! She puts her foot in his mouth and he sucks away on her toes like it’s his last meal! While he is busy there she rubs his cock through his pants and makes him cum. Some of it seeps through his pants onto her foot and she raises it to his mouth to clean, which he happily does. Then she shows him she’s recording. “Oh I can’t delete it grandpa, it’s already loaded to the cloud, and you’re going to give me everything I want tonight” ………Mandy Flores



Keywords: gold digger, barefoot, mandy flores, wallet, granddaughter, grandpa, soles toes feet

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Lady Cruellas games – Unlucky stepdad – Fourfold orgasms [NIPPLE PLAY, FOOT HUMILIATION, BLACKMAIL FANTASY]

Lady Cruellas games – Unlucky stepdad – Fourfold orgasms [NIPPLE PLAY, FOOT HUMILIATION, BLACKMAIL FANTASY]




I’m alone at home with my stepfather. Poor bastard forget the thing that I know his every dirty secrets. I command him to make breakfast to me. He doesn’t obey me and he speak with me very disrespectfully. So I remind him that I know his secrets. She try apologizes to me but it is too late. I decided that I play with him.:) First I order him to lie on my legs and I spanking him with my barehand. He very ashamed of his naked body and very weak because very afraid of this not too hard spanking. He cries and begging for mercy but I only laughing at him. After I continues the tortureing. I give him a very cruel face slapping. He cries and sobbing in the whole clip. He become a miserable worm under my feet in the end of game. Later I humiliate him with my sweaty feet because he very hate the foot fetish. I force him to sniff, kiss and lick my feet. I very enjoy to make from my stepdad an obiedent foot slut. In this clip I’m sit on his face and start pamper his dick. Later I put my foot on his head and always take him near top but the last time pull my hand. I love torture him in this way. He begs me to let him ejaculate. I three times ruin his orgasm and finally let him to ejaculate normally.

You can see 4 orgasms in one clip. No cut or breaks between the orgasms!!!

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Keywords: lady cruella, femdom, feet, foot, handjob, ruined orgasm

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Lady Cruellas games – Blackmailed husband – Cuckold double orgasm

Lady Cruellas games – Blackmailed husband – Cuckold double orgasm




The husband waited all night for his wife. The wife arrives home only early morning. The husband is very angry and ask her where was she. She tells him true she was with her lover and she wants to leave him. He very loves her wife so begs her to mercy and doesn’t leave him. She gives him one option. If he will be her cuckold slave she doesn’t leave him. The husband has no escape and he acceptes his new pathetic life. Firstly she puts her husband in a cage and forces him to lick her sexy high heels. After she forces him to take off her high heels and makes him to smell and lick her stinky, warm stockinged feet. After she takes off her stockings and makes her pathetic husband to worship her sexy bare feet. Later she calls her lover and they use the husband as a footstool and same time she plays with his dick. Poor husband has to see her loved wife with an other man and lick his wife’s sweaty feet. She very enjoy this way of humiliate him. In this clip she continues pampering her lover and gives him two orgasm.

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Keywords: lady cruella, femdom, feet, foot, handjob, ruined orgasm, cuckolding

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Teacher Honor Student. Starring Miss XI

Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Teacher Honor Student. Starring Miss XI




Schoolgirl XI lies on the bed, scissoring her teacher with her legs. She has asked him over to help her with homework, but invites him to the bed where he probably thinks that despite being married, he’ll be able to get some young ass on the side. Man, did he underestimate her! She explains that her parents will not tolerate bad marks and that she’s expecting them to improve dramatically or she’ll let everyone know he was in bed with her – including her parents, his wife, and the whole school. “After all, you’re between my legs right now and that would not look good for you” she says to him, pointing out the cameras in the room. The idiotic teacher tries to negotiate her marks with her, hoping she’ll accept an A or a B, until a bit of face slapping and smothering makes it clear that it will be straight As from now on.

“Imagine what your wife would think, seeing me sitting on your face” she says to him. She also mentions that she needs more than just good marks; she expects lunch money from him, too. Teacher doesn’t put up much resistance and has no choice but to agree to all of her demands. “I’m thinking $50 a day for lunch and I expect to be on the honor role.” He tries to negotiate a lower amount, explaining that teachers don’t make much money, but she resumes crushing his neck and suggests that he can cut out things like Christmas gifts, dinners out, and so on, but she expects that money. The entire time, she carefully positions herself so that image captures from the camera will make things look really bad for him. “Smart girls like me know that it’s not work hard, it’s work smart” she says with a laugh, as she gets up off his face and wraps her legs around his neck again with no mercy. As she puts him down, she mentions that this is a good time to drain his wallet as well.



Keywords: miss xi, schoolgirl, facesitting, scissorhold, blackmail

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Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Blackout Blackmail

Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery – Blackout Blackmail




Without giving too much away…as I want you to be surprised…just know that I will get your DNA to be used against you…

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Keywords: glove fetish

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THE MEAN GIRLS – School Girls Bully Janitor. Starring Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel

THE MEAN GIRLS – School Girls Bully Janitor. Starring Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel




***This is being written by the new “clip description slave” that has been commanded to watch all Mean Girls’ clips and do all their writeups from now on because they shouldn’t have to do their own writeups. This is how I serve because I cannot live at Mean Girl Manor. I am to watch, review, and give a complete and fair description of each clip from a slave perspective to all potential clip-buyers before deciding to make their purchase.***

Goddess Nina and Princess Chanel have caught the creepy janitor at their school perving on them so many times they are sick of it. They decide to use his weakness against him and turn him into their slave. They are both wearing super sexy school girl outfits and when Goddess Nina bends over in front of the Janitor to tie her shoe she catches him staring at her ass. They confront the Janitor telling him they are going to report him and he will lose his job. He begs them not to report him and they agree but only if he does whatever they say. Goddess Nina starts by making him kiss her feet and Princess Chanel commands him to strip naked and start stroking his cock. Princess Chanel uses her phone to record the janitor masturbating capturing the whole thing on video. With the video evidence in hand the janitor is completely screwed! The school girls own him now and he is their real life slave. He has to do everything they say or any time they want they can turn the video over to the principal. Not only would the janitor lose his job at the school but he’d be a registered sex offender and no one would ever hire him again. He will be handing over his entire paycheck to them from now on in addition to serving as their on call bitch. Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “6.5.”



Keywords: goddess nina, princess chanel

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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Senior Counsel

Goddess Alexandra Snow – Senior Counsel




You met a beautiful woman at your hotel bar, the morning before your big case with one of your biggest clients. It’s a massive class action suit that will give you a massive payout. This woman flirts with you, has a few drinks, and soon ends up in your room. But when she pulls out a weapon and your head begins to swim, you know that something has gone terribly wrong. She explains that her firm was hired to end your life and when she found out who the target was, she decided to handle it personally. She’s not going to shoot you.. no. She’s investigated your life insurance policy and found that if made to look like a “chemical induced accident” then your wife will get a sizeable sum. So she’s given you 10x the dosage of a fatal concoction. Now your cock is growing harder and harder, body becoming more numb. Life insurance to your wife. Make it look like an accident. Body heats, rushing to your cock, away from your heart.. it’ll look like an accident.



Keywords: femme fatale

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EMPRESS JENNIFER – Sis Blackmails With Porno Mags

EMPRESS JENNIFER – Sis Blackmails With Porno Mags




My brother is such a creepy loser, but kind of a rich loser who doesn’t mind getting pushed around by his little sister Jennifer. He gets up at the crack of dawn every morning to do his paper route. He saves all his money I guess, because I never see him spend any of it. So I sneak into his room to raid his piggy bank. He wouldn’t even miss a couple of hundred dollars I’m sure. Just then I notice something unusual under his mattress HE HAS A STASH OF DIRTY MAGAZINES! Full of boobies and butts and a lot of dirty jokes he is not supposed to be looking at. Well this is interesting, I can SO use this in my favor now. All I have to do is blackmail My stupid brother with his own porn. If mom and dad found out he will be grounded for life, they already think My brother is weird so this will be easy-peasy. And Me, Jennifer, is the perfect little angel in the family so whatever I say they believe. So I pretty much have My brother by the balls and I’m going to squeeze. I make him My defacto slave. he has to do anything I say now and all his money from his job goes to me or mom and dad find out about his porn problem. However, even to My perverted brother I’m not a total bitch. I’ll give him his booby fix of porn now and again. A page here, and a page there just to control him and give him enough motivation to serve Me properly like a good slave should. This is so cool, I love controlling pathetic and weak boys. I wonder what I’m going to be when I grow up…?



Keywords: empress, goddess, princess, brat, mistress, jennifer, jenn, jen, asian, latina, legs, mean, girl

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