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[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Creep Catcher Part 4. Starring Miss Xi [Whipped, Whip, Dildo]

[Femdom 2018] Club Stiletto FemDom – Creep Catcher Part 4. Starring Miss Xi [Whipped, Whip, Dildo]




Week after week Miss Xi has the creep back for further training. She initially caught him peaking through her window blinds and has now blackmailed him forcing him to show up at her place weekly and subject himself to her whims. or be exposed to his wife, church, friends and employer. She has all the info she needs, taken from his phone and can ruin him with the push of a button. As he submits further and further she rounds up even more photos and videos that make escape impossible for him. Today she has him kneeling blindfolded in front of a mirror and she tells him she has a surprise for him. He can’t guess what it is so she collars him and pulls him toward the mirror where she has mounted a giant black cock. She makes him open his mouth and she pushes his head forward so the shaft goes down his throat. “To make this worth my time I’m going to train you to suck cock” she tells him. Eventually she will pimp him out. She tells him that as she makes contact on his ass with her flogger he is to bob his head and take the cock all the way down his throat. “You are going to learn how to suck cock” she tells him and then adds that when he sucks it she wants him to think about his wife sucking cock. Xi has secretly set it up so creeps wife now has several manly lovers. Of course the slave knows his wife is cheating on him but can’t let on that he knows or Xi will fill her in on what’s been happening.

Xi verbally humiliates him and tells him he should get used to sucking cock because no one would ever suck his. She adds, “You and your wife are both the same, you are both cocksuckers.” She knows this must make creep’s boil as he has always seen his wife as a demure, proper, woman, and now knows that she is sucking cocks and getting fucked by various men. His wife had not had sex with him for years because she said she didn’t like sex and now he finds out she is closer to a nymphomaniac. Xi makes him suck the cock and then pulls up the blindfold so he can see himself licking the cock all the way up and down in the mirror. “When I have you start sucking guys you will be expected to swallow all their cum or deal with a big cream pie in your face”, she mocks him. She then says she actually wants to see him with cum dripping off his face. She says she might just post them on the internet so his wife can come across them while she is surfing for porn. Xi says that if his wife finds out about him, which is bound to happen eventually, she will probably just start using him to fluff her lovers. “You’ll be locked in a cage watching your wife get fucked by real cock”, Xi tells him as she continues to flog him and he continues to suck. She forces his head down on the cock and asks him how that scenario sounds. She then makes him lick the balls and then cock slaps him before shoving his head back down on it all the way. Now she has a surprise, there is a syringe that she pushes that expels cum from the cock head. cum she has saved from her own lover. It explodes all over creeps face. “You’ll be going home like that.” she laughs.



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Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Teacher Honor Student. Starring Miss XI

Club Stiletto FemDom – Perverted Teacher Honor Student. Starring Miss XI




Schoolgirl XI lies on the bed, scissoring her teacher with her legs. She has asked him over to help her with homework, but invites him to the bed where he probably thinks that despite being married, he’ll be able to get some young ass on the side. Man, did he underestimate her! She explains that her parents will not tolerate bad marks and that she’s expecting them to improve dramatically or she’ll let everyone know he was in bed with her – including her parents, his wife, and the whole school. “After all, you’re between my legs right now and that would not look good for you” she says to him, pointing out the cameras in the room. The idiotic teacher tries to negotiate her marks with her, hoping she’ll accept an A or a B, until a bit of face slapping and smothering makes it clear that it will be straight As from now on.

“Imagine what your wife would think, seeing me sitting on your face” she says to him. She also mentions that she needs more than just good marks; she expects lunch money from him, too. Teacher doesn’t put up much resistance and has no choice but to agree to all of her demands. “I’m thinking $50 a day for lunch and I expect to be on the honor role.” He tries to negotiate a lower amount, explaining that teachers don’t make much money, but she resumes crushing his neck and suggests that he can cut out things like Christmas gifts, dinners out, and so on, but she expects that money. The entire time, she carefully positions herself so that image captures from the camera will make things look really bad for him. “Smart girls like me know that it’s not work hard, it’s work smart” she says with a laugh, as she gets up off his face and wraps her legs around his neck again with no mercy. As she puts him down, she mentions that this is a good time to drain his wallet as well.



Keywords: miss xi, schoolgirl, facesitting, scissorhold, blackmail

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Mistress Blackdiamoond – Blackmail slave financed our beauty weekend. Starring Carmen Fire

Mistress Blackdiamoond – Blackmail slave financed our beauty weekend. Starring Carmen Fire




Here comes our well-deserved weekend. I make some plans with Carmen Fire for a wellness trip, which will be financed by out paypig, just like it should always be! He enters the room and brings a rose for each of us. Yeah. Nice. But what about the money? I count the bank notes and feel the rage inside of me boiling like hell – is he serious?! We just accept and think in bank notes that start with a green colour… but he only brought miserable 50 euro bank notes, and all in all it’s far too less for a luxury wellness weekend! Can’t believe he really thought he could please us with that! May he take his smashed roses and stick them into his anus, we don’t need that pseudo romantic , we want money! He leaves and comes back again after a while – with the double sum this time. There we go! But maybe there’s still more money on his bank account!



Keywords: black, diamoond, mistress, blackmail

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The Laughing Latina – Jasmine sexy School teacher Hand Smother. Starring Jasmine Mendez

The Laughing Latina – Jasmine sexy School teacher Hand Smother. Starring Jasmine Mendez




Custom: Its after school and your the head of the detention room. You have exused everyone to leave except one boy. You drug him when he wakes he is tied up and really angry about it. You laugh in his face and muffle his mouth with your gorgeous hands. Yell for help see if anyone comes for you. If after hours and everyone has gone home, no one will be here until monday to save you. Cover his mouth and wisper in his ear, these walls are sound proof so even if someone was here no one would here you. THe next time I catch you cursing in my room… lol I will take you by the ear , bend you over my legs , pull your pants down and give you a hard hand spanking infront of everyone in your class.. Think I wont.. Test me.. ha ha ha ( lots of smothering, hand closeups, and threatening and black mail.. )




Keywords: brat, hand over mouth, smother, smothering, teacher fetish, blackmail, desperation, humiliation, domination, long fingers, fingernail, hand fetish, face smother, school teacher, jasmine

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Married Panty Sniffer Caught And Forced Into Slavery. Starring Goddess Samantha

Club Stiletto FemDom – Married Panty Sniffer Caught And Forced Into Slavery. Starring Goddess Samantha




After discovering a pervert sniffing her panties in the laundry room, Goddess Samantha drags him back to her apartment for a dressing down. She tells him to take his clothes off, and while his expression is one of surprise, he does it in anticipation of some hot sex. She instructs him to sit on the floor with his head on the couch, face-up. “You want to smell some panties? Okay, you’re going to smell some panties.” She plunks her big beautiful ass down hard on his face and tells him to start touching himself. “I’ve been wearing these black lace panties all day” she tells him.

While the slave strokes his little dick, Samantha says he’s the third guy she’s caught sniffing her panties this month. She reverses her position and smothers him completely. She kneels on the couch and has the slave come in behind her on his hands and knees, to sniff her ass even more deeply. Samantha breaks the news to him that from now on he’s going to be her slave. As soon as his wife leaves for work each day, he’ll be expected to come over to Samantha’s place and attend to her needs or she’ll tell the wife everything. She makes him take deep sniffs of her ass and you get some great views in the process. She gyrates her ass into his face and says she wants him addicted to her scent. Finally, Samantha sits down on the couch and allows the slave to crawl back in to sniff her pussy. “If he does a proper job, his wife never needs to know” she purrs.



Keywords: goddess samantha, facesitting, ass smother, blackmail

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THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Mind-Control Schoolgirls. Starring Princess Bella and Goddess Rodea

THE MEAN GIRLS – Mean Mind-Control Schoolgirls. Starring Princess Bella and Goddess Rodea




Bella and Rodea come in to talk with their mean teacher Mr. Smith who has been threatening to flunk them in science class because he has discovered that they actually have several of the less popular boys in class doing all of their homework for them. The girls ask if they can try out a scientific experiment on him that they SWEAR they have been working on all by themselves- and if it works, he needs to agree that he will give them an A in the class. Mr. Smith reluctantly agreesbut assures the girls that whatever it is probably wont do what they are intending because they just arent smart enough and have no science aptitude whatsoever.

The girls just overlook Mr. Smiths insults and fasten a weird helmet to his head, and turn it on. (Mr. Smith doesnt know it, but it is their Mind Control Helmet Of Obedience!) Then they start asking him questions. (Like are we going to pass this class? What grade are we gonna get? who is your favorite student in class? etc) Mr. Smith feels weird but is able to still answer the questions normally. So Rodea instructs Bella to turns up the juice and they repeat the questions. NOW they start getting the answers they want to hear! Once they can tell that Mr. Smith is COMPLETELY under their control, they even laugh in his face that of COURSE they didn’t build this stupid thing themselves! They made some other smart nerd loser in the class build it for them! But its too late now. He is powerless to do anything about it. They could command him to go jump off a ledge for their amusement at this point if they wanted to! They have proven their point that they are HOT- and that trumps everything. So they dont need to know about all this stupid science stuff anyway. They are so hot that if they want some stupid scientific stuff done for them, they just need to snap their fingers at some nerd loser and they will literally BEG to do it FOR them!

Then the girls decide to really have some fun and crank the helmet all the way up to the TOP level and remove it- leaving Mr. Smith in the highest level of complete submission and obedience to their every command! Soon the girls are having fun with their teacher like he is nothing more than a new toy for them to play with. They make him literally get down on all fours and bark like a for their amusement. They make him do tricks for them- while they laugh in his face. They even make him strip naked to see what Mr. Smith looks like naked and take pictures of him with their iPhones! They make him literally grovel at their feet and tell them how he will leave his wife for them- just to be nothing more than their 24/7 their SLAVE. They test his obedience by making him lick their spit up off the floor and THANK them for it!

By the end of the video the girls are getting foot worship from their mind-fucked teacher. One girl is getting her feet worshiped, while the other one casually rests her feet on top of his head and films it on her phone! They have absolutely no respect for Mr. Smith anymore. (And they ALWAYS hated him, so this should be fun!) And if he ever manages to come out of their spell or overcome their mind control over him- these iPhone videos should make for some Very powerful blackmail to keep him in line!

Princess Bella’s own clip store is here:Mean Girl Bella’s Clip Store



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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – Spit-Guzzling Boot Licker – Bartender Forced Into Slavery PART 1

When stopping for a quick drink at a dive-bar while out shopping, Head Mistress Cybill Troy notices that the bartender is annoyingly over-eager for his tip, so she decides to make him earn every dollar by the most humiliating and degrading means necessary. As she prepares him a special shot consisting entirely of her spit, ash, and cigarette butts, he’s forced to get down on the dirty floor of the bar and lick clean the filthy bottoms of the combat boots that Cybill has been walking the streets of Los Angeles in all day. She grinds the dirty soles against his face between his long licksBy the time her boots are shining again, the disgusted and humiliated bartender is fed his shot glass of spit and ash; he’ll need to swallow every drop if he wants his tip.But this is just the beginning… in Part 2, she’ll REALLY make him work for his dollar!



Keywords: boots, tight jeans, spitting, human ashtray, femdom, boot licking, blackmail, humiliation, face slapping, fetish, boot gagging, combat boots, female supremacy, cybill troy, forced

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Asian Mean Girls – A BITCH IN THE BEDROOM Starring Goddess Mena




Not fully content with completely demoralizing and financially extorting yet another one of Daddys top employees (thats what she does!), the devious and seductive Mena wants to put a beat down on her new Bitch. From one spoiled Bitch Brat to yet another pathetic loser blackmailed Bitch. Soon to be Menas Pussy Whipped Bitch! HA HA! Busting out the same leather riding crop shes used on countless other weak male employees from her Fathers company, Mena proceeds to beats her Bitchs ass until its black and blue. She has every intention of sending him back home to his fat ugly wife with memories of his fateful encounter all over his backside. He wont be able to sit or take off his pants in front of his wife for a week. And he certainly wont be able to fuck her, thats for sure. Not that he could have possibly been any good at it with his peanut sized cock. And especially after being transformed into Menas blackmailed Bitch! Once Mena has a man wrapped around her tiny little finger sexually and financially, its only a matter of time before they lose their wife altogether, along with the house, kids and savings account. Complete and utter destruction at the hands of a beautiful Superior Asian Goddess, and it feels so good to throw your life away for her.

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Keywords: FEMALE DOMINATION, Whipping, Slave Training, Domestic Servitude, Godess Mena, Brat Girl, Humiliation, Brat Princess, Blackmail, Lingerie, Asian Goddess, Financial Domination, Stockings

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