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Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – CBT Sacrifice

Cybill Troy FemDom Anti-Sex League – CBT Sacrifice




Freedom comes with a painful price, and since Mistress Cybill Troy owns this slave’s body completely, she decides to show him that the months spent locked in his steel chastity device are in fact a blessing. After unlocking his chastity, she instructs him to lay his cock and balls out on the hard marble pedestal for her use and abuse.
She stomps and flattens his testicles painfully against the stone beneath her shoe, crushing his nuts just like she’s already crushed his ego and soul, grinding his suffering flesh harder and harder between the sole of her stiletto heels and the rock-hard marble pedestal.
The sadistic Mistress stomps his cock black and blue without mercy, even holding her FULL weight up by standing only on his tormented genitals with one shoe, crushing it under 120lbs of pressure between a literal rock and a hard place.
Despite her slave’s screams and panicked begging for mercy, Cybill Troy doesn’t stop until he’s been completely broken as a man and begs to return to the safety of indefinite chastity. He shows his gratitude for the lesson humbly kissing the very shoe that just caused him so much agony, licking her gift of spit from the pedestal before collapsing in defeat.

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