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DomNation – MORE ASS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE! (Full Version Video) Starring Bossy Delilah

DomNation – MORE ASS THAN YOU CAN HANDLE! (Full Version Video) Starring Bossy Delilah




Get this very special full Version Bossy Delilah video today. We have merged three titles into one magnificent video that’s sure to entertain for hours on end. This video includes all the footage from Trapped Beneath My Magnificent Ass, Trapped Beneath My Magnificent Ass Part 2 and Smothered Beneath My Magnificent Ass. playing out as it actually occurred in our studio. This video runs a full 16+ minutes and is sure to become a collector’s item. Get this video today at the highly discounted rate of $11.99. Enjoy!!!

“Since you wanna act like such a fuckin drama queen, let me give you something dramatic, to cry about, I’m not even opening up my ass yet, I’m just gonna sit it just like that, right there. I haven’t even spread it. Hummm. No I don’t want to warm you up, I don’t even want your dick to be hard while I’m fucking sitting on you! Sip the air, sip. Let open it up so you can fall deeper.”

“Kiss My Ass, Kiss it, everything thing even the cellulite Mother Fucker! Everything! Kiss my ass, Kiss it, every dimple, every jiggle, it’s not perfect and you’re gonna fuckin love it. You love it! Say it! You’ll do it over and over again for me! You’ll take a lot of pain for me? You’ll be miserable for me. You do much better when I do the thinking.”

“You’re a faggot! Right? Say it, its ok, its ok, I’m totally into it, It’s ok. Now we just have to find some Trannies to fuck your face. I’m gonna find one that looks like me, looks just like me and I’m gonna dress her up in a nice little outfit with whips and dominate you. And then I’m gonna make her get right on your face I see. With a dick in your mouth hummm. Eat that, eat that dick, eat that dick! I don’t care, you’re gonna eat that dick! Put those balls in your mouth, gargle those balls!”

“You know you guys are jerkin of to this. Were havin all the fun and you’re not, because your fuckin loser sitting at home by yourself. Just gonna keep Jerkin off until you cum all over your fuckin computer. Go Ahead we know it’s nasty! You better clean that computer boys! Fuckin dirty bitch! Go ahead kiss my ass goodbye!”

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DomNation – BOOTBLACK LOSER. Starring Lady Towers

DomNation – BOOTBLACK LOSER. Starring Lady Towers




Humm how do you deal with a Bootblack who does an inferior job, yet has no problem asking for a hefty tip? Well watch this video and find out.

As usual, it’s easy enough to lure a moronic male back to my dungeon. They are always intrigued and somehow think that they are special. Men assume that “Take off your clothes. Now!” is leading to sex rather than punishment. Men are ignorant fools!

I will take my time in expressing my opinion to this lagard. He will feel the full weight of the lacking impression of which he has left me. And I’m sure that I will be leaving a few impressions of my own. It’s fine if you put no pride in your work, leave my boots looking unkept and dull. Just know that there is a price to pay. And that my boots will leave an impression of their own!

Keywords: female domination, boot trampling, humiliation, lady towers, bdsm, face slapping, giantess, butt bomb, amazon, trampling, verbal humiliaton, crushing, boot stomping, cbt, ball crushing

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DomNation – A TESTE_MENT OF ANGUISH. Starring MIstress Diana Knight

DomNation – A TESTE_MENT OF ANGUISH. Starring MIstress Diana Knight




Oh some men were just born to be punished (well actually all men deserve to be punished) and what way to punish them than to use their very man parts against them. I mean a punishment isn’t really much fun it you don’t just dig in and get to the meat of the matter.

The Mistress has her slave in a state of futile helplessness. Naked and stretch wrapped, completely denied the ability to protect himself, she uses his own urges against him and buries his face deep between her legs and lets him stay there languishing b4 releasing him just in time.

Oh but the mistress isn’t done, the very essence of a man is his testicles and no torment could be complete without a total annihilation of a mans balls. She stretches him out his thighs bound, spread unable to recoil into any kind of defensive posture and then she totally takes advantage of his helplessness as she obliterates his disgusting balls.

Keywords: face sitting, ball busting, ball crushing, ball abuse, smothering, humiliation, female domination, female superiority, bdsm, slave training, verbal humiliation, beatdowns, stilettos, torment, ass smothering

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DomNation – YOUR PAIN! WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN (FULL VERSION) Starring Mistress Eva Cruz

DomNation – YOUR PAIN! WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN (FULL VERSION) Starring Mistress Eva Cruz




Mistress Eva Cruz has a dark side, a Sadistic man tormenting side, a firm belief that men are only good for two things, To serve and to suffer for her pleasure. She also believes that a man’s sexual organs are more useless than the man himself, she would castrate all men if she could, and force them to eat their own uselessness.

However, being the wise mistress that she is, she always recognizes that keeping them intact can be valuable to her simply because they can be used to invoke terror and tremendous pain!

Eva has been looking for a new pain slut! And thinks that she may have found him, but only time and trial by pain will tell her for sure. She has her prospect stripped naked, he stands bound, scared and vulnerable as the Mistress closes and locks the massive dungeon door behind her and moves in on her prey.

She taunts and teases him with her majestic body, she is magnificently wrapped in Leather and shiny latex and speak in a sultry sexy tone. But her pathetic minion will not enjoy her beauty for long as she digs her freshly sharpened talons into his flesh carving her initials into his back! She beats his Ass while blasting him in the balls with her knee and then twists his nipples until he screams.. She selects a set of harsh galley whips and starts slaughtering his man meat while ordering him to keep his tiny pathetic man meat out in the open.

The Mistress Eva Cruz has just started get warmed up the last time around, she need test this slave thoroughly, run him through a battery of painful tests and make him jump through hoops of humiliating circumstance. But for the minute she will just settle in and hit him with things.

She has already been hacking at his tiny and useless little man bits with her horrid galley whips, she will proceed on this course for a few more minutes and then switches to her flesh pulverizing beaded flogger on his chest and more tender parts as he yelps in agony!

Oh but the Pain has just begun! And there will be so very much more in this slave’s future if Mistress Eva has anything to say about it. He`s already trembling as she pulls out her skin lacerating bullwhip and cuts into his back with it, then she continually and excruciatingly wraps him with it, between his legs and around his sides. Yet this trial has just begun!!!!



Keywords: mistress eva cruz, scratching, bondage, humiliation, verbal humiliation, beat downs, bdsm, degradation, female superiority, ball busting, cock abuse, nipple torment, ball crushing, bullwhip, female domination

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In Goddess Kyaa`s eyes all men are ugly. The uglier that they are, the more punishment and humiliation that they deserve. It’s just the natural order of things in Goddess Kyaa`s mind. So when the Goddess runs across this ugly piece of man meat something bad is going to happen.

The Goddess instantly tells him how ugly he is and that he will be punished for his ugliness. His entire being deserves nothing but pain for being born so ugly and she pours it on heavy. Her hands fly through the air with fury as they land violently on his reddening cheeks! She threatens to pelt him until her hands bleed and he ! She insists that he beg to be hit harder and then she obliges. She laughs and giggles as she beats it into him how ugly he is calling him a BITCH the whole time.

But the Goddess isn’t finished. She lays him flat on his back with a trampling table atop his now exposed Penis and testicles. They too are ugly and deserve to suffer just for being so ugly. The goddess tramples her Bitch’s balls and Penis into the table as though she is snuffing out a cigarette. Her weak minded minion just lays there squirming and whining as his manhood is ground and pounded into oblivion. She kicks at his grotesque manhood and Buries her stiletto heels in his scrotum as she tells him how easy she`s being on him. She continues destroying this poor losers junk until he`s laying on the floor screaming like the little bitch that the Goddess says he is! Guess the Goddess is always right.



Keywords: dominatrix, goddess kyaa, spitting, face slapping, ball busting, ball crushing, ball stomping, dick slapping, slapping, humiliation, verbal humiiation, female supremacy, female domination, female superiority, ball abuse

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Asian Cruelty – Ball Busting Bitch Boi (Full Version) Starring Goddess Luna Li

Asian Cruelty – Ball Busting Bitch Boi (Full Version) Starring Goddess Luna Li




This Full Version release is the the combined footage of “Ball Busting Bitch Boi” and “Your Manhood Is Mine For The Taking”. These videos were the video debut of one of our most popular Dominas, Goddess Luna Li and one of the most popular ballbusting series of clips we have ever produced. Goddess Luna Li shows no mercy as she kicks, knees, slaps and punches her bitch boi’s nutsack into oblivion. Seriously intense action!!! A Full 13 Minutes of Great action for only $11.99

With my helpless slave naked, bound and blindfolded, and his legs stretched wide apart by a steel spreader bar, it is time for him to be introduced to my deliciously evil ways. I particularly like to torment my minions and watch the tears run down their cheeks when I hurt them. Why I love it so much? I just do, and that’s all that matters.

So with this new slave, I`ve decided to surprise him with a rather intense ballbusting. Oh how I adore the sound of my thigh high boot slapping up against his ball sack. I watch as his knees buckle and his body quivers in anticipation of the next kick. Bam, bam, bam! I give him three hard kicks to his manhood and he is gasping for air and begging for mercy.

I think I love ballbusting so much because it really serves to show these egotistical boys how insignificant their cocks really are. Once I crush their cock and balls, along with their pride and arrogance, they are much better at learning how to serve a true Asian Goddess such as myself.

Nothing takes away a man`s pride and ego, then a woman kicking him square in his family jewels over and over again. It serves to remind him that his cock and balls hold absolutely no value for me, nor anyone else for that matter after I am through with them. For many, their precious cock defines them, and if you eliminate this, they have no option but to surrender themselves to a life of servitude.

With each vicious kick and knee to his groin, his balls begin to shrink and shrivel up into his stomach until he comes to realize that his testicles no longer belong to him they belong to me, his Asian Goddess. I will kick, stomp, crush and abuse his soon to be useless ball sack however I please, and he can`t lift a finger to stop me. I will only grant him mercy, when he drops to his knees coughing, choking and gasping for air. And with his very last breath, he acknowledges that his place for all eternity is to worship, serve and obey ME!



Keywords: female domination, ball kicking, leather, asian goddess, goddess luna li, ball crushing, bdsm, ballbusting, corporal punishment, slave training, ball abuse, boots, bondage, riding crop, dick slapping

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Ball Busting Chicks – Naked men treated worse than dogs. Starring Natalie

Ball Busting Chicks – Naked men treated worse than dogs. Starring Natalie




Hard beating of doggy balls with her gloved hand. Humiliating dog fight to find out who is the winner. More ball beatings for the loser, while the so called winner is allowed to jerk off in front of her, but gets is orgasm ruined by a brutal whipping right at cumming. She whips his sticking out hard on with all her might!

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Julie Simones Fetish Mega Store – Ballbusting Punishment. Starring Mistress Julie Simone

Julie Simones Fetish Mega Store – Ballbusting Punishment. Starring Mistress Julie Simone




Mistress Julie Simone punishes an annoying slave w a severe ball busting. Julie uses a variety of ball busting techniques including side kicks, full swing kicks and rapid fire kicks that have Her slave regretting his high maintenance behaviour. Julie wears a leopard bodysuit with Wolford panthose and high heels. She removes Her high heels mid-way so She can ball bust the slave w Her pantyhosed feet.

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Ball Busting Chicks – Punched and kicked in the balls by the Nurse

Ball Busting Chicks – Punched and kicked in the balls by the Nurse




The patient got washed by a young nurse, showing him her bare, long and sexy legs he could not help it and started masturbating in the hot water. That’s just what the horny, pervertes nurse waited for. She starts a cruel punishment of her naked male patient. Extreme painful punches in his dangling nutsack, kicking him hard in the balls with her high heels. Yes instead of lousy nurs shoes she prefers to wear sexy, pointy high heels, making his nuts ache like hell! Not enough for her, she also beats his hard on full force with her hairbrush…

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