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Subby Hubby – Bratty Dom Amara Romani Gets Her Way. Starring Amara Romani

Subby Hubby – Bratty Dom Amara Romani Gets Her Way. Starring Amara Romani




Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention, And knows just how to get out of it early, She locks the door and puts a leash on Mr Johnson the teacher and tells him she isn’t wearing any panties she puts him on his knees and starts rubbing her pussy telling him how wet she gets controlling men, and masturbates right in his face them shoves her fingers in his mouth and tells him too strip and lay down, Then she slides her wet pussy back and forth on his hard cock grinding on it as she moans and talks dirty to him then she explodes in orgasm and tells him not to touch his dick or jerk off until she gives him permission, Then takes his wallet from the desk and takes his credit card and leaves but promises to see him again tomorrow , left frustrated Mr Johnson just lays there hoping tomorrow could come quicker, He knows he is her bitch, and always gives her little bratty ass her way. Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention for the second time this week, but knows just how to use Mr. Johnson and get out early and even plans on getting some cash today, She uses her sexy little outfits and wears no panties and always gets her way, She is a spoiled Brat, she will financially drain you and use you for her own needs and desires, Today She grinds her ass on Mr. Johnsons face until she has cum all over it, then she makes him kiss her precious ass and beg to lick and worship it more, after she has finished with him she empties his wallet and laughs at how pathetic Mr johnson is, The Power Of the Pussy! Brat Dom Amara Romani has after school detention for the third time this week and tells Mr. Johnson that she needs to leave in like 5 minutes, So what can she do to get out of it, He tells her she shouldn’t ne suck a naughty little Brat girl and that he had planned to do the unicorn thing today, she tells him she needs more money, Mr. johnson says but Amara, I gave you cash yesterday and my credit card she asks if he has his checkbook And tells him again in snotty tone that she needs to leave in 5 minutes, He writes her a check for 2,000 dollars He is weekend and submissive by her sexiness Mr. Johnson attaches a chindo to his head like a unicorn but cant seem to find her pussy, so Amara puts it on his chin and rides his face until she cums then thanks him and leaves with her 2000 dollar check and says see you tomorrow sucker. Brat Dom Amara is back for day 4 of detention, and Mr. Johnson is ready laying on the desk in a blue pair of speedos with a boner she see her opportunity and walks over and starts to stroke his dick telling him how big it is, when her collared boyfriend Toby walks in and says what the fuck Amara she immediately smacks him to his knees telling him that his dick is tiny and Mr. johnson has a big one and pays her, So now you get to watch my teacher fuck me Bitch boy, First Mr. Johnson licks he sweet wet pussy then he fucks her hard and fast as she has an orgasm screaming to her boyfriend Toby that she can’t ever even feel his tiny dicklet, Then she demands that toby eat out all Mr. johnsons filthy cum goo. After eating Mr.Johnsons man filth Brat Dom Amara Romani has blindfolded her boyfriend telling him she will be back with a big surprise for him, when she returns she is wearing a 12″ inch strap on cock and tells him if you want to stay with me bitch you’re going to slather up this cock and beg me to fuck your little boy pussy with it, He gets to work right away like a professional cock gobbler he chokes and gags and drools all over her dick then she bends him over and tells him that this is how they will be fucking from now on and reminds him who wears the pants in this relationship, as she pounds huis ass even harder yelling who’s my bitch , he moans back I am Goddess Amara.

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Head Crush. Starring Princess Skylar

Club Stiletto FemDom – Head Crush. Starring Princess Skylar




The scene opens with Skylar standing over her slave. Today she’s going to teach him how to hold his breath. The slave sits on the floor with his head facing upward on the couch and she promptly sits down on his face. This is a difficult position for a slave – the pressure is immense and cheating for air is impossible. It truly is zero air and a world of pain. You can see his head get crushed when she sits down and soon he’s thrashing about for air (or possibly from the pain). She admonishes him for not being able to take more and pulls her skirt up to reveal her sexy black panties. She asks if he likes them and as he replies “Yes, Princess” she sits down hard on his face. She touches herself and says “I get so horny when I’m sitting on your face”. You hear the slave sucking for air and he starts to thrash again. “I’m trying to relax” Skylar says, while the slight jostling motion allows him to get a small breath of air – but she’s relentless and doesn’t move. She finally decides to get up and climbs onto the couch to sit on his face again. This time she uses all her weight and you can clearly see that the slave is in a lot of discomfort, even though you can’t see his face. “I want you to take my full weight” she tells him. “I want you to enjoy my beautiful ass.” Now the slave really starts to struggle and you can hear him desperately trying to suck in some air. He flails his legs and waves his arms. Skylar refuse to budge though and the slave literally has to use his hands to lift her up so he can breathe. When she gets up, the slave reaches for his face to see if his nose and jaw are okay. When the shoot was over, the slave learned that his nose actually did get fractured from the weight. “Poor baby”, Skylar laughs, as she orders him up on his knees and has him show his devotion by affectionately kissing her ass cheeks.


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Keywords: bbw, ass worship, facesitting, princess skylar, ass smother

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Brat Princess 2 – Harley – Ass Worship while Blowing Gum Bubbles

Brat Princess 2 – Harley – Ass Worship while Blowing Gum Bubbles




1080 HD Harley’s boyfriend is late. She decides to use her cuck while waiting. She texts while the cuck licks her ass. Harley blows some bubbles and snaps her gum. She’s mad that her boyfriend didn’t text her to tell her he was going to be late. That’s inconsiderate. The cuck doesn’t fully understand the hurt of inconsideration, because he’s never experienced consideration, but he tries to be sympathetic and make his Princess happy. But he isn’t making her any happier. He’s being a bore. His ass licking has become very routine and predictable, and Harley’s frustrated that he isn’t trying harder to please her. Harley’s boyfriend surprises her by sending a really sweet text. The text sends Harley off on a bit of a rant about how great her boyfriend is. It’s actually tiresome to compare him to the cuck, because he’s just so much better than the cuck in pretty much every possible way. Harley just can’t stop gushing about how great her boyfriend is in bed. Like, his dick is huge, and he knows a lot of great sex positions. The cuck’s in chastity. All he’s really good for is ass licking, and he’s not even, like, all that great at it. Harley hopes that her boyfriend likes the lingerie the cuck just bought for her. Oh no! They bought it all in black, but Harley’s boyfriend just texted that he prefers red. Harley and the cuck are going to have to go back to the mall and buy all the same lingerie sets, but in red. The cuck starts working a little harder on Harley’s asshole. She just ignores, texts, and snaps her gum. (11:05 long)

Clip Contains: Harley Jade, Ass Worship, Female Domination, Cuckolding, Chastity, Financial Domination, Brat Girls



Keywords: female domination

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Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Relaxing Ass Worship Turns into Face Fuc…

Cuckoldress Cameron and Friends – CD – Relaxing Ass Worship Turns into Face Fuck and Grinding




Cameron loves to sit on Marcelloa€™s face. Even when she is not using him to cum she likes to sit on his face so she can relax. Cameron likes to read while Marcello gently licks her ass. Cameron ignores Marcelo as he laps at her ass while she reads. It is empowering for her and it puts Marcello in his place. Cameron is a very horny girl though. It doesna€™t take long before she decides she wants to cum. The ass licking has turned her on. She orders her cuck to lick her pussy. Cameron starts rubbing her clit with her hand while Marcelo licks her pussy. Marcelo is very frustrated sexually because of the chastity tube. He knows Cameron is very greedy financially and sexually. She loves having orgasms and denying Marcello any. Cameron gets more and more turned on. Cameron then decides to mount her cucks face. Marcelo knows Cameron will use his face to rub her to orgasm. The clip ends after orgasm 1 but she stayed on his face for another after the camera turned off! (8:47 long)

Clip contains: Cameron, face sitting, ass licking, pussy worship, human chair



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Club Stiletto FemDom – The Only Thing That Should Matter To You Is My Ass. Starring Goddess Samantha

Club Stiletto FemDom – The Only Thing That Should Matter To You Is My Ass. Starring Goddess Samantha




Samantha is breaking in a new slave to service her ass while she sits on his face, as she finds it enhances her masturbation play. The slave is very eager and Samantha treats him well. She knows this one mainly needs encouragement as his devotion is quite evident. She does, however, make it clear that as her ass slave, the only thing that should matter to him is her ass. She sits forward, bouncing lightly to let him get used to her amazingly full ass, while his head practically disappears beneath it. She settles in and tells him she’s going to take his breath away. She briefly shifts up and down after about 20 seconds to help him get comfortable and tells him how good his stubble feels on her ass. “Do you love it?” she asks. He smiles and says he does. She gives him more, this time asking the cameraman to let her know when a minute is up. When the cameraman says 40 seconds, the slave is already tapping out. Samantha just laughs and says she knows he can do better. She tells the cameraman to give her the time again, but this time she plays with her pussy… clearly she’s getting aroused. This time at 45 seconds the slave isn’t even kicking and gives a thumbs up. At the one minute mark, Samantha lets him breathe and he gasps deeply. While she’s pleased and strokes his face, telling him he did well, she says his training will get him to two minutes and eventually even three minutes, since the average girl needs about that long to have an orgasm (not that Samantha is your average girl or anything, lol). She hops back onto him in the forward position and gives you a great view of her ass, asshole, and pussy, before settling back down on his head. She tells the slave to pull out his cock and stroke it, to show how much he enjoys being under her ass. The slave quickly gets fully erect, and who can blame him as she bounces up and down on his face, her huge tits moving in unison. She comments on his hard dick, bends over, and lets it slap between her tits. That’s when things really get hot. Samantha is getting off on his face, and he’s fighting to breathe while rubbing a stiff cock that looks ready to blow any second. “Oh my gawd, I’m going to cum right in your face” she moans, rocking wildly on his head, totally forgetting he hasn’t had any air in quite some time. And based on the slave’s erection, it’s likely he’s forgotten, too! Finally, Samantha shudders as she reaches orgasm and the slave sneaks some air. She tells him to take one more breath and then sits back down, the scene ending with the slave hard and stroking, legs kicking in the air, desperate to breathe, and Samantha laughing out loud with glee.



Keywords: goddess samantha, big ass, smothering, big tits, ass licking, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Suffer Under Lily’s Ass. Starring Princess Lily

Club Stiletto FemDom – Suffer Under Lily’s Ass. Starring Princess Lily




The scene opens with Lily running the crop over her slave’s body while his cock twitches in anticipation. She calls him her little bitch and asks if he likes being addressed this way. “Yes, Mistress” he replies. “Good, because today you’re going to suffer for me, but not from my crop” she says, and informs him he will be suffering under her ass. “It’s important for you to understand that I control every breath you take” she explains to the eager slave. She moves into forward position above his head and instructs him to sniff her big beautiful ass. She sits down and tells him he is her lowliest slave, but if he demonstrates that he can last longer under her ass than any other slave has, she’ll let him work his way to the top. “I’m your Goddess and I control everything you do, including everything you do for me. What you want doesn’t matter. I’ll expect to sit on your face for an entire movie one evening.” She tells him that being her Number Two slave is not as exciting, because it means he’ll just be getting his cock and balls t0hrtured all day long, while Number One enjoys the pleasure of her plump ass on his face for hours at a time. As she moves into reverse position, she says “Most of my slaves aren’t permitted to get this close and many will be asking what my ass smells like. Maybe they can smell your nose” she laughs! Finally, she decides to take him for a full test ride, to see what his potential actually is. Eventually, the slave starts to squirm and thrash about, but Lily remains comfortably planted on his face. After all, she did tell him he was going to suffer!

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VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Denial. Starring Alexis Monroe

VICIOUS FEMDOM EMPIRE – Denial. Starring Alexis Monroe




Alexis Monroe is a stunning beauty that can have any man she desires… instead she likes to play cruel chastity games with men seeing how far they will go to please her. She has this pet locked in a clear acrylic chastity tube so that she may watch his cock grow and ache as she teases him with her divine ass & pussy. She orders he lick her asshole ensuring a hard & uncomfortable situation for his penis.


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Female Worship – I Think You’re Good Luck Back There. Starring Hannah

Female Worship – I Think You’re Good Luck Back There. Starring Hannah




Does pinball play improve if you are having your ass eaten out? Hard to say, but Hannah seems to feel like his active tongue between her ass cheeks does indeed improve her game play.


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UK BLACK MISTRESSES – Deeper is better

UK BLACK MISTRESSES – Deeper is better




My boy just wants to sniff and kiss my beautiful firm ass. I am a kind Mistress so I let him have his fun. But ofcourse he has to pay back. I love to fuck him hard and deep. If feels so good to see my big black cock go all the way in him. He doesn’t like it he says but why does he always comes back?


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Keywords: ebony mistress, strapon, ass worship

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Fuck Yes, We’re Going To Fuck. Starring Mistress Kandy

Club Stiletto FemDom – Fuck Yes, We’re Going To Fuck. Starring Mistress Kandy




Kandy is a personal trainer and has invited one of her male clients back to her place to taste her famous protein shake. She steps out to slip into something more comfortable while the client grins at the camera and says “I’m so going to be fucking that.” As fate would have it, Kandy also has fucking in mind… she has a giant new strap-on she’s just dying to break in. The young lad is far from worldly though, so Kandy decides to feel him out to see what sort of experience he has and what he might be into. When she steps back in wearing nothing but a bra and panties, the young man’s eyes bug out of his head. It’s evident he’s flustered, which is right where she wants him. Slowly, Kandy manipulates him, gives him the impression they might fuck, then suddenly snatches all his dreams away. “After all, you are a client” she says. She gets him onto his knees, massaging her feet, and says “Although… a good foot massage does tend to get me horny…” She asks if he’s ever tried bondage, and when he says no, she tells him she’s more into kinky guys… suddenly the idea of being locked up in cuffs and chains doesn’t seem so bad! “We are still going to fuck, right?” he asks. “Yes, we are definitely going to fuck” she answers. She smiles and tells him to sit tight until she returns. Tightly bound in place, he’s about to experience the surprise of his life. There’s no actual strap-on fucking in this clip although you do see Kandy in her strap-on at the end. Loads of foot worship, ass licking and pussy worship make this a memorable clip that’s sure to become a Kandy classic.



Keywords: mistress kandy, strapon, bondage

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