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Asian Cruelty – EXTREME CRUELTY. Starring Goddess Saya

Asian Cruelty – EXTREME CRUELTY. Starring Goddess Saya




In this video clip I am at my sadistic best, as I beat my insubordinate slave senseless with my most severe leather paddle. Strike after agonizing strike, I am relentless as my attacak leaves his ass bruised, welted and lacerated in a matter of seconds. But that doesnt slow my roll even for a second.

Tonight he will truly realize his purpose on this earth, which is of course to serve my every whim. And theres nothing like a severe, cruel thrashing to beat this message into his pathetic skull. He moans, he screams, he begs. But I am deaf to his pleas for mercy.

I am a benevolent dictator, but when a slave becomes unruly or disobedient, his punishment must be swift and severe. There can be no other way. And so the beating continues until I have broken his body and his will. And of course, when my sadistic appetite has been satisfied.



Keywords: bdsm, catsuit, domination, female superiority, whipping, femdom, beatdowns, boots, bondage, corporal punishment, goddess saya, humiliation, asian goddess, slave training

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Asian Cruelty – CRACKING THE WHIP ON THE HEAD OF HIS DICK. Starring Madam Luzia Lowe

Asian Cruelty – CRACKING THE WHIP ON THE HEAD OF HIS DICK. Starring Madam Luzia Lowe




With my slave naked, bound and helpless on my steel bondage web, his cock is completely vulnerable and at the mercy of my sadistic whims. My appetite for metering out pain and suffering is ravenous, and I will devour his manhood with my favorite short leather horse whip. Quite sharp and painful bite, this whip. Especially when it hits the tender meat of my slaves cock flesh.

With the precision of a surgeon, I strike my intended target over and over again. Bulls Eye! Bulls Eye! And with each excruciating strike, his body convulses uncontrollably, as he squeals in agony. Again and again and again, the tip of my whip smacks against the tip of his cock, and what a beautiful sound it makes.

His cock is engorged with , both from the immediate bruising, as well as the sheer excitement of me giving even the smallest bit of attention to his precious manhood. He will take it any way he can. What choice does he have? Absolutely none!

Category: BONDAGE


Keywords: bdsm, whipping, domination, female superiority, cbt, femdom, riding crop, leather, bondage, corporal punishment, madam luzia lowe, humiliation, asian goddess, slave training, cock slapping

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Asian Cruelty – COCK SCRATCH FEVER. Starring Goddess Lydia Supremacy

Asian Cruelty – COCK SCRATCH FEVER. Starring Goddess Lydia Supremacy




We are excited to announce the addition of highly renowned Dominatrix Lydia Supremacy to our stores! Hailing from Philadelphia, PA, Lydia is a no-nonsense, hard core professional Domina who loves to put weak, pathetic slaves in their proper place of servitude. Watch for several clips featuring Lydia Supremacy in the coming months!

This is the second sequel to Goddess Lydia Supremacys top selling clip HER PERSONAL SCRATCHING POST!

After thoroughly raking the flesh off his chest, back and legs with my long, sharp finger nails, it is time to focus my sadistic attention to his lower regions. Yes, his cock and ball sack will now become one with my razor sharp talons. What fun! For me, not him. HA HA!

It is amazing how effortlessly I can torment a mans cock and balls with nothing more than my hands and nails. Tightly twisting and squeezing his nut sack until it appears as if it could explode from the pressure, I run the nail from my index finger across his hypersensitive skin like a switchblade. The pain is of course excruciating. I could literally tear his sack open and drop his gonads on the floor, if I wanted to. But perhaps Ill save that treat for another day.

I next take the head of his puny penis and dig all ten of my nails into it at the same time. Luck for me I am ambidextrous, as this is no easy task. The pained look on his face is priceless. His screams are music to my ears. Nothing thrills me more than to have a mans cock and balls in the palm of my hand and at my complete mercy. Its quite a rush. For me, not him. HA HA! Well, Im sure its a rush of an entirely different nature for him.

Category: BDSM


Keywords: female domination, humiliation, slapping, asian goddess, goddess lydia supremacy, bondage, spitting, beat down, finger nail fetish, slave training, corporal punishment, discipline, scratching, bdsm, cbt

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AstroDomina – MORNING CARDIO FUCK feat AstroDomina

AstroDomina – MORNING CARDIO FUCK feat AstroDomina




Nothing like a good work out to get your day started. And in the case of Sydney, that work out tends to include a naked sub, all black latex outfits and a giant dildo strapped around her waist. She starts off fairly slow but it’s not a work out unless the heart rate goes up right. Just like her big black dildo going up deep into the sub’s ass.


Keywords: asian goddess, asian princess, female domination, female supremacy, femdom, pegging, fucking, strapon, anal, latex, astrodomina, ass fucking, anal sex, big black dildo, dildo fuck

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Dinner Is Served Off My Feet. Starring Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – Dinner Is Served Off My Feet. Starring Miss Xi




Miss Xi is eating chips and bean dip and her slave is practically dripping with hunger as he hasn’t eaten in a day. He actually hasn’t as she kept him caged all night to insure the scene is 100% authentic. You could hear his stomach growling during the shoot, poor bitch. She has to reach out and kick him back as he’s ready to dive in head first like a rabid dawg. She holds out a foot and tells him to sniff it so she can eat some more commenting, “I can’t believe I’ve eaten almost this whole thing.”

She jokes that there might be some cheese between her toes and without hesitation the hungry slave sticks his tongue between them to see if he can find something to eat. He then tries to reach into the bowl for a chip, if you can imagine the nerve. She stands and pushes his head to the floor and then accidentally drops a dip covered chip to the floor. The slave brings his mouth to it and she then plays a game with him covering the food with her foot every time he gets close until she finally lets him feed on it. “Beg for it”, she tells him and naturally he does. Xi then spends the next 6 minutes feeding him lunch off her feet and the floor while verbally humiliating him in every way possible. This demonstrates the life of a 24/7 slave at his lowest, so hungry and debased he will accept any verbal or physical abuse she hurls his way.

Category: DIRTY FEET


Keywords: miss xi, feet, foot worship, asian goddess

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Like Wrecking Your Balls. Starring Miss Xi

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Like Wrecking Your Balls. Starring Miss Xi




This scene opens with Miss Xi giggling as she flips through a container of clothespins, her naked slave lying in wait, and ready to suffer under her sadistic hands. “When I’ve had a rough day, I love wrecking balls” she says. The slave might expect some passionate play when she rubs his balls, but before he can truly contemplate this, she gives him a swat there with her hand, followed immediately by a full force backhander, to set the stage for what is to follow. She asks if it hurts, and before he can answer, she hits him in the nuts again. She decorates his cock and balls with nasty little pink clothespins before adding a blue one and saying “There you go; you can have a tiny bit of your masculinity back.” Once she has the nasty little pegs in place, eight in total, she reaches for her leather paddle and informs him she will be smashing them all off. However, she decides to add even more clothespins, and when she’s finished, his cock and balls are completely covered from one end to the other. Now she adds some larger clothespins to his balls, and suggests that once he’s wrecked from her treatment, he really won’t need balls or a dick at all. More clothespins are added to his cock and there are now almost two dozen in total. You can hear that the slave is in pain. not to mention the fear he has for what might happen next. She reaches for a large wooden paddle and you can just sense that this is going to get brutal. and it does!

She whacks the clothespins with the paddle, breaking several of them before she decides to run string through the rest of them, to make one giant zipper. She tells the slave he has to do the countdown before they’re all ripped off. “Once I’m done we can just castrate them after” she laughs. The slave experiences the horror of doing his own countdown but is encouraged to do it without hesitation or he can expect severe punches to his balls. This slave later said it was the most severe pain he had ever endured and he almost threw himself off the bed while fighting to escape the torment. Once the pins are all off, Xi silences him by sitting on his face. “I had to sit on his face to shut him up before someone called the cops” she says, before pulling up his balls so the camera can get a look at the damage she has inflicted on her poor battered bitch.

Category: CBT


Keywords: asian, ballbusting, cbt, miss xi

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Club Stiletto FemDom – Life’s A Beach And A Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – Life’s A Beach And A Bitch. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine strolls down the beach in her skimpy two piece bikini, looking positively radiant. After a walk through the water and sand, she moves further onto the beach, where we find her good slave boy kneeling by the blanket, head bowed. not good enough to cast even a glance at his owner. She lies down and presents her sand covered feet to her bitch, who starts giving her a massage, as he’s been trained to do. Jasmine remarks on how nice the sand is, and as the camera moves around to catch the soles of her feet, you can see how dirty they are.

The slave continues to massage them while Jasmine soaks up the sun. “My slave loves to serve me in public” she says “so he can show his submission to the world.” Jasmine explains that she doesn’t really like letting her slaves out of the house, which is why this slave is so pasty white in the middle of summer. But naturally she needs someone to attend to her needs when she goes to the beach, and today this is the lucky slave she’s chosen. Although it’s a reward to serve her at the beach, will he lie in the sand or take a dip in the water? Of course not! Jasmine asks the slave if he’s ready to start licking her dirty toes, and when he answers yes, she says “Of course he is.”



Keywords: asian, feet, foot worship, miss jasmine

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AstroDomina – BOUND, GAGGED, TEASED AND DENIED feat. AstroDomina

AstroDomina – BOUND, GAGGED, TEASED AND DENIED feat. AstroDomina




This is a custom video. Distant mumbling. A Goddess on her thrown. That’s how it all starts. As the camera moves back, it become apparent what’s going on. Goddess Sydney has her sub all bound and gagged with an additional conundrum: a chastity cage. Unable to move his body, unable to utter a word and now unable to enjoy his growing cock. And grow it will, especially when Sydney focuses all of her attention on it. Teasing it with her hands, fingers, then rubbing her pussy all over the cage. When she moves her pussy to the sub’s face, there is no telling what will happen to the poor sub’s cock. Is he in pain or in agony? Could it be both at the same time?



Keywords: asian goddess, asian princess, femdom, female domination, female supremacy, facesitting, face sitting, chastity, tease and denial, tape bondage, gagging, astrodomina, spit fetish, chastity cage, gag talk

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Club Stiletto FemDom – I Confess Cucky It Was A Gangbang. Starring Miss Jasmine

Club Stiletto FemDom – I Confess Cucky It Was A Gangbang. Starring Miss Jasmine




Miss Jasmine walks into the house and goes to the coat rack to retrieve a collar and leash. “Slave I’ve ‘come’ for you.”, she says as walks to her cuck kneeling by the steps, awaiting her return. As she collars him, he asks where they are going and she replies, “Not that kind of come.” She then hikes up her skirt and tells the slave she has just been fucked by a huge black cock. “I have ‘cum’ for you”, she repeats as she slides a finger into her pussy and pulls it out covered in jizz, which she proceeds to stick in the slaves mouth.

As she sticks her fingers back into her pussy a massive load of cum pours out of her. She feeds her fingers to the slave again and then makes him get down on all fours to lick the floor clean. She explains that this is how she keeps her floors clean, black mans cum as polish and the slaves tongue to buff it clean. She fingers herself more, again feeding it to her desperate hubby. She tells him next time she goes out she will take him with her and then as she sticks her finger back inside yet another load of cum comes pouring out. She laughs and says, “I Confess Cucky, It Was A Gangbang.” He is again ordered to lick the cum off the floor and Jasmine says she actually lost count of how many loads she took. “Sometimes when I cough or sneeze, hours later, cum just comes pouring out of me”, she adds. “He loves licking cum off the store floors when I have an accident.” Jasmine loves studs and her hubby has a lifetime of cum eating ahead of him.



Keywords: cuckolding, miss jasmine, cum eating, asian goddess

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ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – JERK OFF FOR ME AND MY HOT NEW GIRLFRIEND. Starring Goddess Angelina and Goddess Mena

ASIAN MEAN GIRLS – JERK OFF FOR ME AND MY HOT NEW GIRLFRIEND. Starring Goddess Angelina and Goddess Mena




Angelinas X is a pathetic loser and a BIG ZERO in the bedroom. She absolutely loves teasing and tormenting his sorry ass, and he deserves everything he gets. He will do just about anything for the opportunity to still hang around her, so Angelina runs him around like a little errand boy, makes him do all the housework, and of course takes him for every nickel and dime he makes, which isnt much.

To really rub his futile situation in his face, Angelina brought home her smoking hot new girlfriend and together Angelina and Mena make out and fondle each other and make him watch to drive him insane with desire and frustration. But theres absolutely nothing he can do about it. That is except get on his fucking knees in front of them and play with his tiny useless dick like he is told to, while the two of them have their girly fun.

He can play with himself until the cows come home, but he knows damned well that he is never allowed to cum anymore. He is lucky just to be allowed in the same room with these two beautiful, superior Asian Goddesses.

Features: tease & denial, double domination, verbal humiliation, Asian, brat girl, female domination.

Category: TEASE & DENIAL


Keywords: female domination, feet, boots, ethnic, asian goddess, fetish clothing, angelina

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